Fact Check: Trump Makes 86 False Claims Over Two Weeks, Including Whoppers About Bloomberg, Pelosi And Social Security - Cnnpolitics

Fact Check: Trump Makes 86 False Claims Over Two Weeks, Including Whoppers About Bloomberg

Trump makes 86 false claims over two weeks, including whoppers about Bloomberg, Pelosi and Social Security

President Trump made 31 false claims last week and 55 the week before, including 22 at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in late January and 13 in an official speech at a community college in Charlotte, North Carolina, in early February.

2/14/2020 5:10:00 PM

President Trump made 31 false claims last week and 55 the week before, including 22 at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in late January and 13 in an official speech at a community college in Charlotte, North Carolina, in early February.

President Donald Trump made 31 false claims last week and 55 the week before, including 22 at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in late January and 13 in an official speech at a community college in Charlotte, North Carolina, in early February.

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YOU ARE FULL OF LIES AND BS! SHOULD BE CALLED COMMUNISTS NEWS NETWORK. CNN can't go one hour without that many...lol...CNNisTrash Fake news do any of you ever speak truth? Emphatic NO! He is not well ,we know Why do the media keep pointing out his false claims, the fucking ppl don't care. They would not care if he sparyed them with his piss, then told themnit was a rain mist.

Stop the Genocide war declared on the People of formal British Cameroon aka Ambazonia. Silence Kills. LIES!! THEY ARE CALLED LIES!! You know i remember when CNN was a actual News organization instead of what they have become today nothing more then the propaganda ministry of the socialist, Marxist left of our society, may god help the Republic.

JMBrideoake Why would anyone support this blundering fool? So, basically you're saying all his numbers are going down 🤣🤣 Liar liar pants on 🔥 Fake Russian collusion for almost 3 years. CNN is fake news. Nobody believes you clown news net and fake news manufacturer! And that’s all CNN puts out are false statements

That’s almost 1/84th as many false claims makes on a daily basis And a confession Give The Fat Don a break... sure he lies a few dozen times every day but hey... that’s why his supporters love him... FAT Donny is going to make America Great Again... give him some space... CNN fake news Counting lies? That's CNN opion reporting at its best. Where are the stories of Cuomo allowing NYers to be raped and murdered because of his catch and release law? How about his 'Late term abortion' that kills living infants? Illegal alians to hold up the dmv for a license?

This list of 'lies' is, unsurprisingly, a lot of ridiculous bullshittery. Hilarious, lying CNN fact checking someone else. That should be shouted from the roof tops around the clock AND Let me save you time CNN Trump is a liar , you know it everyone knows it ... The things IS NOBODY IS DOING SHITE ABOUT IT

And yet his unintelligent supporters don’t care and blindly follow because they also support hate and racism Lies lies lies... not false claims..not fibs and untruths!!! You are sick people I hope you’re channel goes under currupt news And they still believe him! Pales in comparison to transgressions. Call the kettle black. He tells LIES all LIES!

Fake news!!! CNN is fake!!! Trump is a liar. Cnn fire don lemon he’s a racist ... white people everywhere we should be outraged at the way they laugh and say how stupid we are are dumb and religious we are ... how we can’t read .. boycott cnn and affiliation s with them stop cnn now All the False Narratives, Smear Jobs that he's constantly attacked with.Anybody count those up?

Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 CNN makes thousands of false claims every week that’s because they’re fake news CNN Communist news network How much does someone get paid for dissecting every word spoken by Trump? Interesting CNN would write a piece about false claims ........ Melting.....melting...... camilocnn Si Camilito, es serio que Trump hable de blombe, pero que cnn y tú digan que es mentiroso es correcto. Ha, y lo que rompió Nancy no es importante ( según encuesta de cnn), el pueblo esta de acuerdo con ella. Los únicos mentirosos son ustedes( cnn y secuases).

False claims include someone else saying it’s illegal for Pelosi to rip up Trump’s speech. What a lie Trump told there! I dont understand how so many can overlook there pres lying about so much, some very serious matters Something morally & mentality wrong with anyone who supports a pathological liar with dementia.

Not true. Fake CNN news. And CNN made 1,000’s in a day, including this fake news! Trouble with you is you don't know the difference between opinion and facts. Trump says these guys are ugly and corrupt and that's an opinion alot of people agree with. This is the same tactic your fellow communists used against Trump during impeachment .

How many great things did he do? is a hack “news” organization who not unlike MSNBC promotes conspiracy theories. It’s no wonder their viewership is at an all-time low. Trump2020 Don't believe you are fake news Still can't call them lies huh? Stop giving him air time!!! False claims? He’s lying just say he lied 32 times... it’s not hard

Surprised you left out... -- of misspellings Trump had last week -- of bathroom trips -- of coughs -- of times he said how good the economy is -- of African Americans turning to support him -- of people in his rallies -- of polls showing his numbers rise. And more same with you. fooling people as if you know everything

Poor CNN 😡 You guys want to see something fake. Just look north of the border his name is JustinTrudeau His other names are blackface,skippy,traitor etc. He is starting a civil war. Protesters are shutting down Canada while he is having dinner with the leader who murdered 55 Canadians. Fake news All information falls into the principle of Relativity ... If you don’t know, go back to school.

