Trump Supporters Who Painted Over 'BLM' Mural Charged with Hate Crime

Trump Supporters Who Painted Over 'BLM' Mural Charged With Hate Crime

7/8/2020 3:15:00 AM

Trump Supporters Who Painted Over 'BLM' Mural Charged With Hate Crime

The Trump supporter couple who painted over a Black Lives Matter street mural in the Bay Area have just been charged with a hate crime.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office chargedNichole AndersonandDavid Nelsonwith misdemeanor counts Tuesday for their alleged actions on July 4, when Anderson was caught on camera covering up a yellow 'BLM' mural with black paint.

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The D.A. says Nelson directly aided in the alleged criminal conduct ... and the Martinez, CA couple are both being charged with a violation of civil rights, vandalism under $400 and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti.Prosecutors are classifying it as a hate crime because under California penal code ... the alleged civil rights violation was motivated by the race of the victim.

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BLM is a Marxist movement. If they really cared about Black Lives, they’d be doing more to work WITH police to stop 500% increase in gang-related gun violence in recent weeks.But, let innocents in minority communties keep getting killed.Guess its just some lives that matter? 'the MAGA couple painted over a 'BLM' mural on a street outside their local courthouse, a mural that had been *APPROVED* by city officials.' -- WELL, I APPROVE of their effort to REMOVE THE BLM GRAFFITI! -- RETWEET, if you also APPROVE!

MilesDavisMoody Good For There A$$! BLM BlackTransLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter About 20 to 30 motorcycles and practice burn outs heading to NY..why not they tear down statues of racist..BLM is same racist group picks chooses what black lives matter..they are no better then a white karma to mural defaced statue deface murals

Lol BLM is a hate group so...... Bullshit Big man makes her do all the work. Hate Crime Wasn't it a Hate Crime for it to have been painted in the first place? BLM has already proclaimed themselves a Marxist Organization. People who are not in support of BLM movement should just shut up facts Do they have a GoFundMe account?

A hate crime? BLM is a hate crime. This is confusing. Nancy Pelosi just said “people do what they do”. So what are these two being charged? The amount of white people in this thread that are siding with the couple without even knowing the entire story (such as the mural was approved via permit) is too damn high!

I believe they actually said other live matter Before BLM... WOW! This is fake news! What about the shit show the BLM did destroying statues, buildings and killing people? Where’s the justice there? We all know by now that BLM was not about Floyd. It’s about Soros creating a division in the population. Part of a much bigger plan for control!

Oh hell no lmao should have found your own street. I like Trump calling BLM a hate crime, I'm all for expressions of anger, I love it, but when it changes to attacking people it's not anger, it's mad So, these idiots not withstanding, anyone driving over these signs when they are on streets and roads will be now be charged with hate crime? Those tires do leave tracks, you know....who's got the job handling the clipboard to take down license plates?

progress No it’s not Hope they sue the city starting with the idiot mayor for painting distracting crap on a street. Don't even bother listening to the words that are coming out of their because You have already done the 'Judge - Jury - & Executioner' thing in that little popped Popcorn Kernel that You call Your Brain.

GoldenJans Stunning and brave people, the charges should be dropped, we need more of those white folks. MAGA2020 Legendary_JT BlackLivesMatter How about all the rioters that burnt cars and buildings down...are they getting arrested? Remember when white america can spend billion and many of them are fighting voluntary for 'freedom and security ' aboard. But are meanwhile crying becaue people are demonstrating about century long oppression.

First, the crime doesn't fit the statue. Second, how do you know that this wasn't just part of cleaning up all the crap the riots caused. And third, how dare you call someone a racist without facts, who made you GOD? part 3: crime when reasonably required to safeguard the health, safety, or privacy of that person. (Added by Stats. 2004, Ch. 700, Sec. 15. Effective January 1, 2005.)

422.88. (a) The court in which a criminal proceeding stemming from a hate crime or alleged hate crime is filed shall take all actions reasonably required, including granting restraining orders, to safeguard the health, safety, or privacy of the alleged victim, or of a person Good !!! Good the deserve to get charged blm

Good! Racist POS. This country is going to shits Why just not change it to all lives matter It doesn't matter if you're black white green gray purple see through. Violence should never be the answer. These guys are in trouble though without permits. what 'crime' was committed please someone enlightened me!

More TMZ Bullshit Are you kidding ? What about free speech? And that's how fucked up this country is right now !! Black lives do matter. But BLM is a communistic, racist organization. LucreziaPandora That’s extreme and unnecessary 😒 why can’t we just let them look dumb Hahahaha This is cool, but this just happened and they’ve already been arrested. The murderous cops who shot BreonnaTaylor are still free.

