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Trump Plans to Ban Most Vaping Flavors

President Trump said the U.S. plans to pull most vaping products from the market, citing growing concerns about health hazards


President Trump said the U.S. plans to pull most vaping products from the market, citing growing concerns about health hazards

President Trump said the U.S. plans to pull most vaping products from the market, citing growing concerns about health hazards and rising use by teenagers of the trendy alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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But does nothing about guns. Oh HELL YES! Never mind that 40,000 Americans are killed by guns each year. By all means, ban vaping. What a joke. A handful of vapers died, but thousands annually die from guns. Which needs regulation? Trump picks vaping. So an influx of black market product which is actually what is causing this hysteria is imminent. Great policy!

Trump pulls the plug on vaping while he continues to repeal environmental protections threatening the health of everyone in America. The man is a total idiot. 6 people may have died from Vaping complications. Thousands from drunk driving, smoking and drug misuse. But this is a big problem to foolish people. How many more will have health complications when the only choice is black market or home cooking.

Upside down: Vaping maybe killed less than 10 people? Poorly regulated guns kill THOUSANDS per year. Trump: Let’s regulate vaping products. If he does that the democrats will lose their control of younger voters ! Good luck with that one. You are too late to ban this product. They will black market it and love it.

Is big tobacco behind this? What about roundup? Big Tobacco is Big Vape

Trump administration plans to ban sale of flavored electronic cigarettesFederal health authorities have reported an outbreak of mysterious illnesses tied to the popular devices. i love how we can ban fucking vaping faster than guns about effing time big tobacco is of course crushed by this. Flavors, THC vs nicotine, nothing has been proven to be the culprit...

PresidentTrump must question the government agencies, responsible for the test, supervision and approval of any products or substances, that are place in the market, for public consumption. indonesia kapan ya😂 For the vape problem, I thought the strategy would be more vapes especially in schools. I think all teachers should be issued vapes too.

Completely disagree. There are processes to determine whether companies are breaking the law/impermissibly marketing. The President of the US should not be imposing his wife's desires on the private sector and circumventing these processes. Even though it’s good step forward BUT GUNS control are more important to Americans.

So much for less government intervzin people’s lives!!!! Time to learn how to make flavored vape juice! There will soon be a thriving black market demand and I should be able to make a ton of money. Hope I mix the chemicals correctly...... 'PLANS to pull'!! 'LOOK AT WHAT HE DOES---NOT WHAT HE SAYS'!!! 'Don the CON' LIES about everything!!! After the political Hype-He will change his mind- blaming some false reason! AND say he didn't say what we heard him say!!!

Because Melania is nagging him. He said this. It’s all about him personally.

Trump Administration Plans to Ban Flavored E-CigarettesAs vaping-related illnesses spread, President Trump and top health officials met at the White House to discuss ways to keep the products away from teenagers. Trumps administration? Do you mean just Trump as he has no administration & has surrounded himself with absolutely no one with any decision making skills. He goes with whatever the moment is and nothing more. Luckily the NRA has nothing to do with vaping so this will be fast!

Vaping industry & consumers need to organize asap. These days, political lobbying is must have to survive as a business. Vaping Rights Association: VRA National Vaping Association: NVA Is that a fembot in the middle? Ho Hum and A GUN. I'm not a fan of vapes, I'm less enthusiastic on a ban by executive order. There is no way im letting the president regulate the market. That is not acceptable

500,000 smoking deaths a year and they're banning this because six people died using a black market, thc based product that used oils not in nicotine vape? Tobacco Lobby is strong. This is BS. People are wayyyyy better off vaping than smoking. How many deaths has vaping caused? Compare that to gun deaths..where’s his sense of urgency on that Just goes to show the strength of the NRA lobby!!

Pull cigarettes Americans “legalise marijuana!’ Also Americans “ban vaping because people who put marijuana in vaping devices ended up with pulmonary diseases!” Also Americans “prevent government interventions that strip away our freedom” Also Americans “ban that which i dislike” ChingasDominguz Love trump but completely disagree.

This executive order brought to you by Philip Morris

Trump administration announces plans to ban flavored e-cigarettesTrump administration announces plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes following six U.S. deaths linked to vaping Just think if AR rifles were responsible for 6 deaths or more.... can you imagine how quick Trump would jump into action then? Good start , hopefully they get to banning guns at some point ....or atleast act to show they would. Each election debates, they all rant about it and do nothing Bad idea, if you’re going to ban flavored e-cigarettes, then conventional flavored cigarettes should also be banned.

Weak-minded addicts will simply find other ways to abuse themselves. Is that the Cancer lobby working well? Sorry aka tobacco industry working well to get vaping removed Growing -Fake. They knew what it Was made of⁉️ Vaping products are not war guns. Or videogames ... right? Actually, he should be focusing on the illegal THC from China, etc. fails to mention that the majority of cases involved thc. The government always goes to the extreme. Much like the poor chronically in pain suffering from illegal actions.

Why does Donald Trump hate freedom? .realDonaldTrump Good thing you are banning vaping so kids don’t die before they have the chance to get shot in school Umm.... shouldn’t Congress have a say in this? Ah but, ah but, it’s not vapes that kill people, it’s people using vapes that kill people Logic GunControl

Trump plans to ban flavored e-cigarettesHealth and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says the FDA will develop guidelines to remove all e-cigarette flavors from the market. Can’t cut into big tobacco’s profits

Trump looks to ban flavored vaping products: 'People are dying'The president credited his wife&39;s concern over e-cigarettes in his decision to seek a ban on flavored vaping products. I'm sure if the vaping companies handed him as much money as the NRA, the death toll wouldn't matter one tiny bit. I speak Trump. He’s saying he’s open for business to Tobacco lobbyists. Don’t read into it. GUNS?

Trump Considering Ban Of All Nontobacco Vaping ProductsThe administration weighs a ban after an outbreak of lung disease and six deaths possibly related to the devices. ‘Vapes don’t smoke themselves’ - NRA But not a ban on actual smoking, which effects not only smokers but those around them 🤔 Corruption 🤔

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