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Trump pushes CDC on reopening churches guidance, says important to nation's 'psyche'

President Donald Trump is pushing to reopen churches despite the pandemic, saying it's important to the nation's 'psyche.'

5/22/2020 7:39:00 PM

Framing the reopening of churches as “important in terms of the psyche of our country,” Pres. Trump told reporters that he was urging the CDC to issue guidance specific to places of worship as soon as possible.

President Donald Trump is pushing to reopen churches despite the pandemic, saying it's important to the nation's 'psyche.'

, saying his administration could issue new guidance as soon as Friday.Framing the reopening of churches as “important in terms of the psyche of our country,” Trump told reporters Thursday that he was urging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue guidance specific to places of worship as soon as possible.

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“I just got off the phone with CDC and talked about churches. I said I want the churches to open, the people want the churches to open, and I think you'll have something come down very soon, from CDC, we want to get our churches back,” Trump said at a roundtable with African American community leaders on his trip to Michigan.

Tune into ABC at 1 p.m. ET and ABC News Live at 4 p.m. ET every weekday for special coverage of the novelcoronaviruswith the full ABC News team, including the latest news, context and analysis.The president’s determination to reopen places of worship comes as he has urged the people of the country to view themselves as “warriors” in prioritizing a return to a semblance of normal life even as the coronavirus remains a major threat to public

health.President Donald Trump participates in a roundtable with African American leaders at the Ford Rawsonville Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., May 21, 2020.President Donald Trump participates in a roundtable with African American leaders at the Ford Rawsonville Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., May 21, 2020.

Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images“People want to be in their churches,” the president said. “It's wonderful to sit home and watch something on a laptop, but it can never be the same as being in a church or be with your friends and they want to have it open and I think that's going to be happening very shortly.”

Back in March, the president had envisioned packed church pews by Easter Sunday in a bid to reopen the country, but ultimately relented from the Easter goal."I would love to have it open by Easter," Trump said on March 24."It's such an important day for other reasons, but I'll make it an important day for this, too. I would love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go by Easter."

MORE:Coronavirus map: Tracking the spread in the US and around the worldAs he again pushes for churches to return to in-person fellowship, the federal government is in a position to offer guidance, but it will be state and local governments that continue to bear responsible for setting the terms of reopening based on the conditions in their communities.

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But that hasn’t stopped Trump from casting the issue in political terms.The president has criticized some Democratic states for taking approaches that he views as overly cautious and on Thursday blame “a lot of Democrat governors” for keeping churches shuttered.

“The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors. I want to get our churches open,” he said. “And we’re gonna take a very strong position on that very soon.”Attorney General William Barr has threatened the Justice Department will intervene in lawsuits brought by churches opposing restrictions if it thinks the constitutional rights are being violated.

Public health officials continue to urge caution as states begin to relax social distancing guidelines that reopening too quickly could lead to another spike in virus. While there has been a recent downward decline of new cases on the national level, some states and cities have reported increases.

What to know about coronavirus: Read more: ABC News »

Why hasn’t Donald Trump been arrested for allegations brought against him. It might very well be true that a sitting president can’t be indicted while in office but stopping short of indictment the voters want to know the criminal background of the man who wants to be king . I pray every day that Trump will be gone by January 2021.

Wow and this from the man who said GD at a rally in NC? Who swears often. The guy with the money grabbing tv “spiritual advisor” who he drags out to get the Christian vote back on his team. Beware of Trump. Thankyou President Trump!!! Trump 20/20 Has he seen that places of worship are high risk? When was the last time he (I refuse to acnowledge he’s the president) went to a public church - even before Covid-19 was identified in the USA?

So if the churches gather in masses and cases fail to soar...rally's can go forward. I see his logic. prayer for the world peace also Churches are nonessential! Pedophile priests! Steal people $ What exactly does the church do? Besides brainwashing people? Sounds like Waco to me? This a person who’s only religion is money.

newsjunkie3355 'Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.' ~ Seneca Amazing! I didn’t know he can read You need to prevent divine taboos (polytheism, fornication, usury, etc.) more than prayers, because it is corruption in the land of God that He created.

Bitchessssss ToddQuinones ToddQuinones When was the last time dump was in church other than for a publicity pic or campaign photo op? We need ‘want to be’ leaders not recommending the risk of deaths to coddle his complaining base. It should be criminal. It is a good Trace data model lab application for the lemmings.

At some point maybe Darwinism should sort out the dump supporters. The smarter ones won’t congregate are church and the dumbest ones will get to ‘see their creator’ sooner. My empathy for stupidity is low... 🤷🏼‍♂️ Override them? Jack-wagon, it is not up to you. This is another idiot eager to make his opinion outweigh many others.

Bullshit. There is 0 difference between more and less. Yeap you are right: Psalm 109 fits you perfectly All religion is bunk. I don’t have to go to church but before I go to work I say quick prayer to keep me safe and to make sure I have a good day at work Hypocrite He's just lying and he just won their posts to get reelected

Get your last rites and the lords message at the same time.. chalk that up for efficiency .. Two Corinthians told him to do this. TrumpIsAnIdiot With realDonaldTrump as president, this is a rare true statement. A person can pray anywhere, Tubby It's late decision he should have taken this decision at start of this Pandemic

He is following the instructions was given by The leader of Iran last week!!! Good let them all go to religious groupies. God will protect them, after all he created the virus. Anyone who truly believes in god knows that you don’t need to be in church to pray. You can pray and worship anywhere and anytime.

I wonder which church he will be at this weekend? Just a question. He’ll kill us all..............he doesn’t care So says the Devil himself🙄 At your direction Mr.President United States is in a mess. Prayer does one thing, fool people in to thinking someone is going to help them and they don't have to do anything else them selves.

He ain’t lying... Maryland Gov. Hogan has already declared houses of worship essential, and they can open at 50% capacity. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol. Like he knows what prayer is. Prayers doesn't need specific places ! People can pray from safety of their homes ! Opening worship places can be hazardous at this point of time. realDonaldTrump must not bow to Pastor's lobby who are facing financial challenges due church closures.

