US crosses new COVID-19 milestone: Half a million Americans dead

The death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed half a million people, according to health data.

2/23/2021 12:45:00 AM

BREAKING: The U.S. has recorded over 500,000 deaths related to COVID-19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed half a million people, according to health data.

The country recorded 100,000 deaths after 16 weeks of the first reported fatality, and it took another 17 weeks before the next 100,000 deaths were recorded, according to the health data.As the disease became widespread the number of deaths increased rapidly -- it took 10 weeks for the death toll to jump from 300,000 to 500,000, an average of 2,899 deaths a day, according to health data.

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By comparison, 2,996, people were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images, FILEA nurse supports a patient as they walk in the Covid-19 alternative care site, built into a parking garage, at Renown Regional Medical Center, Dec. 16, 2020, in Reno, Nevada.

Health experts have urged people to continue to heed health warnings by social distancing, wearing masks and getting a coronavirus vaccine as soon as they are eligible. Read more: ABC News »

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Hes worthless to me not my PRESIDENT Thought I heard you down Trump over this virus.. You said you had a plan.. No .. You or noone else has no real plan. Just get the vaccine to the people . That the only plan there needs to be. Don’t wait til more people die like you have the stimulus.. Bless his heart

We can’t wallow in it either. Any progress on vaccine manufacture and distribution? Presidential, compassionate, reassuring... qualities unseen since 2015.... Oh the hypocrisy from the man who supports abortion on demand and applauds the slaughter of 1.6 million unborn children a year in the U. S. And said “nothing”

Check please The Trump's sin is inexpiable. Fear is a powerful weapon I love the team of Biden–Harris...they are trying to bring the word respect back...Thank you... He is reading this message ONE WAY. Cannot talk from the heart about this tragedy. What a shame. Your ppl deserve better. ... and here is another EYE OPENER for those that thought USA is 'PEACE KEEPERS' instead of the TERRORISTS they ARE!

President Biden's reelection will break Trump's hold on the Republican party. I never thought of benefiting through bitcoin trading but to my great surprise have made over $30,000 since I started in November through the help of investor_terri Amazing that we as a world celebrate the greatest generation. We honour those who made sacrifices for their fellow man. Threw themselves in front of bullets and bombs for the greater good Then there’s today’s generation. They couldn’t put a piece of cloth over their mouth & nose

so much better than this NYGovCuomo looks surreal like from another world or hologram Did he cry? Empathy. That’s how a Prez should be. Firstly Tinubu is old, 2nd Tinubu is highly curropt, 3rd Tinubu has no word of his own as a man he is always controlled by fulani criminals. 4th ,Tinubu cannot tell Nigeria truth,he is a born liar, 5th Nigeria is bigger than Tinubu just as Nigeria bigger than any fulani man.

Judging by the success of the fight against COVID-19 in China, the effectiveness of the response is highly dependent on the work of politicians. Trump has done a poor job. Biden needs to fix things! Information they say is key to success that’s why am encouraging everyone to start investing in BITCOIN AND FOREX TRADING I have been earning 10% of my investment every week for more details contact jamesbtcexpert he is the one trading for me kindly share so others will benefit

Been flying our flag at half-staff since Biden stole the election. TrendingTopicCo That will do a lot of good. AMEN!! 💙🙏🏽💙 Flags will NOT FEED AMERICANS STIMULUS DO!!!! WHEN ARE THE M O N E Y. JOE. ?!?!?!?!! The American flag or the CHINESE flag? Thank you, sir. 🇺🇸 Incredible how many deranged sounding bots responded to this post

It's the very least he could do. And I mean that he did the very least. Trump had a vaccine produced, and his admin put in place the mechanisms by which it is being delivered. Biden has not mentioned the riots during the summer which would not have helped. A far better reason to lower the flag to half-mast than the states that decided to do so for Rush Limbaugh. Half a million dead Americans. It’s a devastating loss. Also, those deaths are on Trump & Kushner & their cronies evil hands.

Talk about garbage reporting. Smh. Stevie wonder could see the bias Playing popularity cards over death numbers. Yeah that’s not shameful at all... 🙄 I remember when you used to criticize and blame President Donald Trump for the number of deaths from COVID-19, and now you show President Biden praying, i feel there’s no credibility in conveying and analyzing the news, my condolences to all families who lost their loved ones

미얀마의 의도? 중국의 옛 사고방식--세계의 중심국가 현 남북한--분단국의 앙징스러운 모습에 싫어하는 관심국가가 된듯 미안마의 한국관심의 의도-- 총알받이를 자청하는듯--좋은의도 한국인과 한국인의 처신--둔한머리로는 국가적망신이 될듯 So Fauci has killed over 500,000 Americans. It started in 03 when the CDC got patent on coronavirus Fauci and Beric were the researchers Landlords are raising rents every 6 months. Minimum wage will need to be $25 in five years. President Biden needs to deliver affordable housing, rent reduction and rent control. Americans need modern houses 🏘️ for $50,000 and rents from $200 to $500 monthly.

