Trump says he'd 'want to hear' foreign dirt on 2020 rivals

What if a foreign power offered Trump dirt on his 2020 opponent? 'I think I'd want to hear it,' Trump tells ABC News. 'There's nothing wrong with listening.'


What if a foreign power offered Trump dirt on his 2020 opponent? 'I think I'd want to hear it,' Trump tells ABC News. 'There's nothing wrong with listening.'

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday that if a foreign power offered dirt on his 2020 opponent, he'd be open to accepting it and that he'd have no obligation to call in the...

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend a Polish-American reception with Polish President Andrzej Duda in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday June 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The role of Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., in organizing a 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer offering negative information on Hillary Clinton was a focus of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the last presidential campaign.

Several of Trump’s other Democratic opponents in the 2020 race, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, repeated their calls to begin impeachment hearings in the wake of the president’s latest remarks.

“I don’t need it,” he said as he met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. “All I need is the opponents that I’m looking at.”

But Trump, who nominated Wray to the role in 2017, told ABC News that he disagrees. “The FBI director is wrong,” the president said. He added, “Life doesn’t work like that.”

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There isn't. But it IS wrong to take it, create a fake dossier with it, leak it to the press, then use those media reports as the basis of a FISA warrant to spy on your opponent. MoronAlert .realDonaldTrump proves without a doubt that he can't really ever be charged with accepting campaign help from a foreign power. Idiocy is not conspiracy. It's his Trump card.

Since when is the FBI an arbitrator on what candidates can listen to? Most opposition research is BS, anyway. It's not what you hear that matters, it's what you do about it. And that's exactly why so many Steele Dossier worshipers are about to fall. Confirm it first, or suffer the consequences. I agree with him

He’s right. Or you could be like Hillary and pay for lies. You mean that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she paid actual money for the dossier filled with fake Russian intelligence. I want to hear all the demon rats outraged over that! Actually they did You ever go after Adam Schiff for wanting to take info from a fake Russian! That phone call said it all!

Democrats started it with the fake dossier. I think the ultimate irony would be for the new POTUS taking office in Jan-2021 (oh please, please, please be true), that he/she would nominate Comey to take over the FBI and he can investigate EX-President Trump............

Trump Asserts Executive Privilege in 2020 Census FightPresident Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census i wonder what does it take for the hispanic community to revolt against republicans Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn't show his desire to be a dictator, aka powerful leader.

HC paid for it! The deranged would love to get any kind of dirt on Trump any of his family members. They have been trying to get any dirt from any country since he first announced his candidacy. They are still trying. So After all that is what Hillary did. Big difference in listening than spending 12 million for a filthy Dossier. Now we heard there were numerous Dossiers made.

One of Trump's good assets is listening! The globalists are the only ones allowed to hear dirt on opponents with foreign information. Okay! The (D)socialist 3rd world dumbsh*t party the do as I say, not as I do party COMMIES R US dnc howdoyoulikeusnow MAGA NoDACA Deplorable Dreg “Dirt” is contagious!

So vice- Vera’s is OK? I imagine you feel it is ok to listen and use dirt on you from foreigners!!Hum,Hum 'Oppo research' called 'oppo research' ( that's what Giuliani told me to call it if you guys asked 😌) nothing wrong with it! 'It's not treason it's 'oppo research'...OPPO RESEARCH!...GET IT RIGHT! DAMN IT!

Biden and Trump attack each other in a possible 2020 previewPresident Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly laid into each other while traveling in the battleground state of Iowa, unleashing verbal attacks that at times felt more appropriate for the final weeks before Election Day than a lazy summer about 17 months before voters go to the realDonaldTrump was throwing and landing haymakers while JoeBiden was swinging and missing

That's a 2 way system why wouldn't anyone want expose evidence of corruption. Well done realDonaldTrump Me thinks the corrupt are worried that other governments have evidence of corruption. that's why the media is attacking the idea so much. He listened first time around...look where that’s getting you Donny 🤷🏼‍♂️

Americans are surprised a morally corrupt man has no morals. Press outraged, but Dossier is just this Seriously what more does anyone need to see...... itsinfrontofyourfacebutyourefusetoseeit The question you should be asking (as should Donald Trump) is WHY would a foreign power do this & what would they expect in return? Even Trump knows nothing comes for free & the logical conclusion is that the foreign power would gain a degree of ‘influence’ over the President.

