Twitter suspends more than 50 white nationalist accounts

The move came days after NBC News published an article on a new report documenting the proliferation of white nationalist content on social media platforms.

7/10/2020 11:40:00 PM

Twitter suspends more than 50 white nationalist accounts amid recent criticism over its handling of extremist content, a source familiar with the matter says.

The move came days after NBC News published an article on a new report documenting the proliferation of white nationalist content on social media platforms.

Twitter and YouTube were criticized in thereport, released Tuesday by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, for helping white nationalist groups spread their message and recruit new members.The report focused on the Identitarian movement, also known as Generation Identity, an ideology based on the notion that people of European heritage are being"replaced" by immigrants. The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism identified 67 Twitter accounts for Generation Identity chapters in 14 countries with nearly 140,000 followers.

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“I think this is a very important move Twitter made because it means the major international white nationalist group connected to the violence in Christchurch and many other attacks no longer can use Twitter to propagandize against people of color or, perhaps more importantly, to recruit young people into their movement,” said Heidi Beirich, co-author of the report, referring to the 2019 attack at a mosque in New Zealand in which a far-right extremist killed 51 people at two mosques.

One of the suspended accounts belonged to Martin Sellner, leader of the Identitarian Movement in Austria.“It is another act of censorship of freedom of speech,” Sellner said in a phone interview.“We are the only group really talking about mass immigration and population replacement. The mainstream has no answers to our question: Why should we accept becoming a minority in our own countries?” Sellner said.

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Good riddance! VestsCanada 50 down thousands more to go I wonder where I fall in the stats, after being gassed for my (overly) nasty comments to a guy equating mask bylaws to the holocaust. Oh well, living on my more positive sub-account is probably better for my mental well being. LetsRide I couldn’t agree more!

👍gr8 move...applaud you Bravo 👏 MikeStuchbery_ 50 down, 50,000 to go? This is beyond sad... companies making irrational decisions to keep BLM under control. You didn’t suspend realDonaldTrump this KKK leader? UclaBruin1998 Twitter have not banned trump yet, and it is reasonable... as potus HAS AN ACCOUNT

👏🏽 Are they suspending antifa extremists too? Only conservatives would have noticed...wonder why that is. Please shut down tRumps account he is a white nationalist as well. Every time 'twitter said something', they never provided proof. CC4Future It's about time. But but but why is realDonaldTrump still active then?

stephenwangfl Better than Facebook I guess. Yeah Twitter! Keep holding up standards of humanity! We should quit this May be they also should suspend Donald Trumps account after Nov 3rd. Good!!! They don’t deserve any sort of platform. Now do antifa and BLM!! Good!! Facebook has yet to follow this example set by Twitter.

Good- Let suspend some BLM and Antifa accounts too!!! Not enough Meanwhile Democrats embrace Islam 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ Are Marxist, racist Black Lives Matter accounts also considered to be extremists? Antifa accounts? Black power accounts? Communist hate groups? Just curious. And being a nationalist is not extremist, nor racist.

I hope scott was one of them Ummm suppose it's a start TwitterSupport Your turn Facebook Twitter, the arbiter of world speech now. when is it going to start suspending Black Supremacist accounts ? you know, the ones that say BLM Thank you Twitter!! Good Not Trump? I guess white supremacy is still acceptable from the president?

Do all the black people being openly racist everyday, next. good there should be no place for domestic terrorize organizations in our country Why? What’s wrong with white nationalism? A white European wants Europe to stay mostly white European to retain its culture and identity. Same way black Africans would want Africa to stay mostly black African to retains its culture and identity.

Yawn That's all they could find? I could find them another hundred before tomorrow morning. They suck at this ☹️ should have been done already Now do BLM and Antifa. Drop in the bucket. 🤷‍♂️ Damn, that was TuckerCarlson recruiting pool! Black Hebrew Israelites still have accounts, when they committed the ast 2 and tacks on the Jewish community. Get to banning them too before the next Kosher deli gets shot up.

He's a European who doesn't want Europeans to become a minority in Europe. You know what you call an Asian who doesn't want Asians to be a minority in Asia or an African who doesn't want Africans to be minority in Africa? Everyone Meanwhile the accounts of those groups that actually hurt people are still active.

Should ban FOX NEWS BLM threatens/riots/murder/burns down business. That is good. A few white guys well we can have any of that talk Identarian? Never heard of it. Some flake in Australia, big deal. But I suppose domestic terrorist and hate groups like antifa and BLM are allowed to operate with impunity? Yes, of course they are. Silly me.

How about marxist accounts Good and about time Remember first they come for “them” and the it will be “you”. Not advocating white supremacy however, there needs to be known standard rules applied to every violent faction. Not just flavor of the mont to appease the mob Good. Now ban them. adonsports realDonaldTrump damn still here

When will they begin blocking sexual predators, criminals with previous assault/battery & Stalkers? Equally important to protect ALL from attackers! Does there blocking prevent them from creating another Twitter account? TwitterSafety What about rioting and looting organizations that preach racism rogertansey There's a lot more.

