US overtakes Italy in total coronavirus cases

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Coronavirus Pandemic Changes Way Of Life - Cnn

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, sending countries into lockdown with millions under movement restrictions. Follow here for live updates

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Coronavirus Pandemic Changes Way Of Life - Cnn


JUST IN: The US now has more coronavirus cases reported than Italy, with more than 80,800 cases, according to a CNN tally. China still leads the global number of reported cases with more than 81,000 cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University

The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide, sending countries into lockdown with millions under movement restrictions. Follow here for live updates

Pentagon awards $15 million contract to retrofit Javits Center into a hospital From CNN's Ryan Browne Staff/AFP/Getty Images The Pentagon announced Thursday that it has awarded a $15 million contract to the operators of the Javits Center to convert the facility into a hospital by April 9 to help alleviate the burden the coronavirus is placing on civilian hospital infrastructure. This is separate than the field hospitals being set up this weekend in New York. “New York Convention Center Operating Corp., New York, New York, was awarded a $15,250,000 firm-fixed-price contract to retrofit the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center into an alternate care facility,” the Pentagon contract announcement said. The announcement said that the work is expected to be completed by April 9. The US Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing the contract which is being funded via “ Fiscal 2020 defense emergency response funds.” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said this earlier this week that he anticipates the field hospitals being used to temporarily alleviate the strain on civilian hospitals in order to allow the US Army Corps of Engineers to retrofit hotels, convention centers and college dormitories into makeshift hospitals. “How I foresee our hospitals being used is during the early stages of the pandemic, the virus hitting a city where they're still trying to ramp up capability, bed space, we can come in for a short period of time, for a few weeks to provide that capacity until they get either gyms converted, hotels converted, college dorms converted, all those things that the Corps of Engineers is working on right now," Esper said. share with Facebook Read more: CNN

cnnbrk If only trump didn't call it a hoax at the beginning there would be alot more people alive today. cnnbrk Because our country is gigantic with eons more people. What craziness are y’all reporting Coronavirus Look things opened for raison God is foolish like all you.this is most racist xenophobic discrimination and hate also killing innocent people just for your ego. US,Italy,China,France,Brazil,Israel cet..change your attitude and repent or you will pay heavy price

Fake news. No shit? Whats the population of each country? You are a bunch of hacks. Embarrassing, shameful and heartbreaking Yay MURICA!!! Trump is WINNING! Obama never had numbers this bigly before! Can the Clinton's News Network just word it another way. No one wants to Lead in cases. Sensationalism FakeNews FakeNewsCNN MediaBias you are the enemy of the people. 👎🏻👎🏻

Are you going to put this in context to total population or continue fear mongering. CNN , FAKE NEWS and enemy of the people. Liars. We are testing more people. Out of 350 millions 1500 deaths, most old people with conditions. CNN is interested in destroying the US with their lies and panic.ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

cnnbrk Is this a contest? 😒🤦🏽‍♀️

Global Stocks Follow U.S. Markets HigherStock markets in the Asia-Pacific region rose, after U.S. shares surged as lawmakers in Washington made progress toward agreeing on a giant stimulus package. Look, see? We don't have to send our grandparents as sacrifices now. Well it was about time after the worst month since forever. Nice job TrumpVirus. But realDonaldTrump takes credit for only positive days. All the negative days are someone else's fault. One good news among the doom-and gloom news cycle of the day

Please do the math 68,440 according to CDC. I'm more inclined to believe them than the fake news. And saying we have more cases than a country that has 20% of our population is comparing apples and oranges and is, as usual for cnn(fake news), misleading. Deaths are 0,00039 % of the US population !!! If this keeps up, it'll eventually match the total of H1N1 cases in the US during the Obama presidency. We have a LONG way to go before that happens, though.

.cnn doesn’t even try any more. Why not put the % in the headline instead of total numbers? Per capita, what does it mean? And low death rates per every 1 million. So we are doing better than others. And how do the fatality rates compare? Fake news network against POTUS and his achievements, liars.