He’s honest. All others do the same but lie about it. Clinton dossier from Russia vis Brit spy. A probable 2016 repeat because establishment Democrats can't do their GOD. DAMN. JOB. congressionalOversight impeachmentNOW realDonaldTrump proves once again why the FBI was worried about him in 2016. Their profile of him was spot on.


Biden calls Trump an existential threat. Trump says Biden is mentally weak.Trump and Biden are running like the 2020 general election has already started trading insults with each other campaigning in Iowa. Garrett Haake, A.B. Stoddard, and John Heilemann discuss. So fun to watch the media try to trick the Democrat voters into voting for Biden. Fake polls, ignoring the rest of the field. I have a feeling the voters are going to notice. With napkins and bullshit and bent money? trump has no idea who he is dealing with.

He said that in 2016 too. If you were listening. Which is what most people would do. What you shouldn't do is pay for it, like Hillary Clinton did. Or like the FBI and CIA tried to get Popadopolus to do. But then you all don't have time for reporting. Too much dirt to sling. How about the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama Administration and FBI, CIA,State Dept. Harry Reid, Mark Warner, Adam Schiff, British, Australian and Italian spy agencies.... the biggest political fraud perpetrated on the American people!

What a jerk! A big IQ certainly. But it’s not collusion... Why are we being polite to a man who has soiled our democracy? I think he should then weaponize the Intelligence committee and the FBI and the start a illegal investigation. Oh wait that was already done. Trump approves and means tobenable foreign spying on US political candidates

That’s what wanna be monsters do. Aslong as you don't spy, get people to spy or create fake dossiers (yes Democrats and FBI that's you) you aren't doing anything wrong by listening. Traitor Talk

Trump defends his trade war in Iowa as he’s battered by 2020 DemsDonald Trump is determined to stay in the good graces of America’s farmers even as his trade policies threaten their livelihoods Yes, Joe Biden is speaking more slowly than he normally does. This is deliberate: Joe is reaching out to the slow minds of the MAGAits and other trumpTOADIES. Gotta speak to level of comprehension of those who Joe is doing to peel away from babytrump next year. Good strategy, Joe Trump blunders trade and crushes farmers so now America has to give them handouts. Socialism under the right wing. POLITICO and RT have almost the same viewpoint.. Maybe because both are run by communists.

It’s perfect for the media to make a run with. Now let’s sit back and watch. Pelo menos ele foi sincero. There's plenty wrong with listening to a foreign power regarding ANYTHING about our elections!! It's called treason! And the rest of the quacks running wouldn't ? 😂 Let's not assume any politician is a angel.

See the difference is he says what would happen. He would listen. Every other politician would say i would not listen I would tell the FBI and walk away. Total lie. And the average American I starting to see it Opposition research is what candidates do. But what Hillary/DNC/& political activists in govt agencies did was use a foreign manufactured and unverified dossier in an attempt to remove a duly elected president.

This is what every campaign does. YES THERE IS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THATS HOLY AnyoneButTrump2020 Not his full statement- said he’d listen and would call the fbi as well. And?

