World, Coronavirus Pandemic: Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Pandemic: Updates From Around The World

'Very unlikely' world can eradicate or eliminate coronavirus in current situation, WHO says

The WHO says it's 'very unlikely' that coronavirus can be eradicated or eliminated any time soon. Follow live updates.

7/10/2020 8:50:00 PM

The WHO says it's 'very unlikely' that coronavirus can be eradicated or eliminated any time soon. Follow live updates.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Gisela CrespoTechnical lead head for Covid-19 Maria Van Kerkhove attends a press conference at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on July 3. Fabrice Coffrini/Pool/AFP/Getty ImagesThe World Health Organization said Friday it will keep a close eye on the impact of Covid-19 during pregnancy, as some recent studies point to pregnant women with underlying health conditions being at higher risk of getting severely ill from the virus.

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Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO's technical lead for coronavirus response and head of its emerging diseases and zoonoses unit, said during a news briefing that pregnant women"don't seem to develop a different type of disease than women of the same age who are not pregnant."

"However, there are some studies that have come out recently that have looked at pregnant women with underlying conditions. And if there are women with underlying conditions, they are at a higher risk of developing more severe disease," Van Kerkhove said.

In a recent report, the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention said pregnant women who get infected with novel coronavirus are more likely to be hospitalized, admitted to an intensive care unit and put on a ventilator. While the CDC said the study included the largest cohort of pregnant women with lab-confirmed coronavirus, it's not clear whether the pregnant women who were hospitalized were in the hospital because of complications related to Covid-19 or for pregnancy-related reasons.

"We need to ensure that we keep a close eye on [this] and ensure that pregnant women have the right care throughout their pregnancy," Van Kerkhove said at the briefing. Read more: CNN »

Coronavirus updates: Global deaths surpass 700,000; CVS fills fewer prescriptions but weathers the quarter

The coronavirus has infected more than 18.56 million people around the world as of Wednesday, killing at least 701,000 people.

“WHO’s on First, What’s on second, and I don’t know’s on third,” Abbott and Costello ; “WHOoooo are you, WHO, WHO...I really wanna know...,”The WHO Well for your information this is stage 2 we still got to go through stage 3 same scenario as if it was a bad flu bug and if you have a healthy immune system you can fight it off and in this crisis you should be saying do not let your body run down do not skip meals

WHO every time couldn't inform a good information about corona, may Allah save us from this calamity ameen Something is not being told transparently Reasons for spread , Preventive measures are lagging behind Masks, Washing hands & keeping distance are not the only measures Else spread would have not too much as these are being followed to large extent

🥺🥺🥺 girishgoa narendramodi said within 21 days he would fight to eradicate Coronavirus Or was that a Biggest Jumla of the Century? The WHO is full of beans! A cure for the Covid19 has been discovered today. Please consider Canadian Experience class again for PR invitations as we are already here and helping toward the growth of our economy. We are struggling since many years and have done a lot of investments till date. Bring back CEC carergory PR invitation (CanadianExperienceClass

Eradicate? That's a HUGE reach, even for the common flu strain. The covid-19 virus will always be around. Not true ... If the WHO would FUND Dr Gary R Davis research at the Nuggic Medical Center in Accra Ghana.. That successful human trial treatment BB7075 side effect would be able to cover those exterior RECEPTORS completely and recognize any of it's mutations...

Weekend is off to a great start! Thanks CNN! It can't be true!🤣🤣🤣 It could have at the beginning if china would have listened to its doctors and not detained them Its criminal what the media on both sides does to propagate fear and divide. Take it in with that filter in place. Don't be played Especially if the vaccines come out of China

Corona virus is here to stay but we must learn how to live with this pandemic. Who wants covid to go away forever Predictions😓 again predictions,,,😖no specific solutions...🤯 Wait... they r just now realizing that a microscopic virus can’t be eradicated? Well back to life, work, play, school etc... this thing is here fir the long run, might as well focus protective measures directly to the 10% which r vulnerable n everyone else, BACK TO WORK

Really.... could've fooled me Agreed. CV19 is here to stay. Suck it up and prepare. Lame everybody in the WHO can kill themselves So the goal is now “eradication?” I thought it was all about “flattening the curve” and “slowing the spread.” Keep moving the goal posts. We see it. Watch what happens in November. Clown-show all around with you people.