'We are collapsing': Virus pummels medics in Spain and Italy'We are collapsing.' The coronavirus is wearing down health workers worldwide but nowhere is it worse than in Italy and Spain, where protective equipment and tests have been in severely short supply for weeks. Maybe they can take a few sick days? These are not ‘developed’ nations. These nations are 2nd world, falling somewhere between the 1st and 3rd, and paying for it now with their socialized medicine and out-moded ways. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tragic, but these are the facts. How's that 'socialized' medicine working out?

Italy is small country with 60 millions of people while the US have more than 330 millions of people so yes, you will have more cases. That's mainly because our government will not make it a mandatory quarantine for the entire U.S . We'll all have the virus and most will perish. Simple math guys; more tests; bigger population USA is about 5 times bigger than Italy. USA has less than 10,000 cases more than Italy. Not even 2 times more so RELAX

no shit bigger the country/population bigger virus spread master of obvious spin it anyway u want virus has no boundaries only preventative measures and sounds like virus is gonna win just a matter of how prevalent Italy is not even as big as California. Calm down people...its not as bad as it seems. cnnbrk 😓🙏

Oh no... 😭🙏🏻 I just want this all to end 💔💔💔 God bless the USA and our President Trump and Vice President Pence for doing everything and anything possible to stop this Chinese coronavirus from spreading even more and killing our faith and spirit. DemocratsStopTheHate ThankYouPresidentTrump Americans must stay at home ok. Lock down is the only way to save yourselves because no antidote available for Corona ok. Stay at your home and save the lives.....I pray to Almighty Allah to protect the whole world from Corona ( covid 19)

A deluge of death in northern ItalyDeluge of Death: Coronavirus deaths in Italy’s Lombardy region have surpassed those in China’s Hubei province, the original epicentre of the outbreak. In this Reuters graphic, we show how that happened via SimonScarr and Manas Sharma SimonScarr Lombardy has suffered immensely, may the town gets back to it's feet fast. Prayers. SimonScarr SimonScarr How can you trust anything China says? The CCP is the devil

85991 According to Orange Man this is fake news cnnbrk realDonaldTrump VP Today, God has decided it is time for you to start paying for your sins. Those numbers are human lives. No matter who is lying, it's not the priority right now. Be safe and save lives. This is the priority. realDonaldTrump you did it you made the US the new epicenter. Be proud. On a serious note: dude this isn’t a contest of who got the most. Sometimes it is ok not to be the greatest at something.

where are those people now who called COVID-19 dumb Sooo sorry but I guess the “Hoax” approach was always a bit iffy You really believe anything China says? You’re a fool 😥 Oh - we have passed China as well. But we have tested 600K already . . . China has been at 81K for a week - they forgot there is a backside to the ‘curve’ China has just stopped testing. OR . . they are not being truthful? (Hint . . you trust them?)

In Italy, the coronavirus steals even the last farewell“I watched him as he was getting into the ambulance, and that was it,” writes one daughter about her father. “A good-bye wave and he was gone' Take note Australia l This is the unseen & up until now not spoken tragedy of this epidemic, it is literally creating emotional holes in families world wide. The normal norms around end of life are being broken for doctors, nurses, families & friends. The true social effects of this are huge. China virus. China should be penalized for killing thousands of innocent people. Fucking dictator. 😠

cnnbrk Breaking news: news companies have been using fear to keep people glued to the TV to boost ratings so much that people are now starting to not give a shit anymore. You guys are dumb beyond measure. If you really want to inform people, then compare oranges to oranges. A country with over 350 million people cannot be compared to one thats 1/7 it’s size. What’s the rate per million people and subsequent death rate! After all you can’t add.

how crazy is that Thanks China! In your own narrative what is the infection rate per capita. what if china's goverment lies , now has US 80.000 more cases so. Is it fact change? We have more flu cases as well. Last night CNN called Trump liar, because he did not convert his number to a per capita number. Now they’re doing the same thing. HYPOCRITES.

Look at the population of Italy and US. Take your time, think and then realise. FakeNews

3/25 Inside Milan, ItalyIn Italy, where COVID-19 has killed more people than anywhere in the world, funerals can’t be held. In this episode of the “Ground Game: Inside the Outbreak” podcast, Milan reporter CollBarry talks to ralphDrussoAP about how the pandemic hit Italy. CollBarry ralphDrussoAP In Virginia cannot have over 10 at funeral, and cannot see love ones in nursing homes or hospitals, hope this ends soon.