They never stopped praying or Worshipping Because thoughts and prayers are going to fix this problem too, right? True Christian/American SMH😡😡😡 It's about time !!! After you Trump and your whole fam Wait you can actually pray at home ? If you need people you can zoom? I'm sorry but the idea of a full house is easy for the virus to spread

He needs their votes...he diesnt even attend mass. Trump for got that church is not a building and prayer can happen anywhere. Yes we’re praying alright. That you will disappear like a miracle. We need REAL Christians not fake ones Everyone knows you don’t have to go to church to pray. SuchAHypocrite Great speech. Let heaven reign. Let the rule of the right president most honorable continue to reign God bless us all.

The 10th Amendment holds that all rights and powers not specifically reserved to Congress are reserved for the states. The President has absolutely no power over this matter! While you guys are going to church Trump will be golfing As long as this JERK is around we truly need prayers. VOTE Religious leaders that care for their flocks are taking care of the needs digitally so each of them stays safe. TrumpFiction believers will put their congregations at risk for politics rather than caring about the health of individuals. Risk of JimJones Kool-Aid event.

I PRAY Nov. arrives early, however I will be doing that from home. What place of worship you talk about your Synagogue of Satan a Christian who make another person sick is a Devil like realDonaldTrump Oh, I've been praying a lot more since you started squatting in the WH, realDonaldTrump . I don't need the places of worship open to do it.

houses of worship and brainwashing are not I repeat NOT 'essential'!!!!!!!! IF YOU BELIEVE THAT IN ORDER TO TALK TO GOD YOU HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN OR CATHOLIC!!(born baptized raised confirmed Catholic! one of the first things I learnedin CCD was that Godis everywhere and Ican prayto him and talk to him whenever and wherever I want!!

So, prayer only counts if it’s in a place of worship? You need a church to pray? In Pennsylvania the churches never closed! I pray that one day I can watch a President give a news conference sounding smart and articulate. Fear is the first step to failure, I never believed bitcoin investment was real until I was introduced to crytolinda and now I'm currently earning $9000 on a weekly basis

President Trump you’re advice is going will get more people killed without a plan Yeah... Pray the virus away... At least it will help wipe out religion. Trick to appease his base! Well if they catch it and die they'll have god on their side This guy wouldn’t know a prayer if it bit him in the rump Cant picture he is praying as a devout believer in a house of worship

It's about time to pray GOD blessing the U.S., for most of the citizens are losing their confidence under the leadership of Trump's Presidency. He is the chosen man as he puts it, maybe this is agaisnt the GOD'S will. Now he needs prayers so that he CRB generate votes for him. He does not care who die and how many die. 🙏🏼 amazing Mr. President.

“America needs more testing, not less” A decision made on politics rather than any spiritual needs and a thinly veiled attempt by POTUS at trying to regain popularity ahead of the election in November. Stay at home and earn big from bitcoin minning.Earn up to$3,000 weekly with a growing interest of 200% daily just with your mobile phone or PC in 2hours of your time daily,base on the fact this lock down has crumble so many businesses and lot are gaining too, Ask me how or inbox

I believe that president trump has poor choices and decisions that could just bring more chaos to the states...why reopen mosques, church etc. You can pray at home stay safe no need to make things more critical than what it is right now. Yes, open up church and schools too. Idiots Yes, we need to ask for help from mythical beings. That’s it. Not actual actions just mumbling to yourself in the company of other mumblers.

Funny he have to take a break or figure out the word Mosque I guess it’s a hard word to say or maybe doesn’t thing that mosques are a house of worship too We pray he goes away. I am not a republican or endorse EITHER party. The obvious irony is our TRUE ENEMY is not a small right wing constituency OR a liberal left, he is MORE devious than men & easily controls us by feelings of DOUBT,HATRED,EGO, BLAME,JUSTIFICATION,ETC. let them go, FREE YOURSELF! God

Let the people that want to risk their health follow trump and not the health professionals. 不要命了? But why? What's in it for him Prayers reached God from anywhere you’re and not from one place ! if it is safe for peoples to be in one place to worship God then that is good and if not then God always see & hear everyone prayers from anywhere you’re at.

Hohoho. Last resort to ensure some votes. Says Satan's son... WHAT AMERICA DOES NOT NEED IS PRAYERS FROM A DEVIL AND FAKE CHRISTIANS!! 🤔 Let them go. Let's see what happens. But for the rest of the people just avoid church going people like the plague. He’s scared, so scared he’ll sacrifice the life of his most ardent supporters.

Just a bunch of Crap, trump doesn’t care about the people or the Church. He’s just trying to get more approval ratings from his Fear / Hate Base. ' Now we must cure ........' Surrender ' before almighty being solution ....... He’s definitely self-projecting here folks Unbelievable what the devil does for more votes.

Can you be a person of faith and lie like this serial narcissist? Prayer shouldn’t kill. Pray at home. Livestream your church services if you really have to. I got Who is Trump praying to? It must be Satan with over 95000 Americans dead! Columbia reports if action was taken in February these numbers will be much lowered! He cannot be serious talking about pray! boybye 🙄🥃

I have and will never see this hypocritical president pray. opportunistic lying hipocrite Trumps placation of his rich wealthy evangelical friends - disgusting. Prayer can be done anywhere. And I do pray for better leadership and someone who actually understands the dangerous consequences of this virus. Can’t reopen if we are not safe in the house of worship.

Says the man who has cheated on all of his wives and says because he’s star he can grab women by their pussy Yes we DOOOO.95000+ Hey look its the most religious man in the United States 😂 Thank You President Trump, You are Greatly Loved and Appreciated! God Bless You & keep you in His Presence, called & chosen.

I am praying for donaldtrump to lose in November and stay the hell in Florida. From a guy who doesn’t believe in repentance or asking for forgiveness coZ he thinks he never does anything wrong. PressSec POTUS I would believe that opening houses of worship is far safer than walking the streets of NY, riding on the subways in NY and traveling on airplanes out of New York. Certainly safer than being in a nursing home in NY

Of course he would. He just wants the votes and doesn’t give a shit about who dies Hey realDonaldTrump , do you not realize you can pray anytime, anywhere? God will hear you. You don’t need a glorified building to pray, unless of course, you’re really about the show and not really about praying. Any states that open churches prematurely because of Trump has blood on their hands I hope that I don’t live in one of the states that allow this

