Trump: ‘No Idea’ If Clintons Involved In Jeffrey Epstein Death

The president backtracks ever so slightly.


President Trump said he has “no idea” if Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s death by lisettevoytko

The president backtracks ever so slightly.

Trump said the Twitter user, comedian Terrence K. Williams, “has half a million followers” and is “somebody that’s a very respected, conservative pundit, so I think that was fine.” He added: “That wasn’t from me; that was from him.”

Both Clinton and Trump are former friends of Epstein. Both had interactions with Epstein alleged by the plaintiff in court documents

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lisettevoytko makes everyone wonder! Check this out! sick on so many levels!!!! lisettevoytko I bet Billy took a box of cigars with him every time he flew the LolitaExpress lisettevoytko Why do you even print that drivel? lisettevoytko Trump has no idea if it's Tuesday. lisettevoytko lisettevoytko Well, lets take a look at his diary. 🤷‍♀️ simple as that

lisettevoytko But Trump just had to throw it out there, didn’t he. All those he’s slandered w/ his innuendos should join in a Class Action suit.. Sue his fat behind!! lisettevoytko Many people are saying (not me, but many, so I hear) that realDonaldTrump instructed Barr to have people look the other way so Epstein could successfully commit suicide. Many people. I have no idea if it's true, but many people are saying this. Many.

lisettevoytko So like Bush 911 on his mind and hands have have he this lisettevoytko Did he just blurt it out or was it a response to a question, which the msm turned into a conspiracy theory by POTUS - just asking? lisettevoytko But has no problem spreading the lie.

Scaramucci compares Trump to Chernobyl nuclear disaster, says GOP may need to replace Trump for 2020'We are now in the early episodes of 'Chernobyl' on HBO,' Anthony Scaramucci said on Sunday. 'The reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start donaldtrump is an antichildbigot racistinchief rapistinchief bananarepublican MangoMussolini orangepieceoffeces downwithputin puckfutin Sorry Newsweek, this is not a credible source. It’s just another, now apostate,Trump enabler. Get to work and give me some real news for a change. DumpTrump This dudes 15 minutes were up quite a while back

lisettevoytko Sure.... 🐥(cuckoo) lisettevoytko President yo-yo himself lisettevoytko We need to find out though! lisettevoytko Just pathetic . lisettevoytko Okay... ClintonBodyCount lisettevoytko He did it self realDonaldTrump lisettevoytko Bill Clinton only went to Rape Island over 30 times, why would they be? But lets keep investigating our President for BS charges...

lisettevoytko 😂😂😂😂😂 lisettevoytko 🚫 idea

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Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Wait what... WWEs are invited where now? Is that scripted too? I think this is well done by Bobby Leshley. Take no more racial shit neither from Trump(ed) or his Trumper Zombies. Simple. Who

Big E Speaks Out Against Donald Trump In Spite Of WWE's Pro-Trump AgendaWWE Superstar Big E didn't hold back when asked if The New Day would accept an invitation to go to the Whitehouse as he wasted no time criticizing the Trump administration. Really bad actors on WWE are even less reliable than the bad actors in Hollywood who want us all to find their hate filled words about Trump to be relevant. Pretenders Well played Big E 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Bannon Floats Idea of Michelle Obama Run Against Trump(Bloomberg) -- Democrats eager to oust President Donald Trump in 2020 could pin their hopes on an eleventh-hour bid by former first lady Michelle Obama rather than the roughly two dozen candidates now in the mix, former White House strategist Steve Bannon suggested.“I don’t see anybody that’s on this She'd crush his sorry ass. No, period. No more Bushes. No more Clintons. No more Obamas. No family dynasties. She would have my vote

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