Trump says the US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization

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Trump announces the US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. He has pointed to far-left groups as responsible for many violent US protests.

New York governor calls on protesters to demand change and to vote out lawmakers who don'tNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a media briefing in the Bronx, New York, on May 30. Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images

He said people need to"demand that the federal government and every state government" pass legislation that says reports of abuse by law enforcement cannot be investigated by local prosecutors because"self policing does not work, period." "Don't lose the passion, don't lose the outrage. Be frustrated, but be smart and be directed," he said.He said these situations are “very very difficult” and “everybody is under stress."


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Cnn iz trash

Someone needs to muzzle him


This makes sense look at all the destruction this group has caused across America. The mass shootings, the lynchings of white peoples, blowing up building and burning giant A’s all over the place. Surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

It was about time! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

CNN has done everything in their power to divide our country. This is what they wanted. They use words that divide people, knowing that most of Americans are good. They focus on the few bad apples and say we all are bad apples. No, no, no!! Protest against CNN. Say no to CNN

CNN STOP spreading lies. Antifa group is the target not far-left.

Wake up Captain America ! Your own people are being bullied by your president and government !

Trump opposes an “anti fascist” group. Sounds about right.

He should, look at the peaceful protestors cnn, what does donlemon have to say about these protestors? I see racism here more black on white racisms actually

So does he just think that there isn't any white supremacist He's blaming it on a antifa name that he gave to AOC and them? Is he going after them since he blaming antifa when it was planted white Nationalists tearing up shit

CNN WANTS THE HATE AND DARKNESS. CNN COULD HAVE REPORTED THE TRUTH and will not. They could have inform people that most American wanted justice for Mr. Floyd. They know and they didn’t. Protest CNN.

Yes!! Finally!

damit wanna stop the killings on both sides calk 347 680 7079 ,,

They haven't. created no more violence then the past 400 years of the KKK.

He’s a Leader for the White Racists Terrorists MAGA POTUS realDonaldTrump FOH

cnn better contact the inventor if theyu truly wanna stop theastupid. he knows exactly what to be done to stop the killings on both side ,,contact 347 680 7079

I know c n n wants to help please remind the system that it all stops once they arrest those other 3 cops ,mandatory or the violence continues .when the chokings and shootings stop the violence and looting stops also ,blacks have waited for over 400 years then came martin luther

The next administration may designate the GOP as a terrorist organization. 🤔

45 is responsible for over 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, and now America is on fire, he is at play with words again...the ['left' is not responsible] for this ['right' wing racist terror] burning down communities across this nation! JoeBiden TheDemocrats washingtonpost nytimes

FINALLY- no organization who’s supporting violence should be allowed to exists - P E R I O D ! They are destroying their own neighborhoods and others get rid of them ASAP!

How about the kkk

Hello to everyone who is against the government. We, Russian anarchists, have great respect and solidarity for American protesters. Believe in you brothers!

Not hard to see where this is going

What world is he living in?

We don’t care what he designates.


So out with Antifa but nothing about white supremacy groups, Klan organizations or 2nd amendment groups with illegal guns. Trump is a giant COWARD!! DonnyDumbass

Excellent! Ship them all off to Guantanamo Bay! Do you all below enjoy the horrors of the last few nights? Yes punish any bad police officer, but don’t condemn them all. Just as you would not want to be judged by the actions of crowds of rioters!

StopTrump Keep military off the streets. Must resist destruction of democracy to avoid what happened in the Weimar Republic in 1933 when Hitler, after he was elected by popular vote annulled the constitution and imposed a totalitarian racist rule


CNN always talking I'll of Trump. This is unprofessional journalism realDonaldTrump

Thank You!!!

The DotardInChief is going to proclaim antifa a terrorist hashtag

So is the KKK! But he probably wants to give them a Medal of Honor!

Well done

This is the fascist reflex...

1) Antifa isn't an organisation. 2) Police and the far-right are the ones instigating violence. 3) Do your f---ing job. :/


Maybe CNN will be the next designated 👍

Good! They are hired thugs who destroy other people’s neighborhoods.

realDonaldTrump How about this group? It merits a listing as a terrorist organization as well.

The CNN best friends are terrorists? Nooooo!

This is beyond fucked up. Designating a group that despises you as a 'Terrorist organization' is what dictators do

Be interesting to see the profiles of the ones that were arrested throughout these multiple riots. I am putting my best on right-wing extremist, and they are working at least 2 angles. 1-destroying black neighborhoods, 2-spreading covid, and perhaps a maneuver for Marshall Law.

