Trump’s Tweets Cost Investors Over $500 Billion


The stock market lost over $300 billion in value in 15 minutes due to six tweets from President Trump. He even joked about the Dow being down later in the day as investors lost over $500 billion on Friday.

It will be interesting to see if the Trump Store will move the sourcing of its items to only being made in the U.S. It’s website has a

Trump sent out a tweet when the market was open seeming to make a joke that the Dow was down 573 points due to Representative Seth Moulton dropping out of the Democratic Presidential field. This was at a time when the S&P 500 had lost over $450 billion in value.

It is also worthwhile to note that goods exports to China are running 19% below 2018’s level, which translates to $20 billion in fewer exports (and therefore U.S. jobs) this year.

Note that Trump used the word taxed in relation to the tariffs in these last two tweets. He had previously said that China is paying for the tariffs (which is incorrect) so it will be interesting to see if he continues to use this verbiage realizing that tariffs are really a tax on U.S. companies and consumers.

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Great article laying out the fact that the US is losing, not winning under Trump. He and his cult will surely blame others without any basis in reality though as we all bare the brunt of his ineptitude and lies! AnybodyButTrump2020 LoserTrump 25thAmendmentNow FactCheckMaga Big business is watching, still from the sidelines. How long will that continue? How long will they continue to prop up our tin hat wannabe dictator?corporateaccountability CountryOverParty

We must stop selling China food stuffs! American farmers can just cut down on production and take less money..i say stop feeding China! Why must America support a Chinese communist government anyway.china sells us cheap crap and you all know it.only to build thier army up to possibly conquer the known world and put all of nonchinese under the whip of slavery with no human rights.american farmers are feeding China

Unpack how much money trumps businesses would make with a fed cut! No wonder the guy want fed cuts😏 pffffffff Talk about Swampy Swamps 😎

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Dow Tumbles As Markets Finish Fourth Straight Weekly LossRecession anxiety, tariffs, the Fed and Trump tweets shook markets. Omg snowflakes ❄️ You forgot to add due to drump meltdown and tirade of idiotic tweets that warrant impeachment .realDonaldTrump “So much winning”!

Dow Tumbles As Markets Finish Fourth Straight Weekly LossRecession anxiety, tariffs, the Fed and Trump tweets shook markets. The Dow goes down and the Euro goes up. What a correlation! I wonder of Pontius POTUS will tweet “Thank you”. 🙏

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She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel coming to Disney+Trump said he will raise tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods to 30% and hike duties on another $300 billion in products to 15%.

Here’s what a payroll tax cut would cost the governmentCutting payroll taxes might help stop an economic slowdown but would cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars at a time of rising fiscal deficits,... Chinese stealing from America for decades! China loves Joe Biden!! The largest event defect in US history Oh! The Republi-KLANs have already achieved that!! Did you mean, Here's what the payroll tax cost Americans...?

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