He needs to go to a full church. Don't tell people to go whilst you're hiding in the WH. Fake news! I FULLY AGREE & CANADA COULD USE THAT TOO!!!! Church is in your heart .... you so call Christians I didn’t stop praying or fellowship when the churches were closed did u Have to make the evangelicals happy his last hope to avoid losing in November. He forgets social distancing is keeping houses of worship closed so people don’t die. Wait he has kill over 90,000 Americans already should be charged with crimes against humanity

realDonaldTrump You hypocrite, you don't even go to church on a regular basis .PresidentTweety trumpvid19 TrumpHasNoPlan Y’all go to Church if you want to Sunday, just make sure y’all sing! “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King”! We can pray from home 🙏🏽Mathew 18:20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.' Quarantine

Thanks Chief. You don’t need to go to church to pray for God, God always have said you can pray to me anywhere and anytime, the church was never a place that God wanted people to worship him, We don’t need to pray, but instead we urgently need to reopen the economy in all states. Small businesses need to open again, in all sectors. The virus is about to disappear, as all virus does, and it’s high time to stop all this nonsense around it.

crazy Like anyone listens to him... I will let him tell me when to go back to church when he drags his fat ass to church himself. And someone should tell him you don’t need a church for prayer. I’d like to see this fool actually at a church .. Pandering. If I cannot go to sporting events we don’t need churches either! They can do it online or they can pray anyplace!!

And the the left goes.... prayer doesn't do much but ok Why does he need to follow a script to say this? Franklin020372 El mejor país del mundo Cuba,no más bloqueo..envía médico para salvar vidas y EEUU envía armas para quitar vida a los inocentes🇻🇪🌎 Do not listen to this man. People will die. How about realDonaldTrump lead America in Prayer this Sunday morning. I’m sure Fox News will give you air time.

Humanity will end thru Stupidity, Greed and Religion Should I choose to speak with God, I can speak to him regardless of where I may be. If he can see me and the things that I do, then he can hear me also. 特朗普的上帝會保佑美國信眾 This guy wants all of you too die Our governor never shut ours down , so there’s that !

You cannot overrule governors; read the Constitution! Besides, you wouldn’t intervene when the states needed ventilators & you told them to find their own. NIW you want to tell them how to open their states? I don’t think so! Look at this dummy flapping his jowls. Bolstering the religious vote Since when can you only pray in a church? We were taught that God hears you always and anywhere. And God would NOT want you putting yourself in a dangerous situation to speak to him.

All the heathens are going to comment on this one. M O R O N . Somebody tell him that you don’t need to go to church to pray please. Ain’t about GOD, about being a true Christian, about religion, ain’t even about it being a good thing to do .. it’s a campaign “Political” strategy.. its all about him (45) as usual.. because that’s ALL that ever matters to him.

BREAKING: We expect Trump and Pence sans mask on the front row. Oh. NOW he wants to ask for forgiveness. Pray at home dont listen to trumps lies😼 No we don’t. Folks are free to practice their religion on their own time. Stop this madness. You represent all Americans not just Christina. Holy shit Says the adulterer

it's part of our rights to be able to go to church, Churches are essential This is just to please his fake Christian base. Trump is the exact opposite of what Jesus supported. Any Christian that supports him is nothing but a blind sheep. You can pray anywhere tho You can pray anywhere, you don't need a church to pray but the church sure needs you to pay.

39 MILLION Americans unemployed in last 6 weeks Stock market down 6,000 points (20%) in last 7 weeks Over 100,000 Americans died in last six weeks from the TrumpVirus And idiots supposedly voted for trumpy but won’t admit it since they see what a FAILURE he is. IMPEACHED Ok.. tell u what- I’ll go when U go....or better yet I’ll go when the GOP isn’t tell me to go out n expose myself from the comfort of their expensive couch!!

He doesn’t care about people of faith he just wants to look good!! So you can vote for him!! Do you really think he goes to church Can i pray he gets voted out?😊 We need less of you. That would help more than anything. realDonaldTrump GOP From a man that if you’re not a man and white, you don’t matter. Everyone else, he’s only about how gullible are you. Never been a Christian a single day in his life, absolutely no clue what the Bible says or stands for.

Yes, let the haters open first You can pray anytime anywhere! You don’t have to be in a house of worship hypocrite Trump! Houses of worship deemed to be essential services by fatty boy. I don’t think so. And praying does sfa but, of course, fatty boy knows it will appeal to his Christian conservative nut cases of which there are many.

Well, at least he’s not even pretending there’s a separation between church and state now. Sometimes Trump is so dishonest he goes full circle and is honest despite his crooked nature. 100K dead from CV19, 15000 dead from Guns 115000 Americans died needlessly in 5 Months RESIGN realDonaldTrump gop LindseyGrahamSC SenateMajLdr SenateGOP GOPLeader HouseGOP VP POTUS PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman KellyannePolls FoxNews foxandfriends Jim_Jordan

He gets more religious as November approaches 😂. Anything for votes. Fun fact: you can pray at home But we also need more science too! Dear God this man needs to learn how to read, and should never read in public. What are his babysitters thinking? he's so phony. To be fair , prayers worked so well fixing mass shootings , keeping people safe from a virus shouldn’t be an issue !!

OMG - talking about rushing to meet your maker Prayer that you will pass Great speech I have ever listen in this time. We need to pray ever than before, but I don't know why people are complaining about his speech. Whether we like Trump or not, it doesn't matter, but we need to pray, and I believe worship places are quite essential than casino...

You do not need to go to a church for “god” to hear your prayers. So relax people Thank you Mr. President Prayer is not centered around being in church. One can pray anywhere. You all will be killing people. If trump was a true Christian WANNABE it would be good but this is all political to win votes from his evangelical followers. I strongly believe in prayer but I start at home in the am and thru the evening. Worship n prayer shld be a daily thing!

Hey guess what people can pray at home. I don’t expect you to know a lot but true faith 😂😂😂 Says the guy who never said a prayer in his life. Yeah, cause that went so well over the last few months. SMH Hey .realDonaldTrump you can't override governors. You don't understand how things work. So let me help you out. You're not King! churches Coronavirus COVID19 VoteGOPout in 2020 for sacrificing AmericanLives. Resist Resistance SignOfResistance indivisible

He’s pushing it for the fake Christians if people stay home no $ in the coffers it’s worth it to them Just be careful if our prayers get answered Moron There is much evil about nowadays just look at the Demon leadership in Pelosi and Schumer both doing Satans work, many DemoncRATs follow their leaders commands, while President Trump a man of God fights the Demon MSM hoards who spin daily Fake News Propaganda. God is good.

freedomfromreligion Dear HYPOCRITE realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse The Lord SAYS OUR BODY IS HIS TEMPLE... So much for separation of Church and State. I just wish that man would disappear. realDonaldTrump F-off! You have NO Constitutional authority to overrule the Governors. See You In Court...you know the place well! TryMe

Is Trump going to church? You don’t have to go to church to pray. If only going to church on Sunday to pray, we are in trouble. Tell him to read the Bible where it says “pray without ceasing “ Acts12:5 Keeping the churches closed until safe does not preclude anyone from praying. Election game is on- people can pray at home 🏡

🙏praying for a different president No this will not help their States get healthy If you don't believe you can pray wherever you stand and that you need to gather in a crowded building to get it done, even if it means infecting your neighbor, how strong is your faith? I don’t need the church or a House of Worship to be open in order to pray...I can do that anytime, anywhere. But corporate worship and assembly is necessary. Gathering with the believers in one accord is truly biblical.

