Trump Requests Georgia Recount, Meaning 5 Million Votes Will Be Tabulated A 3rd Time

The law calls for a recount to be conducted by retabulating every ballot through a scanner, the same way they were originally counted in the days following the Nov. 3 election.

11/22/2020 8:20:00 PM

Georgia's nearly 5 million votes in the presidential race will be counted for a third time, as the Trump campaign has formally asked for a recount because the president's loss is within the legal margin for that request.

The law calls for a recount to be conducted by retabulating every ballot through a scanner, the same way they were originally counted in the days following the Nov. 3 election.

The law calls for a recount to be conducted by re-tabulating every ballot through a scanner, the same way they were originally counted in the days following the Nov. 3 election.Trump's campaign and his allies have launched a continuous stream of attacks against the election integrity in states that he lost, including Georgia, where the voting laws and procedures have been enacted and governed by fellow Republicans.

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In a statement announcing the recount, the Trump campaign demanded it include signature matching of absentee ballots, despite repeated explanations from Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office that such a request is illegal and impossible."Let's stop giving the People false results," the Trump campaign said without offering any evidence."There must be a time when we stop counting illegal ballots."

There is no evidence that illegal ballots have been counted in Georgia.The president, the chair of the Georgia Republican Party and every member of the state's 2021 Republican U.S. House delegation have contributed to the attacks on Raffensperger, Gov. Brian Kemp and how elections are run in Georgia, and both Republican U.S. senators, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, called on Raffensperger to resign last week in an evidence-free letter alleging massive failures. Loeffler and Perdue are both on the ballot in Jan. 5 runoffs that will determine control of the Senate.

Kemp, in a brief statement Friday, said that the law required him to certify results but also suggested Raffensperger conduct a random audit of absentee ballot signatures, playing into a conspiracy pushed by Trump and other Republicans that widespread absentee ballot fraud plagued Georgia and other states in which Trump lost.

A spokeswoman with the Biden campaign said the recount should show for a third time that the president-elect won the Peach State's 16 electoral votes."As the Secretary of State said, there is no reason to believe there are widespread errors or fraud and the Trump campaign has no evidence to back up their baseless claims," Jaclyn Rothenberg said in a statement."With regards to signature matching, both parties were aware of the rules set forth months before the election and all signatures have already been matched."

In an interview with GPB News, the state's top election official said last week that the November election was one of the smoothest in recent history and the historic audit conducted in less than a week should give extra confidence in the outcome, even if he personally wished Trump had won.

"I've been saying that half of America will be happy and half of America will be sad with these results," Raffensperger said."And I would be disappointed when I put on my Republican hat, but these will be the results and it will be what it is because that is the will of the Georgia voter."

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The recount process is expected to take several days, with officials in Atlanta's Fulton County estimating anywhere from five to nine days of eight-hour shifts, with multiple scanners to get through more than half a million votes.The machine recount is unlikely to change the results. It is also more accurate than the hand-count audit, which confirmed Biden's victory over Trump and was within 0.10% of the original number of ballots counted.

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.......uh third times the charm? So we're doing a 3 count and you're type of thing? How many times must Biden win Goergia? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times... I must be the fool. 🖕🖕🖕👍🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👍👍 lol wow are we serious here? hahaha I’m sorry but this is bitch behavior (attitude not gender) 🤷🏾‍♂️✔️ Is no one going to point out that America’s highest alpha male official is pulling back the myth of patriarchal masculinity.

Definition of INSANITY Hey, I got an idea. Let's recount 5 million ballots over and over until we get different results, or it's too late to get them to the electoral college. Oh, and majority black precincts, let's just void all of those votes like we did in the good old days when America was great. Bad Groundhog Day nightmare joke... get a life and pull your headout Donnie...

Sure go for it. If it’s set up because of the slim margin. No still means no. We all know he doesn’t understand that lesson. The President is exercising his rights under GA law. Count the votes again, the results will not change & move one step closer to Jan 20. Nothing is going to change & there is so much POTUS can do before he’s nothing more than an ex-President.