Trump, Biden Face Off in Iowa in Potential 2020 Election PreviewPresident Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden exchanged barbs from opposite ends of Iowa on Tuesday and couldn’t resist taking shots at one another. There is no match Biden looks like falling down can't make a complete sentence not fast on your feet joe Youth leaders from all over the world have not been able to present their Youth Action Program for the prevention of violence and the consolidation of peace for 4 years already UN Blocked Global Youth Summit against Violent Extremism Biden allowed Obama to destroy America, Our Police, Military, the Unborn and Our Sovereignty. POTUS TRUMP’s RIGHT. Biden DEMS want TO CONTROL. But the truth is coming out and they will all END up in GITMO for collusion against Trump and with Russia, Ukraine,Mi6, Treason

If someone has information and information is power........ ya better call your mommy and tell her? No thanks, the fbi is always keeping info from we the people and spying. Information isn’t a crime. Pee-Resident tRump is the beginning of Idiocracy in the real world. Is there any truth to the rumour that Putin has privately awarded to Trump the Order of Lenin?

❶ Listening✔Malicious intent⛔️Criminal. ❷ Russian asset's well-documented treasonous path+his accomplice's 'one-man roadblock to new Election Security Bills'🔴+ ❸ ObstructionOfJustice/MuellerReport baggage make them both national Security Threats. He is just eat you all up!!! PAC Man!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

He’s right there is nothing wrong with listening. I agree, nothing wrong with listening. What candidate wouldn’t listen? Perhaps instead of contributing to our favorite democratic candidate we should just contribute to a foreign government that will support her. It's frustratingly obvious that SpeakerPelosi won't do anything to rein in 45.

RNC Chairwoman says winning Michigan will be harder for Trump in 2020'Michigan is going to be competitive, it's going to be harder. You did same-day registration and you have a Democrat governor. It's going to be a more difficult state, but we're up for the challenge Because the oligarchs Paul Manafort gave voter data to, specifically about MI, via Kilimnik somehow lost said data since 2016? No duh. He didn't legitimately win it the last time around.

.... but there is something wrong when a sitting President and his henchwoman in the the State Department collude to spy on the opposition. And we want to hear all the dirt on realDonaldTrump & family. There’s nothing wrong with listening. The Mueller report wasn’t enough. There’s more to be investigated & uncovered. But those who can tell us were ordered by Trump to ignore subpoenas to testify & provide documents.

And wouldn't Trump's opponents want to hear dirt on him? Twowaytraffic Are we mad at him because he was honest? Every candidate would take the dirt ONLY if it's him getting info Cause he already did in 2016 clearly doesn't get it. This is how an actual person would respond , not a pc bs answer and the media is flummoxed . They can’t believe someone would say what they mean and mean what they say.

That was his invitation. Need we forget 'Russia if your listening' Unbelievable Get him out

What if a Foreign Power offers information on Trump and his minions? Should the FBI be contacted? That's the question I want to ask DJT. HELL YEAH I WOULD TOO. Then he can forget it after he hears it so nothing to see here. The American press would listen, Natural-born crook. WHAT IF. . .KINDA, MAYBE, SORTA. . .SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDA. . .YOU LIBS LOVE TO MENTALITY MASTERBATE YOURSELVES. . .TO DEATH!!!! HAVE AT IT!!!! THE 'POLLS' HAVE BEEN MASSIVELY WRONG. . .FOR THE PAST 3 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS!!! I HEAR HIL-LIAR-RY HAS A MESS OF FIREWORKS!!!

So what was wrong with the Steele Dossier? Nothing wrong here. Zombie meli

StableGenius keeps shouting ImpeachTrump If Mussolini had Gomer Pyle's intellect he would be Donald Trump. All you who are shocked and say you wouldnt listen are kidding yourself. Democrats paid for Steele to create fictional dossier. Seems reasonable for 45 to listen to same on losers in Democrat party. Will be funny and karma

He doesn’t understand ethics... I think Trump will get bated into a trap by democrat’s for even acknowledging he would listen to a foreign power on some possible dirt of any kind. Bad move Trump!!! Impeach now? No. Let's wait till after Trump gets re-elected and another 6 years go by. PeteButtigieg 🇺🇸 2020 'Trump deserves to be impeached.' The first presidential candidate to publicly state with definitiy such claim and history has noted.