The world stands with you JoeBiden on this solemn occasion of loss of your & our loved ones. narendramodi rashtrapatibhvn will also mourn this unprecedented loss. ॐ शान्ति 🙏💐🙏 This flag bearing is a safety risk. With social distancing and high rates of violence in Chicagoland, stepping outside can lead to being sprayed down by bullets. Happens on the expressway weekly. Ppl on porches and standing, powed.

This is what a real leader does. Moved by a president who cares Such sad people that use this sad time for a photo opportunity wake up people they do not care about you and never will Look like of bunch of shit to me clean it up I’d never see trump doing this. I’ll have to admit Joe loves the country that started this

Such a bold national plan. Solid optics. And a loving and doting media. How precious. Maybe instead of this useless theatrical media stunt, Biden should clue us all in on his big secret covid “plan” First Cuckold Emhoff* SPOOKY! very spooky...moment of mental derringer minds!!! R.I.P poor souls invocated by... so SPOOKY WHITE HOUSE full of Candels...They dressed in FULL BLACK with BLACK MASKS ...JESUS !!!!!!!!

It was a beautiful ceremony. I doubt thoss numbers. CV.19 2021 In life I loved you completely In death I love you still. In my heart I hold a place That only you can fill. It broke my heart to lose you But I know you’re not alone. A part of me left with you On the day God called you home. Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web

tình cảm, nghiêm túc, biết lắng nghe. Keke Frauds, fake people, liars, cheaters illegitimates Beautiful and poignant. Thanks for bringing dignity back to the White House, President & Dr. Biden and Vice President Harris & Mr Emhoff. God bless America. This moment in time is so beautiful. It is a picture that honors many that we have lost. And to those who we have gained we are happy to have you, Joe and Kamala. You are doing our nation proud. May you both, and your families always be blessed.

Who's there first gentleman? Thank you all for your heartfelt compassion for the lives of so many lost. With a few baskets of chocolate chip cookies? “Second gentleman.” Somehow, that just sounds so contrived. You Know..Did anyone watch the full hour of SIXTY MINUTES YESTERDAY ( SUNDAY) HORRIBLE HATE,These images & voices will stay with you for sometime. Putin shook hands with Assad & he also shook hands with DJT. Deplorable Hate! WATCH!!

Classy, reverent, prayerful, and needed. 500,000+ souls. NEVER FORGET THIS DID NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! Do not let the GOP move-on from this ever! This was on their watch with 45 and their blessing. NEVER NEVER FORGET! But we’re is that elusive laptop do you think the president has been compromised and we sending our troops overseas again

Is this another part of the great and amazing plan to fight COVID ? Surprised he is up this late. I love our new Administration. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️We are finally blessed once again . Chauncey lashawn Turner sheren shaaban sultan Magdy ebrahim and his whole family Dr sheriff saad Musab emazin commit crimes under the radar disabling people covertly taking away womens rights when they don't get they're way! Abusive people to women & children aid legal kidnaps

Un conmovedor homenaje a las familias de 500.000 fallecidos por el Covid . What we wouldn’t see would be that we would be suffering the fever of a massive loss that has not manifest, yet! We would be in the danger of losing God, and Jesus Christ, as the body of love of the women and children who have kept our flame of life, until today!

Phony baloney plastic banana good time rock-n-roller. Donnie...this is what true leadership looks like. I appreciate this administration acknowledging the lives lost in this pandemic. I desperately needed this! ♥️ Old Jill was making eyes n hand jesters, like WTF? And dementia Joe left out that Korean War in his speech 54K American Service Men die....

adeleatplay This is what America needs. The normal way of paying respects to deceased loved ones is not happening. Even deceased loved ones that die from something else. A beautiful and much needed moment of comfort from our leaders! I’m a proud American 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🙏 GOOD JOB I wonder if my sisters finally believe Covid is real!

要想真正拯救难民和儿童,必须首先铲除掉难民制造者。射人先射马,擒贼先擒王!To truly save refugees and children, all global refugee makers must first be eradicated.Shoot the man before you shoot the horse, capture the thief before you capture the king! The devil is most afraid of being exposed! 没有共产党,才有新中国!没有共产党,中国会更好!没有共产党,真的很重要!Without the CCP,To have a new China! Without the CCP,China would be better! Without the CCP, it is really important!