I really don’t understand why people are against blm. Y would u be against the idea of innocent people being murdered? Idk but I think it prob has something to do with fox news 🤔 I bet they weren’t expecting that....👍🏾 Now Let's Stop Authorities From Being Racist While Driving mentorpolice mentor mentorcityhall theconfederateflag mayorofmentor PoliceLivesMatter Really?! When Murdering People?!!? stopracism stophatred stopconfederatesigns

B.S. WTF Any news on the 16 yr old white girl who was beaten senseless by 5 black folk in St Louis Anybody? Anybody? That’s a fucking hate crime!! News isn’t reporting that! 😂😂😂😂😂....I mean....awww so terribly sad. Wow, just wow! If that’s a hate crime charge black lives matter since ALL lives matter!! This is really getting ridiculous! It is causing more racism in the country.

MAGA Smart They are protesting We’re just straight up North Korea now lmao Everything is a hate crime these days. It's all politics. Sick of this That’s what she gets What about the terrorism of BLMTerrorist How the comment section loos Now he can spend his time in prison And no trump won't bail him out! Why the fuk is it a hate crime MAYBE THEY WAS GONNA WRITE ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!! ✌ FreedomOfSpeech

It’s a dam misdemeanor I why’ll pay a dam fine THATS IT!! Good for him. Blm is no better then a terrorist organization forcing themselves on every one that dont have the same thoughts as them if you don't support them they burn things like children throwing a tantrum Ohhh pleaseeee ! realDonaldTrump Pardon these people?

This is so dumb lmfao Bull crap, what about the protestors taking statues down, BLM is a hate, racist criminal association, that NY mayor approves of the racist mural. Why weren't they arrested? You know damn well any other 'tagger' would have been! Racist police are the terrorists as i see it. These two idiots - justice is served . With most blacks incarcerated they will have fun with their new celibates BLACK LIVES will matter then.

Your kidding me right?! How the hell is that a hate crime?!?! Ohh because their white? What if it was a black couple, would it still be a hate crime? Hopefully the mural will be restored, and punishment should fine them then make them help in the repair, and the have to wear BLM T shirt and cap, and remind them it can't be touched anymore.

Wow!!! You can paint something but you can't paint over it? Wait what? How was painting the street not illegal the first time, but it was illegal the second time? OMNChimnee It's amazing but we are turning into a country that we fought to change over the last 100 years with equal protection and civil rights laws

skhosier We need to help these people. What they did was brave and probably a little dangerous. We can’t leave them hanging. Same with the folks in St Louis. When consequences show up and show out FancyFrequency KinggTijani___ ugh i love this song Good, but don’t be so sure that the charges won’t be lowered to a misdemeanor vandalism with probation or acquittal if Karen goes to trial. I’m still amazed at how they chose you to use black paint. lol

They painted it black😂 the irony Hahahahahah AlexxxCoal Malditos fascistas ignorantes.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡 Lol at all the black fragility in the comments. You people burn down neighborhoods then cheer for the police when they arrest people for painting over something. How pathetic 🤣 The male asshole is talking while the female asshole does the work? WTF?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GET FUCKED NERDS City officials approved the BLM mural, these idiots went and sprayed it without consent if any person(s) legally allowed to pass the decision to do so. Next time you get the urge to graffiti something, just call it a 'mural.' The media worries too much about graffiti and too little about black lives

This makes zero sense no matter which side you’re on AlexxxCoal Bullshit, Graffitti is nasty and needs to be cleaned up IMHO Jerky225 Really now. Hmmm... So it's legal for BLM to hate America and threaten Americans who are NOT in agreement with them. It's legal to burn American Flag. It's legal to burn down churches. It's legal to murder innocent children. So, how's America liking Socialism now?👼🇺🇸

Painting over paint is a hate crime? N word please. HAHAHAHA 🤪🤪 PERIODDD JuTaylor8 How is this a hate crime? Hate crime has no meaning Pics? Proof? More context? What raises this to the level of hate crime? Did they paint racist slurs, symbols, images? This article tells us almost nothing. you suck at reporting, Is this just entertainment to you? 👎🏽

BLM🙌🏽 Got’EM The city is run by Marxist sympathizers, and BLM is at core a Marxist organization. But the stupid sheep can't see this. Hey, sheep! Marxism is stupid. Didn't you know? Good. GOOD 10 years for these crimes right? Or does that only apply to monuments and statues that's ridiculous.. at worst, its vandalism

