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Trump questions the downsides of banning flavored e-cigarettes in heated meeting

Trump questions the downsides of banning flavored e-cigarettes in heated meeting


Trump questions the downsides of banning flavored e-cigarettes in heated meeting

President Donald Trump raised his concern about the possible negative consequences of banning flavored e-cigarettes during an at-times hostile meeting on Friday about finding ways to reverse an epidemic of teen vaping.

Trump raised his concerns over the possible consequences of banning flavored e-cigarettes.

"If you don't give it to them, it's going to come here illegally," Trump said to a chorus of "yes" and "you're right" responses from vaping advocates. "And instead of

Trump said he had read about bad products making people sick, apparently referring to an outbreak of a vaping lung disease that has sickened nearly 2,300 people and killed 47.

Flavors are at the heart of the divide. Proponents say flavors help adults transition from cigarettes. Opponents say they attract kids and mask the harms of e-cigarettes. Those divisions came to a head, with multiple shouting matches with attendees yelling over each other breaking out throughout the meeting.

"So you think flavors are dangerous, essentially," Trump said.

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Any meeting with a Senate CULT (mitt R) minister, will turn to crap, he is full of extreme jealousy becausehegave us 8 years of worst pres in American history. realDonaldTrump SenatorRomney seanhannity marklevinshow CramerClub TuckerCarlson LouDobbs Aged room temp cows-milk cheese flavors should not be banned.

Somebody must have donated lots of money or gave him dirt on an opponent While they are at it, they should ban pot and arrest any legislators at the state level who legalized it. Arrest Soros for pushing it. Pot is a dangerous drug.

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