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Turkey invades Syria to battle Kurds after US moves forces; Trump calls it 'bad idea'

President Donald Trump called the operation in northeast Syria a 'bad idea' after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Twitter that operations had begun.


Smoke rises after a Turkish bombardment in a Syria n town along the Turkish border, part of Turkey 's long-planned military operation targeting the Syria n Kurdish fighters that helped the U.S. defeat ISIS.

President Donald Trump called the operation in northeast Syria a 'bad idea' after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Twitter that operations had begun.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called Turkey’s offensive in Syria “a bad idea” that the United States did not support, hours after Turkey launched a long-planned military offensive in northeastern Syria. "The United States does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to Turkey that this operation is a bad idea," Trump said in a statement. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced via Twitter on Wednesday that the incursion has begun, with a mission to"prevent the creation of a terror corridor across our southern border." The Turkish military is targeting the Syrian-Kurdish fighters that helped the United States defeat ISIS. The anticipated move comes just days after Trump's announcement that American troops would withdraw from the region and hand control to the Kurds' sworn enemy, the Turkish government. Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S.-backed military alliance led by the mostly-Kurdish militia YPG, confirmed that"Turkish warplanes have started to carry out airstrikes on civilian areas" in northeast Syria. "There is a huge panic among people of the region," Bali tweeted Wednesday. Trump had for days faced harsh criticism from across the political spectrum after the White House announced Sunday night that the United States would stand aside while Turkey proceeded with an operation in northern Syria. Republican senators who usually stand in lock step with Trump said the move amounted to abandoning Syrian Kurdish fighters who had fought ISIS alongside American troops. Trump signaled Monday he was listening to the criticism."I told Turkey if they do anything that is not humane, Turkey will suffer a very decimated economy," Trump told reporters at the White House."If Turkey does anything that they are not supposed to do, we will hit them so hard in their economy.” As Turkey pushed forward with their operation Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who is normally a staunch supporter of Trump, blasted Trump again. “Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration,” Graham tweeted Wednesday. “This move ensures the reemergence of ISIS.” Trump said in his statement Wednesday that Turkey had “committed to protecting civilians, protecting religious minorities, including Christians, and ensuring no humanitarian crisis takes place.” The president added that the United States would “hold them to this commitment.” He did not specify how the administration would do so, although he has in recent days floated the prospect of economic punishment. Trump also warned in a tweet Monday that,"if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey." He did not specify what would qualify as"off limits." As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over... Turkey considers the YPG to be a terrorist organization and a part of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, a Kurdish nationalist movement that is banned in Turkey. The Turkish state has been battling Kurdish separatists in its own territory for decades and has even invaded Syria to fight against Syrian Kurds several times in recent years. Bali had earlier warned of a"humanitarian catastrophe." In the hours leading up to Turkey's invasion, he called on the U.S.-led coalition that collectively fought ISIS to"carry out their responsibilities and avoid a possible impending humanitarian disaster." "The border areas of northeast Syria are on the edge of a possible humanitarian catastrophe," Bali said in a statement Tuesday."This attack will spill the blood of thousands of innocent civilians because our border areas are overcrowded Turkey's president said the operation in northeastern Syria targeting the YPG/PKK will"neutralize terror threats against Turkey and lead to the establishment of a safe zone, facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their homes." "We will preserve Syria's territorial integrity and liberate local communities from terrorists," Erdogan tweeted Wednesday. Trump also said that Turkey was no responsible for holding thousands of ISIS prisoners the Syrian Kurds had been guarding. "Turkey is now responsible for ensuring all ISIS fighters being held captive remain in prison and that ISIS does not reconstitute in any way, shape, or form. We expect Turkey to abide by all of its commitments, and we continue to monitor the situation closely," Trump said. ISIS, which grew out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, took root in northern and eastern Syria in 2013 during the country's ongoing civil war, after seizing swaths of territory in neighboring Iraq. The jihadist group sought to overthrow Syrian President Bashal al-Assad's regime and establish a caliphate. In 2014, as ISIS carved out territory in Syria, the United States led a coalition of countries to conduct airstrikes targeting the group. The military coalition ultimately teamed up with the Syrian Democratic Forces to liberate the ISIS-held territories in northeastern Syria -- a partnership that angered Turkey. The U.S.-led coalition provided crucial air support, weapons and logistical advice, but it was the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces that sacrificed many of its soldiers on the battlefields. ISIS lost control of its last foothold in Syria earlier this year. Negotiators from the United States and Turkey reached an agreement on Aug. 7 to create a safe zone in northeastern Syria in order to secure the territory, which is now under Kurdish control, and keep out ISIS. But Erdogan still threatened to take up an offensive against the Kurds. "The Kurds fought with us, but were paid massive amounts of money and equipment to do so. They have been fighting Turkey for decades," Trump tweeted on Monday morning."I held off this fight for almost 3 years, but it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home." Read more: ABC News

