Eric Munchel & Larry Rendell Brock Charged İn Connection With Capitol Riot - Cnnpolitics

Eric Munchel & Larry Rendell Brock Charged İn Connection With Capitol Riot - Cnnpolitics

Two men carrying plastic restraints during Capitol riot charged by feds

Federal authorities on Sunday arrested two men for their alleged roles in the US Capitol riot, according to a release.

1/11/2021 2:08:00 AM

Two men who were seen in videos and photos from the Capitol riot carrying plastic restraints have been arrested, one in Texas and one in Tennessee

Federal authorities on Sunday arrested two men for their alleged roles in the US Capitol riot, according to a release.

Two law enforcement officials told CNN earlier that Eric G. Munchel was seen on January 6 in photos and videos that depicted him inside the US Capitol wearing paramilitary gear and carrying plastic restraints, an item in a holster on his right hip, and a cell phone mounted on his chest with the camera facing outward, ostensibly to record events that day.Records from the Davidson County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee show Munchel is being held on behalf of federal authorities. Munchel was charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.Read More

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Yay!! Round them up and secure THEM CNN if these people who broke in too the capitol, get away with this there are going to be a lot of angry people. there is clearly a double standard, in this country their lawyers are laughing while these people get off this can not happen when black people are murder.

What did they think,did they not know they would be held accountable on national tv in a FEDERAL BUILDING..WOW IF THE DONT MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF THEM WHO'S TO SAY THE NEXT TIME SOME OTHER MOB WONT DO THE SAME OR WORSE...COMMON SENSE IS THE BEST SENSE.. Yay! Good work. Questions to the left..... Are you going full bore after all trump supporters? Even those who were not there? How far will you go? Do you realize what you're doing?

Nail'em all!! Jduhdhd Is it illegal to bleach and melt cell phones? Why aren’t the Clintons arrested? Pelosi dis obeyed orders, why isn’t she arrested? Schumer, Schiff etc lied under oath, why aren’t they arrested? And so on... no, its easier to blame Trump for everything. He’s not the problem Retired USAF Lt. Col should be recalled, demoted and dishonorably discharged

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But they still don’t know who shot Tupac Same level of enthusiasm should be given to violent BLM who put cities under siege supported by Biden and Pelosi, why only when privileged politicians are affected, ordinary Americans who suffered under BLM violence doesn't matter to them? WHEN IS ANY MAJOR, CREDIBLE NEWS OUTLET GOING TO MENTION GINNI THOMAS AND HER PART IN THIS CAPITOL RIOT? She is the wife of Clarence Thomas, SCOTUS. She paid for 70 busses to bring in the mob, and has had access to Trump to discuss loyalists/enemies.

Trump supporters are antics and here’s some proof. “Behold the storm of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a whirling tempest; it will burst upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intentions of his mind. In the latter days you will understand this.”

Who knew there were domestic terrorists in Texas and Tennessee? I’ll be damned. These 2 men need to be freed! It is not illegal to carry things that can be used as restraints this is false imprisonment and a Violation of the Geneva Convention NICE!!!🤔🏛 How did one of these guys just reportedly happen to 'find' plastic restraints in storage near The House chamber? Doesnt matter; lock their azzes up. Im just afraid Dump will give a blanket pardon to all these arrested riotous thugs before he leaves office. He's just that heinous

US citizen sponsored K-1 visa's for fiancées have been on hold most of the year. Many of us have not seen our fiancées in over a year. When is the state department going to show some compassion and expedite these visas so we can be with our loved ones. Lol. Plastic restraints could be Walmart bags...give us a break!

Don't care. Not enough. LAW ENFORCEMENT DO YOUR JOBS. I want to see hundreds arrested and given prison sentences. Where are the mug shots? Hit me up if you wanna purchase Fraud bibles ,,jail breaked apps and software,,bitcoin reversal payment (flash funds) sauces methods,bank logs credit cards and premium account also cool rates hit me up let’s deal💯💯🔥🔥

15 years each. No parole. Sedition & Coup D'tat has consequences Haha 😂 They should have detained their ads that day These charges are very weak. They should be sedition. They are basically trespassing. GOOD! Lock them up!! This is the darkest time in American!!! seriously. I don't believe in hate. I don't believe in race. We are of the human race. If they showing up at the capital. You need to take precautions. Like you should done before allowing this Like 9/11 for political stunt. Don't piss off the rednecks cause im not trying to sid

Of course Texas and Tennessee haha. Yall some nieve people. Your asking for trouble getting the redneck community involved. Them cold war vets who don't post they business online. Be careful, tread lightly. I've evolved to modern times but I'm telling you. Oakridge man. Loyalty T06414569 Enjoy prison!

Only some who broke in the White house are thugs. Most of the people there were supporting the President because we all know the election is a complete farce and anybody that supports Biden is a baby killer. Yes. It was WATERGATE PLUS PLUS ( Insurrection + Deaths & Injuries)!! Shame on GOP Those restraints were, for me, the most frightening thing I saw. When someone has those I think of kidnapping and torture.

ImMissBehaving Everyone of them deserves the maximum extent of the law Dig deep and investigate this . Both prior Air Force that just happened to be in the same place at the same time carrying the same zip-ties. Would have loved to have seen the expressions on their faces when the feds showed up. They'll have several years in prison to make nice art out of those plastic fasteners. Lol

Can you now go and arrest Rudy, Donald Trump Jr, Donald Trump!!! and Ted Cruz? Why are they above the law? In a few months when the trump novelty has faded away and all their buddies have moved on they will be sitting in jail thinking “ what the fuck was I thinking, Trump was a shitty president, can’t believe I’m sitting here because I believed his bullshit”

Sad day to be called a Volunteer... These ingrates do not represent all of us. Stonekettle Question for someone who knows...are these arrest charges for the sake of expediency with more serious charges to follow after investigations, or are there serious sentences attached to these seemingly light charges?

They all should lose their social security benefits. Sonuç bu bir seçimdir militarist öğe fazla barındırmaz askerlerin yapmadığı birşeyi sivillerin yapması suçtur..oyunu kullan çık git sana yetki bu kadar Would like to hear their answers to being questioned by federal agents as to what their plans were, who were the targets, what were they going to do with the plastic restraints, and who coordinated this.

How many of the people videotaped looting and burning stores in Minnesota and Seattle have been identified and arrested? Good!! OMG Why haven't they got into more detail about the noose that was outside the capital!? Throw out marajauna offenses and small crimes, and throw these assholes in prison There are many, many more that need to be arrested and properly charged, not just some lame trespassing charge.

Good thing they weren’t in Russia, North Korea,China, it would have been like a shooting gallery at a carnival by their POLICE, ping ping ping ping!!! Lock them up!