BULLSHIT 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 He definitely has Twitter, can I have it or can someone post it, so we can inform him of how stupid he really is COVIDIDIOTS blm TrumpIsAnIdiot trumpKillsAmericans KayleighShouldSTFU trumpStfu BenedictDonald CanadaHatesTrump Good! Dr_Heavenly 😂😂😂That’s what they get,I hope they get that year,and the both of them got to face.....😂😂😂😂You know the rest

So anyone can paint on the street, And it will be considered a Mural? Opposing a Marxist organization is now a hate crime?'s OK to tear down or deface statues that have been standing for decades, but this is considered a crime? Our country has entered the Twilight Zone. pandering doublestandard

JuTaylor8 That’s what yo ass get! Haha ha What a load of 🐂💩 JuTaylor8 Painting over the logo of a sex traffickers ploy for profit is a crime. Julian, thoughts on your dudes arrest? The lack of self-awareness from this comment section is truely astounding. It's as if June 2020 never happened. should’ve just sat there and ate their food

Great! Good They really thought that was ok? Assholes deserved Of course. While everybody gets away with tearing down our history and that’s ok. Kind of backwards don’t u think Yes! That’s a start in the right direction. Let’s stop this madness. Great! Bitches She literally painted just the yellow part lol did she not realize it would still read the same just in black. Smh 🤦‍♂️

We love a happy ending 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 at least they used black paint. can you imagine the outcry if white paint was used Source is (((TMZ))). Founded and managed by (((Harvey Levin))). KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Don't swallow what these Jews are trying to piss in your psyche! 🤣 🤣 oh karma Thestatement BlackLM it’s racist! All lives matter not just one kind! For ex.If I see a child been abuse it doesn’t matter what race he/she is I will defend them against any abuser. When we are in a combat deployment it takes all of us to survive. I’m a real🇺🇸All lives matters!

BLM vandalizes public property and everyone cheers Someone tries to cover their vandalism and gets charged with a hate crime The absolute state of the pussy liberal agenda! I bet if I painted 'White Lives Matter' on the road and someone covered it, I would still get charged. Graffiti on monuments buildings, etc. is NOT a hate crime? 🖕Commie-fornia and Pelosi. Racist? Don't think so. Maybe common sense folks are tired of this anarchy bullshit. The BLM message went to shit with the looting and violence. BlackLiesMatter DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Aha ha - that’s what they get Shouldn’t it be ten years in jail? Isn’t that what trump said? Anyone caught defacing public property or monuments? Run it back...give these clowns the ten years that trump promised them. Good Clearly these are crisis actors. Why did the guy just film and let the girl paint? Why did she paint so slow? They were inciting attention. Usually these things would be done at night as to not get caught by law enforcement. Another false flag to keep us divided!!

This is WRONG it's shit like this that's going to cause trump to win. hope you enjoy it. All this does is set them up to make a killing on GoFundMe 😂 they deserve it. The BLM painting was permitted which these people didn't have to paint over it which is why they are getting charged for all the dumb-dumbs

as they should ATL2COLA As they MF should be As if they will ever be convicted... Black Lives Matter Painted On Public Intersection Is also a hate crime. Every ethnicity of lives are equal. Nobody is superior. DEAL WITH IT !!!!! CEOofGreatness I’d like to note this is more important to liberals than black kids getting killed by BLM protests

But if it was the other way around they would be veiwed as heros by the media kristenreidx A whole hate crime? Lol GOOD as they should❤️ Legally-speaking, curious as to the validity of the hate crime charge. The painting over alone seems like a stretch. Maybe as a connection to the protesters they were yelling at/goading by the bldg as a harassment thing? HarveyLevinTMZ ?

The division in this country is going exactly as planned. Good job America! Love to see it To God be the glory 🙏🏾🙏🏾. Yes!!!!!!! The only appropriate measure. Some of y’all sound really stupid talking about BLM is the problem.. this world is blind.. It’s so sad how my life becomes a political statement, we can’t win for nothing, now BLM is some political group like wtf, my life matters is all we was tryna say

Why nobody beat her ass I will never understand. I hope they go to jail Imagine telling your children or grandchildren that you once got arrested and charged for doing hate crime on a mural YIKES BIG YIKES Great news! I see video and photo evidence so this is clearly a quick trial. Convict em and throw em in gen pop.

2 stupid ppl. So anything good to say TMZ? Nope 👎🏼 Never 🙄🙄🙄 These people are not the President supporters. They did this to once again smear him. And you people are buying into this. Lol Totally if a white lives matter sign is tore down or destroyed is that a hate crime aswell... Dumbasses

If indeed they are charged with a hate crime - that is stupid, as in not logical in the least. They should have just took a poop on it instead! 💩 Wow Like Really...Smh This is just another sign of pure ignorance and bigotry. growupamerica witchdctralex As they should! evanderkane_9 I’m curious Evander . Do you like that they tried to cover the BLM or that they got caught ?