WHAT? Wtf does this man have a bolt lose.isis come after us and trump is making the country dangerous TRUMP, betrays the KURDS, also the EUROPEANS by the saying let them deal with the 'ISIS TERRORISTS ' LIKE WE WILL NEVER HAVE to DEAL with them, eventually they will find their way to 'AMERICA THE GREAT '

So incredibly ignorant! Obama again. Do you know what reciprocal mean. I don’t think so. Really So, isis in Europe. Yay... .realDonaldTrump POTUS DonaldTrump Trump And you are the President of USA ?!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 The World is appalled to hear such ignominies... TrumpImpeachment ImpeachTrump FakePresident DangerousPresident ...

He's doing this because of the impeachment scandle.

Donald Trump gives Turkey the green light to invade northern SyriaDonald Trump announced that American troops would withdraw from the area around Syria ’s border with Turkey Is better.

Guess President Trump can’t thing long term. Everything he does is for immediate gratification regardless of the consequences. What he is doing endangers Americans and our allies since this strategy, if you can call it that, enables ISIS to regroup and threaded our safety again! Will this man finally be arrested or is he still above any law in the USA. When is enough enough?

I thought Trump had said before that ISIS were defeated..... so which ISIS want to go to Europe, their ghost? Oh Gawd, the ignorance! That’s Trump , he says a lot of thing all the time , yuppie di Yap He's just so damned special. This seems relevant how does he know where they want to go? Who in their right mind would believe anything you say?

Caught Between Trump, Turkey and Kurds, Pentagon Struggles to Piece Together Syria StrategyWASHINGTON -- For nine months, the Pentagon played down the presence of its 1,000 troops in Syria , hoping that President Donald Trump would not focus on the extent to which the U.S. military was continuing to fight the Islamic State despite his order in December to pull out.On Sunday, the president appeared

😂 So you are cool with the release of ISIS fighters?! It doesn't matter where they go they are a major threat to us all idiot. Dont try and sound like you know history or big words. Shame on you for being part of more slaughter! Can you believe someone went into a booth in 2016 and voted for this guy? I have to disconnect from Twitter for awhile. I can no longer deal with the ignorance. Resist

Blood on your hands! Are you capable of even caring? Guess not..... But you care about that Trump Hotel in Turkey I bet.. 😱😱😱😱 Moving on up to the EAST SIDE, New York... New York! Oh and by the way, let's start numbing everybody to the word 'reciprocal', my 'favorite word', which I learned this past summer.

Trump, Under Fire for Syria Withdrawal, Goes Full God Emperor With Unhinged Threat to “Obliterate” TurkeyThe president said his “great and unmatched wisdom” would preclude Turkey from doing anything “off limits.”

Trump’s cabinet must blow pretty words around his deplorable head 24/7. Idiot !!! In the highest degree. Well his point is correct most did come from Europe 25th amendment time folks And when they are bombing our embassies, planes, etc., he will insist Obama and Hillary are to blame. Probably CNN and The NY Times, too.

