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UK calls on China and Russia to agree Afghanistan strategy

UK calls on China and Russia to agree Afghanistan strategy

9/22/2021 3:25:00 AM

UK calls on China and Russia to agree Afghanistan strategy

Britain will on Wednesday call for China and Russia to agree a coordinated international approach to prevent Afghanistan becoming a haven for militants, according to a statement by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss at the United Nations.

Britain, which is currently co-ordinating the so-called P5 group of permanent United Nations Security Council members, will use the meeting to call for greater cooperation to improve international security, with a particular focus on Afghanistan.The Taliban's rapid takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of United States, British and NATO troops last month, has raised fears the country could once again be used as a training ground for Islamist militants.

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read more"If we want to avoid Afghanistan becoming a haven for global terror then the international community - including Russia and China - needs to act as one in its engagement with the Taliban," Truss said in a statement ahead of the meeting.

The Taliban have promised they will not let Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden plotted the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks when they were last in power, again become a safe place for groups planning to strike the West. Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Russia accuses U.K. of 'anti-Russian sentiment' as third man charged in ex-spy's poisoningBritish officials believe Denis Sergeev was involved in a nerve-agent attack against former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in 2018.

Russia parliamentary elections cement Putin’s grip on powerOpposition leaders have decried the elections as one-sided, especially under a system favouring the ruling United Russia party, which has won two-thirds of the seats in the parliamentary elections.

Russia was behind Litvinenko assassination, European court findsLONDON (Reuters) -The Europ ean Court of Human Rights found on Tuesday that Russia was responsible for the assassination of ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who died an agonising death in 2006 after being poisoned in London with a rare radioactive substance. Litvinenko, a defector who had become a vocal critic of the Kremlin, died three weeks after drinking green tea laced with polonium-210 at a plush London hotel. Britain has long blamed the attack on Moscow, and the Europ ean court in Strasbourg, France, agreed on Tuesday, saying in a statement that 'Mr Litvinenko’s assassination was imputable to Russia', prompting a swift rebuke from the Kremlin. Бред FreeNavalny Отсосите Ху.. ца англосаксы....

Russia accuses U.S. of hacking its electionRussia has hit back at the State Department's condemnation of its parliamentary elections by accusing the U.S. of being behind cyberattacks in the lead-up to the vote.

Russia responsible for Litvinenko killing, European rights court rulesThe Europ ean Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Russia was responsible for the 2006 killing of ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko who died an agonising death after he was poisoned in London with Pol onium 210, a rare radioactive isotope. 😢

Russia responsible for Alexander Litvinenko's assassination, European court rulesRussia was responsible for killing Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian agent turned Kremlin critic who died in London by polonium poisoning in 2006, the Europ ean Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said Tuesday. This case is 15 years old. It's legally allowed to get married in Alabama. CNN fake news reporting in Russia? 🤣👏🏻