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UK government downplays its own stark no-deal Brexit warning

A report warned of food and medicine shortages and gridlock at ports.


'Absolutely not': U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson denies lying to Queen Elizabeth II in order to suspend Parliament.

A report warned of food and medicine shortages and gridlock at ports.

This week, Parliament forced the government to publish its official assessment of the impact of leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

Johnson insisted the bleak scenario was"not where we intend to end up."

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said it was extraordinary that a U.K. government"is content on inflicting on the British public the level of disruption which is set out in the Yellowhammer papers."

The government said it would publish an updated version of the assessment soon that would show how much progress had been made.

After suffering six defeats in the House of Commons in as many days, Johnson suspended Parliament for five weeks until Oct. 14, sparking outrage among legislators and several legal challenges.

Johnson insists he suspended Parliament so that he can launch a fresh domestic agenda at a new session next month. He said he had"absolutely not" misled the queen — whose formal approval was needed to suspend Parliament — about his motives. Critics say Johnson must resign if it turns out he lied to the monarch, who is Britain's head of state and is bound to act on the advice of her prime ministers.

Judge Bernard McCloskey ruled that the"claim and counterclaim, assertion and counter-assertion, allegation and denial, blow and counter-blow" of the raging Brexit arguments belonged in the world of politics, not law.

Johnson said Thursday he was"working very hard" to strike a new deal with the bloc after the agreement made by his predecessor Theresa May was rejected three times by Britain's Parliament.

The bloc's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, told reporters that"we are still ready to examine objectively any concrete and legally operational proposals from the U.K."

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Boris in deep trouble he lied So, now he's calling his Queen a liar! Hmmm! The Queen should send Boris to the Tower Elizabeth 1 Would have Without hesitation. But that was then And this is now... Politics Liars be lyin' Page taken out of Donald Trump how to screw up my country lie lie lie and lie. Good luck to the U.K.

Of course he did.

UK business minister says focus is to get Brexit deal at Oct. 17 EU summitBritish business minister Andrea Leadsom said on Wednesday her government's... I don't believe that, I don't believe that BorisJohnson et al are really trying to get a deal agreed. I don't believe anything that Johnson says nor do I believe anything that any members of the Cabinet say. Johnson has complete disdain for all but the hard Brexiteers. On and off, on and off, and keep going... We will see. Lady MacBeth to the rescue ?

Farage warns UK PM Johnson of electoral 'kicking' over Brexit Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage offered Prime Minister Boris Johnson an electio... Farage it is an obsolete speaker ( mono, not stereo ) Great Pic. He's got the face of a serial killer.

U.K. Government Outlines ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ for No-Deal BrexitA no-deal Brexit would spark potential shortages of fuel and medicines, long traffic jams at ports and rising food prices, the U.K. government said in a report outlining the worst-case scenarios Like when folks predicted a stock market crash when Trump won in 2016? PM May committed Gross Malpractice by not preparing the country sooner, but PM Johnosn Government has already quickly fixed almost all potential problems. Is there not a backup plan to ease Britian out...I could be very wrong. If so please let me know...and don't be nasty.

Fuel shortages, bankrupted businesses, and riots: Official UK government document forecasts no-deal Brexit chaosA no-deal Brexit could result in rising prices, disrupted medical supplies, and public disorder in the UK, according to government documents. CasteloBranco64 Brexit: Fury Road Beyond Thunderdome

U.K. government paints nightmare scenario of food, fuel shortages under no-deal BrexitThe report published Wednesday paints a bleak picture of fuel shortages in London and worries over access to medicines caught up in a traffic snarl at ports in France as customs and other checks are implemented for the first time in more than four decades.

No-deal Brexit warns of food shortages, public disorder for UKThe 'Operation Yellowhammer' worst-case assumptions published on Wednesday were prepared on August 2, nine days after Boris Johnson became prime minister, and form the basis of its no-deal planning.

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