Uk, Uk Considers Opening Citizenship 'Path' For 300K Hong Kong Residents - Cnn

Uk, Uk Considers Opening Citizenship 'Path' For 300K Hong Kong Residents - Cnn

UK considers opening citizenship 'path' for 300k Hong Kong residents

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5/28/2020 11:51:00 PM

The UK govt. is mulling giving greater visiting rights to certain Hong Kong residents, unless the Chinese government suspends a controversial proposed national security law. This could make it easier for those residents to one day apply for UK citizenship.

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As a Chinese,I extremely support this decision.Because I don't want to see these rioters and renegades anymore!Send them away!!! Get out of my country and Hong Kong Asap!!! Вы молодцы but looks UK and US both are just interested in Hong Kong this place,not Hong Kong people itself,not good oh,sounds a nice news to Hong Kong rioters and UK citizens that UK is going to have 300k people to destroy the beautiful UK

YES!!! Protect Hong Kong citizens! Trap. Hong Kongers going to UK will be second third class citizens. Where was this energy when they gave Zionists, Palestinian land? Sure, now we see what this is all about Smart people. Citizenship path for 300k (mostly wealthy) Hong Kongers. Considering..... Do it please

HongKong population is 7500K in 2019, 30K 'path' is 4%, in which means if this 4% people gone, Hong Kong will return to peace and gain prosperity😄 Thanks UK government for saving poor Hong Kong people; they need a better place to stay now! Now the Chinese government is out of mind; who is in their way; they will make she or he vanished in the world! Hong Kong people are suffering now; cops even beat up zero tolerance kids!

Great policy! Please take all the hkers who don't like rules&policies from Beijing! They’re rich & can make contributions to your country. Meanwhile we can have a piece hongkong without them. Thanks from China!👍 This is a great move by the British government. The US, Australia should also follow up. Come on.

Welcome MagnitskySanctions and full UK citizenship to all HK citizens to claim British Honor and Glory from ingloriously unfulfilling duty to uphold Sino agreement protecting autonomy. They Stand alone, send British Police to adjudicate injustices today. Interesting but they are gathering up and sending 'home' the WINDRUSH GENERATION. Set of mofos

Good news if true. Why not condemn China for their oppression against the citizens of Hong Kong instead of considering 300k Citizenship path for them? Besides UK govt hand over Hong Kong to China in 1997. UK govt is Afraid of speaking the truth against Communist party. Give them citizenship! Now! Then the rioters will run into UK...

XavierLi1990 Good move on the part of the UK govt. The Chinese government is not going to give an inch in their control. Do it !! Well well China will be happier if UK take all the people in HK to UK. Watch out you don't throw stone when you live a glass. 必须支持呀,西方国家在垃圾回收方便一定要下功夫呀。 Brexit, xenophobic, blame the virus on immigrants, chase their only royal family member of color out of the country, Johnson UK?

“Windrush......” Great, please make sure you do that Sounds like an opportunity for China to send it's spies to the UK, Taiwan and any other country willing to help Ex Pat Hong Kongers .. Not a good idea. it’ll harm the good relationship between China and UK by such a policy So more Chinese on the UK ، great news

wonderful Im sure the folks who voted for Brexit to keep out foreigners will agree. What Abdur Kashmir. And UK decide to do with India ? Fantastic to hear. Well done Britain! Don't get too excited - they're only considering it, and chances are they'll charge them money to get here. That’s fantastic news This works. If people/students in Hong Kong enjoyed freedom let them move. China won't give up the land but they cannot force citizenship without a fight. Other nations should follow suit and give financial assistance to leaving the country. Chinese will have taken over nothing.

Brexit immigration target just blown!? Translation we want your money Hummm The UK hardly has any employment right now.... Instant, highly- qualified, indebted labour force. Sounds like perpetual servitude in favour of the coloniser. Good for the UK, makes me wanna move there more and more Oh well well well, look which country decided to show up. Perhaps it would be more productive to help HK gain their right as per agreement set in 1997

Do it. Cool! Here we go. People from Hong Kong won’t have hard Time relocating somewhere else Brexiteers will assault them. Bad idea. Smart thing to do Why can't they just work remotely for uk from their homes there? not like people in the uk have that much more freedom to get around Interesting! Send the riots to UK, please

That’s great news, I’m sure many will want to get the hell out of China. I also think the USA would be interested in many as they seem to live the ideals of the USA more than our own citizens Why? Consider South Africa as well. Wow, good for the UK. Way to take a leadership role in this situation. Good. The UK and USA can be allies in a war that destroys China.

Good for them. THE EMPIRE SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!!! ㅤ

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