Funny you don’t just say “people who...” Biased much? Ridiculous Whew. All y’all calling the BLM mural graffiti sure are some grade A idiots..... BLM painted over buildings churches and monuments but they weren't charged with hate crimes what a joke!!!!!!! Serves them right... anybody take issue with this u gotta question their character tbh

👏🏻👏🏻 What is wrong with this world. Should of pissed on it Nobody should be allowed to paint graffiti California is lost I wish that State would drop off of the United States we don't need them 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So only one form of protest speech is protected? Okay. Any more of a 'hate crime' than the BLM mural?

Yes!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽🖤🖤 Haha its fun watching these coneheads lose everything they inherited (notice how i didnt say worked for, despite how little theyve amounted) igual os bolsominions daqui vey Hey Libs, you’re all disgusting. You’re attempting to create a clown world that will never be sustainable. A neoliber utopia to cater to your every whim. It’s not going to happen.

They should spray a donkey over it Country is Fucked “oh Canada” Good! If everything is a hate crime then nothing is a hate crime. We should choose those words very carefully. Wow that was quick. How about the little hood thugs that assaulted, rioted, looted, and burned down businesses? Oh, we have to do some investigation on this. Double standards. They are using these white people as examples.

Good, I noticed they were there when it was safe and not TMZ = The Marxist Zone People burn flags, vandalize statues, loot, burn buildings. Yet this is a hate crime. What exactly is defined as hate here? I’ll I see is free speech. This wasn’t even in DC it was a mural in California. look at god 😂

People burn the flag, tear down statues, what’s the difference? Isn’t it free speech People out here destroying/vandalizing 100 yo statues and murals but at least we got these monsters who painted over a mural. Well, that’s completely unconstitutional! Maybe charge them with vandalism or criminal mischief. Hopefully these people sue the shit out of the city. This nonsense has to stop. Thug looters can do as they please, but THIS is a crime?! I call it cleaning up the city!

Why is it defacing property when BLM can pull down monuments fair game to me Are you serious, they did is vandalism? Then what’s this considered Constructive Creativity. Are we gonna seriously hold them accountable for them painting over something that was going to paved over eventually. Where is the permit that for the mural. My city is trashed.

They should’ve just tore something down or stole something from the neighbors in the name of peaceful protest. Then, they would’ve been applauded for being SJW’s I do not care anymore because I do not live in the United States and you taught me that I have no use in calling for change Removing racism is now racist?

Yesssssss They can’t get charged for cleaning shit off the road But it was ok to paint BLM in the first place. I’ll never understand the increasing stupidity of our society I say actions are on par with the city painting the mural itself as a direct taking of sides with one side in a culture war, ppl defacing historical buildings & monuments or blocking public thoroughfares. All actions which cld force aggrieved individuals to resort to self-help.

But LeBron James can make racist remarks and no has a problem with it? Ya sure that’s right, consequences only for the certain few..where’s the reporting on that What did they think was going to happen that Trump was going to invite them to dinner. In the end our racist leader may pardon them. They need to move to MS

Equal rights remember Wtf seriously you paint a sign that might offend many people yet charge people for painting over said sign. Freedom fighter or terrorist depending on your colour of skin BLM organization received 300mil in profits, how much of that went to cities that needed it for support of black people to help with crime, $0 they are dividing people for they’re profit

Good! Hopefully they lose their jobs over this too! Yes I hope they get jail time and released in general population!!! Now b*tch paint this..... I’ll donate to their go fund me page. pinkybarks Trump supporters are morons. I wouldn’t support Donald Trump, if you pay me “$1000 an hour“ Welp! 😏 For painting over Graffiti? No case! Judge will throw this BS out!

How and the holy total fuck is this a hate crime WTF. Really America⁉️ Yet we can destroy public property and history but that okay. 😡 Congrats! so we can't fix stupid without getting in trouble. Race-Baiting Hate crimes are the children who were killed over the weekend, REPORT THAT MORONS! Total BS realDonaldTrump do something about this please

Dr_Heavenly Ok but where the fk is the hate crime they committed, am waiting................. Good execute them CBD Oil deals with anxiety during these pamdemics!! Check out my blog Snapandbud They should lose any jobs they had too! The racism won’t stop because it’s taught just like the incorrect history of black culture. America is so fucked up beyond repair. votenotrump

Should have just it all alone smh that’s not even close to helping ......fckn idiots I love this! They definitely what they deserved! Ridiculous. If this this was a city project. They have vandalized city property also. Yes, it was a hate crime, I agree but also charge them with defacing city property. Bullshit they don’t arrest those bastards who damage city property y painting on it which is vandalism but they arrest people who try to paint over it they better not try to jail them when they refused to jail the racist pricks who vandalized the streets anyway