When will this end? Why is he fighting for a job he apparently doesn’t want to do? People are dying and he’s doing nothing to help. The people have spoken. No more 4 years of golfing. Trumpets in GA are rushing to vote again since Trump told his people to vote twice. When they can't get a new ballot, they'll protest waving their AK15s & AR 15s & knock groceries out of people's arms & punch Blacks & women in pants. Then their mommy will bring them a sandwich.

Count, recount, recount the recount…if only he put up the same effort for the pandemic control… If Trump put this much effort while being the president alot less of people would not die from the COVID-19 and he actually will be remember for something. You’re once, twice, three times a Loser! 🎶🎵🎼🎤 TrumpTheSoreLoser BidenHarrisLandslide2020 EvictTrump TrumpsLameLegalTeam DonaldLameDuckTrump EveryVoteCounts

Let Trump lost three times in Georgia! 👏👏👏 Serious question: how many recounts is too many? Chris Krebs, I.T., this being a computer vote with three weeks+ to find a way to manipulate the count. Computers are doing it. Why am I not comfortable with this? Are all votes being protected as we Tweet? If president chump wins the 3rd time, then Biden calls for a recount... ...when does the s**tshow end?

Why don't you actually do an audit with it so that you could tell which votes came from true voters? At what point does this cease to become a legal effort and begin to become a treasonous attempt at undermining democracy? What sucks is that Georgia taxpayers have to fork out the $$$ for the unnecessary recount.

Cool, we’ll get to see Trump lose Georgia 3 times. tbh, i’m almost looking forward to watching him lose georgia a third time Such a waste of time. Count the legal votes ! Throw out the illegal ones ! Why don’t they just say no? Talk about bullshit. Dear God! Please make it stop...end..over... I feel so bad for the vote counters; I know its machine fed but what a waste of their time for petty bs.

Who is paying for this? Are my taxes going towards coddling a manchild's ego? How is this not a giant waste? ... Welp Ok. Heavens to Murgatroid! Eye roll, third strike you are out. Waste of taxpayer money Every time they do a recount are they hoping that someone slips a few thousand Biden votes into the trash bin?

And taxpayers foot the bill for the lunatic The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Isn't this the definition of insanity? Please revise the title of this article to “Trump requests a 3rd recount in the state that does not require candidates to cover the costs”

Poor loser he still can’t accept the reality!!! They can count them a million times and is still going to be the same!!! LOSER 👎🏼Just because you cheated your wives, workers and on your SAT’s don’t mean everyone is the same!!! GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!! We the people of Georgia have spoken. We don't want good old boys to run our state anymore. We're not looking for radical change, but we want to join the modern world. We need to get the good old boys out to do this.

Bullshit! His stall tactics will not change the outcome. He is simply trying to inflict as much pain on the US because he cannot stand being a jilted ex! Make the loser pay before the recount starts or Georgia will never see a dime. Will he stop at a third time? Weird! How many times are you all going to do this?

The classic definition of Insanity...keep doing the same thing over & over & expect a different outcome! Can you say Desperate? Trump is a masochist to want to lose the race not once, but 3 times! The gift that keeps on giving...Trump’s twisting in the wind! TrumpIsPathetic many times does this guy want to lose?

I hope he’s paying for this - ridiculous! A third time? What a waste of taxpayer dollars. Ya lost boo Is it so he can be the only person to lose an election multiple times? I can see it now 'I'm very good at losing elections, some would say...the best.' 😂 Stupidity abounds Who is paying for this ego trip?

Need to stop this sh*t and man up. Tell trump to fkoff he lost enough is enough. Do you think trump would recount. 😂😂😂 3 strikes you’re out! What a clown Ha he gets to lose Georgia three times over. Our President is such a douchbag! The recount has already been done, stupid. It's his right. Be patient. We want all legal remedies exhausted so that EVERYONE can have CONFIDENCE in the outcome. Meanwhile, NPR doing a shit job covering Trump legal challenges. Entire Leftist media telling same Narrative. Why we need so many news channels if all copy?