Prayer can happen anywhere, any time. Going to a church does not get you direct line to the Almighty! Oh I’m praying, Bubs. Big time. Oh, and I don’t require walls and a steeple to do so. Look forward to you being trotted from the White House to the Big House as an answer to my prayers made while socially distanced.

NewsLive Yes, because Memorial Day is such a religiously important holiday... Is it safe? NewsLive He doesn’t care about religion 🙄 he wants to say the right things to get votes. Fucking hypocrite Look we all know drinking , buying drugs and killing babies are all essential apparently in this country . Having faith and hope is secondary at least according to democrats . So follow Democratic lead ! Get drunk ! Get high ! Get pregnant ! Take no responsibility for your action

I pray come November trump looses by a landslide along with the republican senate! And then after the SDNY finishes there investigations he’s locked up for good unless he has a heart attack when he sees the police with handcuffs acoming I mean, we shouldn’t need our government to ALLOW us to congregate and worship God Almighty. That power resides in us from birth. Disgusting how many people went lock step with not attending on the whims of the media hysteria

I've been praying everyday for Trump to go away. trumpy a fake bible thumper, needs to expand his bible thumping base God is Great DownloaderBot SaveThisVideo DownloaderBot The wolf in sheep’s clothing Biggest scandal of all time: When one on throne others do scandal. When he leave his chair others will say about your SCANDAL.

If 'houses of worship' are essential then they NEED to be taxed! It is entirely possible to pray anywhere I pray that Trump, McConnell, Graham, McSally, Ernst and all spineless republicans lose in the fall. He doesn't care about churches. He is pandering to his misinformed, idiotic base. True, intelligent Christians are not Trump supporters.

So pray. You don’t need a building or fancy clothes to do that. Why? Can't People Worship at home more Safely Right Now. Pay Attention America. Money and Profits are not More Important than God and Humanity. When was the last time you heard Trump say we need to Pray. All I have ever seen him do is Lie and Pat Himself on the Back.

We don’t have to be in a building to pray. We can be for our communities and pray from wherever we are. We need more leadership. Not self centered politicians. Only worried about the election instead of lives. What does this man know about prayer? Have yet to see him attend church service. You don’t need a church service to pray.

POTUS your that desperate for votes, even if they get sick as long as they live long enough to vote for you huh? Heartless SOB realDonaldTrump Are we supposed to pray away the virus by going to our place of worship with hundreds of strangers And help spread the virus...don’t be stupid people...Stay home with your family and pray together

Hopefully everyone will be praying on November 3rd you will be voted out of office. THAT IS ESSENTIAL!!! Isn’t there a such thing as separation of church and state? ******************WARNING***************TRIGGER CONTENT****************RETURN TO SAFE SPACE**************WARNING TRIGGER CONTENT********RETURN TO BASEMENT**************

If a higher power is everywhere then why do you need a place to worship? Why can’t you worship from home? Tell that to Albany, GA Safety and prayers at home please and thanks. THEN CHURCHES SHOULD PAY TAXES...... You have every right to quarantine yourself and your family until a vaccine is developed. By the time you and your family go out they may get sick by something else due to the immune systems being weak.

The Devil the serial killer realDonaldTrump CoViD45 the con He doesn’t know you don’t have to be in a crowded building to pray, does he? Sounds like he is ignorant about prayer. AMEN! Bill Gates will be injecting tracking chips at church this weekend. Praying without Doing the Right thing is hypocrisy This is just for political votes. He doesn’t give a damn about faith, just votes. Did the virus disappear? Are we not told to not gather in groups!

The Anti-Christ is trying to take out God's children. Any true Christian knows you can pray anywhere and God is everywhere. God doesn't want you to risk your life or the lives of his children. Says the man who never goes to church, says TWO Corinthians and says the whole bible is his favorite part. The devil is a lie.

Prayer has no place in the government. The churches need to be taxed if that is the way the rhetoric is going to go. realDonaldTrump has a one track mind! Reopen country so he can hold rallies! He's down in the polls and is desperate! He does not have the authority over States! Scientists do not support large gatherings during a pandemic and one does not need to congregate to pray! JoeBiden

It’s possible with proper planning! Yes, we can pray anywhere and anytime. But, sometimes, you just want to be in Gods house! Nothing wrong with that! I wish churches would essentially pay taxes like the big business that they are. He is playing to his base. These preachers are begging him to allow churches to open so that donations can start up again. They are running low on cash in their home safes and need money for jet fuel. That is the only reason he wants churches open.

Trump has to be the axes of evil to allow the sheep to be killed off like this. I wish it worked so they could pray you away realDonaldTrump Now is the time for religious leaders to protect their flock. Don't open your places of worship. People please stayhome Prayer is a personal spiritual conversation with God that can be done anywhere, anytime.

This is just a ploy to get his rallies going again. Mega church ministers must be missing their weekly millions. If mega groups of people go to church, then Trump can also justify having large groups gather for his rallies. He’s a caged animal & can’t stand not having his rallies So I have to be inside, in a building with a few hundred Typhoid Marys, to pray? SINCE WHEN?

Can we see your tithing record, Mr. President, since you care so much about the church? Common now, you are a billionaire. I think this is such awful behavior for a president. Prior to his election, Trump never indicated he was a Christian. I think he isn't sincere in this message or others he has posted about religion, I think he is just using it as a way to get more votes. Don't be fooled.