Any charges filed on all the looting and rioting thugs around the U.S.? I'm so sick of this double standard. 🙄 athenalong Lock them up! Shit will never stick. Waste of tax dollars. Can we all get alone...... If they wanted the black lives matter to be black why they didnt say something earlier ......... I'm quite sure they could have helped ........... She has good painting skills

good Anybody that says racism isn’t a thing anymore or doesn’t exist needs the shit beat out of them🤷🏽‍♂️ Pardon incoming. Protesters that smashed up businesses and monuments are pandered to and applauded though. Makes sense Lol, hate crime, bullshit I just love waking up to good news. Happy jail time assholes. carmaisabitch

Did the city pay for the mural to be there? If not, then its graffiti. Jail the racists That’s bullshit Stupid was it worth it Great example of HYPOCRISY. If the terroristic group BLM is allowed to vandalize public property unhindered, unpunished, and without being labeled a hate group then these idiots absolutely have the constitutional right to paint over said vandalism. SorryBoutIt TruthHurts BLDM

That's b.s. and if it was the other way around its ok!!!!!😡😡 They will beat the charges. That’s over reaching Total trash humans Good justice ejykes4u 😂 haaaaaaa that’s what they get A mural is the victim of a “hate crime.” Nearing peak insanity. WE LOVE TO SEE IT whatajoke Why are they being charged. When all I have seen this entire month is nothing but HATE. Turn around people put your glasses on and see what is happening

This is total bull $hit! Total double standards! BLMTerrorists BLMmarxists MAGA2020 A Rare W....... YES!!! 😎 Good! I can't stop laughing. Think on this. It's a hate crime to paint over the illegal graffiti of socialists in the USA now. They are coming after all of your rights now. 😂 ludicrous. sux😘 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Fuck this Putos! Bwahahhahahahaha That is total bullshit they got charged for hate crime!!! Unreal!!! The black people want our white statues destroyed but we can't destroy MLK statue Eajan_ You love to see it. Wtf Unbelievably ridiculous play stupid games, win stupid prizes I really hope the charge sticks Any conviction would be good.

The real crime is that trump is still president and isnt being held accountable for his crimes! Now that is not right ! IsaiahHoward_ 😂😂😂😂😂 Lmao they really went out of their way to buy pathetic FUCK that, charge everyone the same who destroyed our history Good. The sense of entitlement is reaching these days.

Why is All Lives Matter considered a hateful and racist message, while BLM is about love and peace? What's wrong with the stupid main stream media. StressCurry My favorite part of this is all the mad racists under this post... I love white tears 😭 What I've been editing to share with you guys today. Hope you love it!!! throwback girlstrip 2017 GIRLS TRIP! My New Orleans trip ✈️ 2017 via YouTube

Ridiculous That’s ridiculous. Blm are the real terrorist here They literally graffitied over graffiti and got a hate crime charge. America has gone to shit on all fronts. Our future is fucked. There is no fixing this kind of stupid. Well that sucks 4 him But beating white people who support Trump is fine, bull sh$t

DjBlaster 🤣two more ShitheadTrump supporters with a criminal record too now. Ain't god good? All the racists in the comment section pissed 😂😂‼️ I’m glad they got charged! No one should be filled with that much hate Only blm is allowed to destroy things, with no repercussions. That poor street was the victim of a hate crime.

GOOD!! After everything that has gone on leading to BLM to protest against police brutality towards AA. Defacing it looks like they are saying F AA, which is how the movement started. People are bold now not even hiding their feelings about race. People getting fired for spewing hate. They deserved a HATE CRIME charge!

KAREN CHRONICLES DAY 186 AC (AFTER COVID): White Woman Calls Police on Black Neighbors for Building Patio on Their Own Property rsmetallix joweee17 GOOD!!! They keep trying us. We are not our grandparents. The only good thing that stupid mural has done. Ironic she used black paint. And who the hell pants with a skirt on? And flip flops? Where’s the fashion police?

wemasterbaiting Ha Ha Teach these whipeepole a lesson So, it’s a hate crime to clean up what constitutes as graffiti, get a grip America get a grip You love to see it! Love this song! Most ridiculous charge ever. Black people are attacking whites with barely any charges and this is a hate crime. Now that is tasty

WHAT TherealLionsDen Well the streets wear dirty and many people got corona virus because of this protest so why mkae such a big deal out of nothing Yea! One for the Win! Cant tell them, so we Show them! I know they didnt wake that morning thinking their plot would end up Not going as Planned! No way these charges will stick, this is insanely wrong.