Who pays for all of this? He will never be happy! He LOST get over it! The governor has been caught and now trying to cover his own a$$. So many things wrong, where the state did not follow their own election laws. (Trump) Dear diary, today I asked my daddy for a recount of my halloween candy. I know I had a hundred pieces but now I know only 75 are left. I demand a recount, this Halloween was widespread fraud.

Because wasting time and being sore losers is the GOP way. What do you call people who need to lose the same fight 3 times? People who enjoy self inflicted pain are not all there. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. TrumpAgainstAmerica Election2020results

Someone didn’t pay attention in math class. Go ahead - count them again. The answer’s not going to be different. countallthevotes Get your $$$ up front Georgia Quick question - If the hand recount took a week, why is the machine recount expected to take 5 to 9 days? Shouldn't it be quicker? Since the recount will keep staying within the 0.5% margin, do we just keep recounting Georgia's votes forevermore?

And trump will lose a third time’💙💙💙 I hope he’s paying for this again.... Hmmm will he have paid some politician election counters to all of a sudden find some new votes or disqualify more..hmm But are they verifying the validity of each vote cast? Whether in person or mail in? Will those who did both, will 1 be cancelled? Will the serial numbers of the outer envelopes, inner envelopes, ballots and signatures all be verified as legitimate? Important!

Too bad he didn’t work as hard at his job as he does in these useless recounts. But useless describes him to a T! Wow he wants to lose 3 times Can realDonaldTrump please count them a 4th and 5th time too, just so we can keep watching him lose? I don’t think fascists “asked” for things.. I’m starting to think all the eftards calling trump a fascist don’t actually know what a fascist is

But it doesn’t even matter. He is just wasting money. Oh..., yeah...., that IS what he does. I forgot. Imagine if he made this much of an effort with the COVID response. Such bullshit. He better be paying for it 45 why didn’t you show this type of energy fighting COVID-19 back in January when you were debriefed?

The only way the outcome could be any different is if votes are switched during this third and unnecessary recount. Please stop this madness. Concede and move on. What a waste of time and money! He wouldn't be asking if had to pay And twice wasn't legal? Let's c recounted by hand requires documentation how's it not legit, formal 3 is beyond a joke shouldn't happen.

It must suck big time to lose 3 times. TrumpIsPathetic In the meantime, Trump needs get his taxes collated and ready for release. And I think he’s supposed to submit a DNA sample to one of his rape cases. Yet another recount isn’t going to stall his legal issues at all... January 21, 2021 is coming no matter what.

He is still under electoral votes no matter what. Another agenda is behind his incessant need for recounts. Buying time to cover his tracks or is his hubris that much that his narcissistic self cannot nor will not concede. 🙄 Shit Four years later..he will still have us counting. .if the count does favored him.. are dems gonna suck it up or demand a recount?

Awesome! We get to see Biden win again! General Sherman didn’t do enough. Georgia is a pitiful excuse for an original colony. Just carve it off and give it to Mexico What a fucking waste of money. This is all he wants. How many times does this guy want to lose? The election isn't a slot machine Mr. President.

This is a complete waist of tax-dollars, especially when considering how the millions being spent in a recount could feed millions of families struggling due to the lack of leadership and empathy shown by GOP What a farce. We’re going to make you recount this until you get it right, oh wait you got it right the first time

Uhhh... How many redos do they get? 3 seems like the maximum. Hopefully. Who pays for it? There should be a requirement prior to accepting a request that the petitioners agree to publicly accept the result. lauraj55 While he's stealing the money and playing golf. Are american really serious. They'll count until he won the states?

3 times the charm When millions of ballots are mailed to dead people and others that have moved away and then are collected and filled out illegally and mailed in, it not the counting that matters it’s the accuracy and authenticity. But NPR is not journalism either, it’s spam. Who is paying for all these recounts? Also, is he planting a batch of thousands of never before seen ballots that will suddenly be found in this recount?