And you CNN is one of them!

Yeah because the GOP is such a peace loving organization!

But white supremacy is fine. Nice people in fact. 🤬🖕🖕

And these guys too?

Wow! Delusionist in Chief

Because it’s true!

He's a pedo. He won't be able to hid from the Americans long, not even the ones who swore by him

About time.


Wrong ... it's the young criminals who are burning and looting, not the protesters. What a terrible situation America is dying in record numbers with the virus and criminals are burning down cities. The masks are good but their using them to not get caught. Death rate will sore.

So people protesting anti-fascism are a “terrorist organization”, despite there being no such specific group, no actual record of crime, & implying he himself is a fascist, while his base of white supremacists & neo-Nazis are “very fine people” — *who literally murder people*.

'THOSE people are the problem.....never me.'

realDonaldTrump also needs to designate his family as domestic terrorists and the GOP Senate. They’re destruction to the country, trade, the economy, morale of the people, and the well being of the people is a crime—it is an atrocity.

Het eerste wijze besluit van trump. AntifaTerrorists

The above tweet has enough room left point out the reason given for declaring a imaginary 'group' as a 'terrorist organization' are 'Unfounded' or 'Disputed' or 'Non-existent' or (maybe too much for a news organization) 'Fabricated Lies and Intentional Misinformation'.

And what about the far right groups who encourage and perpetuate race-based domestic terrorism? Shouldn’t you be concerned about ALL Americans’ safety ... the black Americans too? ENOUGH!

How come other terrorist groups are not in Trump’s list such as Boogaloo? Unless Trump is a member of such group or supports their views such as neo nazi etc. if u want to bring peace and order and place one group in the terrorist list you gotta include all, not pick and chose!

Those behind the coordinated attacks are running in, causing damage and then backing out, while letting the normal public be upfront after they start the chaos they leave. These groups are trying to dismerit the March.

Nationwide curfew or if gets worse & I think it has gotten worst Marshall Law should be implemented in my opinion!

Only it’s actually white supremacists making it look that way so they can sparked the Civil War. 80% of those protesters were white that were busting windows and breaking into establishments. Sounds like this is a set up and white Supremacist should also be a terrorist group.

The great people from USA, they should take that mad man to the International court of Human rights, i am portuguese , but i lived with my family in NJ , USA for 10 years and i keep US in my hearth God bless you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is about time. I don't care if you could care less about politics; you have your preference of parties or are Independent, like I am, Antifa is violent & like a magnet they go to where they are assigned. Ask previous Antifa. Any other group as well.

He should designate Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist org.

Please mention that he’s lying.

Pretty obvious. This is a liberal debacle.


But the KKK and Aryan Nation, Proud Boys are Good People.

I thought he did that already. Is it possible that realDonaldTrump didn't do something he said he would? What happened to good guys 'on both sides'?

Trümperv who killed Epstein

Antifa! Antifa! Antifa!

Bravo Trump.

It's only a matter of time before the EU designates the US Republican party as violent far-right extremists, responsible for inciting and supporting violence.

Did he have any thoughts on the KKK?

IMPOTUS is grabbing at straws to find a way to change the narrative about his failings as president. COVID19, Economy, Unemployment, Racial Inequality, loss of US standing in the world, this list goes on and on.

There’s not enough Antifa members to fill a high school football stadium...yet he knows how to jack up his racist “Christian” base and place blame somewhere...a punk move in the midst of a crisis

That's not the issue here. The issue is why he's not addressing the people and calming the situation. Times like this is when people look to their leaders for comfort and guidance. He's accusing Antifa with no evidence at all! Idiot in Chief

That doesn’t make it true, for fucks sake.

Did the caravans arrive? Or is it time for a new imaginary enemy to rally racist trash against

Meaning if you don’t lick their boots they’ll bust your head.

realDonaldTrump but the neo Nazis and the KKK are 'fine people' right? FOH! 👊🏽

So he saying by that clearly antifacism is bad and he is a fascist

Bravo !!!!! keep feeding the base as if white supremacists are non-violent good ol white boys, hey guys great opportunity to call out Antifa, freaking hypocrite

He is merely making an assumption: there is no evidence that the violence is a coordinated effort. Incompetent

Please Stop reporting on Trump! He will lose his mind.

