Hillsong Church Founder Says Vaccines Are A 'Personal Decision' After Congregant Refuses Shot And D

Hillsong Church Founder Says Vaccines Are A 'Personal Decision' After Congregant Refuses Shot And D

Vaccines are a 'personal decision,' Hillsong Church founder says after congregant refuses shot and dies of Covid-19

A member of Hillsong Church — a man in his early 30s — refused to get a Covid vaccine and died of the disease. Now, the church's founder says vaccines are a personal choice.

7/24/2021 8:35:00 PM

A member of Hillsong Church — a man in his early 30s — refused to get a Covid vaccine and died of the disease. Now, the church's founder says vaccines are a personal choice.

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston says Covid-19 vaccines are a 'personal decision for each individual to make with the counsel of medical professionals' after congregant Stephen Harmon, who publicly refused inoculation, died of complications from the disease.

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Unlike sexuality. Can’t fix stupid. sometimes stupidity can be deadly They sent Adult volunteers infected with Covid on a student trip in the US this past week. Wonder how that will end up… Sure they’re a personal choice. And encouragement from their pastor might help more people to make the right decision and save their lives.

Darwin rules!!! FREAKING STUPID..just in case you don’t know it pastor their is a vaccine that’s a miracle from GOD haven’t you heard? It will save your life tell your followers That was his personal choice Vaccines & medical decisions is a personal choice. Those not vaccinating are risking their lives not those vaccinated individuals around them.

It IS a personal decision. He weighed the consequences of receiving the vaccine versus the consequences of Covid and lost. BUT, it's still a personal choice. So many Darwin Award nominees…

Church leader accused of smoking meth with child before raping herThe girl's family had initially brought her to the minister for counseling. He then allegedly began drugging and raping her inside the church that he led. Because there's no law or license needed to become a minister, in any religion, moneychangers and perverts have taken up this 'calling'. Fear is conditioned into us from young age.. She Took a trip to pound town for sure

The virus wins the augment Yeah he's right, freedom of choice must be respected. So…suicide is okay with these guys? tim người vui tính như mình và yêu chân thành là ok 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😵‍💫🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👿👿👿👿👿🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Hilson? Is it a capitaliste societé? But not too efficace, no? 😆 The media conveniently leaves out that those vaccinated can still catch and spread covid. If someone chooses not to be vaccinated and takes the right precautions that’s better than vaccinated people walking around with no mask. I believe the vaccine helps but it’s not a cure.

Houston has listed volunteers as paid worker to obtain millions in job keeper payments. According to a John Hopkins statement, its totally ok to leave your mate out in the cold for 3 months, with mrsa, and is forced to walk 10 miles a day, fracturing bones in her feet, so her man can be safe and warm at home to shop online for prostitutes. ShopOnSkip JohnOpines

More fear mongering No, fascist fanaticism is a 'personal decision.' Vaccines against epidemics are a must.

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The only difference I see is that Anglo-Democrats come off like Eugenicists and Anglo-Republicans come off like Genocidalists; in reality, the difference is only in the method. The goal remains the same on both sides, weeding out all undesirables from the population by any means. He’s right .. it’s always been a personal choice.

It was a personal decision to stop watching cnn They are a personal choice. Just because someone died didn't change that as much as the person who wrote this title wants you to believe. He chose ,,,, poorly . The grand pooba tells you what good for your health, sounds cultish, watch out when they bring out the cool aide the purple robes and the white nikes

They be like anti abortion, anti vax, anti vote, anti medicare for all, anti min wage increase, pro sexual assault baby, pro choice, pro 80 hr work week, pro corporations... Yes, its your personal choice to die from a virus when you couldve masked up/social distance or vaxxed Choices have consequences. But the choice of vaccine has deadly consequences for others as well. Show some respect for your neighbour and get vaccinated. I would expect a church to understand this biblical principle more than anyone else. I'm deeply disappointed in them.

Science and religion can’t go hand in Hand the Vaccines are Earthly development and religions a spiritual sentiment . Pro-Choice: Hillsong Church is pro-choice on the question of whether congregants should get a COVID19 vaccine that not only protects THEM from serious illness and death but also protects OTHER HUMANS whom the congregants could infect and cause to get sick or die. Cc: .Hillsong

Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Calls Out Republicans For Killing Their Own VotersRight-wing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation 'has inarguably cost lives,' she said. Biden: “You’re not gonna get COVID if you get vaccinated” (He says this as fully vaccinated WH staff are testing positive) Does this knowledge help in any way? She is courageous! There should be consequences for misinformation that costs lives. Lawmakers should be held accountable if they make claims that go against the well being of their constituents/voters.