With that logic, tearing down statutes is also a hate crime. Tuffffffffffffff Oh please ndvx___ Bout to be pardoned by trump or some shit They painted over yellow letters in the road. Statues are pulled down, monuments are vandalized, even homes and businesses burned, and nothing. This is selective prosecution. Equal protection under the law. This is political persecution.

As he should A hate crime? Seems a little excessive 😂😂😂😂😂😂✌🏿 MusicDuchess Aw, that's a shame. Good But taking down monuments is not a hate crime and smashing statues ? Show me the rules Wait...what? 🙄🤔 A HATE crime? I need to research this a bit with a real news source. If this keeps up all the Trump are gonna be in jail or lose their right to vote......

😂😂😂 Good They must be on their way to tRump's inner circle! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Things you hate: To see it Morons! That’s Fantastic Hell to the yes!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Good CliftonBarnhart '4 more years' The Pokey. So he can’t paint over a dumbass ‘mural’ but y’all can tear down important statues and burn down everything in your path? Makes sense. Love the hypocrisy in this world, especially amongst the liberals

Painted over hate organization symbol. What the he'll? Good This country is a fucking joke Kanye 2020 'hate crimes' are such bullshit Hate to see stuff like this. 🤦🏽‍♀️ They were not being racist! They were taking a stand and saying that all lives matter equally. Which is what the majority of people believe. The Hispanic woman on the video clearly said that all lives don't matter! There is your racist!

Who is the victim? The city can’t be the victim of a hate crime. That’s a city street. “If” convicted? There’s video evidence that THEY did it. What more do they need for proof? As they should 😌💅🏻✨ As they should have beem👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Morality policing!?!?!? Lol Black privilege. White people the slaves with no rights.

Since when are you allowed to go randomly paint your city when you want? There are buildings whose paint could use a little touch up-I don’t get to just patch/paint cause it’s an eyesore. These morons should have left tagging/graffiti to the professionals. They don’t get caught. Wow, now we're a Banana Republic...

Just a slight overreach on those charges.... 10 YEARS IN PRISON!!! realDonaldTrump So BLM isn’t hate? Of course they did. Because to Democrats it’s only a one way street. The tolerant party....... Karen and Carl thought they were Heroes! Hahahahajajajajjahahhahahaha😭 Before we go all out and assume things... why don’t you all learn the meaning of barter...learn to clean up and be a part of the solution and NOT the problem!! Life has enough struggles without making it HATEFUL.. I suck but I meet need on another app so all you shut up😕

Lmao but burning the flag isn’t a hate crime what a joke Painting over words is a Hate crime? what is the first amendment GOOD Are you kidding me 😡😠🤬🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Then when the next statue is burned or stolen or whatever what kind of crime it that ? houstonfan00 What?!? They probably was as red as their shirts when the sheriff came with the indictments

Haaaaaaaa..They were so hateful..Haaaaaaa Assholes She does realize that it still going to say BLM only in blk paint. SMH Something happened and the Earth went into an alternative reality. I agree. Hope whoever they work for is proud of them. That’s a bit of a stretch That’s such BS . By the way that’s not a mural it’s called graffiti losers !!! 🤷‍♂️

Omg. Black ppl need so much help its Insane. Why can't black ppl help themselves ? And without violence. So they don’t get to exercise their 1st amendment rights ? Or are we gonna also prosecute everyone else that’s *checks notes* destroying historical monuments ? But if it was black taggers it would be cool and OK they probably get a statue or something fucking losers 🙏

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Wow was this whole thing twisted! Ya. Ok. karina2020rod A real gentleman having her do all the dirty work. Good... fuck’em So upsetting! This pleases me 🤗 Lol I’m so happy they got charged with something for that! A little ironic she was painting the BLM with black paint😂🧐

Those applauding this blatant abuse of power prove exactly why the left should never have power again. The real revolution in America happens when the average citizen starts fighting back like this couple did. Good for them. America needs more of THIS. Racism is so hateful that it should be a hate crime. Me as a African American have witnessed racism so much. All through social media and sports. It’s time to put an end to racism

Are you kidding me? Covering up vandalism and you get charged? Stop the madness! I don't see the charge sticking. Destruction of property, yes. They may also have a free speech defense. And no, I don't condone their actions or attitudes. So many white Americans must never studied history, there are so many Europeans looters, murderers, rapist, an terrorists but they concentrate only on others, as if theirs is forgotten. 🤔

What a messed up world it is when those who FIXED the vandalism, are the ones who get charged. Smh. So they get punish but not the vandals that painted the streets on the first place ? Unbelievable Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm against the covering of the statement. But a hate crime? That black guy that slugged that 12 year old white kid didn't get slapped with a hate crime.....? Someone please explain

Good Great Job!!!!! Nah I don’t think that’s gonna fly Just get rid of blacks .problem solved! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That is so dumb. That's Bullshit How About The People Burn Down The Business Doing This Fiasco That BLM Was Doing 🙄 In the words of Leo Terrell, “BLM is a fraud and a shakedown” Look I dont like racist but how on Gods earth was using a paint roller over some letters a hate crime coming from a black woman.