As death stalks churches in Texas, Arkansas, elsewhere. I'm sure God wont mind if we take things slow and pray from our sofa a little while longer I love how Trump thinks you have to be in church in order to pray. 🙄 That is we love trump long life to the president of United States of America God bless you

pray for light to touch the darkness and transform it to clarity He sure is fighting for that Christian vote isn’t he. But he is far from a Christian. Wait..wut? When I pray at home, God can't hear me? What the heck. Been wasting a lot if time apparently. Jesus didn’t need to a church to preach Oh, we’re praying Mad King Donald. We’re praying.

Prayer! That’ll fix it! I'm sure the FakeNewsMedia disagrees here.. Need more test, more unemployment benefits , a good plan with a real leader to deal with catastrophic events ... we don’t need an unfit 🤡 😳 so who believes this ? Says the person that goes to church only when it's convenient & he's trying to win over the weak minded. 😒

Trump is such an evil false prophet, he wants people to be infected at church, he worships money and if he ever prayed it's to the devil. FINALLY they have him reading from a script. You can still see him struggling to read the words hahahaha Who the hell believes this crap? You dont have to go to Church to believe and pray to God. You dont physically have to go ANYWHERE to pray

We desperately need answers to our prayers come November!! Good to know that prayer will pick up once we are sitting back in buildings. Guess I have been doing it wrong all along in my house, my office and outdoors while I walk. i pray every day...what is the issue Yay for realDonaldTrump In America we need to be rid of the greatest POTUS con man fraud this country has ever seen. DonTheCon Charade Fraud DrugAddict Predator FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K

Trump is the furthest person from religion. Real Christians do not need a church to worship. Real Christians care about the safety of others. 10thAmendment RealChristians Satan sending us to church? Interesting. They can pray all they want at home. The preachers want to pass the plate...Darwin. Pray where you are!!! You do not need a Church to give thanks, to praise or to worship God!!

I’ve been praying everyday yet you still wake.. Yeah, that's really been working out for us lately Thing is, you can pray anywhere 🤷‍♀️. You don’t need a building for it. The church are the people, not the building. God is patient, he will always be there. He’s not going anywhere. He will never leave or forsake you. Read the Bible. I recommend virtual worship with others for such a time as this.💕

People can pray at home. All gods want you people to be safe, and besides that, as was said by someone you all know, 'if you want to pray to god go in your closet and close the door to pray to god'!... Hebrews 10:25 KJV [25] Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is ; but exhorting one another : and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

We need to die less too and large gatherings for an hour or more is petri dish for this virus. This fool needs to shut up unless he plans on being at church this Sunday with Melania & Barron maskless and shaking all congregants hands I'm sick of him pandering to the cult of Evangelicals realDonaldTrump I pray every night, before meals and when I wake up that you will be removed from office!

I know he’s made me start praying more hahaha 🙏😳 Corona is going to be happy I will pray from my home. I will pray he is voted out in November Outstanding POTUS !🇺🇸 I pray every day I really do not have to go to church and donate in order for me to talk to GOD !!! Trump needs the evangelical vote. People can worship anywhere! It’s the rich preachers putting pressure because they pockets are getting a little empty!

He’s appeasing the church goers, hoping for their votes. Hey you dummy than make the churches pay taxes. You can live stream a church service stupid. The churches want peoples money and it easier to con them in person than it is online. I like how he just get orders but not plan how to open them Such a man of gawd

When all is lost, pray... Please stop acting like you believe in God. You are not Christian. You are the anti-christ! I pray, that we will have a new President who cares about the health and safety of the American people. That President will be JoeBiden VoteBiden2020 VoteBidenToSaveAmerica VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Shell game on the heels of bad polling numbers. Playing the shell game, though, in the midst of a hurricane is impossible. Pretty soon all the cups will blow over and realDonaldTrump will be exposed as the cheat he is. Pray the corona away! Ha! Trump belongs to Satan lock, stock and barrel. He’s just pandering to his Evangelical “Christian” base.

I pray everywhere I go!!!!!! The church is everywhere the saints are...not just the building!!! We don’t need your permission to have church.. church happens everyday because church has always been essential. They love their money... What america needs is common sense MAGAMorons Why can’t you pray from home? “For where two or three gather in my name, I am with them”

In America we need more action, not less. I pray for his removal Then I suggest the DICKtator realDonaldTrump learn how to pray - then ask for forgiveness for what he has done to this country due to his corruption and ineptness. He cannot override the authority of the Governors. He was spanked for that once before. Sit down and STFU Trump

And faith healers in hospitals. Yeah, that’s what we need more of. It’s all a political tv show. Can’t wait for the movie starring Will Ferrell as trumpelstiltskin. We are already strategizing our reopening. Much to prepare. Thank you POTUS. Watch the numbers, keep the distance as virus will happen You don't have to be in church to pray.

You're body is A Temple. You have The FREEDOM of Choice to pray in your home. HealthAndSafety 🙏📖🇺🇸 People can pray at home too...... We don’t need a building to pray. We can be at home and pray. Maybe he wants everything open so there will be a spike in death and sickness which in turn can cause the second wave just in time for the election hmmmm

Trump using COVID-19 in his re-election campaign strategy. Promoting states reopening is designed to: - Show his support for “freedom” by overriding CDC restrictions. - Distract from WH inept response to the pandemic in Jan. - Convince voters to accept 100,000 deaths as “normal”. Check out my Gig on Fiverr: design professional and modern clickable HTML email signatures

Help! Trump killing thousands of americans. and he just killed more people. Which you can do from home no? Omnipresente and shit True. I am praying you go to jail where you belong. I need to pray harder. no you arsebutt, the virus doesn't go, OH wait those people are so insane they have to go to a church, i'd better skip them and not kill another 100,000 people cause they can't stay away from groups OR practice their own spirituality in private and alone realDonaldTrump

It's amazing, America is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, and one of the most superstitious. Even our politicians talk about God and no one thinks it's strange. And now churches are essential services...in the 21St Century. When did he attend a house of worship lately America needs a new president !

Religious buildings are NOT essential. The bible says churches are non essential (no pun intended) to be a good christian and encourages God's believers to practice prayer at home. AKA masses are not needed to be a christian. What lies and he doesn’t even go to church This coming from a lying hypocrite.