Ridiculous and embarrassing. Such a disgrace. 🚫🚫🚫 The epitome of Karens Ever been in a job where you answered someone and they ask you, “Are you sure?” You then confirm that you are able to do you job, which then the Karen ask once again,” like are you sure?” They are looking for an answer that isn’t there

The definition of insanity: counting a third time hoping for different results Too bad he isn’t this persistent in his work ethic. MORE TRUMP INSANITY! PAID FOR BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER!! So, itll simy reconfirm Bidens win whilst fueling the fires of American delusion for Trumps suporters... This is so bad , so sad even as Biden has clearly won, this Trump insanity continues to erode our Democracy. At least we now have a full reckoning of our divisions.

Get over the childishness. Where is his Integrity? Some people will disappoint themselves-so sad. Heh. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace is trying to avoid more lawsuits against him once he is out of office, so this is yet another desperate attempt to avoid that, and feed his ego, as well as appease his clueless and dim-witted 'base.'

Ridiculous.....the count will not is a delaying tactic that should be called out. TrumpLOST. BidenWON. TrumpConcedeNow ThreeStrikesAndYoureOut recounts seldom change the results and there have already been two counts; this seems like just a delaying action; realDonaldTrump still loses GA

In the meantime, is anyone actually running this country...pandemic continues to rage out of control and trump is golfing, and focusing on his insane notion that he won.... country NEVER comes first with trump...HE always put himself first.... Get over yourself, realDonaldTrump. You fucking LOST, and a third recount of one state will still not give you enough electoral votes to win.

trump is going to lose GA a 3rd time Sad!! Compromising voters in Georgia but I hope it's worth it, because we didn't vote for Trump This is absolutely absurd and should not be allowed. He will continue doing this just to disrupt the transition and Tobago spiteful. This will be his legacy, the most hateful man in America.

So uhhh, people are in food lines across America and yet they are spending how much money on this futile exercise? dafuq 25thAmendment He’s stalling and distracting to buy time for something. Watch him! It wouldn’t be shocking for him to engineer an event to gain control 🙄 Waste of time and money. Money that could’ve been spent for something so much more important

Does each time they count Biden wins more votes? How many times does this guy have to lose? When does the madness come to a close, for God's sake?! Rudy is on it ! Wow, to watch him lose again for a third time in a State he though he had, priceless. Once... twice... THREE TIMES A LOOOSER!... Said this in jest...

How much is all of this narcissistic nonsense costing the American people? tЯump LOVES spending other people’s money on himself. How many times does PresidentElectJoeBiden have to win Georgia? Wasn’t happy losing twice. Wants to lose three times. I don’t get it. Thought the second count was because Cheeto demanded it?

Oh my goodness, really? When, when will Trump give it up? Where are his baby sitters? Pathetic. FFS. At what point do states just tell him no and get a federal injunction stopping him from filing any more frivolous lawsuits? When they have to drag him away in handcuffs on inauguration day? A third time?! YOU LOST. Get over it.

And the results still won't be any different How much tax dollar money has been wasted in Georgia? 👎🤣👎🤣👎🤣👎 It appears realDonaldTrump wants them to count the ballots over and over until the result the one he is wishing for. How many do-overs does he think he is allowed? Poor Georgia poll workers....

How many times must it be counted? And who is paying for it? NPR getting it wrong again. They HAD their recount. Idiot requested a third one, but they are by no means legally bound to do it and probably won't. realDonaldTrump here's who you need☝🏾☝🏾☝🏻☝🏻 This is outrageous & a national embarrassment. Think about how we look to the world.

WTF? crybaby gets this done while Americans die in record numbers, kids are shut out of school, businesses close, and he's at his resort playing golf AGAIN ! Makes the 303rd day in office. And TWO failed trips to north korea with NO summit agreement. Trump is a draft dodging imposter Enough already accept the defeat

Today’s GOP. 👍 All this losing Trump is hurting the Georgia senate race the GOP cannot even pop bottles because daddy Trump lost 🤦🤣. Its like your kid cannot have a birthday party because another kid is upset ass kissing at its best! What's the end game here ? Doing the same things, expecting different results. Doing the same things, expecting different results. Doing the same things, expecting different results. Hmmmmm.

lawful . so do it. lets move on whatever the result. this deranged president sent B 52s to the middle east this week.. he's dangerous. Grasping at straws You have got to be kidding 🤦‍♀️ Enough is enough already. This man is going tolose the same state 3 times. Just great... I mean, it’s not like us Ga taxpayers want our money spent on things other than to placate a man-baby with a brittle ego.