Oh but the black man punching that white kid isn't. Good what a fucking joke! but the marxism movement BLM tears down statues and burn down building and nothing is done to them. This is going to end up in a civil war LeoNatures Should’ve worn masks Trump's never going to let anything happen to that couple

So wrong!! ___Determined Good. Wow so you are allowed to take down statues but not allowed to paint over a mural Good! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 So when are the people who tore down the Fredrick Douglass statue getting charged with a hate crime? I hope they get a year in prison. They not playing up there. Wrong place to be racist that’s for sure

I bet when they woke up they had no idea they would be facing charges for this lol. You make your bed, lay in it 🤷🏽‍♀️ shongables But yet its okay to tear down monuments and statues thats been standing for over a hundred years? Grow up and stop being children or the government will put you under 'big brother' remember the 'internment' camps? Can't you idots see the media wants you to fight one another?

IamGeorge__ Wow. But the dude that sucker punched that 12 year old kid doesnt. Strange how that law works ATMBigDawgEv That's shame Let's get some kinda fund for her defense hate crime my ass she did the right thing thugs deface the street So people are tearing down statues are not charge with nothing or enforce . But paint over a mural . Will be charge , can you say double standards

and yet statues can be torn down my deranged Leftist Mobs --- TRUMP will win in a landslide. The Insane Left and The Fake news will PAY. Good for these guys. BLMIsADomesticTerroristGroup is nothing but racists. THAT IS SO WRONG, WHY HAVEN'T ALL OF THE PROTESTERS I MEAN RIOTERS BEEN CHARGED WITH HATE CRIMES BECAUSE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE IS A HATE CRIME

Y? Why no one talk about the shooting over the week It’s high time people start standing up to these BLM marxist terrorists. Expect to see more. Hate crime, seriously.....Y’all going way too far This should be the important crime Good!! So the people toppling statues are getting charged with hate crimes too, right? Right? No? More pandering to murderers because they painted over an idiotic painting? And the people who toppled statues aren’t? Sounds about like I expected. blacklivesmatterterrorist

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awww TMZ still race baiting. That is so wrong.... Americans need to stand up against the Marxist BLM movement Anyone have the GoFundMe page for them? Finally.... Justice And how is that a hate crime.. BLM is a hate group. They collect money to give to white Democrats and only cares about Black Lives if a white person kills one. Meanwhile the black children that have been Killed by our own 'brothers' in Chicago and Atlanta don't matter to them.

No such thing. They shouldn’t have taken their asses out there in the first place. BS. Graffiti removal What Who gets to decide that it was a hate crime? I’m black and I hated it too..... I’ve heard now rioting burning buildings assault on white peoples are not the crimes but covering up graffiti is what in the hell is this world coming too enough is enough

Lmfao idiots Good, now maybe they'll think about it the next time they do something stupid and ineffective Insanity. Totally fucked up So painting over a Marxist group’s name in the USA qualifies as a “hate crime”? Yeah, we’re fucked. They are willingly to smite their noses , for racism ❤️❤️❤️ Stupids! Darn good!

I hate to paraphrase tRump but “Lock Them Up” Ridiculous!!! Total bs Hope they happy now!!! So, if they paint ALL LIVES matter, is that a hate crime? But, other people can do their street painting and it's okay No, it's not. Wheres justice for BreonnaTalyor?! These two painted a road and get charged right away. Shes dead, and the cops are...? Come on now!!

I feel like that’s a definite good punishment for them but also what about the antifa situation where they carried AKs, walked down the st, targeted white people & asked for money and intimidated them bc they were white?! Why is that not being covered? This world is crazy. America's gone!!!!! Well done China.....

realDonaldTrump the must respect the street it wasn't good that they seen a black lives matter in street. They must see lines not a words. DJT must keep his supporters. Wow. Amazing. How dare they get charged for anything. Worst is a free meal for cleaning up the streets. 😂🤣😂 Womp womp! 😂🤣😂 These two clowns deserve each other.

Double standards............ and before I get any hate or threats I’m against all vandalism. But u can’t punish one and glorify the other as free speech or peaceful protest..... So I guess it’s a crime now to support the president ? And yet jussie smollet is still free. They should pay for the materials to repaint. And repaint it properly under supervision. Keep destroying public property, they'll go to jail!