上联:中国共产党亡,下联:中华各民族生!横批:天灭中共!The CCP dead, Safe the lives of all the Chinese nationalities! God destroys the CCP! 中共是全世界最大、最邪恶的国际恐怖组织和反人类邪教犯罪集团。铲除中共,挽救世界!The CCP is the world's largest and most evil international terrorist organization and criminal group against human cults.Eradicate the Chinese Communist Party and save the World!

中共是全世界最大、最邪恶的国际恐怖组织和反人类邪教犯罪集团。铲除中共,挽救中华民族、挽救中国!The CCP is the world's largest and most evil international terrorist organization and criminal group against human cults.Eradicate the CCP, save the Chinese nation, save China! 中共是全世界最大、最邪恶的国际恐怖组织和反人类邪教犯罪集团。铲除中共,挽救美国!The CCP is the world's largest and most evil international terrorist organization and criminal group against human cults.Eradicate the Chinese Communist Party and save the United States!

Patriots:Freedom is not free! The Devil Cult and the Evil CCP are enslaving the United States of America. Seriously hold all officials who organize illegal and unconstitutional elections legally responsible, with sentences of at least 20 years, depending on the severity of the circumstances, and in serious cases, life imprisonment or death by hanging!

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is instead selected, voted on, and elected by the electoral college of each state from among all members of Congress for only two terms, and must represent the true will of the American people! Investigate the legitimacy of U.S. citizenship for elected and non-elected officials and revoke the U.S. citizenship and incumbency of all elected and non-elected officials who have illegally obtained U.S. citizenship by fraud and deportation.

Give politicians a pay cut! Significantly reduce the annual salary and subsidy of congressmen and congressmen to the average salary level of the US military, and the total annual salary should not be higher than the sacrifice of patriotic soldiers. Immediately declare that the Chinese Communist Party is the world's largest and most evil international terrorist organization and criminal cult against humanity that has committed countless crimes such as crimes against humanity, torture, and mass extermination.

Biden should have offered condolences to families and stated how he plans to get ORGANIZED on distribution of covid vaccine. NOT given a speech about his personal losses (which has nothing to do with covid!) he is NOT a grief counselor, does NOT know how THIS feels! SMH! Conduct a full investigation into all unconstitutional and criminal acts of the Democratic Party, and punish them severely to eliminate future problems.

As of 1/20 all Covid deaths are Biden’s fault Set up a special body to conduct ethical and legal trials of justices, to remove unqualified justices in a timely manner, and to deter incumbent justices. A presidential veto system, which can overrule unconstitutional trials by the justices, is in place to check the justices.

Revise the term of re-election and length of service for all elected officials versus all non-elected officials and set a cap! Patriots, please stand shoulder to shoulder with God to destroy the devil's agents and all traitors. Rebuilding America, success or failure depends on this! Fight to the end, never compromise!

WeThePeople This is war! This is a life-and-death battle between devil agents all over the world and anti-human cult organizations such as the Communist Party of China stealing the United States of America in an attempt to enslave the people of the United States forever! Without guns, there would be no America!

Thank you for marking this sad milestone respectfully. I am appreciative of the recent efforts that have allowed my older relatives to start getting vaccinated. Your Memory is GONE... Pandering at its best. Thanks China !! who are you? I agree with him 50% but I can’t cry anymore. Lost both tearducts in the war

If you think that helps, you just need to step down and let Harris take over Thanks,mr persdent. Beautiful ! ♥️ he’s a class act. Trump would never ever honor the memory of the victims. He’s not even capable of kind words. TheView This is what Leadership looks like. Interested in a Federal Government Job? We can help you with your resume... Visit to get started. Government jobs offer stability and amazing benefits... $BTC $ETH $LTC $ETC $XVG $XRP $XLM $XDN $SC $NEO $BCH $TRX $XMR $OMG $IOTA $XEM $IOST $ADA $TPAY

Who come with love ❤❤ Just don't blame the real culprit or admit what it really is. That would offend the sheeple and Woke White guilters. It’s so nice having class in the White House Woke HOW COULD ANYONE NOT HAVE FAITH IN PRESIDENT BIDEN HOW REFRESHING IT IS TO HAVE HIS LEADERSHIP DURING THIS TERRIBLE TIME! THE EVIL WE DEAL WITH BETTER TAKE NOTE AS THERE IS A RENESANCE HAPPENING THE LIKE THAT HAS NOT BEEN HERE FOR SOME TIME! IT WILL TAKE WORK BUT WE'RE UP TO IT!