🤮 Finally, I can begin throwing bulls into the sea to please Lord Poseidon again This goes to show that he doesn’t actually understand that the church is people, not a building. Ok ... I’ll pray more for JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼GoJoe2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 💙🇺🇸🌊 GOPComplicitTraitors

I'm just going to say it: Whichever god you worship will totally understand if you pray from home during a pandemic. Seriously, they get it. It's fine. And if not, they're a dick, so ... Nobody is stopping anyone from praying. Everyone should be allowed to pray how and when they want, if they want to at all. Signed an Agnostic

This is why Trump knows very little about faith or “religion”. I promise you there has been SO MUCH MORE praying in the last few months than before! Trump just doesn’t get it. He does what his “church people” tell him to do so he might get a vote. You don’t need a church to pray. Praying you away hasn’t helped but voting you away...I don’t need no church

Trump couldn't recite one prayer or bible passage from memory.. I'd be willing to bet everything I own this is a fact.. God is everywhere.Not just in a building. It’s the perfect time to build a relationship with your Lord and savior. You can certainly do that from home,your backyard, on a nature walk etc. God helps those that help themselves. Respect everyone.

Christian Churches provide and an essential service. They efforts for caring for the needy far exceed anything the U.S. Congress, and Senate has done. They provide more essential services than you do. Then their not just there for camera and public image. You are despicable just trying to get your Christian base to vote for him at what cost, their lives. Stop Trump you’re done ✅

Yea! Now Trump will be free to actually attend a church service instead of golfing around. The wannabe hard ass in chief everyone. Satan is ordering you to pray as if your life depended on it And yet he doesn't... What a ploy What is prayer going to do? You don’t think people can pray at home. I’m sure there have been lots of prayers being said. The problem is no one is there to answer them. When a prayer comes true God did it and when prayers are not answered God has his reasons.

What we really need is a leader with a brain. Calls on you say.... Sounded like an order to me Suddenly he is painting himself as a church-going Christian. He will try anything - even taking the name of the Lord in vain, to get himself back in the oval office. Wtf isn't that where it first started spreading in the USA?

I have no problem with Trump 'ordering churches to open' as long as we see pictures of him in the pews every Sunday - with or without a mask. Trump Church “The president is bringing a culture war (opening churches) to a science fight (the coronavirus)”. MollyJongFast Orange Satan Zero sum game. Yes, more prayers that Trump is beaten in the election.

Ok! More prayer less potus Allowed I’ve been praying for you to get out of the White House for 3+ years. Does that count? What should Atheist do? DumpTrump2020 PrayAtHome StayHome SocialDistance WashYourHands WearYourMask 😷🙏 What church is the Trump and Pence family going to attend LOVE IT!! And he's ABSOLUTELY right!

Glory to Jesus If the worshippers are in such a hurry to meet their Maker So Be It. Goodbye. However I'd put in place after their attending worship that they have to self quarantine for 14 days. 1/2 the congregation one wk 1/2 the other. Let God Sort Them Out Trump does NOT have the constitutional authority to force governors to do anything in regards to reopening. If he wanted that power he should’ve called for nationwide shutdowns instead he sat on the fence to put the blame on governors.

Trump thinks Christians are sanctimonious, REMEMBER? Could some English Major/teacher diagram that “sentence” please. The most un-religious man is concerned with houses of worship!!! Ha! Now that is politics at its best Love and miss the essential donations! 45 is an absolute Wrecking Ball destroying America 1 bad swing at a time!.. Unbelievably irresponsible!!

Yeah we’re not doing that... and as usual, you won’t do shit. Why tf do you want to cram old people into small buildings close together? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Smh Oh hell yeah How many churches defied shut down but now are forced to shutdown due to COVID 19 infections? I agree with Trunk on this one!

He’s doing this for his base”cult” he doesn’t give a shit about church or the bible. Will he be attending church with his family? My guess is NO. I don’t think Trump has to sign any executive order or proclamation to ban immigration. All these will definitely deter people from coming to US Meaning: you can try to call him, but there won’t be anyone there to answer...

Pretty sure they already are. Why? You can pray at anytime from your home, believe me, god will understand. Have love and respect for others, because the virus doesn't. Ameen He don't know what he's doing just l letting the chips fall wherever. People die whatever it's not his problem This is a power 🙏💥

He's gone 74 years without churches being essential. Toilet paper is more essential by far. realDonaldTrump Now, it’s sounding more and more like a Republican conspiracy/strategy to kill as many Americans as they can in this pandemic. The brunt are grandparents and people of color. grandmakiller All it takes is one person!

I'm so glad I'm an atheist. Thank you realDonaldTrump Being scared of Covid-19 is for government puppets and the gullible news audience. Wonder how thegoodgodabove feels about this. Screw Trump FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K Wow congregations Donald that was a big word 👍 So you Demos Hate God now also? is that it? You love Satan?

What flavor is the Kool-Aid? Wow sad 'remarks' Here are Kayleigh's 5 questions for GOOD journalists to answer over this weekend! I'm sure you'll be all over this,,,right ABC? One final question....if you DON'T get answers, why aren't you and your lib buddies even curious HE JUST WANT YOUR VOTE realDonaldTrump stop taking Adderall you are high and your pupils show it. Do you go to church? No. Have you read the Bible? No!

MuH StAtEs RiGhTs!!! Trump is a lunatic. Amendment25 A lot of churches are run by COA and FBI who tailor their weekly sermons according to what information they have gathered through electronic eavesdropping methods. Bully This is obsurd. He does not have that right and he continues to incite divide while trying to tout worship. This man is a two-faced idiot that will be beaten badly in November. realDonaldTrump cnnbrk NBCNews CBSNews DumpTrump2020

Worshippers will decide. Amen realDonaldTrump 'If there's any question, they're going to have to call me—but they're not going to be successful in that call.' realDonaldTrump Don’t worry hero, NOBODY wants to call you or have your unsuccessful track record. Quit fooling yourself! Idiot Thank you President Trump!!!

PresidentPlump once again demonstrating he has no idea how things work. DonaldTrump good job! Lets get house of worship opened again! Unflinchingly committed to states rights whenever convenient. Pretty sure the 1A says government cannot shut down churches at all. Dimocrats are trying to start a civil war.

only if the worshipping can be done outdoors and social distancing can be maintained. So Republicans are big on state's rights and would prefer that the federal government play little to no roll in citizens everyday lives unless the states don't do what the GOP wants them to do. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 we will see more of this

I thought Republicans favored states rights. It is an adroit political move on his part to gain votes. Troubling to me is he seems to think a president is king. The founders worried about that and imposed checks and balances Trump is not religious, he’s not spiritual, and his carrying on during press conferences, his tweets, and his unhinged behavior proves this. He could honestly care less about churches or what’s best for the people. He’s only concerned about himself and doing anything save face!