Can't wait to hear Sean Hannity defend this. He will probably say how American it is for foreign governments to interfere in American politics

Be great if the tables are turned and they get dirt on Trump The authorities need the info in case a competitor is being black mailed Trump just admitted he can’t win without Russia’s help. Steele dossier....anyone? He was the tweeter in chief but now is the traitor in chief Treasonous!!!! Lock him up! In TrumpIsAFraud ‘s world, cheating is job 1 It’s his m.o.

Like how his married rivals like to get pissed on in hotels? 👀👀👀 If getting dirt on an opponent from a foreign power or figure is considered interference in an election then what would the SteeleDossier be called since it came from a foreign figure who's name is Christopher Steele? So many questions now.

Love him or hate him, he’s the most transparent president in the history of our country. 👍🏻 Now all we hear is but but Hillary & the steel dossier. Which they turned over to John McCain who then gave it to the FBI. Her campaign didn’t use the information in it. It came out after. Let’s not forget it was first started by a Republican who didn’t like Trump. Trump-Traitor

Yes. There. Is. It. Is. Illegal. It. Jeopardizes. Nat'l. Security. It. Destroys. Democracy. ChinaDaily let the president of China know it’s okay to send the democrats dirt on trump for 2020. Unless you are democrats that set people up! criminaldemocrats Agree Trump has lost his shit! Totally gonzo!!! Ugh! I hate this man. When is the next election again?! 😩😩

Foreign powers will offer up information artificial and real, right and left, in order to sow chaos in the 2020Elections. Their goal is to bring down our Republic. 🇺🇸 'It's not important to project strength, it's important to manifest strength.' Vladimir Putin 🇷🇺 He wants and should be impeached So trump willing to get info from a foreign source is bad, but Hillary and the dnc actually paying for info from a foreign source is ok...... 🤔🤔

Sorry, ChrisCuomo Trump specifically said “i’d do it again”. He as much as admitted, openly in front of God and everybody, that he DID it! What does it take to get people to acknowledge his blatant guilt? If anyone thinks for a second the Dems would not do the same damn thing they are idiots. Oh wait,...

52 U.S.C. § 30121, 11 CFR 110.20 Report the truth - it's against the law. I'll just keep posting it, just 18 U.S.C § 1001 A- he can't just keep lying. The country is full of cowards that will not enforce the laws on the rich and powerful, only the poor and working class. AP : All Propaganda Lol, wouldn’t we all? 😆

But when the Mueller report offers dirt on him he tries to suppress it by any means. Well thank God his competitor Hillary would never stoop to that level. Oh wait she did!

So if a former British intelligence officer put together a report for Trump, that would be bad? I heard there's one on you called 'TheCrapper : 2BoysAndACup' RepBetoORourke NotSoFunnyNowIsIt Description: 2DudesRubMoreThanRouxInAnOuthouseInTheDeadOfWinter SpeakerPelosi you must ImpeachTrumpNOW Hahahahahaha so you realize l!btrds you are falling into a trap? Hahahahahaha!!!!! You demorat l!btrd troll b!+Che’s are playing checkers WHILE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS PLAYING CHESS!!!

Trump: “unless that dirt of course is on me than obviously for national security and the safety of our country that evidence will be destroyed!!!” Who’s playing with u guys. Love it We’re so fucked! And!? Because the dems don’t do opposition research. Is that the point 😂😂😂😂

He is absolutely correct. He has a duty to listen if a potential candidate is comprised. Thank you Mr. President. Self over country you sicko Dear in your eyes has President Trump ever done anything right? When is the last positive story your staff wrote? AP sucks AH!!!!...WRONG YOUR A TRAITOR ITS IN THE MUELLER REPORT...GUILTY OF OBSTRUCTION...AND YOUR SON COLLUSION!!! ITS GOING TO GET OUT...YOU CAN NOT HIDE IT FOR LONG!!! MUELLER IS GOING TO TESTIFY AND HE QUIT! so he can just walk right in!!!!

