U.S. Park Police officers placed on administrative duty over assault on Australian journalists

Two U.S. Park Police officers who were seen clubbing and punching Australian journalists in video footage from a demonstration outside the White House have been placed on administrative duty, officials said.

6/4/2020 2:15:00 AM

Two U.S. Park Police officers who were seen clubbing and punching Australian journalists in video footage from a demonstration outside the White House have been placed on administrative duty, officials said.

Two U.S. Park Police officers who were seen clubbing and punching Australian journalists in video footage from a demonstration outside the White House have been placed on administrative duty, officials said Wednesday.

. “We live and work in the District, and we are dedicated to the service of our nation.”Specifically, Walker said that the agency is investigating the use of medical evacuation helicopters as part of the Joint Task Force DC operation. The D.C. National Guard was mobilized earlier in the week to assist in the response to protests that have gripped the nation over the death of George Floyd.

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Share this -2h ago / 9:20 PM UTCFormer President Carter: ‘Silence can be as deadly as violence’Former President Jimmy Carter issued a statement Wednesday about the nationwide protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in police custody, calling for people of privilege and power to stand up against racism.

"Since leaving the White House in 1981, Rosalynn and I have strived to advance human rights in countries around the world. In this quest, we have seen that silence can be as deadly as violence," Carter said in the statement.“People of power, privilege, and moral conscience must stand up and say 'no more' to a racially discriminatory police and justice system, immoral economic disparities between whites and blacks, and government actions that undermine our unified democracy,” he added. “We need a government as good as its people, and we are better than this.”

Carter was quick to condemn violence — "But violence, whether spontaneous or consciously incited, is not a solution," the former president said — but also pointed to discriminatory policing as a key issue. He also acknowledged “with sorrow and disappointment” that he was repeating the same calls for an end to discrimination that he’d made nearly 50 years ago when he was inaugurated governor of Georgia.

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That aint good enough. Get rid of them. No self control. Why keep officers around who do that....& I doubt it was the first time they beat somebody. They just got caught. I still can't believe they weren't FIRED. Clean the police up come on man. aaaaah, cute.... a little hand slap and all is fine... Should be fired.

JohnVetsResist1 Seriously Wow, big punishment🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💩🔥💩💩💩💩💩💩 Why? Why haven’t they been fired? Unbelievable times in America because of hatred n racism. Think about this for minute. Who did God put in charge when this free earth was created? Why not take charge of other plants? You are wasting your time and energy.

They should be fired and charged with assault!!! Here is the video of Australian Journalists being assaulted during the violent clearing of the park so that Trump could have his fake Christian photo op: They should be sacked and prosecuted Not enough. TrueFactsStated Barr's Brownshirts daffi515 The short guy who thinks he’s a centurion?

mjdibatt87 Fire them and arrest them and charge them. 😡 TrueFactsStated Pathetic. If police act like animals in front of cameras imagine when people ain't recording UROCKlive1 While anyone else is locked up Why not fired and charged with assault? Should be fired and prosecuted for the crime they committed. Assault, Battery, whatever fits.

SoSofieFatale They should be arrested. i wish i could be placed on administrative duty Wow, *that'll* teach 'em! They gettin' paid while on admin leave? Wylie_H_Dallas they should be fired! immediately! we saw what they did. the whole world saw what they did. Paid vacation I didn't get why it was such a problem that the officers were seen clubbing until I realized this wasn't the fun kind of clubbing.

They need to be arrested and charged. Yeah that’s real action right there. Hey you guys, have a holiday. You beat up some Australian journalists. But that’s OK. Heroic act! (NOT) “go on leave til the heat dies down” Disgusting. Australia 🇦🇺 stands with George Floyd smartdissent and why weren’t they fired/charged with crimes? the police is CorruptAF

So assault and battery gets you a week on the radio, eh? Fire them. Means nothing. Union will get them reinstated with double pay. '... have been given paid vacation until they can get back to beating/killing citizens...' Fixed it for you Should be fired smartdissent Uh why just administrative duty? Just another illustration of the problem we are protesting about! 8cantwait

davidfrum Why weren’t they arrested? They should be extradited to Australia. There's no more law supremecy in US blacklifematters BlackLivesMatter I_CANT_BREATHE That is inadequate. They should’ve place in prison instead. Administrate deez davidfrum Names. We want names. Good. davidfrum Who is issuing the order to attack journalists? This is what needs to be found out.

Veganforlife111 So...hidden away until this all 'blows over'? Administrative duty Fuckers should be fired! Jainiand2cats Paid vacation. Other officers who punched other reporters are good to go. Just to pacify Australia davidfrum How about all the “cops” who attacked AMERICAN reporters? The reporters have to be Australian for right wingers to care?

They should be fired and charged for assault! Not good enough fire them!!! Need to fire him, and his friends! Too soft. Should have been fired. I think we may have too may psychopaths and sociopaths in the police and military. Open carry is insane They should lose their jobs. Every officer who attacked a journalist should lose their job. If the police aren’t focused on keeping us safe, they need to be removed so we can build something else instead.

