Trump Says He’ll Raise Existing Tariffs To 30%, Escalating Trade War With China


The move was in response to retaliatory tariffs imposed by China.

In a series of tweets, Trump expressed anger toward China, which earlier on Friday

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This war trade war he started he will lose it... But he went too far now to stop. The way he bullies other countries that are supposed to be his allies. The US are a powerful country but one day they'll need help... Yes, they will... We'll see then who will answer the phone call Good He’a playing chicken with our money

Well done Trump UNFIT Hold on for a sec, does DT knows that we the people will pay for that Tariff. A psychopath is making delusional decisions. LOVE it We have the largest comedy in the worlds Israel FalseMessiah AntiChrist Yep someone will not learn!Quit Pro Quo🤦‍♂️

Trump retaliates against China, says the US will hike tariffs on importsThe trade war between the US and China entered a new phase Friday, raising further risks for Trump a week after a recession warning flashed realDonaldTrump really a stupid thing to do. You should listen to those that are much smarter then you. The quality of the working treasury is formed, providing items of periodic exploration of statistics, and providing items and factors imposing customs restrictions to equal the items of use and provided by the Fine Forum. Worst business man ever!!! You fools who voted for this 💩 are going to learn the hard way. VoteBlueToEndThistRumpNightmare voteblue2020.

He’s mental. Truly mental. He’s creating a cult! We need to make our own watches now lol

Trump Says He’ll Raise Existing Tariffs To 30%, Escalating Trade War With ChinaThe move was in response to retaliatory tariffs imposed by China. He's unstable, insane, and unhinged. who What an IDIOT. The Dow tanked another 500+ points. 👎👎👁👁

Escalation in U.S.-China trade war threatens global economy, poses Trump reelection riskAmerican cars, soybeans and oil largely produced in key swing states have been targeted for additional import tariffs by China, marking the latest volley in a widening trade war with the United States that has damaged the global economy. Sure, let's be more like China/Russia, the liberal socialist are the answer 😂 You are wrong! Please stop, getting old.

Trump Orders American Companies to ‘Start Looking for an Alternative to China’Breaking News: President Trump said U.S. companies should look for 'an alternative to China' after Beijing retaliated with new tariffs in the escalating trade war Well done President Trump! Recession here we come. Yeah, start with Trump products

U.S. official says China far short of soybean purchase pledge after small saleChina has purchased about only half the U.S. soybeans it pledged to buy earlier ... Big mistake China. Soy will make a big come back. I think China may have trumped the farmers. I have no sympathy for the US regarding this. They are reaping the rewards of electing the 'stabel jenius' and his rage-Tweet fueled deal making skills.

Vietnam says 'deeply concerned' about developments in South China SeaVietnam is 'deeply concerned' about recent developments in the South C... Two years without a working US government and the world begins to wobble help vietnam china is evil no 2 x 南海是属于中国的

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