As long as it gives him an advantage it is ethical and legal in Trump's mind. Ask RepAdamSchiff he knows a lot about this topic Trump would be briefed about what the person had to say even if he rebuffed the meeting. As if I needed more proof of the lack of integrity this person has. Yes! I love this man.

What if a foreign power offered a Trump opponent the pee tape? How would he feel about that?

What if a foreign power offered dirt on Trump to his opponent? Trump would call the FBI in a second. Hillary Clinton has already done this & much much worse. Didn’t HRC do it? Not illegal ROSETTA STONE: An international extreme rightwing fascist cabal that worships Putin as a Great White Savior has groomed Trump as a neuroweapon mind-controlled useful idiot. See vet journo links here:

OMG. Really. They all do it. Judges do ex-parte communications. Par for the course. RemoveJudgeBrodman MatthewKellyExtremeDUI Fixthesystem DraintheJudicialSwamp Trump making the media triggered again. 😂 Isn’t this the definition of Treason!? At least he’s honest. Democrats would hide it.

F’n A...are all of you in lockstep? Hillary...bought...and paid for...foreign dirt...on Trump. Wasn’t true, but she listened. Maximum alert for President realDonaldTrump -- by Antonio Matragrano - Антонио Матраграно That's illegal. He's expressing a desire to commit a crime. Kinda like Clinton and the Christopher Steele dossier, oh how we forget, hypocrites

“sir, another oppo research is happening right now” How can anyone vote for this POS Were fucked. Remove SpeakerPelosi and begin impeachment immediately. Or rule of law means nothing.

Hillary pad a British Spy to put together a FAKE RUSSIAN DOSSIER on Trump which was used to weaponize the DOJ & FBI, and she called it 'opposition research'. Seems it would be the same if Trump did the same thing. Say what this is: a crime So much fun. This is like confession and get out of jail free all in one.

I don't know how much lower the bar can go. It's like it's in negatives or bent into a hoolahoop and trump woos Putin with it. There just is no bottom anymore. Both side would listen to dirt and use that dirt if it gave them a edge He’s describing collusion. Democrats actually hired someone to find dirt on a Republican candidate. So realDonaldTrump is right.

TRAITOR Since he is so willing 2 say this today & has spent months denying collusion I really wonder if he has gotten away with this during the last election & has covered it up. He clearly does not have a problem with it. He's unfit 2 be POTUS His love 4 our enemies is really disturbing Please keep doing interviews.

It's treason. He’s playing with the congress, that was a softball ...and expected answer.. the media should simply ask “with all due respect to the office why are you a cheat and a liar” that’s the question Snowflakes gonna start melting Is anyone really surprised? Really? Yeah, yeah there is. If you're listening to the dirt you are accepting the dirt. You can't unlisten after it's over. They're offering information, it's not a physical thing you can say 'no thanks' when you've heard it. Why am I explaining this, if you don't know already...

Hear it and pay for it. This is gaslighting. This event already occurred in the lead up to 2016. Trump is just attempting to normalize his abhorrent, un-American behavior. The very least the gop could do at this point would be to admit that had literally anyone else said this, they’d be storming the White Hous rn.

So he will listen to gossip from foreign countries but nothing his own Government tells him? He is a super duper shithead! Lmao you dont need foreign dirt on that group of clowns. Duh. It’s like hearing about a fake golden shower. Trump's *Executive Time* Machine Featuring: *LawBeGone* A stain eradicator. Very effective on 229-year-old documents and subpoenas. *Cook the Books* A high-temperature cycle for tax returns. *Legit* A money laundering turbo wash which eliminates crime from any currency.

Trump just admitted guilt. He clearly erased three years of denials about conspiring with Russia. He did it. His campaign did it. Impeachment, removal, indictments, prosecution, sentencing, seizure of assets. This is not normal. but republicans will do anything to win because they know that america is becoming less white and more brown.

Fit to impeach! 'It's only treason if you act on it.'

“Russia, if you’re listening...” Absolutely True fuck whoever would reject info

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