Utah Governor Orders All Adults Entering The State To Disclose Their Travel Plans - Cnnpolitics

Utah Governor Orders All Adults Entering The State To Disclose Their Travel Plans - Cnnpolitics

Utah governor orders all adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans

Utah's governor orders all adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans in the latest state-led crackdown on domestic travel due to coronavirus

4/10/2020 2:40:00 AM

Utah's governor orders all adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans in the latest state-led crackdown on domestic travel due to coronavirus

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert issued an executive order Thursday requiring adults entering the state to disclose their travel plans in the latest state-led crackdown on domestic travel amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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they are all going there to convert...just because some people don't want to hear what people have to say, doesn't change that it is true, al sharp-tongued... The CDC director needs to be fired. He is incompetent. Disinformation is the bread and butter of the CNN shithole network. If you believe anything from this network you either have TDS are a fool or both.

Apparently none of you ever lived in a snow state where travel bans are common. Thanks to those Governors who early on issued stay at home orders, shame on those who failed there citizens. The early orders are showing results pushing new case ’s down thus reducing the ’s of deaths. The WH has failed us tremendously folks, no leadership, a hoax?contained?

I can only hope that most Americans regardless of party, listen to the scientist and doctors who have the knowledge needed at a time like this, verses those who would push for moving to fast from what’s bringing the numbers downward, for political reasons. Soon we will be able to travel the world again! cbdidhemp.com cbd cbdoil cbdessentialoil COVIDー19 GreysAnantomycbdid coffee hemplipbalms cbdgummies cbdpetoil cbdidspices coronavirus coffee hemplipbalms cbdgummies cbdpetoil cbdidspices healthwellness travel

Smart! Why r u not reporting the french president visit 2 researcher Raoult touting his new chloroquine study yesterday & its positive results why r u still suppressing this information. Please report & let us decide 4 ourselves if Mr Trump was right about its positive results What’s something cool that my incentive people to go to Utah? Cause other wise I’m good in LA.

Hey why isn't CNN covering this ? 😂 Baby world news Indonesian police are working in a corona helmet. I can't help but laugh about the scenery. If you are a small business owner never forget that democrats just blocked a disaster package that was designed to help you during this crisis. Democrats hate you and your workers and don't care about your suffering. VOTE THEM OUT. THEY ARE SCUM. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.

Premier League players should cut their salaries. Mexico plead the failure of the crude oil reduction agreement. What we need is testing and social distancing and protective gear and ventilators and a new President! Trump is menace and pretending that he is leading us out of this crisis is leading people to their death beds.

Too late - good luck... Our President has made it clear, every state for themselves. If you follow his lead and support him, he may help you. If you listen to experts.... you're probably lying or your fake news. Who supports this man? It will look good that you responded so quickly. You followed the Presidents lead, now you can blame the pandemic on people coming in. Never mind that it's been in your state for weeks or months. Your 15 cases will be down to zero, very quickly. I have a good feeling about that.

I plead the fifth What works for you Remember this smell... It’s such a foul retching fume you can taste it on ur pallet as you gag It gets in ur hair & on ur clothes It’s worse then the pungent odor of a skunk Worse then the stench of death... This is the smell of government oppression Fifty states... fifty rules. One state says you’re free to do as you please, the state next door wants to build a wall. Not the way it should be going.

We're ALL under house arrest!!! Time to wake the world up to the power of each individual! Biggest prison break in history. At exactly 10:00 AM Est 04/12/2020 GO outside and SHOUT with your entire might for 20 seconds 'FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM' *Put your todlers in earmuffs🎧* Maybe this governor like others don’t realize that many families don’t live in brick and mortar homes any longer. They live in RVs and they have put families out of RV parks here they were isolated. Others are trying to get back to home states or Canada because they winter here.

Umm, no Herbert is a fascist and is being manipulated by the conservative media and Senator Lee Oh I think this’s much more better the Word pandemic is increasing every blessed Day. It’s happening... All he wants to see is your temple recommend card Bit of a traffic jam that. Extremely disconcerting I herd u got dem polygamous bitches?

The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro We don’t have 50 states we have 50 countries Reading this comments, guys...you are on the road to Italy and Spain. Good luck. Bury the corps in Central park. You need all the space available. Meanwhile northern europe (except sweden) are in the safe. And heading for normal, pretty soon. 👍🏻

I will not comply .. IT WAS NOT A ACCIDENT... . James Woods Tweets 'Pretty Scary' Video That Questions The Origins of The Coronavirus: 'Judge for yourself' via 100percFEDUP Y’all got poly families of 50, keep it there then ya commies! Thousands of people are dying due to COVID-19 failure to provide food for all. if you wants helps our county people plz contact my what's app +8801941291764