This is rich coming from the FAKE NEWS network! The GOP seems to thrive on duping and being duped! If you like your Dr you can keep your Dr CNNisGarbage Obamamade 134,349,733,411 in 8 years They won’t call out any of their liberal candidates.. CNN king of hypocrisy. That’s y’all president though🤮🤮🤮🤮 If you like your Dr. $2500 savings. If you like your insurance.

Once again people, he lies continually. Is that who we want representing our nation? Trump still better than the one's that would to be in there.. Just look how that ugly woman that work for Obama talk to Snoop... Democrats ani't sh** when you give them a little power. That's all he does is lie, cheat and steal!!!!! If anyone supports him they are UNAMERICAN !!!!!!!

The man has no shame!:-) Thats what the twentieth century is gobble gook nothing refers to anything. Its a oblivious technological age we all live in not a world with consequences but one trinity infinity .nothing is accurate we contemplate ,think, evaluate. Discard ideas coming from all directions WIN.

So? CNN made 1million false claims in the past 60 seconds Those would be “lies”. Can we please not sugarcoat? Just here to watch all the trumpers on a 'fake news' twitter feed, tripping over each other to defend an authoritarian wanna-be who lies more than pinnochio (w/ a barrage of insults, excuses, rationalizations, and conspiracy theories). LOL

You can’t believe anything that CNN reports. They are 100% anti Trump. CONTINUOUS NAZI NETWORK WOULDN'T KNOW THE TRUTH IF IT WAS BLAZENED IN THE STARS. OH WAIT, IT IS AND YOU IGNORE IT. This is news? It’s politicians at their very best. That’s what they do. I’m quite sure Barak Hussien Obama ALWAYS told the truth.

Well coming from the fake news media it’s hard to believe And nobody makes him Accountable 😡 From the same company who got sued for lying and lost 🤷 How many “false claims” did CNN make last week and the week before? Asking for a friend. Give Trump a break Stop with the false claim BS. Call them what they are LIES! Whoopers is a burger at Burger King. THEY ARE LIES!!!

Fake news And his mesmerized, poorly educated, easily led base loved every one. realDonaldTrump parscale VP GOP LindseyGrahamSC Tedcruz presssec mickmulvaneyOMB NikkiHaley senatemajldr GOPLeade RepMarkMeadows Trump’s Cabal: Jim_Jordan DevinNunes replouiegohmert RepMattGaetz The more belligerent he becomes, the merrier to those that are dumb

Says who...? CNN hasn’t made a true claim in years lmao There is reasons american people don’t care what you say anymore. Shit like this is why we got president trump in the first place. Your network is just pissed because he called you on your BS when no one would... Still at this fake news CNN? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Merrimon Oxley a nc lawyer made numerous false claims against me and thus far has got by with it. so who cares? And NCStateBar knows it and does NOTHING. Same REDNECKS DIFFERENT DAY doublestandards corruption USAttorneys RoyCooperNC justice lawyer attorney ethics AP Now do cnn! Fake news talking about false claims. That’s rich.

Now do Adam 'I have evidence' Schiff lies. realDonaldTrump POTUS Sorry to say Had regards for America until trump He speaks and acts like.... A child. Straight out of Mein Kampf - Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people. All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed.

Liar, liar! BobBuckhorn Who is counting your false claims? Lol Fake news as usual cnn You guys beat that in a few hours. Fake never once fair reporting I am looking forward to the demise of your horrible fake news propaganda machine. How many has CNN made? Hard to keep up with such a small viewership. False claims? Call them what they are. CNN. LIES!!!!

CNN no one trusts your accusations. You have had so many false stories Gieco was afraid you were going to sue them for copyright infringement on their Pinocchio story line. Why don’t you start fact checking some of the Dems candidates?🤔 the very fact that Republicans tolerate a completely dishonest human being is reason enough to vote every Republican out of office ... especially labeling themselves Christian . Do you teach your children to lie ? do you praise them for their dishonesty ?

Cartoon News Network! And CNN?....”but, I repeat myself” at least you guys are backing Michael Avenatti for President he should win American politics is pathetic. He would still have to really work hard to catch up to CNN! Can you please tell your commentator Ana Navarro that Avenatti isn't the Holy Spirit? I can't believe her husband left a godly woman for that!

cnn rrports fakenews every hour by every fakenews hosts. Bullshit Did you ever tell us that Obama lied or made false clams Only cnn would fact check so many opinions. fakenews Please tell me the difference between a “false claim” and a lie. And you actually expect us to believe CNN, go away asshats He’s campaigning at community colleges?

