Tech, Jack Dorsey: Twitter Ceo Says Trump Ban Was Right But Sets A 'Dangerous' Precedent - Cnn

Tech, Jack Dorsey: Twitter Ceo Says Trump Ban Was Right But Sets A 'Dangerous' Precedent - Cnn

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Trump ban was right but sets a 'dangerous' precedent

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended his company's decision to ban President Donald Trump, while acknowledging that the move stems from its failure to promote 'healthy' conversations and sets a 'dangerous' precedent.

1/14/2021 3:00:00 PM

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended his company's decision to ban President Donald Trump, while acknowledging that the move stems from its failure to promote 'healthy' conversations and sets a 'dangerous' precedent.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended his company's decision to ban President Donald Trump, while acknowledging that the move stems from its failure to promote 'healthy' conversations and sets a 'dangerous' precedent.

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Proof that money gets the ladies.... a face only a mother could love! This man is a F’n billionaire...Take away his twatter platform and he’s just Jack DORKEY! Big Tech gurus are playing God; no bueno ! No it wasn't right and you as a news organization doesnt have the right to dictate what's right and wrong. You wouldn't know right from wrong if a bible hit you in the face.

He is the Democrat's bitch. A loser. Shout out to corporate America for being society's moral compass!! You’ve banned a lot more, for less! Twitter All this because of an election lost by trump, come on, trump lost and the damn Supreme Court said trump lost with a Republican majority.. let me guess, deep state 😂😂

Time for Jack to go to jail! We all have to abide by the rules on social media why should Trump be any different. Way to go Twitter for standing up for what is right. Ha ha guy looks like ahole They banned Donald trump but not terrorist like the Taliban Would the Trumper’s heads explode if they realized that nationalizing Twitter to “protect speech” (like many are calling for) would be the communist thing to do? Evidence that commie is a buzzword for them that they don’t even understand.

If Twitter and others, had done nothing think about the mess we would be in on the 19th and after the 6th. Basically, Twitter cut off Trumps voice to his crazies. We have to find away to cut off Trumps voice to the GOP and the crazies in that party. Sad a party with no agenda. If grand ayatollah Khamenei still has an account, Jack Dorsey is the most ridiculous man in America........smh.

Bastard Twitter rules are inconsistent...they do what they want, when they want... A man with nuclear codes Is considered dangerous with Twitter account...crazy logic jack you forgot so soon Trump was the reason you began to make profits You also forgot you increased tweeting characters because of him. Alternative to the rescue

No shoes , no shirt , no service. Follow the rules !!! Irony: Trump banned from twitter but Taliban are still tweeting. I wonder 🤔 Twitter did what Trump’s own party are too cowardly to do. Slice n dice it however you please but I for one am glad Jack finally kicked Trump off his platform. The POTUS WhiteHouse FLOTUS VP accounts will never be abused again.

You guys are becoming more political than you ought to be. You banned him simply because you are opposed to his political views,nothing else. You can ban me as well if you so wish Waaaaahhhh, I tried to overthrow the government, I’m the victim. Is there a bigger example of entitlement? Trump gets banned. But terrorist are still on twitter. Recruiting to attack America. You know Democrats are in control. Smdh

I agree w/ Twitter’s Trump ban and Amazon’s removal of Parler off its web hosting service. But these actions demonstrate the power that Big Tech wields in deciding who has a voice on platforms that reach millions of people Healthy conversation on social media is antithetical to why people actually use it.

SHOULD HAVE BANNED THAT LIAR YEARS AGO . I don't like Donald Trump, but he made Twitter relevant in a time when they were in decline. I never understood Twitter until I saw the power of it yielded by Trump. Twitter bears responsibility for providing a platform for him to spread his propaganda, not healthy conversation.

All the people saying trump agreed to the terms are the same people fighting for student loan forgiveness. Buh buh buh they knew the terms when they went in 🤷‍♂️. And yet he gets away with censorship.... You did nothing Funny, while none of the CCP’s propaganda accounts are banned on Twitter Is he Amish?