JFC he’s insane. You no nothing about war ,your family's way back far as you can go,none have ever signed up trump so stop talking .you gotta go. He has betrayed the American people and the men and women in our armed services who gave their lives to protect our allies that he has decided to abandon. The Republicans need to stop voting party over their oaths of office.

I hate you Peter_S_Becks1 Perhaps they can make their way to one of your European properties.

Trump threatens Turkey with 'extremely decimated economy' over SyriaTrump says he told Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan that Turkey could suffer the ‘wrath of an extremely decimated economy’ if it acted in Syria in a way that was not ‘humane’ Trump forgets he has a Congress. Trump does not have exclusive control. release the transcripts.

Does this idiot call the FBI,CIA and Pentagon heads for an intelligence meeting before issuing statements.Things Trump says is an embarassment to the US intelligence community... They've hated each other for sooo long. Look at history! Their hate goes all the way back past the continental airforce, past when the Canadians were burning down the White house....

So he’s not only knowingly betraying our Kurdish allies, but also betraying our European allies as well. Incompetent and dangerous moron. Brilliant analysis The degree of meaningless and illogical diatribe within his usual word salad here... is literally breathtaking. madness What a cruel, ignorant, and vile human being. Not to mention the harm he's setting up for us & our allies. This is the real Donald.

Everytime Trump opens his mouth,we hear cray cray coming out.ISIS has proven that they may already be in the USA as evident by 9/11 Before we never saw them coming. Trump just opened the door to ISIS. What difference does it make if they are in Europe or here. They’ll kill folk Not our problem! Let them fight for another 1,000 years!!

He's putting Europe on the clock, take these people back or risk them escaping and sneaking back in to your country

Turkey poised for Syria safe zone operation as Trump defends troop pulloutAnkara says a military operation in northeastern Syria will secure the border region from terrorists, and establish a peace corridor to resettle potentially millions of displaced Syria ns. -(%&(7437(&7%£9000

Fair deal? Let’s talk fair deal when this murderous organization reaches our shores! Turkey is now responsible for ISIS that are being held. Hope they blow up trump tower in Istanbul! IDIOT How can one man be so stupid? Pathetic Gd help this experiment we call the United Stares of America. One dumbfucking person is at the helm and happily heading us to the rocks.

Come on Republican Senators, isn’t it obvious that this fool is going to get us into a major conflict? Trump is destabilizing the Middle East. Say something meaningful You do realize “withdrawal of troops” is 50 troops. That’s 50 troops. Guess you forget to add that part. That was some word salad.

After backlash, Trump defends Syria moves as he both praises and threatens TurkeyPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday tried to strike a delicate balance between Turkey and the U.S.-allied Syria n Kurds . Simplified: Someone murders your family member; There is an eyewitness to the crime; but the murderer & his Lawyers block that witness from testifying! In the real/our world, those Lawyers & suspected murderer would be areested!! Why not WH Officials? Incompetent. realDonaldTrump betrayed an ally...i don’t know why that is a surprise from a man who never served and hid when his number was called to service

What's the sense of asking him anything, he'll just fling horseshit back to you. He just repeats what he has heard. Spoken like a true genocidelover Idiot. Yeah Europe can clean up my fuc up A true president would work on peace. This moron only wants to fill his own pockets over the backs of people. He doesn't know what family is so he doesn't care that millions of innocent families, kids are victims of his greed and idiotic egocentric self- image. A war president

Listen to this dude. He’s perfectly fine with ISIS prisoners escaping into Europe (eventually into US) and causing chaos as a consequence of his terrible decision. How can anyone still support this guy? Is *this* your king GOP? Where are the grown ups in the room? Where are the Joint Chiefs if Staff? All Europeans leaders should boycott all relations with us until we get rid of this crazy, dangerous POS

Do MAGAts actually believe this bullshit? One time one person mentioned one thing about ISIS and Europe and Trump’s addled brain bubbles it up and out his mouth. This is stream of unconsciousness.

