Trump Pardons Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik - Cnnpolitics

Trump Pardons Former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik - Cnnpolitics

Trump pardons former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik

President Donald Trump has pardoned former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik, he announced at Joint Base Andrews on Tuesday.


President Trump pardons former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik, who served time in prison for tax fraud and lying to officials

President Donald Trump has pardoned former New York police commissioner Bernie Kerik, he announced at Joint Base Andrews on Tuesday.

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What “brave” reporter will ask Trump how he can pardon such egregious crimes while simultaneously embedded in a campaign against Hunter Biden? It’s so nauseating mind boggling and ridiculous I just can’t even any more...and Federaalist Soc and freedom caucus must be demolished Just like Hillary Clinton why isn’t she in jail?

America loves liars ... America is ashamed of our president and his corrupción . We are a weak country manipulated by the rich . And about that too... 🤭 His donation to the Trump Campaign must have gone through Didn't he steal from the 9/11 responders? I guess trump and his cult must of forgot Former NYPD Commissioner Kerik, a former business partner of Trump ally, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also is helping with the war criminal Eddie Gallagher's case.

This is nauseating. Obama pardoned over 1900 people. Trumps got a long way to go If epstein was convicted and still alive trump wouldve pardoned him also.

Trump expected to grant clemency to Rod Blagojevich and ex-New York police commissioner Bernard KerikBlagojevich is in the middle of serving a 14-year sentence in Colorado federal prison. The Illinois Democrat was found guilty of attempting to trade the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama for money or favors. And Al Capone right? Why is Trump letting all these crooked cheaters off the hook? Let's call this the prelude to Roger Stone and Trump yucking it up at M-a-L this Friday night.

Birds of a feather with big Rump. lmk when all the coloured youth serving 15+ yrs for small crimes getting pardoned Yikes look at that head 😲 WTH....👽 Filthy crooks Served 3 years - he was one of the heroes after 9-11. Armed Robbery and wounding a person gets an average 5 years. 3 seems about right. Say how much time he served - you know the answer but no you want to put your political spin on it

Trumpikov is a sick criminal. I think he really believes that by letting other criminals out of prison, he is setting the stage for his own freedom. It's the whole 'but other people didn't have to pay for their crimes.' Plus it's powerful for him to be hateful. Donald will be going to the slammer for life very soon

Tax fraud and lying. Is he trying to set a precedent? WoW 😡

USA TODAY/Ipsos poll: For voters, Bernie Sanders outranks other Democrats – and Trump – on values, empathyIn a USA TODAY/Ipsos poll, 40% of adults said they admired Bernie Sanders’ character, above many of his Democratic rivals and Donald Trump. Fake Poll Get your act together, Bernie Sanders IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. He's a What is that supposed to mean?

Presidential pardons for sale. He wants ALL his corrupt “friends” by his side!!! CNNBRK...I'd told u guys weeks ago, stop having Rick Santorum on ur show! Have anyone investigated him recommendation to have Kerik pardoned? This guy is working for trump and is pimping u guys for air time! cnnwakethehellup

McCabe wasn’t even charged This POS stole from 911 responders.. and used it on his mistress!! Trump can relate to having mistresses. Visit here for on page SEO Sounds like Trump is setting up his cabinet for his tenure ... how ever long he wants to serve, thanks to Republican senators who are scared of being called a bad name.. and $$$$$

Thug. Trump loves fighting corruption. 😂😂😂😂 Another disciple of trumpianity.

New York drops fight against T-Mobile-Sprint mergerNew York drops fight against the $40 billion merger of U.S. wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint by HilaryRuss HilaryRuss The larger the company the more market share they can get and the more they can harm the consumer overall. Don't play into the none sense. HilaryRuss BernieSanders break them up! Bernie2020 HilaryRuss prices will rise

Get trump's taxes, get trump! Trump respects white collar criminals, Defrauding American Taxpayers!,, no big deal — pardon!! From the proudest and most energetic land , rule of law has lost forever. It was hammered into pieces by an elected leader . Now he’s ruling overwhelmingly as an omnipotent Lord. Oh young and mistaken country ! ,from now on ‘The Great Empire of Trump ‘ is your new name .