Who gives a shit Is this news The church founder is going to have a hard time keeping himself from going to Hell. Can't fix Stupid Of course it's a person choice. He chose not to be vaccinated, and he chose to die. U can never save anyone who chooses to die. I'd those who refuse vaccines present with symptoms they should be put to the back of the cue.

Hypocritical/False Prophets‼️Let’s see if his health holds out and, if not, if he’ll call it ‘God’s Will’⁉️No; only fools forget that “God granted us free will”‼️It’s man’s own, WRONG choice 😩‼️Unless, he already got the vaccine ⁉️What are the odds⁉️ Bro Daniel said they be changing the laws and times and dividing of times but judgment will sit and they shall the saints of the most high destroy his kingdom and bring it to a end

Bet he's vaccinated isn't their church like 18 members? Why are you commenting on this It's almost like you have an agenda cnn.

Covid-19 Vaccine Scams Hit India as Country Struggles With ImmunizationsAn uneven global Covid-19 vaccine rollout and strong demand for the shots have presented an opportunity for criminals, particularly in the developing world where doses have been in short supply Made in China? good luck Republican Red states have the highest COVID cases. Death follows stupidity. GetVaccinatedNow

Vaccines are a choice. Like all choices, there are consequences both ways. ok but we need a stronger variant to come along as better selective pressure against the anti vaxxers🥺🙏🏻 like let’s wait until everyone who wants the vaccine has it, then let the new one loose myknittingwool FFS You mean the same guy who failed to report his father’s child sexual abuse and refused to be interviewed by police, that guy? BrianCHouston. Apparently abusing children who don’t have any personal choice is also ok! Hope the Rupture is soon then we can be rid of them.

If someone is too stupid to get vaxxed and they die as a result....... I fail to see a problem. equity UTOPIA ferdimagellan2 Can’t help stupid. Brian Houston is a cult leader not a church leader. He's making a lot of money preaching selfishness. Romans 15:1 'Now we who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves.' Hillsong auspol Covid19Aus SydneyProtest

Karma And this is Morrison’s ADVISOR !! Is the slow vaccine stroll out due to Hillsong’s antivaxer influence on Australia’s Prime Minister. Slowest vaccine rollout in the developed world! auspol MorrisonVaccineCrisis MorrisonFailure JesusDidntProtectHim Where are all the headlines about multiple people who have been fully vaccinated and died of Covid

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needs to pay taxes I have had covid x2 and both were near death experience . Please take the vaccine to save yourself and others. It’s like going to church no guarantee you’re going to heaven after death but maybe going to church could be a good thing or maybe just a myth. Of course it should be personal. Give people the info ,risks,benefits and let them decide. Stop treating adults like babies.

They are. It was that guys choice even though he died. Evil. It's not even a church. Its a cult with church in its name to escape the IRS. It is and always should be a personal choice. Making it mandatory is tyrannical. Stop pushing that it needs to be mandatory. Where's the proof he died from COVID 49 fully vaccinated people died in New Jersey , where's the report on that?

Maybe he couldn't comprehend why his family would lie to him and he'd been brainwashed so that he couldn't trust the government. When people you love hurt you so bad and throw you under the bus but they're the only thing you know death can seem to be the only escape.

Conservative radio host regrets COVID vaccine hesitancyA conservative talk radio host from Tennessee who had been a vaccine skeptic until he was hospitalized from COVID-19 now says his listeners should get vaccinated, according to his brother. Just in the nick of time 🙄🙄

I should care, but goddamn I really don't I support the right of the unvaccinated to abort themselves. He’s just the pastor he can’t make members get the vaccine shot it’s left up to the individual to do it. Ppl know what happened to ppl they’re dying, they hear the stories it’s information out there it’s really left up to the members or the individual.