We all know the police is the real terrorist cell in America, so this won't change public opinion

Way past time.

That's okay. The Weathermen were also technically a terrorist organization. It doesn't mean they weren't right.

Well, first true headline in years. It’s a start.

Bullshit. He's creating a blanket reason to arrest more protesters!


good lol

Best news I’ve heard all sad is that? The fact they exist (Antigua) is a stain on America.


ANTIFA = ANTI-FACISM... Are you surprised when the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, White Nationalists, & other KKK hate groups that saturate the RethugliKKKlan party make up his MAGA Klan Supporter? Hoping y'all will fall for the MAGAt Okey Doke in prep for Nazi Germany 5.0 in the USA

What about alt right? White supremacy? Undercover cops?

therefore, one may reasonably deduce that right-wing white supremacists are responsible

Any word on White Supremacy yet? Or are they going in alphabetical order?

...and white supremacy groups?!!!!!!!

Then why did he not designate the kkk, neo nazi and the white supremacy groups as terrorist! just like trump to protect is base!!

I can’t with this man anymore! He’s making everything worse. I’ve said several times after too many incidences that this may be his “Presidential moment” and represent a nation. It will never happen. Biden isn’t the best answer, but not Trump for 4 more years

What realDonaldTrump doesn’t understand is that while this might be true, it solves nothing. The root of the problem is that people of color can’t trust police. Focus on THAT! Not distractions to fin up tha base

And you should call WhiteHouse a terrorist organization

With zero evidence. And yet in Minnesota they arrested people with ties to white supremacist groups. Once again he sides with the racists.

Thank you realDonaldTrump, about time!

What about the proud boys?

Well he is a fascist, so of course everyone who opposes him is a terrorist. Right out of the fasicist playbook.

Antifa isn’t exactly an organization. Don’t know what I would call it tbh.

I don't understand CNN anymore. It's like everything he does is bad and you try as much as possible to sway the people of America against him. Hasn't he achieved anything? I am praying and believe he will win the election in November no matter how bad you make him look


Now is when you point out that he has pointed to “far-left groups” without any evidence whatsoever.

What is Trump doing to unite communities together? Nothing. He is so unfit and immoral. He has no clue and is a horrible leader.

But the Maga racist group his kkklan and cult are just some very nice people that are frustrated with Democrats

Finally!! Watch these people defend them.

Of course a fascist would want to discredit an anti-fascist group


Trump is a nazi, pass it on.

great job CNN, doing the bidding of the president. glad to see who's side you're on


...and, what about recognizing the White Supremists, et al as Terrorist Organizations.

Why isn't the fact that he CAN'T LEGALLY DO THIS in your headline?

Bold to declare your own government fascist. Seems right in line for Trump, though. At least he's admitting it, now...

The US used to conscript people into a massive Antifa group. WW2

What about the KKK and neo-Nazis ? Oh wait, he is one of them !!!!! 🤬🤬🤬

He’s the devil

They need to cut off Trump’s ability to keep calling on Putin for advice of how to run a government? IMPOTUSResign

What about the kkk?

Hi CNN, you should probably point out that he can’t do that. Antifa isn’t even an organization. Also he had absolutely nothing to say about Proud Boys and other white supremacist organizations.

Scribe_Light It's About Damn Time!

MAGAPILL About time.

What horse shit.

Should we wait something different from a white supremacist president? Trump and Bolsonaro are disgusting!

Fake President

Isn’t it ironic that a terrorist can label others as terrorists?

It's a movement, not an organization. He is the most dangerous president this country has ever seen. We are all in serious trouble.

I bet that breaks your empty hearts.

Its about time. :) 🤗 Communists everywhere beware! Thanks to Obama's extension of the Patriot Act, your phones will be monitored and all your contacts, including those in government and the media! YAY Draintheswamp

All the dem donaters funding a terrorist outfit....not a good look

SundayBibleExpo Prepare the way! The Messiah is coming!

he should do the same with the klan. 😑

Except that he can’t.

Declare trump as a child trafficker too

Racism problem solved now...

But the governor's said its White supremacist groups ..guess which one is the truth

He has pointed to them? No. They are responsible

Cool one♥️🙄


what about the far-right groups

I love how arbitrary and capricious such designations can be. It is almost like invoking the term terrorist is merely a shortcut to abridge rights

BLM should not be too far behind.

Now do the KKK and neo-nazis.

Trump can designate my d***k! How about that.

because he likes fascists

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