Such a waste of taxpayer money!!! This is ridiculous! How much do tax payers have to spend on recounts and other measures to coddle the ego of one man? bidenwon EnoughIsEnough When is it enough! I done with this stupid GOP game. No more extra innings. What if Biden wins the recount again ? Then what happens, does trump have anymore options ?

What will that cost the counties? Think of all the Thanksgiving meals and food kits that could be distributed for the cost of this vanity action. Mr. Trump's egotism is much more important to his GOP party than the needs of people isolated by covid, who would normally be eating a good meal at a church or shelter

I am going to enjoy watching him lose for the third time. He's like that guy who won't 'let' his girlfriend break up with him. The only good thing to come out of all of this is the spotlight on narcissistic imposition of one's expectations on reality. This is the basis of all sexual assault, aggression, delusions of grandeur.

Delay tactics. Period. No chance of changing the outcome. So, now Trump will lose for the third time. What an idiot. This is complete nonsense. It's a waste of time and resources, and does incalculable damage to faith in US elections. Trump and the entire Republican party should hang their heads in shame for the reprehensible way they are handling themselves.

It’s a stall tactic he knows he’ll lose again he’s aiming for Scotus to throw him the election. Put cameras in these voting places and have attorneys watching the hole count from start to finish from another room is someone guarding these places 24/7 SundayGrandWord 회개와거룩함 Global Sunday Revival Service November 22, 2020 The Messiah is coming 메시아께서 오십니다 2020년 11월 22일 방송

Cool. It'll be fun watching him lose Georgia a third time Yay!!!!!! He can lose GA 3x’s!!!! RUB. IT. IN. GA!!!!!! Who paying for it? ... and guess, who is picking up the tab. I hope the people in Georgia remember this come January because the GOP is encouraging this waste of YOUR tax dollars. Aren't Republicans supposed to be the ones against wasting taxpayer dollars on shit like this?

...and the dumbest thing of all is that Georgia taxpayers have to foot the bill for that shit. CHANGE THE LAWS!!!! How many times? Is there no limit? Apparently he loves losing repeatedly. So lame. Nothing wrong with working within the law to do a recount Absolutely a colossal waste of time He is such a demented diva.

So he’ll lose for a third time? Those poor poll workers. Time to start over with our system. It’s failing what a waster of tax dollars Again? Didn’t they just recount GA? How many times can a legal recount be done? He should tired of losing by now. Nothing like seeing him lose again! Count it as many times as you want.....results won’t change. And each time Biden wins, we get to celebrate!

Pathetic realDonaldTrump So, he's going to lose for the third time? I suppose GA taxpayers are footing the bill for this nonsense. Biden gets to have a hat trick. He better damn well pay for it. Does he think that counting the same votes over and over should be non-deterministic? Such a crybaby. sad LoserInChief

Unbelievable! Who is doing these counts? And WHO pay$ for this? Such a fucking joke. The sore loser will lose the third time. So many losses, I’m tired of seeing him losing. realDonaldTrump this you? We are rounding the corner on the darkest years of the USA under the racist, impeached, one time term sore loser Trump ...

He loves spending other peoples' money. Inauguration must be moved to year in which election is held. POTUS election 2nd Tue Nov, inauguration 3rd Mon Dec. Or, election 4th Tue Oct, inauguration same or 2nd Mon Dec. Figure it out, just eliminate going into next year. He gets to lose Georgia a third time. I never get tired of seeing realDonaldTrump lose. We should thank him for the opportunity to keep laughing at him. We wouldn't have got to do that had he just conceded.

Aren't the results finalized already? There must be some point at which Georgia officials can say: 'Respectfully Mr. President, this is just fu-king psychotic and were aren't going to indulge your delusions any more.' Georgia, the GOP...and America need to move on. Instead of paying for re-counts that will end in Biden still being the President Elect. They should use that money to help their supporters and American families that are truly struggling. This administration is truly ridiculous. MAGA my foot!