Wow. What next? A strongly worded memo? In other words, a paid desk vacation. Fire their asses and arrest them And how many protesters went to jail? Trump's stooges. Fire them This country is not looking good 😟 We're Not Against Law & Order, But We Are Against The Law Ordering Us Around. Cops Were Granted Power To Stop Trouble, Not Make It. Like Selling Drugs To Addicts Just To Arrest Them Or Hiding Just To Give $400 Speeding Tickets To Single Parents. They're Out Of Hand & Must Stop!

I'm sure they were doing something wrong. Like running their mouth and getting in the way. Kitchen gets to hot, get out. MelissaJPeltier Why were they not FIRED IMMEDIATELY We Must Form A Citizens Group With Every Race Represented At The Top. We'll Number In The Millions & Be Able To Instantly Boycott & End Greedy Companies. Be Able To Influence Elections & Be The Real Leaders Of This Country. We've Given Away Our Rights, Now Let's Take Them Back!

MontyBoa99 Harsh warning all international and domestic journalists you are entering a war zone be prepared That there is the prob. You place them on Admin leave instead of firing those animals. They ll do it again.. Why not fired? I saw the tape It was a BRUTAL attack During a PEACEFUL protest Thank you!!

MGC3I You have been the main officer posting against police brutality. I hope your brothers and sisters in blue learn a lesson and man/woman up mitchhalbreich Basically to take a break and cool off!! 😒 Another paid vacation. FIRED AND PROSECUTED! THEY SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT!!!!! Had to read this over a few times. Was wondering why officers were at a club in Australia

Double standard for all the world to see. It'd be nice if the American citizens who were also assaulted got the same respect as foreign journalists. I'm looking for a sugar baby who tea is loyal,honest and can talk to me when needed and give me advice With an allowance of $5000 and first 100 to like, follow & rt gets $5000.. SugarDaddySerious text me on Whatsapp +12053869261

That’s what happen everyday in America !.. We being brutalized by imbeciles with blue uniforms I think they’re above the law!.. again these were reports did they not see the cameras or microphones or the credentials!. They should be fired! FullHoover Will they be held accountable for brutalizing foreign Dignitaries?

Fuck that. The should be fired and arresting for assault. Please reach out to the Australian reporter/company and encourage a lawsuit. UROCKlive1 So they get to sit around the office for acouple of days. Whoop-dee-doo. davidfrum Tomorrow's NBC headline. US Park Police Officers arrested for beating two staplers and a keyboard during their administrative duties. Property trumps human life in conservative America.

UROCKlive1 Nice. Desk jobs. They should be fired & arrested for assault. davidfrum What about all the others who weren't caught on International journalists' video? good davidfrum But didn't trump's blonde say none of this happened? Administrative duty? What a joke! I dont have the same luxury as a US citizen. I would've been charged and sent to jail. Not told to take some time off while I get paid!!!

MontyBoa99 So, basically, a sweeter gig in air conditioning? Weed out all the bad apples. Start with Trump. Administrative leave my ass. They belong in the unemployment line like the rest of us 40 million Americans Are you going to follow this? I'm betting they are back to work within a week.

Australian TV crew shoved by riot police during live broadcast: Video - InsiderVideo shows an Australian TV crew being shoved by riot police carrying shields during a live broadcast Ooh scary Welcome to America! Not shoved. Punched.

Park Police Tear Gas Peaceful Protesters To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op'I was outraged that he felt that he had the license to do that, and that he would abuse our sacred symbols and our sacred space in that way,' Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde said of President Trump holding up a bible outside St. John's Church. I was deeply offended that the president caused a peaceful demonstration to be driven from a public park, just to use the church as a backdrop and the Holy Bible as a photo prop. It was extremely disrespectful and unnecessary. You didn't say shit when you had a mouthful last night. Yep. You are correct Trump's actions slighted your parish. Why would he not feel able to do those things? He has done pretty much anything else he wanted and no one has stopped him so it must be ok, right?

Australian Camera Crew Attacked By Police On Live TV In Washington; Oz PM Calls For InvestigationTwo Australian journalists were assaulted by police on live TV during a protest outside the White House on Monday evening. Channel 7 News cameraman Tim Myers was punched and hit with a shield and U… Attacking citizens. Attacking media. Sounds like the brown shirts in Hitler’s Germany

The Latest: U.S. Park Police deny using tear gas at protestLatest on the protests: • Mother of George Floyd's 6-year-old daughter laments his loss • Thousands mass across street from Lafayette Park near White House • LA police have arrested more than 2,700 during protests Follow AP coverage: “Mother of George Floyd's 6-year-old daughter laments his loss” really What a surprise “The soldiers are armed and have riot gear as well as bayonets.” Where are the 2700 being held? Time to liberate them

'Shocking moment': Australian minister seeks probe of US police hitting reporter covering White House protestIn the incident – carried live on Australian TV – a federal officer can be seen slamming his shield into the cameraman and then punching the reporter. Yeah, because hitting reporters, that's okay. 'The second amendment people, you may have your own solutions.' -- The President Is there a problem here.

Two-thirds of people put in neck restraints by Minneapolis police were black, department data showsIn the years leading up to George Floyd's death, about two-thirds of the people placed in neck restraints by Minneapolis police officers were black, according to a CNN analysis of data from the police department. CNN disgusting dishonestreporting creatingviolentatmosphereinamerica Cant go to jail if the courthouse is gone...think about it. Should the Democratic Party be responsible for this? Minneapolis has always been the Democratic Party in power🤷🏻‍♀️