Who’s wishes At least not till Nov 4th. Can someone magically make it go away? Oh we are fucked!😫😫😫😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈🤣🤣 They won’t get fooled again! Fuck the WHO, the US has nothing to do with them anymore after they helped China hide the virus. My everyday prayer 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please God take our fear and this virus away!

Life is a bitch!!!! well really it's a virus you can't eliminate it like a rash I’m Floored 😂 Can cnn just shut its mouth? So noisy! No wonder they defunded them 😂 bullshit Floridacoronavirus and schools are not even open yet Y'all remember when everyone was freaking out about having to stay home for two weeks? No? Maybe that's because that was almost 5 months ago 👁👄👁

When the elections are over it will disappear Cnn why dont you report this.... I dont trust on WHO... Great news 🥺 WOW. The WHO are the Capt Obvious of this Wuhan Virus. Usually there information is about 45 days old and everyone already knows it. No wonder the US got out of that shit bag organization Corona Go, Go corona 😁

WHO says a lot of things. Not all are entirely true Kinda like cnn and its reporters , we wish you guys where gone. You mean China says Why is this news? That was clear as soon as it started spreading outside of China. It's time to put Nick Kyrgios in charge of WHO That’s not good. The closest genetic relatives of this virus are some of the worst coronaviruses known to man. If a strong virus can become weak, a weak virus can become strong. Coexisting with this virus is not an option. It must be destroyed by any means necessary.

No joke. Either you had it or you’re gonna get it. Get in shape, fatties! Can’t trust WHO any longer! Tadros RESIGN! WHO The Who also said it couldn’t be transmitted between humans. Then let us go back to normal.... Why are you even repeating their 'updates' most of the information is weeks old. Why would anyone take anything those political hacks say seriously? Ohh wait..this is CNN.

At this time is all bull shit!!!! Of course it can't be eradicated. Just like flu it will be a seasonal jab. We need a vaccine asap. Once we get that we will be able to control it much easier. The good thing is this is a worldwide effort. The cold hasn’t been eradicated either. We build immunity to viruses. The cold was identified by name in the 1950’s. Symptoms and treatment of the virus (cold) have been dated to 1600 BCE. This virus isn’t any diff. Someone with cancer can die from a cold & We haven’t shut down.

Sounds like WHO is insinuating that this China virus is likely to be a permanent thing, like HIV. We need a Corona Virus vaccine ASAP We need black magic then God's Plants against Coronavirus! Part 1 They tried to downplay it to fuck Trump and America and just ended up getting out of control By the time it's 'eradicated,' there will be another new disease. Every 10-15 years sounds about right

Anyone who thought so is not paying attention or doesn't believe the science. 🤦🏻‍♀️ More good news keeps coming The reality is that some countries are almost back to normal... Some countries preferred to play political games instead of doing something about it and now they are paying the price.... That's not what tRump said and he know everything.

Yea but it doesn’t matter what they say cause we don’t belong & they are too influenced by China ONLY because such mixed/misleading messaging! If Fauci hadn't tried to save healthcare workers before citizens, POTUS realDonaldTrump hadn't been so foolish/greedy &preachers like robertjeffress others who DON'T know God had used common godly sense, wouldn't be in this mess!

No coincidence that USA, Brazil, and Russia are in the top 4! Too many statements every day Yep it’s a virus. Not going anywhere. Didn’t need WHO to say that. Common sense says that. Good thing our goal was never eradication or elimination. Hmm just like every other virus that's weird right WHO is talking to who?