Uhhhhh... they don’t live in Europe This is rambling nonsense and he clearly has no concept of the Kurds history or Turkey’s response to them. What an embarrassment! And, he has no sense of how ignorant he is and how stupid he sounds. My goodness what a complete and dishonorable fool. ImpeachTheMFTraitorAlready

What Trump is right again... what would be our mission after we knocked out isis. Too bad europe chose not to act on the isis prisoners, some of whom came from their own countries! America!! What have you done!!! Good bye USA! Close the door and be ashamed! Suspended exiled dangerous president Trump over saddened prayers respects Syria victims 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏


StableGenius my ass Asked about potential of ISIS fighters escaping following withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria, Pres. Trump says, 'Well, they're going to be escaping to Europe. That's where Putin wants them to go. He wants them to help destroy western civilization.' He's like a broken record, same old repetitious meandering's as always. It's painful to watch.

There are no planes that travel between Europe and America. If there were the statement would be scary. Hahahahaha Which country? Russia? Bone spurs of the brain! Nobody thinks that.. We (Europe) will give them a pilot's license and the coordinates of the White House.

Trump probably should be impeached for stupidity as well as playing into the hands of our enemies. Nobody could do Putin ‘s bidding any better. cnn FoxNews I understand syphilis causes insanity when left untreated. They have stated they will come and terrorize the US, the country who has been fighting ISIS. tRump just sold America to Putin.

He has no idea what he's talking about. He's just making shit up as he goes along. Demonstrating classic signs of advanced stages of Masissivous Cuntery You’re an ignoramous realDonaldTrump Wrong. realDonaldTrump our country does not feel that way. LiarInChief Wow Incoherent. That was literally the dumbest, most incoherent thing I have ever heard.

& their homes are great - lots of people say they’re the most beautiful homes you’ve ever seen There’s a special place in Hell for this one. I don't think anyone in here caught the several tips or data points he dropped. Everyone is so fixated on hate and fighting. smh. Between the weird sniffs and broad pronouncements that are utter lies and gaslighting, he proves how much he wants ppl to “stay in their own country” so perhaps Erdogan persuaded Trump that it was like the Wall he wants so bad. And doesn’t care if they go to Europe😳

Can someone use a filter on this for me? Trump clearly just learned the word “reciprocal.” IMPEACHTRUMP Delusional. Maybe they can stop for groceries on their way home. 😳Can Trump go any lower? realDonaldTrump

It right for is property in Istanbul and Putin. That guy behind him looks like the sad face emoji Nobody agrees with this tool that has a brain cell. Even one. I don’t agree with abandoning our ally’s! He must go down as the worst president that America has ever had , seems to treat every episode like running a business , the kurdish people are no longer needed So they are left to die . The world is a sad place

When did he start thinking? Which country is he referring to?

Democrats don’t want us protecting our own border, why the hell would they expect us to defend Syria’s? I think he has no idea what the country thinks. Do they think it's a good idea to stab an ally in the back? Nope Is anyone else having trouble believing this is the President? I mean I know it, but just keep shaking my head. GOP ProtectTheWhistleblower

And that’s why we are in such an uproar? Because we AGREE? 🤬 Abandoning allies and doing Putin/Erdogan’s bidding is ghe right thing for Trump, but not for America What country do you speak of? Some in the country may...but no one would pull out without some protection for the Kurds in place first. This is pure Executive Office impeachment deflection cowardice. How many people have died so far for Trump's reelection campaign?


Which Country? Russia is supporting Turkeys invasion of Syria - Congratulations Comrade Trump! Becoming more and more like Putins Puppet! No the country doesn't. Fool. Thinking the difference will be even greater than ur 3 million popular vote loss KurdsBetrayedByTrump No POtuS realDonaldTrump. American most certainly does *NOT* feel you are doing the right thin. ImpeachTheMFTraitor

What country are you referring to? He should be impeached because he’s a terrible president. You don’t care what the thinks, you don’t care about the people that lost their lives. 🇷🇺

Pres. Trump on withdrawing U.S. troops from northern Syria: 'I feel that we are doing the right thing and I think the country feels that too.' No, we feel far from the same way, but I guess your businesses in Turkey are blooming. POTUS Hahahahaha I am sorry! I have asked him to do the right thing. Not following out Military Leaders is not doing the right thing. I am sorry. Your words are not true Trump. You speak with a fork tongue. What does Turkey have over you?

