UK Conservatives cast votes in 1st round of leadership race

7/13/2022 6:24:00 PM

Conservative Party lawmakers in Britain are casting ballots Wednesday in the first round of an election to replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Conservative Party lawmakers in Britain are casting ballots Wednesday in the first round of an election to replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

LONDON (AP) — Conservative Party lawmakers in Britain cast ballots Wednesday in the first round of an election to replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The internal party contest will replace the flamboyant, scandal-ridden Johnson — a figure famous in Britain and around the world — with a new and much lesser-known prime minister.called for his departure , finally rendering his attempts to remain in charge untenable.Berlin (CNN) According to a police report, a 21-year-old woman started to feel"unwell and dizzy" Wednesday evening after eating and drinking at the party.Silversun Pickups’ photographer Claire Marie Vogel directed the “Scared Together” video.

Lawmakers crammed into a humid corridor at Parliament to line up and cast their ballots in a grand room hung with oil paintings.Security staff made them hand over their phones to ensure secrecy.During our conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity, we discussed how Johnson may have permanently altered British politics, what distinguished his style of populism, and the Labour Party’s continuing difficulties.Eight candidates have secured the required backing of 20 of their colleagues to make the first ballot."The task forces initiated an investigation procedure because of dangerous bodily injury against unknown and ordered a blood withdrawal, which was still accomplished in the hospital, for the purpose of toxicological analysis," the police report says.The 358 Tory legislators will vote Wednesday afternoon, with the last-placed candidate and any others who fail to get 30 votes dropping off the list.Do you think Boris Johnson has changed British politics? He has changed it in two obvious ways.Further rounds of voting will take place Thursday and, if needed, next week.I was just doing it to keep myself calm and keep myself company.

The final two contenders will face a runoff vote by about 180,000 Conservative Party members across the country.People who look back on it now tend to think that the key moment in the Brexit campaign was when Johnson came out for Leave, and that British politics has not been the same since.Germany's biggest landlord turns down the heat as Russian gas shortage bites"We encourage the victims who were attacked to come forward and press charges," the SPD spokesman told CNN on Monday.The winner is scheduled to be announced Sept.5 and will automatically become prime minister, without the need for a national election.There were a lot of conventions he tested, and most of them held.Few of the contenders have a high public profile." She also advised all those affected to report the matter to the police.Former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak is the bookies’ favorite and has the largest number of declared supporters, followed by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt.Compared even to Theresa May before him, the Johnson premiership felt like it was much more willing to see how far it was possible to go before the rules kicked in, and it turned out it was further than anyone thought.” The band also recently confirmed which cities they plan to perform in this year, but the exact dates and venues for each show will be announced soon.

Treasury chief Nadhim Zahawi, lawmaker Tom Tugendhat, ex-Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch, former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Attorney General Suella Braverman are also on the ballot.The candidates are jostling to replace Johnson, who quit as Conservative leader last week amid a party revolt triggered by months of ethics scandals.And Johnson right till the end was trying to make a case that a popular mandate, Brexit, and then a general election which he won by saying he would get Brexit done, somehow, for want of a better word, trumped some of the claims of Parliament.The party was about half the usual size due to Covid precautions and consisted mainly of internal SPD participants, a party spokeswoman told CNN.He will remain in office as a caretaker prime minister until his replacement as party chief is chosen.Mordaunt, at her official campaign launch on Wednesday, said the party had “standards and trust to restore” after the scandal-tarnished Johnson years.And that simply pushes against most of the ways that British politics work.She said voters “are fed up with us not delivering, they are fed up with unfulfilled promises and they are fed up with divisive politics.

” The slate of candidates is strikingly diverse, with four contenders from ethnic minorities and four women.He tried to claim that he could govern without many of them, in the name of the people.But all are offering similar tax-slashing pledges, with only Sunak offering a note of caution.He has cast himself as the candidate of fiscal probity, saying said the country needs “honesty and responsibility, not fairytales” to get through economic shockwaves from the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.In the end, it wasn’t enough to sustain him, but he pushed it further than anyone else had.Supporters of the other candidates have improbably depicted Sunak — whose heroine is former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — as a left-winger.Johnson’s office has denied running a campaign to bad-mouth Sunak, whose resignation last week helped end the prime minister’s reign.His premiership happened because of Brexit, and the consequences of Brexit will long outlast him.

A spokeswoman insisted Johnson was remaining neutral in the campaign to choose his replacement.Johnson struck a valedictory note at his weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session in the House of Commons.In the end, he couldn’t put together a government.He hinted it could be his last appearance there, though he is scheduled take questions again next week, before Parliament’s summer break, and to leave office on Sept.6.A year ago, he was fine.“The next leader of my party may be elected by acclamation,” he told Labour leader Keir Starmer – though that would only happen if one of the final two candidates dropped out.

“So it’s possible this will be our last confrontation.It’s not that in the last year the consequences of Brexit have finished him off.” Johnson said it was “true that I leave not at a time of my choosing,” but insisted: “I will be leaving soon with my head held high.” ___.I mean, in the end, what destroyed him over the last week is the fact that too many people in his Cabinet had simply got sick of saying things which turned out the next day not to be true.

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Where Will the Conservative Party Go After Boris Johnson?“The Johnson premiership felt like it was much more willing to see how far it was possible to go before the rules kicked in, and it turned out it was further than anyone thought.” A Q. & A. with the Cambridge professor David Runciman. On the 6th of January,the people should make a revolution, but no “Congress”, Trump should stop people immediately, but what Trump’s done is good, his opponents destroy the US. The people should elect Trump, Sanders…but the best is Pompeo. 44 years ago China saw the bourgeoisie wasn’t full justice for promoting democracy, and mainly relied on brain-control. So China found that weakness of US, and made'Chernobyl','64','911',“Eastern Europe“Islamic”...disasters with the US. I once read in a child-rearing book that boys have three questions: 1. What are the rules? 2. What happens when I break the rules? 3. Are you going to enforce the rules? Those questions come to mind often as I read the actions of men in power, especially conservative men.

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