Which means the idea of remaining closed should be out of the question. What we need to do is implement sanitary measures across the country and open up Great, so then what? Cancelling life indefinitely is not an answer. That’s not what our trusted dictator says. why would it be eliminated when WHO is gravely profiting from it?

'A former CNN producer accused Don Lemon of hurting the network with a “divisive” and “boring” show saying his former employer has shown 'a lack of self-awareness' during the Trump era.' lol... This was a helpful and totally out of the blue tweet, that’ll have a sweeping positive impact on the situation. Thanks so much!

So let’s sit at the house for a couple years right? 😳 I mean did people really think it could be completely eliminated? At least in the near future? Captain obvious says thanks ! Tell us one reason we should be trusting you WHO Well do the math, How long for everyone, Everywhere to get it, Then no need for masks and needles,

Take of the year right there 😂 smh 😳🤦🏽‍♂️😢😢🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.....So what next people...... Yep! What's inside? Oh well if the WHO said so then ok that’s all I need to know. and i said this 3 months ago... no one listened to me It is surreal to -see footage of bread lines & bodies loaded into ice trucks -realize that it's all in the US—not a farflung, war-torn nation -then see Trump say this plague'll magically disappear Trump &his acolytes have abandoned empirical reality—& it will keep costing lives

We need to lockdown until we have eradicated it completely. So many selfish people in this country including TRUMP!! 🙄 Yay CORONA WINS!!!! This is so beautiful! Doesn't need to be... the flu comes back every year. We just need a treatment. no shit Water is wet great job WHO!!! WHO We either suffer under mitigation efforts, or we immediately contend with the unavoidable reality of COVID-19.

The WHO only talking, maybe they have to do something, not only talking? Useless organization. That's a lot of abstract language. They could be more specific about dates and probabilities. Unhelpful information that will disconnect people. I’ll give them that... at least that! 🙄 Tell us something we don't know.

I wish they were smarter and more helpful Clueless organization They should have told people to wear masks RIGHT AWAY and no travels but they played it down awww shucks!

Florida State University faces backlash for memo saying it will 'no longer allow employees' to care for kids while working remotelyFlorida State University faces backlash for memo saying it will 'no longer allow employees' to care for kids while working remotely. So, DeSantis puppets? Damn, kinda disappointed in them. How do they plan to stop them? Got to hand it to ABC News. They always go through the depths of hell to find some made up outrage story

College walks back memo saying employees can't care for kids while working remotelyConfusion over a memo to university employees about caring for children while working remotely has put a spotlight on the pain working parents are feeling during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly working moms. Hi There. Do you need any photoshop or photo editing service? please contact me or order here I can assure you will get the clean and professional work. Thank you. I can't help you with that. The sad state, the United States is in. In one tweet.

Actors’ Equity Says Walt Disney World “Retaliating” Over Coronavirus Testing Demand By Locking Out Union’s MembersActors’ Equity Association says Walt Disney World has “locked out” its union members as a way of retaliating against Equity’s demand for coronavirus testing as a condition f… That’s Disney for you. Ani Union

Experts Are Saying There Is Mounting Evidence That Coronavirus Is AirborneThe debate about whether or not the novel coronavirus is airborne continues. Here’s what experts and the World Health Organization say.

Coronavirus Pandemic: See The Latest Impacts Across The US And The WorldFollow the latest data on COVID-19 globally and in the US.

China Auto Sales Bounce Back From Worst-Ever QuarterAuto sales in China increased 10.4% in the second quarter year over year, as dealers and auto makers began to repair the damage from a first quarter wrecked by the coronavirus. congrarulations to them Wow, I’m so happy for them 🙄 It’s now been 4 months since I’ve last had Chinese food. Not for safety reasons, but rather because f*ck them. Virtually every Chinese joint is filled with orientals that could give two f*cks about assimilation, the English language, our history, culture or traditions.