Don't mean to be hateful, but glad he's dead. At some point, it is your own fault!!!! There’s a guy in our Church that got the vaccine and two weeks later died. There’s that oh, um, hey… your bias is showing! It’s still personal choice. Don’t ever forget that. No shit it is a personal choice Religion is garbage.

murphy I'm 100% behind as many as possible getting the vaccine. I'm also 100% opposed to headlines designed to mislead. The same story could be headlined 'Hillsong Founder Encourages Congregants to Follow Doctors' Advice After Congregant Refuses Shot and Dies of Covid.' murphy I think this sort of dishonest headlining just makes people dig their heals in. Can you imagine 'Starbucks CEO says vaccine personal decision after Starbucks employee refuses shot and dies of Covid.'

murphy This sort of headline makes me crazy. If you read the article, the pastor said nothing any other person wouldn't say. If a vaccine is not a personal decision, then whose decision is it? Before the headline quote he encourages people to 'follow the counsel of their doctors.' ... Then so is abortion.

It’s sad when someone dies. But it really is a personal and private choice. Do the church parishioners dance with snakes too? So...Anti-Life & Pro-Choice then🤣? Thank, Darwin that evolution does not care about your personal choice. If simply waiting for anyone that are not vaccinated to die off from Covid is one way to eliminate it, so be it.⏰

Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, and comforted the poor. These fake Christian preachers don't even deserve to speak His name.

One less Trumper.....not sorry Is polio vaccine 'personal choice ' Anti vaccine people should all RIP; and definitely medical care should be refused. A very personal choice indeed. Let people who want to get vaccinated get their vaccines in peace & stop pandering those who don’t want. Let each reap the benefits of their choices.

How stupid Absolutely correct. Personal choice! So is serial killing. What a guy won't do for money. God has given us the science, along with common sense. I don't understand how some 'Christians' refuse to use what God has given us.

Refusing the covid vaccine is a deadly decision! Try reverse psychology.... I am dumb asf and even I know that would work. Republicans are going to do the opposite of whatever you folks say, in the same exact way that Democrats will do the opposite of whatever Fox news told them to do... just a thought anyways.

These people are no different than Jehovah Witness people refusing transfusions. God gave us brains to make intelligent choices. Please make intelligent choices for your own sake. It is a personal choice. Who else can make it for you? The government? Only Liberals need the government to make decisions for them. The rest of us know how to make our own decisions, good or bad.

Hay que distanciarse de esa gente, si en verdad alguien quiere llevar una vida saludable. Must be pro life. If the Hillsong founder gave this “take it” (and live, while you love your neighbour), or “leave it”(and die while you can kill your neighbour)as his personal choice, how should his congregation regard anything else he says? When do “personal choices” yield to Biblical Commands?

murphy Listening to a minister about medical issues is like listening to a plumber about dental problems. We get infected with SARS-CoV-2 by other people, more than 99% of whom are UNVACCINATED. We don't wear masks and get vaccinated just for ourselves. It's also for our community. churchidiots

Faces of covid groups BEEEEE ESS!! Vaccination is a public service decision. It was his time, it was predestined by God. Nothing wi change this. Because they are Is it unchristian of me to not feel any shred of empathy? The Kool-Aid is orange Think about someone other than yourself and get vaccinated !! Heaven help him...Jer 23:1 'Woe be unto those pastors who lead My flock astray'. Matt 25: 10 virgins - 5 wise, 5 foolish. Hope the unvaxxed join the ranks of the 5 wise b4 its too late as it was for the young man.Hillsong hillsong

He shouldn’t even have been in hospital! There is NO CURE for COVID-19!! You don’t trust vaccine- stop overloading hospitals and workers when people you infected deserve that bed- enough of people like this! Insurance companies should drop anyone not vaccinated.

How is this news? murphy He deleted his Tweet announcing Stephen Harmon's death after I read the replies from his followers talking about how death didn't matter because we're only born so we can die to go to heaven. When did Christianity become an insane death cult of suicide bombers? No. No it’s not a personal choice when your decision can negatively impact others.

It may be a personal decision but people who haven’t taken the vaccine can’t lie and say they took it just so they don’t have to social distance anymore but it will ultimately spread covid more and cause another lockdown So apparently that part of the Bible that directs you to love your neighbor -- Hilllsong chooses to ignore that? Interesting. Not my kind of Christians.

Well, he's not lying. How is this news? No, It’s a Community issue. Dummies