What church do you attend Twitler? realdonaldtrump DanRather maddow America called in 2016. We weren't successful then either. Just more pandering to his base so they can take to the streets in protest. I’m just as spiritual as most, but this type of carrying on is not necessary. Save Democracy With Jim Henson WisconsinStrong via YouTube

He’s not a king no matter how much his brain dead support lee want him to be one Dude is such a coward. Throws out a bomber then walks off and leaves the tough questions for others. Terrible leadership. I think he’s confusing the US for a dictatorship. NO CAP, HE IS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 He’s such an idiot 🤦🏽‍♂️

You can not tell the governors to open if it’s not safe. Stop betting with lives for your election hopes. So potentially infect someone? Elderly, children, people with compromised immune systems? Dude doesn’t even go to church himself. 🤦🏻‍♂️ DenverChannel I am guessing some of these church leaders called Trump because that are running low on funds...it's always about the money.

This ain’t up to him Idiot. There’s a different between being able to socially distance in places vs going into a place of worship with large amounts of people. We have seen large gatherings for worship result in large spikes of coronavirus cases. How many more people have to die b4 this guy gets it When has he been to church, said Amen or started a press conference with prayer. When

CDC case study says that's a really bad idea, unless you really want to chance it Well done Mr. President realDonaldTrump God bless you ❤️ 'because, like god, I never pick up...' tweetzydeetzy Trump has just called for Places of Worshit to reopen. I didn't know shit could be worse than this, but I guess there is places where it are.

So is realDonaldTrump saying “Questions? Call me but there’s no reason to call me”? He’s just an idiot. Rallying up EvangelicalsforTrump to prove that they're willing to sacrifice themselves for him? Hey JBPritzker hear that? He will override you! Christ isn't the church building. No building can bring you any closer to Jesus. There is nothing wrong with online forms of church that mine and many other churches have gone during this pandemic. This is all for show. If church is so essential why doesn't he go or his family?

Absolutely fucking not Seniors takedown' NOW He truly is crazy Quite frankly, this is an individuals decision. If you choose to go out in public irregardless of the concerns than there will be consequences. As an adult you will face those consequences. It is time to become a mature society and make those decisions on our own.

Does anyone else think he looks ill Uh no, they don’t have to call him. It’s an election ploy, come on folks he could care less if you went to church. Wake up he’s just going for his base of evangelicals. Good for him So when asked about federal involvement in state restriction measures Trump said it was not his responsibility or ability. But in forcing governors to allow this it is? Interesting.

This coming from a man that never steps foot into a house of worship. You don’t need to be in church to pray. This is just a way to get the religious all up in a frenzy. Knowing Trump's politics of 'Survival of the Fittest' he is prioritizing reopening over life. Is better for the economy and he is letting DIE whoever HAS too DIE. Survival of the Fittest.

Another desperate and selfish move. This person does not care about anyone but himself. People will get sick. People will die. He knows it can’t be done. He’s just trying to incite violence. Anything to take away from the effects of the coronavirus on his watch Dumbass. They have been open in my state and many churches are still not holding in person services.

Remember when conservatives lost it every time President Obama did something that they perceived to be a violation of state's rights? Remember when they cared about state's rights? Also, since when do you HAVE to worship in a Church, Synagogue or Mosque? *crickets* And just like that Republicans were fine with the federal government intervening in their personal lives...

We still have a constitution which protects our freedom of religion So now he starts killing the evangelicals? Show empty support for evangelicals for campaign purposes. Box checked. Next. Smart people just won't go. Ignorant people who listen to Trump will be the losers here. Charles Darwin has a lot of work on his plate lately.

trump not content with killing 36000 Americans Ok, Mr. States Rights. God bless you 🙏🏽 I think republicans are going to stop using the little white mice for testing and use the little white republicans, if you follow your leaders blindly your the new little white mice So he thinks religious people will now vote for him. He is not a religious person so this is all about DerangedDonald and campaigning and not about the people or their gods. That is why he quickly walked out to avoid any sticky questions

He reads phonetics horribly. 'Call me, but they are not going to be successful' This 'President' is so fucking childish! Translation: 'I've made up my tiny mind and I'll hear none of your logic. I don't listen to anyone but the voices in this weirdly coiffed pumpkin that I call a head.' Coming soon to a church near you.

840WHAS Trump can order all he wants. It means nothing because he can’t order governors to do anything. We already learned that. Pandering to get votes is all this is. Most states have already allowed places of worship to open anyway.DUMPTRUMP2020 He just wants to kill more people in the Midwest. Somehow DumbDonald thinks that's a good strategy. The republicans can no longer say they are pro life.

Everyone in here getting upset about this has been going to Walmart and Target. So called “Christians” putting themselves above the rest of society. I listened to a webinar on choral singing and the dangers of virus spread for singers. For congregants there is real danger being together and singing hymns. I haven’t heard this discussed when considering church services.

Message from the anti-christ! Our King has spoken. How about small business, they are not essential? Do people will get infected and die ?! 🤐🥺😢🤭 Bad news must be coming trumps way. They don't have to call the idiot mook. You are just Great!!! I can see the church ladies cuttin' a rug right about now Donny. realDonaldTrump 😎

;) Pontifex One thing that we can agree on.. find a way to open churches like you’re opening businesses. The Govs. need to do the right thing and tell Donald I’ve never gone to church Trump to stick it in his big fat orange rear. Of course people want to get together to worship. That will be prime infection area for new outbreaks of corona. Trump doesn’t care about God, only votes.

;) GovofCO Glory to JESUS n Thanks to JEHOVAH LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for Pres. Donald Trump. Such a Great, Succinct n Awesome Decision! The CHURCH Church is The Most Essential of All, our means of Fellowship n Spiritual Nourishment as we connect with OUR CREATOR JEHOVAH LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Does anyone believe this man is a person of faith? He sleeps with hookers, he doesn’t follow the love ya neighbor rule, and he doesn’t turn the other cheek. This is just “I’m losing votes right and left and the only thing that will save me is the evangelicals”. WakeUpAmerica

Let’s make sure that those “perfect calls” are recorded in their entirety. realDonaldTrump there is only one reason he is doing this so no one notices this weekend when he golfs Not his call Brilliant I’ve always considered the religious to be on the less intelligent end of the spectrum. It looks like Birx is now in the, 'Baffle them with bullshit' phase. Absolutely deceitful. Cherry-picking the data for happy talk.