Dude lookin like a zombie. 😂😂😂 He is Rudy’s mate. Drain that swamp realDonaldTrump Tax fraud conviction? Where is Trump's tax returns ? African politics now in the United States of America !!! Rudy's corrupt buddy from 9/11. Who is Trump gonna pardon next? The devil? A man after his own heart. Probably got a job lined up for him.

Bloomberg to seek tighter financial industry regulations: New York TimesU.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday will unveil ... *pretends to BLOOMBERG IS WHAT BERNIE & OUR MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT. HE TRIES 2 BUY... OUR ELECTIONS, GOV-OFFICIALS, CORP'S, ETC WHAT IF LATER HE TURNS ON US? U CAN'T TRUST HIM!👀 'CAUSE HE'S NEVER BEEN IN OUR SHOES & HE TELLS U WHAT U NEED, WHAT'S GOOD 4 U, ETC HE'S GOT NO F...KG-IDEA? BS🐂💩! ROFL!!! Who TF is buying this?

Disgusting TrumpCrimeFamily God bless trump Kerik literally stole from 9/11 first responders so that he and his mistress could hook up. God the fermentation of this administration has just reached mold territory Absolute power corrupts absolutely Excellent news. Now cut NY federal funding. All the crooks and mobsters getting pardons by the mobster of a president realDonaldTrump .

Could this be a distraction from AG Barr? Get the news cycle off him? Just a thought! This is duch bullshit

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This is so disturbing it shakes me to my core. Words cannot describe what is was like living in the city during and after September 11. So now he can’t vote again. He served his time . Get over it. Scumbag. MAGA LisaGetsPolitik Trump’s kind of guy. And off we go like a healthy fart Very clearly building out a supervillain gang, no?

Well hello....the idiot doesn’t know those are crimes! One of the Epstein Boys’ Club members?

What I Wore To New York Fashion Week—My First Week As An EditorOur fashion editor lets us in on her experience at NYFW.

jaketapper I’m looking at other reporting that POTUS granted CLEMENCY to Kerik, NOT a pardon. Is there a correction coming from CNN? Truly one of the greatest presidents ever! 4 MORE YEARS MAFA2020 They all also happen to look like mobsters Liars and cheats are Trump's finest people Release the swamp? SadieTNResist wtf?

This is your daily reminder that Barack Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning Manning is one of the greatest traitors & leakers of all time Nearly half a million military documents stolen & released, putting US lives at danger Where was the media outrage then? Excellent. Bernie Kerik is one of those people who look terrifying and disgusting after having lost a lot of weight

jaketapper Once corrupt, always corrupt.

This flurries of Pardons for. Out And Out crooks. 1 Is he selling Pardons? 2 Is this the point that out & out I am THE LEADER YOU FOLLOW ME my name will be revered each day ,Ivanka will get swish NY invites I,m de sonning Don &Eric Tell me That Canadian is ugly madness starts Of course he did. He thinks committing tax fraud means you're smart.

I feel sorry how they come out of prison all fragile & deteriorating looking. I'm grateful of his services & involvement during 9/11. Sadly, he took a wrong turn in life messing with 'Uncle Sam.' 'America's mayor' ColludyRudy hired mobbed up kerik to be Police Commissioner. Un-fucking-believable What do the Trump fanatics have to say? Fake news? Draining the swamp? Speak up and defend your messiah

Surely even the stupidest of MAGATS are asking why Trump is pardoning billionaire bankers, crooked politicians and Trump donors?pardons realDonaldTrump Pardon or no pardon, Mr. Kerik you're morally corrupt. Go away. realDonaldTrump i see you are ok with a man who stole from 911 fund to spend it with his mistress. I guess the two of you have so much in common. CHEATING ON YOUR WIVES

I bet Charles Manson is getting his suitcase ready!! Kingpin pardoning his criminal buddies.