It’ll be fun to watch realDonaldTrump lose a third time. 😂😂😂 Is the campaign paying for this? Because I kinda love the idea of them paying to watch themselves lose a THIRD TIME. This effort could have been put into find the parents of those children separated at the border. This much effort could have been put into justice for ALL Americans.

He's literally hoping to flip just one state so he can say the whole election is a fraud ( which he already has ) ... he's desperate and will ultimately fail... again. What’s the endgame here? So we’re going to keep recounting until some official breaks the law for him and gives him the win? He’s hoping to do the same in multiple states? Don’t get it. There’s no logic to this. Only being done to disrupt. I hate his followers. They’re so dumb.

And this, too will be a waste of time and Money - GA TAXPAYER MONEY, not trump's. He will decry the results of this count, too. Imagine having an ego so fragile you force yourself to hold an entire country hostage. Is the third time for the dummies con the back? Seriously? It won't change the outcome of the race. This is ludicrous.

I wish there was this much effort put into pandemic response. Instead of wasting time recounting votes to lose again, realDonaldTrump should start caring for the growing body count of Americans thanks to his disastrous Covid effort. Insanity for the whole world to see. Trump and his supporters have made the USA look like a banana republic in one historic election. But they can't win, because the People have spoken. Urgent mental health services required for Donald J Trump. He's losing it every day.

Don never was very good at math. Reminds me of Gerry Cooney's fight with Larry Holmes. It was a close fight, and every time he watches it,he says, he gets closer to winning. ' One of these times, I'm gonna win it.' How many recounts is he entitled to? He already had the 1 recount by HAND. JUST SAY NO. ENVOKE THE 25TH AMENDMENT THESE ARE STALL TACTICS TO THROW THE VOTES INTO THE REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURES. WHAT A SAD PATHETIC SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WE HAVE CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY

Wow trump turns Georgia 3times in a month. So trump will be a 3 TIME LOSER in Georgia. They say the tax payers in Ga have to pay for it , so as long as it doesn’t cost him he’ll ask for recounts all the way to Jan 20th . You’re too much realDonaldTrump 😂 Biden going for the three-peat Tang better be paying for that recount, and they better get the money upfront.

They better get payment from the campaign first, it has a history of running out on their bills. Wonder who's gonna win this time........... He’s going to keep asking until he gets a couple different results and then he will use that as a way to say it should all be thrown out. The same way Russia 2016 delegitimized his win, now he’s trying to delegitimize his loss

People are dying while this farce continues. Shameful. Is he paying for it? Get cash up front. At least it’s money for local employment? But how pathetic is he. Just because Trump can, doesn’t mean he should. Shameful, despicable person. The GOP is a mess, weak, neutered. My Rep, David Schweikert in Az, will do nothing but hide. He should have never been voted back into office. RepDavid RubenGallego SenatorSinema CaptMarkKelly

At some point a Georgia official must grow a pair and say 'ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT!' Now we'll watch him lose a 3rd time. Didn't they just do this five minutes ago? Jackass This is ABSURD. Delusional Donald can’t tolerate his loss, so he’s acting like spoiled kid who has never been told “no” & so the hissy fits continue. Grow up and start packing!

At what point can the state just say no? Is there no limit? How the recount is done matters as it’s clear many illegal votes have been cast by mail in ballot in all these battleground states. dnc broke election laws. If you win win ethically or you aren’t democratic but a tyrant and dictator JoeBiden POTUS

Who is Donald Trump propels who’s this utter fool who’s this exalted ignoramus? Wow when does he know it’s time to give up? This is totally crazy. Just plain crazy! Why is this man troubling America like so? Who’s gonna prosecute him and bring a stop to all this nonsense? If that recount is also within the legal margin, as one would expect it to be, can he ask for another? And another? And another? How many times can he ask?

TrumpIsPathetic Keep losing. Personally, I’m loving it. You’re gonna lose the runoff too. So we get to see him loose for a third time realDonaldTrump will be the only President in history to have lost Georgia 3 times in the same election.