He is desperate and trying to force things to normalcy even though the death rate is climbing up Just another threat!!!!!! So why would they call you? Disgraceful The devil declares Churches essential. Thats fantastic!! People need to worship freely! Now can realDonaldTrump force the governors to open everything else up?!?!?

He wants churches open because its another way to get a lot of people sick quick. VOTE BY MAIL = Paper Trail NO ONE should care what realDonaldTrump says! Especially when it comes to religion! Besides what about him talking ‘bloodlines’ and now authoritarian announcement on religion? This guy needs to go

What's the matter? Did Joel Osteen call you? Does he need a new Mercedes? He's out of breath and slurring his words. Thank you President realDonaldTrump ! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 T 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✨✨✨R✨✨✨ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸U🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✨✨✨M✨✨✨ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸P🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✨✨✨🇺🇸✨✨✨ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✨✨✨0✨✨✨ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✨✨✨0✨✨✨ 🇺🇸LANDSLIDE 🇺🇸 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

🤡 and Birx just now emphasized again the importance of social distancing. But by all means, go to church and spread that disease. Too late... most states have already set something up for churches. Some are good while others terrible! So much for leadership realDonaldTrump POTUS Let’s face it, some places dropped the ball and had churches passing on coronavirus to others.

Better open them up because Where else can all the hypocrites gather to pat themselves on the back and call themselves “good Christians” He's electioneering, and he's prepared to spend American lives as part of the process. Nice he can afford it. His base are fuelled entirely by personal allegiance, not the national good (or facts). A twisted society, on the brink and just can't see it.

By all means, let churches open up and let the responsibility for any illness fall on their shoulders! I’m sure God will be pleased! Is he going to go back to church? I think not. Did he ever go to church in the first place? I think not. This is, of course, more pandering to his shrinking evangelical base.

More code words to his base - 'open the churches'! He can't even patrol a one way street let alone trying to play President of the United States. Go, church goers, go. Only your Pastor can protect you, ba ha ha. What about the collecting basket$. ah I see where that's going. They'll take your cash, but do they (Trump) care,really

Churches ARE OPEN. There is a limit on gathering size. Don't worry. All religion is bunk. Oh yeah, realDonaldTrump good call!Get all the Delusional_Believers back in their tents!Make CopelandNetwork head of the Dept_of_Bullshit!All the crap your Evangelist_Dipshits have spewed,Copeland, Creflo,Kunneman..dispelling the Evil_Virus has worked..NOT! No Miracles!

Yay! So now he wants the CDC's help? When it matters to HIS constituents... He's urging the CDC to issue guidance that will not apply to him, and that he has no intention to follow. I was raised that God is everywhere. A church is a building. Anyone who wants to worship God can do it wherever they are. In solitude, w/ a service on the radio or tv, or if desired, by phone with a pastor. Packed buildings are not bringing people closer to God. Ony to illness

That’s because he doesn’t even go to church, nor is he Christian. “ ... important in terms of the psyche of our meatbots” Trump is a danger to the American pysche. His babbling induces psychosis in the American public The current CDC and STATE guidelines to ANY type of GENERAL ASSEMBLY applies realDonaldTrump. Religion has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Aren't you tired of the wilful ignorance? ENOUGH! VoteGOPout2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

You devils don’t want us going to church, do you? Just admit it! no gods exist Trump doesn’t go to church. He invites that Screaming Mimi into the White House instead. Did you see her on National Prayer Day? She went over her time allotment and screamed the entire time. He knows nothing of religious faith...it is a power tool for him.

Because of course, that circus of worshippers he has hanging out at the White House at any given time are whining at him about church. Damn shame they feel they need to congregate to be one with their god thing. I am all for regular church services, for mega-churches returning to normal, and the president not wearing a mask.

What happens if President Donald Trump catches coronavirus?He's taking an unproven medication but not wearing a mask. What would happen if President Donald Trump falls ill with coronavirus? Stuff happens

Trump Orders CDC To Research His Investment Portfolio For Potential Coronavirus CuresWASHINGTON—On the heels of touting the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for treating Covid-19, President Donald Trump issued orders to the CDC Wednesday, urging the agency to conduct extensive research into his investment portfolio to find more potential cures for the novel coronavirus. “Look, there’s all sorts of stuff in here that could help with the disease as far we know, so let’s start giving people some luxury spa treatments and see what happens,” said Trump, demanding that the country’s leading public health institute conduct clinical studies to see if an hour or two a day on a Floridian golf course could significantly reduce the need for a respirator. “Even just a couple of studies showing that Pepsi or Microsoft products can help neutralize the spread of the virus would be really amazing. Remember, people are dying, so we need everyone working around the clock to make sure that none of my financial interests are overlooked.” Trump added that in order to expedite the process, all further study would occur at the CDC’s new state-of-the-art facilities at the Trump International Hotel. I want to die Finally He’s looking for his next bankruptcy

Trump Says He's Not Considering Replacing CDC Director Robert RedfieldThe pushback comes amid reports that the president privately criticized the agency. That pretty much means it'll be any day now... like tomorrow.

Donald Trump abandons the Open Skies treatySome view America's withdrawal from the Open Skies treaty as a calamity that makes the world more dangerous Rt to have the oportunity to send a drone proposal to the president of the USA to create a real time solutions for the neutralization of the crisis in the present and future problems related the economy and security areas. For a fly of 20 s to help WhiteHouse realDonaldTrump And some think if chinas not included then they have the advantage because no one can fly over their country. The eacalation has only just begun folks Moron, bone spurs, tweety mun.

Democrats slam President Trump for 'lazy, four-page copy and paste project' on coronavirusDemocratic politicians are unhappy with the Trump administration’s latest report on the coronavirus pandemic. Does it really matter since each state is doing its own thing? Instead of worrying about Trump, they should worry about New York and other failed leftist States. Really.

Howard Stern Taunts 'Genius' Donald Trump Jr. With Sarcastic Over-The-Top PraiseThe radio shock jock escalates his war of words with the president and his family. How much for the Wig? Sexist metoo The biggest exploitation of females ever was done by this pig 🐖 Howard Stern looks like a AIDS victim . He never had talent and exploited the hell out of women what a POS Stern is 30-minute mark