You’re fake news 1) the US has 5.5x more people than Italy 2) anyone who believes China in regard to their reporting on COVID-19 has no business reporting the news Forget that stuff, tell us how the Kennedy Center is doing! Disgusting fear mongering by CNN.... The population of Italy is 60 million. The population of the United States is 330 million.

Everybody knows China is far beyond 100,000 people. They are lying their ass off about this. So... 1) You guys trust China's numbers? HA. 2) How many TESTS have we done vs Italy and others? Hacks. Fake news. AND NOW IT BEGINS 🤨🤨🤨 If you believe numbers from China your network are bigger fools than previously thought.

People let’s remember this when they have to eat their words. Absolute stinkers!!

Why families in Italy can't say goodbye to the deadFunerals have been banned in Italy - robbing many families of the chance to say a final goodbye. It’s denying dignity to anyone who dies of it. 😕 fuckoffCovid19

JUST IN: CNN is fake news and LOVES to spread panic. Now report the deaths. It’s a sneaky little thing you guys do. Fear mongering. Trump: The wrong president at the wrong time. This isn’t a race. It's pretty grim over here in Italy, despite excellent work by the authorities and health care professionals. Health care system near collapse. Good luck, y'all. You're gonna need it.

Now more than China! 6x the population will do that. We have less deaths. And we’ve done more testing. Lying by omission. Its the 2020 Olympics metal count Now do per capital hospitalization and deaths you fear mongering fukwits. Shouldn't you be helping curb this with useful information?

Didn’t you listen to Trump’s update, oh of course you didn’t. American has a greater population you imbeciles. Keep reporting the way you do and scare America! why is there no more influenza when they started to test covid-19 massively? Well, the ratio of people in the usa to italy is 5:1 so theres really no surprise there...

Population is over 5x that of Italy. Now do death rates. And recovery cases. And don’t cut away from the daily briefing. Fake News gonna fear monger to its sheep. cnnbrk In a minute. US always NO. 1. US first. That’s what freedom looks like! Some context would be nice. Fear mongering is unbecoming. But i thought you all said Trump wasn't testing, if he isn't testing how could they identify so many cases so fast.

Isn’t that like saying Fox News viewers have more coronavirus victims than CNN? I mean, no one watches CNN.

cnnbrk Because too many Americans can't even follow simple guidelines. cnnbrk CNN is fake news...should be taken off air. Disgusting! Dun forget the 91% recovery rate while we are at it. amazing WorldIsDying ChinaSurvives DontBeNaive I have a breaking story to share about Covid-19. I cannot get a hold of the news networks. Anyone have a news network contact for me? DOJ just released a stern warning about anyone knowingly spreading Covid-19 and it just happened overnight by an MVM worker out of Mississippi.

Allah will help some one to control with a powerful vaccination soon. IA Reminder: The population of the US is 545% greater than Italy. CNN cannot control their happiness. CNN is The Enemy of The People. You might as well say.. we surpassed chinas number of reported cases CNN. you can beat go usa

More cases than China now. AmericaFirst Donald Trump refuses to not be 1 at everything he does. Still feels like CNN is fear mongering. But Italy is a MUCH smaller country. Just In : United States of America has 5 times as many people Italy has It is ridiculous to see your comments. Those countries that have no measures against coronavirus are laughing at China that actively responds to the virus! Are you qualified to laugh?

And 99.5% will live It’s OVAH! Tens of millions of Americans will die. The economy will crash and burn. Wall Street will crumble forever. This will make The Great Depression look like a keg party. The nation will take 20+ years to recover. Tens of millions of Americans will be homeless. cnnbrk Gee USA just a wee bit bigger than Italy and China probably biting 50% of the real numbers.

We’re about to take China’s record. New name , the GOP flu! As of March 26,18:48 EST there have been 83144 confirmed cases and 1201 deaths due to coronavirus in the United States. The USA has now unfortunately the highest number of infections and it's just starting. Please hammer the message home to listen only to the medical experts!