There are hundreds, probably thousands more. Fifty is a drop in the bucket. Freedom of selective speech. Bye bye racist! so much for free thinking in the USA !! who knew the internet was going to go the way of communism ? Good or bad? Wipe them out before November! Now do black Communists.. 😜🤣😃🥳 That only took.... a decade?

What qualifies as a 'white nationalist' account? Should’ve started with POTUS. Does that include realDonaldTrump ? That guy pictured isn't a white nationalist lol he's just trying to save Europe from war. Can we invade china with mass population? Didn't think so. is a communist globalist fake news network. They provide cover for evil.

Uhhuh Oh, those ...”sources” Sad I actually like knowing who the enemy of black folk are... The more vocal the easier it is to I.D. them... Don't drive them into hiding. How about black nationalists? What about 4.5 and his klan Over 150 people shot including an infant shot in the face in one weekend in one city......not done by white nationalists.

Too bad you can't suspend king orange heads account. Permanently... Is Trump’s account one of them? I get reports back that people violated the rules, but never get suspended. 😂 Why do none of you media outlets ever mention that this is a European based organization? Bravo Twitter!!!! More than 50? A lot of work to do Twitterville!

yet they do nothing about pedos and communists 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🤡🤡🤡🤖🤖🤖🤖 Good Skyhawk1 Then why is this guy still active? He's been reported over and over again and is still spewing hate!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Just 50? In 4 years? Good job Twitter! YAY TWITTER. Now if you would stop banning ME. LOL

Gotta purge all the witches. You know they’re bad when they protest Now do anarchists. africaupdates One step in the right direction 50 when their is probably 5000 they could suspend! Talcum X? It about time❗️ GOOD NEWS AT LAST !!! Ok but there are like thousands no wonder facebook is now more like racebook, they are running out of formats.

And that's why they call the CEO of Twitter Lightning Jack, for the near-instantaneous speed with which he responds to such criticism, you know, years. The threads have been a little less hostile today. Nice to see you’re taking out the trash, Twitter 🧐 The core principle is simple.. I'm not gonna stop anymore, all right? . If Donald Trump wholly disgrace Look beyond our own borders. I don't get it..

Twitter how the hell did you miss these accounts: realDonaldTrump POTUS That pic is *chefs kiss* Reddit has been on a huge ban wave to push out extremists ideologies. It's amazing. On other news, trillionaire Bezos drops a cool 100k to fight fascism Richard Spencer’s still here, so they haven’t really tried too hard TwitterSupport you guys couldn’t find your own ass with two hands and a map, so can you outsource your search for literal nazis to someone competent?

Good for you And where is Facebook? Good!!!!!! Yawn .. they'll just maga kag DonaldTrump bot-up .. 👍👍👍 Twitter, the media and left consider black people who support Trump as white nationalist's. This is an outrage!!!! How will the govt provide updates? Everyone knows the owner is a leftist. Does not really surprise me or many other people on the internet.

I thought Nationalist is someone who loves his Country. Am I missing something? See Facebook, this is how it’s done. Who said that IB ist 'white nationalist'? jenn_ebel Nice of you to quote the white nationalist in here 🙄🤮 50 out of 20 million. Not a good record I’d have to say Twitter is leftist extremism. They won’t ban themselves.

Fantastic,marvelous,great and thank you Twitter ! Now do black extremists I am sure there are just as many Black extremists accounts as well and more than 50 white and Latino accounts as well... Hell delete everyone Twitter deleted my anti-Trump page. No notice. Gone. Thoughts and prayers for big fat white face:

Time to do the same thing with ANTIFA accounts. Twitter is like the Wild West for them right now. Twitter Censor everyone that disagrees with me!!! A lot of Antifa accounts still up though.🧐 Founders of Fascism Benito Mussolini - Marxist (Official) Giovanni Gentile - Socialist Jean Allemane - Socialist Georges Valois - Socialist Marcel Deat - Socialist Jacques Doriot - Communist Henri de Man - Socialist Nicola Bombacci - Communist

Twitter now do ANTIFA accounts. I’ll wait. The Alt-Right (Left actually) Only extremists on the right. ‘BOUT FRICKIN TIME I could not believe some of the crap I was seeing-Even straight up threats of violence & obvious targeting. They let that go for way too long. Yet they QUICKLY temporarily suspended my account for including a pic wishing a celebrity happy birthday 🤔

But the accounts of the people who actually act on their hate are still up. So why aren't they suspending realDonaldTrump's account? jack ? RacistTrump They are all probably over on Parler or Gab now. What is your definition of white nationalist

Endangered California condors in Sequoia National Park for the first time in 50 yearsAt least six of the giant birds were spotted in the park in late May, biologists said, a testament to the continued recovery of the species. whoa Better keep an eye out because one of the tRump sons will try to shoot it! Now. Now we can remake Condor Man! It’s a sign!! TaikaWaititi would make it AMAZING!

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