Another classic example of realDonaldTrump’s corruption. He sides only with criminals and dictators, because they’re just like him. AbuseOfPower WeakestPotusEver impeached4life NeverExonerated Yup let’s let out all the crooks. What the hell! He must be missing his golf buddies how about stormy Pardoned Long Ago Never , can't or strugglin' to - - - ?

Dem=Liberals are above the law and can't go to prison. SAD He is really clearing out the swamp. 🤦‍♀️ dancindoti MF is freeing all the criminals, just in case if he needs them What is even the point of this? Just getting you primed for the Stone Manafort pardons . Tax fraud and lying will be the lessons learned for future Americans nothing like setting a good example for your children . Wild Wild West yeeha!!

The Israeli connection led to Big Pardon Well well well. The biggest criminal pardoning another criminal.

What's next, he gives these criminals he pardoned jobs in the WH SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ The Swamp full yet? A man after his own heart King trump took over man show ..needs to be forcibly removed, pass a bill so the public could vote to have the military remove him,.. Building his own Gestapo

In other news water is fucking wet Trump just wishes he could have done the same for Epstein. Nice banana republic GOP This guy stole money from 9/11 first responders 'I am above the law' … 'My family is above the law' 'My friends are above the law' 'Friends of my friends are above the law' 'Colleagues of my friends are above the law' 'All (R)'s are above the law, except M Romney' … Just like Moscow Mitch want it.

Took hundreds of thousands in Bribes What is this? realdonaldtrump ‘s pardonacriminal week cause he can’t think of anything better to do? Looks like Giuliani called in a HUGE favor from POTUS He got him to pardon scumbag disgraced Kerik. Well he may have pardoned him but in the eyes of NYPD past & present he will forever be a utter disgrace to the NYPD

There is no bottom. jaketapper A “pardon” by IMPEACHED potus realDonaldTrump does NOT change my opinion of Bernard Kerik as a liar, fraud, cheat, adulterer, manipulator and narcissist PreetBharara cnn Bernard Kerik has shown me who he is and I believe him. The World should know. Can NY State go after Kerik?

Kerik along with Trump stole from the 9/11 fund. Kerik got caught, he is a dirty cop/ correction officer. Trump love criminals like him around bc they are loyal criminals. VOTENOGOP2020 hermitme1 In Trump's world, those aren't crimes... they're qualifications. DID YOU KNOW THAT GROOMING GANGS CAR BURNINGS SHOOTINGS IN THE STREET BOMB TERROR ATTACKS Actually is not Swedish, but was brought from middle east and North Africa? wearetravellers dontflysas

Jon Stewart needs to raise hell.

Same Same Linds_Zolna It’s crazy...just last week he was so “anti-corruption” with Ukraine he pardons corruption 'law and order' *wink wink* Drain the swamp........ Shocked a Giuliani goon would get pardoned by Trump. Crooks of a feather crook together..... They're all the same, lying weasels His kind of people. “Fine People”

This guy stole from 9/11 first responders. Bail reform

jaketapper Free up prison space. Hmmmm Veeedrrry intereeesting. jaketapper Trump has an innate empathy for criminals, I wonder why. jaketapper TAX FRAUD (TRUMP) jaketapper of course he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jaketapper A disgrace. An embarrassment. Stream Snoh Aalegra jaketapper Trump pardoning more criminals...

jaketapper Trump is corrupt and he likes corrupt people as faithful supporters. Thank the republican senators who kept Trump in office. jaketapper Tax fraud? Who would engage in that! (Says the Donald)? Haha Sounds like he’s your twin sir...

Gee...I wonder if Giuliani had a hand in this one. Good luck with that. If you think a future president will pardon YOU? Think again! Great so we are on the pardon parade to let the department of corrections finest out and a first class ticket to the White House? Pardoning his mobster buddies. But like... why? What good reason do you have pardoning people like this?