This is how I'm tryna feel about my student loans when you wipe them. Make them a memory.... now sir. Where is the Covid-plan you told during the election... President Biden! Bullshit you Giant He killed 100,000 in just under a month!! POTUS President Biden, you get it! So he’s just reading Hallmark cards now

This is what I have been waiting for in a president. Someone who understands loss and conveys that in his words and deeds. Joe Biden is MY PRESIDENT! Just unfollowed President Biden Thanks POTUS for your empathy where's the fucking money Biden? really TheView I love having a President that actually gives a damn about the people of the United States! Seeing the empathy and compassion is so refreshing. As I type it, I remember the horror of trump these past 4 yrs. Thank God we don't have to deal with him anymore!

He can't even read the 6 Ft by 6 ft teleprompter. Embarrassing. TheView THANK YOU FOR CARING 🙏🙏🙏!! Whether you like the man or not how, no on cares. How about just having some decency and respect for the lives that are being honored right now the healing we need! This wasn't FAKE and it just didn't go away. We have all lost a lot. parts of our lives that we will never get back, but I am with Joe, let's move forward together as a nation.

TheView Crying for my Dad. That ´ll be the day ! Empathy . Lord I didn’t see this once from 2016-2020. It’s refreshing A real president delivering a heartfelt message to the nation on a day coronavirus death reached 500k. Meanwhile, Trump: It is what it is. A real person is president. I will say Amen to that, but if it’s Nigeria politician I will say is an empty promise because we are use to them.

We waiten on you f&$k round over here we been stalken up fo years run you hos over doe How many people are dead from the Iraq war because of Joe Biden? He’s making me cry. Don't know bout dees clowns in dis comment section but you nigs ain't gon do shit Biden sucks! Which one is dis Well, that 'As One' thing kind of disturbs me ... I prefer Individuality and Individual choice over the concept of 'One' ... 'One' means the end of Individuality and conformity to Ideologies that the 'Individual' might not agree with ... The US constitution is all that matters ..

Lower the flag for the victims not for Limbaugh 100,000 death 01/21/21 until 02/21/21 Is he waiting for a million before passing these stimmy checks? Thank you Mr President Then you got DumbAss GovRonDeSantis Who gave Racist Biden the N word pass? Great. Gimme stimmy The American flag is seen after being lowered to half-staff over the White House in honor of the more than 500,000 lives lost to coronavirus in the United States.

I can't believe Biden let this happen under his watch.. shouldn't the flag have been lowered oh say a year ago when this started.. why only for benchmarks now? So will we just go ahead and take down the flag when the total hits 1 million? So sad..prayers go out! My God .. save these people !! It was not his fault for what is happening !!! Something elk perverted minds is hidden from behind ... as if this people definitely wants to destroy and lose the title of the great power of the world !!!! When he manages it as he likes , he stop

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I told my kids the flag is flying at half-staff in honor of Rush Limbaugh.. Pass it on.. ForRush With a little investment of $500 you can earn $5500 within 6 working days...DM me to know how miriamru5460 or message me on WhatsApp +1 (323) 419-1429 The bells toll for the end. GET'ER DONE BIG JOE MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020 MAGABIDEN2020

😪🙏🙌 TrumpDeathToll500K JoeBiden COVID19 2Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White 35b The corporate media and the Washington puppets will normalize Covid now that Trump is gone It's what they do.

☹️ flowin it at hast maff cuz haff million rite? so 1 millonion is gonta die? dang dun let flagfaly at lows so no milloinon 2 many alrede Thank you very much CHRISTINE GREGORY you're indeed a great woman to be called i never expected to make this profit from bitcoin trade, I assure you that i will bring more clients to you because of what you've done in my life. God bless you christine_gg1

JoeBiden COVID19 2Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 35a_Aims of the Papacy Liberty of Conscience Threatened - Great Controversy (1911) Ellen G. White 35b Hey Sleepy that’s about 80 thousand people that you have killed in just a month. I’m keeping track because I know the media won’t.

Thank you very much CHRISTINE GREGORY you're indeed a great woman to be called i never expected to make this profit from bitcoin trade, I assure you that i will bring more clients to you because of what you've done in my life. God bless you christine_gg1 under JoeBiden watch. What has he done that he ran his whole campaign on? Oh thats right, he said there is nothing he can do to stop the spread...

We can send a rover to Mars for millions of dollars but we can't help the American people with covid-19. Tragic since it could have been handled better. This should never have happened. Why was Trump banned? We are 1 😡😡😡😡 It's the former guys fault. How does he live with himself? INFLATED NUMBERS That is sad

And idiots here still want to travel, go mask less and eat at restaurants. thanks trump!