As of now, Accor to W. H. O., it is 83,016 confirmed case—we have passed China. We now have the most cases in the WORLD. So what is your point? We all knew that testing would increase the number of known positive cases. So that number is irrelevant in comparison to other countries. What is important is what percent of those tested with symptoms are negative. 70% of those with symptoms are negative

unfortunately now you are first with 82404, and sadly this is just the beginning! USA is a great country and I HAVE NO DOUBT will overcome this challenge but the price is going to be BIG! TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus trumpIDIOT 🚨Just In🚨 Facts ⬇️ Well duh we are huge and we were not prepared thanks to orange face. Can we talk about something uplifting ?

cnnbrk Hey President Orange McBonespur realDonaldTrump, I thought this was another “hoax” and that it will just “go away.” What happened, dude? TrumpLiesAmericansDie TrumpPlague COVFEFE45 IMPOTUS

It's not a friggen competition you know?! TYPICALYANKS Sorry: USA83,097+14,8861,198+171 Tell that to SpeakerPelosi who is still playing politics cnnbrk Kind of expected that, we are a bigger country!! Obama told Americans: “we don’t need to think we should have the best medical system in the world”. Now CNN suck on that!

So that is enough to defeat Trump? Congratulations CNN your propaganda would earn fruits And how many has Italy tested vs how many we have tested? needs to take a remedial journalism course. Unless you’re intentionally pushing an agenda perhaps To put things into context, accounting for the difference in population: 0.133% of Italians vs. 0.025% of US population. However, we are 14 to 16 days behind Italy, so there's plenty of time for our percentage to increase unless we continue to try to slow the outbreak down.

Drivel.... how about throwing in the population differences... BS news

The manure the Dem governors and never Trumper governors are slinging is silly. Is Coronavirus different than any other flu or are the commies, the dem governors and never Trumpers trying to stop POTUS from another 4 years. Looks like that is the story. Fake Yea I’m sure China is telling the truth China is not gonna tell you the real numbers

I thought this was a hoax? 🙄 I am extremely concerned for Americans. The numbers are devastating and many people are unfortunately going to die 😔 America was not prepared, because the rich have not paid their taxes for forty years. America has the most cases, because the rich have not paid their taxes for forty years. America will not manage the crisis effectively, because... America must TaxTheRich.

cnnbrk old news. US has surpassed China now confirmed by John Hopkins University US population: 327 million Italy population: 60 million cnnbrk Well we’re number one now Hit the refresh button & we’ve probably passed China !!!! cnnbrk HealTheWorld WHO 😢

covid-45 bloodinhishands The virus should be renamed covid-45. Blood on his hands. cnnbrk We are now ahead of China! cnnbrk Wrong You get that the US population is 5-1/2x the size of Italy’s, right? Per capita, please. You are comparing apples to oranges. It’s 2020, and the quality of CNN’s analysis and reporting is in the dark ages!

cnnbrk Ok.. is there a point to this. This shit is getting worse .....Lord have mercy🙏🙏🙏 “Reported” is the operative word there. Well realDonaldTrump did want to make us 1 again.

愿上帝保佑你们 How do people believe this propaganda? You guy just make these numbers up! Please tell us what our population is compared to Italy’s? Trump sleeping And a President in denial. Good luck folks. Lol. Way to split hairs here. Okkkkkkk. Now we’re ahead. Fear mongering Make America Great Again.. Not surprisingly, sooner or later we will be defeated by you, you are a real world power, first place, congratulations


We are testing more than anyone else. I don’t believe a thing out of China. Liars. China numbers are fake You might want to check that tally again.

The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus

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The hilltop fortress town that cut itself off from the world -- and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less April 2 coronavirus news - CNN The whole country should be under stay-at-home orders, Fauci says How to sanitize your groceries New York governor says virus is spreading like 'slow-moving hurricane' across US. More than 6,000 are dead Coronavirus live updates: Cases top 1 million globally - CNN In one month, coronavirus has gone from a China epidemic to a global crisis Kushner Puts Himself in Middle of White House’s Chaotic Coronavirus Response Trump's 'Chinese Virus' rhetoric part of a long U.S. tradition of scapegoating The owner of the New England Patriots used the team's plane to bring hundreds of thousands of masks from China China's early coronavirus victory lap, misleading data hurting global response