BloodOnYourHands TrumpBetrayedTheKurds ImpeachTheFuckerTrumpNow ...thank you President realDonaldTrump's exactly how we feel All of the conflicts in the middle east, have Islam and the root of the problem Except for the United States' Generals, Admirals, Intelligence Community, House of Representatives, Senate, and the majority of America's populace.

What country? Russia? Iran? Disgraceful. Trump behaving like his hero Putin. Causing death on major scale. Trump should be kick out of office as a national threat to our country. Don’t wait for impeachment. Do it now. He is sick in the head.... You are a Bad Person ...Trump !

Trump Towers Istanbul ! He would have been wrong no matter what he would've done. No, no we do not think withdrawing troops from Syria was the right thing to do No we don’t moron You abandoned our allies to be slaughtered by the Turks and played right into Putin and Assad’s hands. Our European allies are shaking their heads wondering what the hell happened to America. Answer we elected an idiot!

No we don't If you're a Kurd, the lesson is Trump will stab you in the back, front and sideways. He is crazy Wrong yet again! POTUS Syria So, nobody cares how you feel, and I highly doubt that the country wants their people to be murdered! What a disgraceful terrible person Trump is!

We donuts were disgusted. No it doesn’t Wrong! He “feels” that’s what the problem is Wrong! You betrayed our allies NO, No we don’t realDonaldTrump Wonder if the Brave soldiers who actually defeated ISIS feel your expansive view of their slaughter? Making ISIS GREAT AGAIN. Sad. As the first person optics start streaming around the world, I look forward to the avalanche of ill will focused at your madness. Your response...

potus thinks the American people are with him as he kills millions of people. He so fucking clueless. Election day can't come fast enough. WRONG!!! KurdsBetrayedByTrump realDonaldTrump

No we dont feel that way! What we believe is you are incompetent and you need to resign before you get booted! realDonaldTrump throwing our allies under the bus! Deplorable!!! ImpeachTrumpPenceBarr !!!! Once again, LowIQIndividual1 is wrong! The Genocide of the Kurds is totally on trump Yep. No more endless wars!!!

No. No one feels that u less they are idiots. RTErdogan we applaud you Sir you're the only LEADER who is honest to restore PEACE in سوريا SyriaWar Give the Syrians a chance to survive in peace in their more wars in the Muslim countries Trump's betrayel ? Their blood is on Trump's hands.

Turkish JOSEF FRITZL (erDOGan) has been supporting ISIS from day one and using refugees to blackmail EU to get billions from them annually. He hates Kurds for beating his ISIS cousins. The Islamic State (Turkey) should be kicked out of NATO and EU Economic Union NOW!

Jasonbrantoncl1 Why should we believe that this is what’s going on in the picture or on the ground there for that matter. MSM lies all the time! American have made one more enemy 😑👎 Before yesterday the left & msm couldn't give a shit about the Kurds. This is one of the blackest episodes in American history. That sounds like hyperbole but it's not. Elevating an utterly, patently unfit person to the Presidency has consequences. Grim, deadly consequences.

Where is the stable genius? Allies are dying because of trump and his flea ridden hotels war crimes are on his head the devil and his ways trump Takes more intelligence to work for peace than drop bombs. Put Trump with his Sons and Daughters live up to fight this mess he made.


Historic betrayal by the Trump administration abandoning allied forces I am heartbroken.💔I hang my head in shame for our country allowing Trump to continue. This is so horrible. All the souls of the dead Turks will haunt the US.

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