I'm entering by car tomorrow. Who shall I speak with at the state line? Gee, I wonder if other states are going to follow these marshal law gestures? Anybody....? What’s up with this scum cnn? This freakin guy this is obviously motivated by religion. Agree it's a smart idea. Lol We're ALL under house arrest!!! Time to wake the world up to the power of each individual! Biggest prison break in history. At exactly 10:00 AM Est 04/05/2020 GO outside and SHOUT with your entire might for 20 seconds 'FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM' *Put your todlers in earmuffs🎧*

the more you squeeze something the more it will squirm. You need to be cautious because people will tolerate so much control over their life. Social distancing is needed but socialism and a dictatorship will not work. He waited to long I’m sorry but some people have to pass through your state. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahabaabahabahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Just too damn late !! Fucked up! So, who do you believe? The Department of National intelligence? Or CNN who has lied to the American People for 3 years? Not a hard question! Really - is this guy a moron or what? We drove through Utah a week ago and people were on the road and driving around like it was a weekend. Time to look at your own state first, Mr. Governor, prior to cracking down on people entering the state.

Of all the restrictions so far this makes me the most uncomfortable I didn’t know normmacdonald was the governor of Utah Who the hell in their right mind would want to travel to Utah anyway? Passports next 150 members of Saudi royal family are down with corona - MBS in isolation. These are not the droids you are looking for...

I’m just here for the TP Liberals accusing Trump of being a Nazi but they are the ones acting like it. Take their temperature. Should be even more strict for coming into our state. coronavirus Utah But I thought we were on the downside of the curve in rural areas. This is just gotten damn ridiculous. This is governors out of control.

And when I don’t fill it out? Anyone coming in to Nova Scotia Canada, regardless if they are from another province in Canada HAVE to self isolate for 14 days, they do not pass go they do not get $200..if they even have the slightest fever they are NOT allowed in and will be turned away. “To marry multiple of your women at the same time”.

Grabbing a few wives. Thats a bit odd MattWalshBlog Oh what about all the mormon missionaries that were being flown back from Phillipines etc. as late as last week? Can’t do that legally. And if you say no? The only reason to enter Utah is to continue on to the other side. TAPSTRIMEDIA Seems a little late perhaps? Constitutional challenges?

Just when you thought this could never happen....well, here we are... 'Show me your papers'. This guy is a total Nazi. Unless their illegal Turn around and you're 2. Turn around and you're 4. Where are you going my little one? Well that doesn’t sound legit. Virginia and NC need to do this. Good idea. What a waste of time how will they know and we don’t have to answer any questions

Travel plans? 🤔 Right, I’m from the UK and you guys are still talking about travel plans Backwards as feck. Do you have to show your papers too? But voter ID is unconstitutional...fkn politicans Useful news. Thanks!! In the un- useful news category, I really do think you and other media outlets should ignore Trumps briefings. It's lies and bullshit anyway, why bother giving him the outlet? Make him pay for the time, like others, at the least!

MattWalshBlog They do this in China. Is this REALLY where we want to go with all this? Russia

Gov. Cuomo bringing in more funeral directors as death toll rises in New YorkNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that more funeral directors were being brought in after the highest single-day coronavirus death toll yet. Sad 🚨 Breaking 😞

Florida Gov. Mystified By Gloves And How To Wear Them During Coronavirus BriefingRepublican Ron DeSantis trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons after he wore just one glove for a press conference. Cuomo isn't even wearing ONE in this pic. Yes the glove faux paus is the story here, not that he allowed the beaches to remain open It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer discusses why coronavirus is disproportionately affecting minoritiesMichigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, widely touted as a potential vice president pick for Joe Biden, is offering fresh evidence that the coronavirus pandemic in her state is disproportionately affecting minorities. Is she saying the Wuhan pneumonia is racist? I think it disproportionately killed Italians, but I guess she doesn’t care about them since they aren’t voters in Michigan.

Gov. Newsom On How California Is Preparing For A Spike In Coronavirus CasesCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom on where the state is putting makeshift hospitals: 'Everywhere we can find a location. It was ideal, we found an old arena that the Sacramento Kings used to play in. It will provide up to 400 beds.' Good job. At leadt he is not out there hating on the president. He is actually doing his job. Too bad it took this the government knew of the coronavirus in january but decided to blame vaping. A REAL Leader for our country!

California to get more than 200 million masks a month in coronavirus fight, Gov. Newsom saysThe masks are among the most coveted supplies needed in hospitals and medical facilities that are treating people infected with the coronavirus amid a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. Shouldn’t the folks who banned straws look to getting reusable masks? 🤷‍♂️ President Newsom. I like the sound of that. Cue the Trumpers, trolls, conspiracy theorists, etc in 3...2...1... The masks will come from a consortium of suppliers, including a California nonprofit, a California manufacturer with suppliers in Asia and from a company sterilizing used masks.

Romeo Santos Accepts Gov. Cuomo's #IStayHomeFor ChallengeRomeo Santos is taking part in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s IStayHomeFor Challenge and shares that he&39;s staying home for his family, kids and fans to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. RomeoSantosPage billboardspeakup AddThe10kBillboard RomeoSantosPage People within the industry are questioning your silence. It’s time to speak about 5SOS’s debut. AddThe10kBillboard BillboardSpeakUp RomeoSantosPage BillboardSpeakUp