Donald has 'released the krakens'. ALL swamp things. Wow. What laws? 🤷‍♂️ Imagine my shock that a criminal in power is helping to free criminals that have done what he has done. Trump is a criminal simply for interfering with an investigation. republicansarecrooks djtinyhands your name is finally important.

of course he's a realDonaldTrump type of guy, he stole from 9/11 first responders so he and his mistress could hook up Nothing says I’m going to drain the swamp by freeing all the bottom dwellers to ooze back into society. jokeofapres IMPOTUS So much for Trump's fighting corruption. I see another winner.

Lock Trump up Crooks beget crooks... Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... Flood the swamp! Setting precedent....for himself. Obama pardoned traitors

What’s next for Trump? No one ever expects the Spanish inquisition. This one is worse than Blago. This guy is pure scumbag. Of course he was Rudy's boy. MAGA-Evangelicals are shouting for joy. Please don’t ask me why. A crook defends & save his kind. Trump is sending out signals to everyone in the old white boys’ criminal club: “Do whatever the hell you want. I’ve got your back.”

Drain the swamp, remember? gatewaypundit is reporting so I believe it to be true. elizabeth_joh Whatever he's trying to distract us from, must be a doozy. Letting all high profile people out of jail what a dishonest president wtf ! Because to Trump, these ar not real crimes. Counting the days til November.

Which begs the question what kind of man surround themself with traitors Liars, murderers, and thieves Wow! Ever since he was elected it seems that he works out of one playbook. On page one it says: Whenever you need to make a decision, just do what the villain in a nineties action movie would do. Page two: Repeat until re-elected.

realDonaldTrump is a CROOK We’ve seen this movie before...when one criminal gets loose and he runs down the cell block opening the gates for everyone else... suziepgk How many more swamp creatures is he going to pardon!? This is absolutely insane!!!!!!! Wow-is he just going down the list of criminals that are connected to him in some way? Kids-you can be anything you want to be without morals or a conscience.

You forgot Kerik is good buds with Giuiliani Keep Pardoning EVERYONE Trump, Pleeeease! 👍Maybe find a few Rapist, Murderers and Child Molesters to keep your Base Happy too. That’s white privilege in America!!!! 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

ddale8 So does Trump have his crack WH Staffers poring over ALL the CORRUPTION CONVICTIONS (only fair) in the last 10-15 years to find those who also should have their convictions pardoned? Or are Trump pardons an exclusive for friends/family and a few select '$$ donors.' (RHETORICAL) This corrupt man was a business partner of Rudy Giuliani, amirite?

ddale8 TonyGervin_ To bad Leona Helmsley is dead. Pardon pardon pardon I'm not sure how November is going to play out anymore TreasonousTrump helping his cronies. Filling up the swamp! So this Is what he meant by prison reform! 🙄 mom4boca Who’s next? El Chapo? How about pardon a motherfucker who isnt guilty

ddale8 I just can't with this asshole today.

mom4boca Pardonpalooza. 😡 I think it's interesting how trumps 'pardoning' all his criminal brothers in arms. 🤨 Professional courtesy ddale8 “A * television* program you say? What on EARTH is that...” (H/t Eddie Izard) I guess another of his friends smh‼ Kerik, Blagojevich, DeBartolo, Stone..your favorite white collar crimes, tax fraud, gambling fraud, lying to officials, corruption..2 bad Epstein isn’t here. I suspect Weinstein will be next..assuming Barr doesn’t step in first. Perhaps you can get Pete Rose in the baseball HOF

Am I the only one seeing the pattern here? robdetf Why is he so special? So PrisonReform was about whites’ lies. ddale8 Gross

Of course he did, tax fraud and lying to officials Crimes!are his favorite Great news See people.... don't pay taxes. It pays off in the long run!! All of this is just a primer for when he pardons himself and all family and friends before leaving office. At least we know now 1 person who has been protecting DTRumP all those years in NYC. +FruityG AshaRangappa_ neal_katyal PreetBharara SallyQYates

He must be a Trumper, anyone else he'd leave in prison to Rot!

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