Its all just stupid algorithms that screw it up He’s probably high You cannot run a platform that claims to encourage free speach and debate when you censor the voices you disagree with . Thats called fascism . This is not acceltable in a democracy . I support and thank Jack definitely not an easy decision to make against a president who thinks he's a monarch

I agree with Jack Dorsey. Taliban's twitter account in still active. Jack can do so much to stop the 'dangerous' precedent they are setting. fascist 95% only bad news( Dude should have been banned 5 years ago. Looks like a drug addicted hobo.... you must be desperate if you want to work for Twitter Twitter

But Rouhani, Isis and Boko Haram have twitter account 😅😅 This is called self-made self-performance Terrorism of Trump government overthrow Perhaps there communist for the CCP It’s really plain and simple. When you don’t follow Twitter rules, you get suspended and if you keep breaking them by inciting violence and government coups, well then you get Banned!

better late than never, I guess? Nice bear Devil If your that afraid of the man ...ok. Be sure your sin will find you out. TWEET FROM GOD. Peter Dinklage to portray Jack Dorsey in “Twitter the Movie” All of you that is fighting against Africa God will distroye you people from your Heads to ur boi boi ssss

meanwhile, Jack Dorsey seeks to revitalize Duck Dynasty... mreid418 What set the dangerous precedent was having a president so extremely indecent and lawless that he actually BROKE social media rules of use...oh & lied constantly to incite violence & start a violent cult. Let’s not have a president like THAT again

One trip to Twitter will show you it is 99.9% unhealthy conversations. jack Better for him in the long run. Then he should continue that by getting rid of Marjorie Greene. She's tweeting the same conspiracy theories. that is a bad decision to ban the best president trump we love him so much-needed Why should he have to be defending it at all?

I won't criticize Twitter for their delay in recognizing the toxic waste that was Trump on Twitter. I prefer to praise them for the courage to finally remove him from their platform & stop THE BIG LIE, incitement & constant made up misinformation. It moved other platforms to act Jack should make people sign up with their real names and prove identity. That way, no one can hide behind a bunch of letters and numbers or silly aliases. Or, have a system of approvals for tweets the way newspapers do to prevent vile behavior.

Note how clueless CNN is: they put dangerous in quotes. So when is Jack Dorsey going to ban CNN? Is he wearing a nose ring? hell you remove me all the time for a lot less. Great job on removing that cancer. Now remove all the others Cindy mcmorris rogers is still spreading trumps lies. Yet he still let’s our enemies tweet about killing America. Think about that. The double standards will catch up with you.

All of you communites have been screaming impeach 45 from day one. Now watch your freedom become an unspoken memory. FuckJack Nobody’s saying it was improper, what we’re saying is that you’re otherwise violating the rules and laws of this nation that everyone should be held to account to. SpeakerPelosi - no one, not even T****** is above the law. Respect it, or start cutting cables. -mc2

Remember during the elections all these business boarded up their stores and property? SURELY WASNT IF BIDEN WON! DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica TrumpForever FuckJack It's very funny because in my country Colombia terrorist groups like the farc have Twitter pages and they killing citizens putting bombs and selling cocaine for many years

If businesses can refuse to make cakes and gov officials deny marriage licenses to LGBTQ based on their morals, then so can you Jack! not to mention the billion dollars you donated to COVID relief. Ethical is a foreign word to most officials. Most of ppl will leave twitter and join telegram Someone buy him a fuckin razor.

Clown. Oh! And Ahyatolla, the Communist dictators and other nations who hate us and want to hurt us are allowed to keep their accounts active? You're a traitor to the people of the United States and the Office of the Presidency, Dorsey! He looks like he's just parked his trolley full of garbage pickings to take a quick shit in a doorway.

某社交平台关闭美国总统特朗普的账号后,正值总统大选的乌干达,下令关闭该社交平台在本国的运营。平台官方表示:我们得知有关互联网服务商被勒令禁止社交媒体应用程序运行的报道...我们强烈谴责这种行为...这非常有害,并且违反了基本人权和开放互联网的原则... 🍉🍉🍉 It stems from him and his ilk being corrupt totalitarian cnts. He did the right thing anyway. The Maya god and freedom of speech fantasy.. How about blocking the other hate speech patrons from the Twitter platform..Hypocrisy and censorship at its best

I would have made it a temporary ban until February. If he incites again, suspend for longer, & so on until its permanent. Wonder if they have plans to resolve that. Acknowledging something doesn’t mean you’ll fix it. Or that it can be fixed. Sad that it took him/them 4 yrs to realise this He was a popet of radical comunist left againest pateriot.