Twitter Has Flagged 200 of Trump’s Posts as ‘Disputed’ or Misleading Since Election Day. Does It Make a Difference?

Twitter Has Flagged 200 of Trump’s Posts as ‘Disputed’ or Misleading Since Election Day. Does It Make a Difference?

11/28/2020 11:00:00 AM

Twitter Has Flagged 200 of Trump’s Posts as ‘Disputed’ or Misleading Since Election Day. Does It Make a Difference?

In the 24 days since Election Day, Twitter has added warnings labels to 200 of President Trump’s tweets or posts he has retweeted (and counting) indicating that they contain false, disputed o…

.”The question is: Are Twitter’s attempts to fact-check the conspiracy-mongering lame-duck president (who continues to reject the fact that he lost to Joe Biden) doing any good to curb the spread of misinformation?Twitter claims the answer is yes. The company, which is Trump’s biggest social platform with 88.8 million followers, estimated that it saw a 29% decrease in “quote tweets” of election-related posts that were labeled for disputed and potentially misleading content. (Overall, tweets flagged for misinformation represented about 0.2% of all tweets posted about the U.S. election from Oct. 27-Nov. 11, according to Twitter.) In a further attempt to reduce the spread of disinformation, Twitter this week added a prompt if users try to “like” a tweet that has been flagged for inaccurate or potentially false claims to make them consider whether they actually want to “like” the given post.

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It may be true that Twitter’s efforts have reduced the reach of misinfo shared by Trump and others. But a staggering number of Republicans still believe — against all evidence to the contrary — that the 2020 presidential election was not conducted fairly and that Trump was the actual winner. Undoubtedly, Trump’s unfounded campaign to overturn the results and his claims that the election was “rigged” (on Twitter and elsewhere) have much to do with that sentiment.

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But you keep posting them don’t you “They Don’t Have to be Right, They Just Have to be Loud.” He has become a sad sack loser I tell ya His voter SUPRESSION didnt WORK so FRAUD has to be the reason why to his way of thinking. And the Stupid dont see this Dichotomy 🙄 HE DID SOMETHING UNCONSTITUTIONAL but busy throwing the dummies off America really is dumbdown

Because Twitter realizes this is not a joke and this man is actively trying to tear down democracy. He will fail and Twitter needs to ban him January 21st. There was an old man named Trump, Who’s ratings took quite a slump. After briefest reflection, He attacked the election, But only gave Biden a bump.

I can't help feeling we would all be in a better place if this had been done from when he came down a mall escalator and started branding Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. 🤔Weird how they don’t do that with MSM posts which are always misleading or “disputed”. No If it was anyone of us spewing this endless BS we would be banned

Until Twitter deletes his account, it will not matter. They need to ban him already! NOPE, CAN'T BURY THE TRUTH, LIKE {TRYING} TO HIDE THE SUN, WITH CLOUD COVER. Eventually, the Sun Shines clear through. Twitter aims to have more censorship to its users. Just like what China have done. Twitter should suspend his account his account like they do all users account every other day 😤. It's only fair since his tweets are misleading, harmful, and incites hate.

Other than pissing him off? Probably not, but that’s a good enough return on investment in my book Hey Twitter you can save yourself a lot of problems by just banning him. He's starting to lose twitter followers already, he's losing his clout, major networks don't even want to bother with his lies anymore & in 6 months he will be obsolete & in jail. Why prolong the inevitable

It's horrible. If Donald Trump is spreading lies, then call them lies. Nope Not really, the people who know it’s bullshit are very aware of it and his supporters eat up anything he tweets regardless of a disclaimer, it just feeds that “big evil tech” narrative. At this point I think they’re just doing it to get him mad until they’re able to ban him

SUSPEND HIS ACCOUNT RESPECT MILEY CYRUS Actually it’s bc Twitter is extremely biased. Just life they have been for a few years now. Censoring the things we see and say, to their likings. But that’s okay. The big tech fellas got a rude awakening coming FuckYouTwitter Nope. no TrumpMeltdown TrumpIsALaughingStock Cult45 crazyTrump

No. And that's something any person with half a brain knew back in 2015, before his run. He's been spewing BS on Twitter for ages. They should have shut the spigot off a long time ago. But whatever. We're past that event horizon. Yes. Mr. little tiny desk is just a joke who's laughed at by the world. Private companies are not government funded just want to address that before some go batshit crazy cuz they think are being censored

His name was Donald, He wore a toupee, With orange skin below his hair, And a girdle tucked in down there. Lying and fascism were always in fashion, At the Mar-A Mar-A-Lago, The hotttest spot south of Idaho, At the Mar-A-Lago, He fell in love With Pu-utin!