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Uber's top lawyer reveals how the CEO convinced him to join the company he'd previously said he would avoid

Uber's top lawyer reveals how the CEO convinced him to join the company he'd previously said he would avoid


Uber 's top lawyer reveals how the CEO convinced him to join the company he'd previously said he would avoid

'Man, I'm glad I'm not the GC of that company,' Tony West said of Uber in 2017. Now he's the ride-hailing giant's top lawyer.

In 2017, West recalled saying to a colleague"Man, I'm glad I'm not the GC of that company."

In early 2017, Tony West, then the general counsel for Pepsi, had just finished a meeting with a member of his staff when he noticed a New York Times issue on the table of his office.

"I remember finishing that article and tossing the paper on my table and saying to say to my colleague: 'Man, I'm glad I'm not the GC of that company, they've got some real problems,'" West told the New York Stock Exchange's

"What was supposed to be a thirty-minute meeting turned into an hour-long meeting," West said."We were talking about this incredible company which I had fallen in love with as a consumer years before. I was already someone who had it on my phone and used it all the time."

Over steak, the pair discussed"the challenges [Uber] was facing, what it would take to turn around the culture, to turn around the legal problems, to begin to unlock the enormous potential that this company had, and the fact that he needed a partner in getting that done."

"They needed help with regulators, I had been a regulator. They needed someone who understood the governance of a public company, I had been the GC of one of the largest public companies in the world," he said."And so when you put it all together, it seemed like a perfect match. The rest, as they say, is history."

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Let me guess...

Uber experienced its lowest-ever quarterly revenue growth — but Uber Eats saw a big jump Uber Eats is poised to become a bigger part of Uber 's business than its ride-hailing segment – likely representing a long-term revenue opportunity. Inspired by gofood? Uber - The Fed makes it possible for us to lose money in every business we enter 😉 To make millionaires out of those billionaire $UBER stockholders presumably?🤔

Uber investor: CEO lacks ruthlessness of ousted co-founder Travis Kalanick and the stock shows it'They've lost their mojo,' says Bradley Tusk, Uber 's first political strategist and former Mike Bloomberg campaign manager. notsustainable TuesdayThoughts wait wait wait....you actually thought they were going to make money? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Former taxi commissioner sees more cities adopting New York's tough rules on Uber and LyftMeera Joshi, former head of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, told CNBC on Monday that she predicts more cities are going to adopt TLC's rules on ride-hailing companies. Yea well $UBER is maybe the most overvalued company on the planet so this seems like good news RodBarton4 Joshi should be investigated for corruption. RodBarton4 Why are cars cruising around empty? I thought it was rideshare not a taxi service? All these governments etc have all been fooled or paid off. Being pushed out of the limousine industry after 20 years was the best thing looking at how clogged the roads are now.

Uber falls to all-time low as investors grow more skepticalShares of Uber continued to sink on Monday, posting its lowest close ever, after the company reported disappointing second-quarter results last week. What's the the opposite of word 'uber'? Goober? TheSoulCab Yep on the slide to $nothing which is it's true value. Keep selling it off. Get out now. TheSoulCab Keep falling as true value is still way off. True value zero.

What The Uber Of Tractors Means For The Future Of Agtech In AfricaJehiel Oliver is the CEO of Hello Tractor, an agtech company whose smartphone app connects smallholder farmers with tractor owners in sub-Saharan Africa. Amazing. Not losing 5 billion in one quarter? SaveOurAg HelloTractor

Colombia fines Uber more than $629,000 for obstructing regulatory visitColombia's commerce regulator said on Monday it would fine ride-hailing com... Good for them. Now let's put some signage on the back of Ubers so I know to expect stupid computer directed driving

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