The fact that they were allowed to put it there was a hate crime against everyone not Black and just like free speech allowed BLM supporters to topple monuments and burn our flag those painting over it should be allowed to express themselves too What is wrong with White People... They where cleaning up the mess BLM has caused, this is a joke, so i can graffiti anywhere i want as long as it says blm

Insane...Maxism has no place being publicly paid for and advertised. Um hate crime is weird. But whatever the idiots get o well Street cleaning isnt a crime Love it go to Washington next they need their streets painted over Niceeee This will be easily dismissed Should’ve looted a store instead you’re allowed to do that

You love to see it. Why is one speech; the other a crime? Both deface public property? You’re either for free speech or you’re not. Any way to support these heroes? What a joke Hate crime? But destroying a statue will make you a hero. Dumb liberal logic Hope they get the maximum sentence! Why isn’t there an uproar after DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments? I guess black lives are more important than Jewish lives? 🤔

That's crap. 16 children shot in a single weekend and no mention from BLM or the media but someone vandalized something that was in all regards vandalism because those are city streets and the Police now are useful. That crap, I want to stand up and back the blue but than this! 😆 Bonafied idiot should be

If these people get charged, the BLM whackos belong in prison So ridiculous Blm is a terrorist marxist organization and needs to be eradicated for the safety of America! Total BULLSHIT. 👍🔥❤👏 😁 And they should be. Disrespectful ass holes. as they should be! anybody that puts so much energy in tearing down a group of people who only want to be treated equally are hateful people.

Comical. CA is a joke. Hahah i will pay their bail and fines. Need more ppl like this GOOD! FUCK THE REPUBLICANS AND THEIR RACIST WAYS! BLACK LIVES MATTER! Stupid fools 🙄 DoubleStandards ALLISUPSIDEDOWN FUBAR I am 💯 for the movement, but if BLM are free to paint that, then shouldn’t people be free to paint over it? Fair is fair

Why they get charged? If I tag up my hood on walls or roads,I get screwed right? They were just cleaning up the street? Ya stupid What a joke. Not a hate crime. FOH. BLM is a terrorist organization. ATMBigDawgEv 🤡’s BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMFAO! THIS WILL BE ON YOUR RECORD FOREVER! TRY ERASING THAT B I T C H E S 🤣 B L A C K L I V E S M A T T E R

That’s not a mural I thought the dumb trump supporters know everything! Shit for brains Why? No really WHY? The only hate crimes are the ones being perpetrated by the terrorist organization commonly known as BLM and Antifa BLM is a hate group !! Classic left double standard Lol what?! How exactly is covering up graffiti a hate crime? Show me the law.

Bullshit So were the original people who painted BLM charged as well? If not that's fucked Good Ridiculous double standard. Good ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 against who? So it’s a crime to paint over it, but not to paint it on the street itself.. seems like it should go both ways It's literally a peaceful protest. What a Fuxking joke Guess freedom of speech in public places doesn’t work both ways?

So we can’t clean up graffiti around our towns if it has anything to do with BLM? They about to lose they FREEDOM Karen’s at it again!! She thinks her wife privilege will protect her. SMH 🤦‍♂️ God is good all the time They painted a yellow sign black and where is the problem? Painting over a Marxist Organization is a hate crime ?

Y a hate Crime? That’s Bulls.. t and will be thrown out in court. Justice Rules! We are all so lucky to be Americans. We all still have a lot to do to Make Black Lives Matter! Free speech Imagine living in a country where you are allowed to destroy monuments, loot and riot, but get charged with a hate crime for painting over letters.....

But it’s ok to vandalize statues and property if you are a liberal. i love this song I'll drink to that 🍾🍸 cocktail anyone 😜 Yessssssss!!!!!!! So glad they were caught and charged!! IGNORANT that’s what the two of them are IGNORANT!!! Need to get Hollywood and music industry to bail them out and start a go fund me page.

Don't need paint when you can just do this lol Did these idiots know it's a Trap? Ridiculous Awful Americans LMAO!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well well well if it isn’t the consequences to your actions Not right, wasn't a mural was VANDALISM I bet they won’t get convicted If only it had been granted national monument status...they would get a minimum of 10 years each

lol larryemcdaniel 👏🏽 good. It is hate. racists gotta learn the hard way. Their time up People have forgotten what a 'hate crime' is..... Oh they are innocent Hate isn't a crime. This is bullshit. BLM = Arsonists, thieves and looters, rioters, hoaxers and MARXISTS! Those painters are actual heroes. Heroes

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