CNN you make false claims every day so who are you to tell anyone about false claims. No one believes a word you say anymore check your rating! Did you ever, ever, ever catalogue things Obama said which you determined were a lie? No, surely not because you can keep your doctor and we didn’t give guns to Mexican cartels

He lied. Ffs. Just say he LIED. Another lie from fake news CNN shall we start counting your lies? Half the things he says are taken out of context and twisted around by haters. Ok ok now do cnn. And still the best President we've ever had. Only liberals believe they're perfect. We dont want perfect. We want a President who works for America. We want Trump. Trump2020Victory MAGA2020 AmericaFirst

FAKE NEWS RUN BY FAKE JOURNALISTS!! Trump2020 You mean the MSM is not full of “swamp rats” like DC? Or are you referring to his claim that CNN is “fake news” Which one isnt true Asking for a friend And CNN lied over 100 times in 2 days! Hey CNN, where’s ur story about ur savior Avenatti who was found guilty of extortion! U know, the one u endorsed for president? Where’s that story lying fascist CNN?

Snake oil salesman. Carnival barker, loud, obnoxious and his words at just bluster. CNN lied to the American people for 3 years about Russian collusion. When will you apologize to the President and we the people? FakeNewsCNN And you are Fake News Just fake news Bet he doesn’t even recall lying... he is such a joke as our president... we are the laughing stock of the world... and Trump supporters are so ignorant and gullible to believe this very very evil and vindictive man...

Hey CNN, 🤫🤐🤫🤐🤫 So he’s getting better at least. TrumpIsTrash Which ‘false claim’ did to disagree with more than than the others Why is it that no or can ever name one specifically? We get long lists of false claims made by CNN !! CNN is the worst He lied. He didn’t make false claims. A real media would also comment on the hundreds of lies by Democrats...

Where’s your coverage of Avanniti.? You had such high praises of him as a presidential candidate. Fake journalists on steroids. You call yourself a news org?FakeNewsCNN. Britt Hume: As of April of 2019, “CNN was the porn lawyer’s top cable enabler with a whopping 121 appearances; MSNBC earned a close second with 108. Broadcast networks hosted the attorney a combined 24 times (ABC: 12, CBS: 7, NBC: 5).”

The amount of delusion in this threat makes me wonder if dragons are real. If only CNN were that worried about false claims when writing their own material. CNN Fake News So what, Democrats lie everytime they opened their mouths... Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha What a guy! Bs! Fake news! 🤡🙄💩

Who the hell counts this crap? Get a life. That’s all he’s do is made false statement all the time he ain’t worth listen to . How can anyone take CNN seriously? It's nothing more than DNC tv. Time to unfollow you. Goodby Also CNN: Trump's time as the POTUS is nigh. I can feel it in my bones (no spur) Um 'mentiroso compulsivo'.

Who cares nobody cares CNN !!! Shitshow Channel, boring Can't wait until this 'rat' disappears back into the bowels of the subways in NYC … can't happen soon enough, IMO Give it up. You need to stop counting. They are not false claim anymore. For he is just talking to improve his ability for re-election. Like the law said if he is doing it for a good reason, all is good

And CNN makes thousands of false claims in a day. CNN makes false claims all the time with their propaganda agenda. Your network has lost all credibility. Liar liar pants on fire. Donald LyingAss Trump 31 + 55 + 32 + 13 = 131 False claims Just imagine if you're God (which can never ever be possible), our your country of per second false claims would be uncountable (countably infinite) You have time for counting though realDonaldTrump

Just say ‘Trump the liar’ everyone but America knows a scam artist when they see one 🤔 most of them are bad businessmen 🤷🏾‍♀️ Is that true, or did you hear it on CNN? FakeNewsCNN Now do YOU, ... Fake news from fake news media. What a shame. Reducing to Demos media Q map Lol POTUS has his hedonistic head, appearing unstoppable. Americans wanting a white nationalist state are experiencing orgasm after political orgasm with each verbal assault that trolls from the POTUS's unruly tongue. Even exposing his deepest faults feeds their naive euphoria... 😬

Your obsession is crazy! Have you fact checked any democrats running? However You CNN never lie may be someone should count your False reports Oh I forget. You CNN and The House of Congress NEVER LIE just misunderstood stood. My sincere condolences to your ratings cnn. Get a Life CNN must be so desperate and Obsess with President Trump to COUNT how many times he Lies or brags or Whatever HELLO how many times has Schiff or Pelosi or Maxin Waters or Omar or AOC According to CNN President Trump is The only person in the Whole World might lie

Fake News So that means CNN made at least 1,000,000,000,000 in the past 2 weeks. and he's still your president? omg Anybody’d think he’s trying to be re-elected. Everyone gets it Trump lies. When is CNN going to fact check every politician. My guess is never. 'false claims' my parents always called them lies

Hihihi, again CNN FAKE NEWS. Stop watching CNN Can you get Avenati on for the 700th time while he's in prison? Cnn keeps lying about lying. Cnn is the world’s cup holder of fake líes and false news. And I ain’t lying a pound. Malfeasance by IMPOTUS at its worst the only punishment is Prison. ITS TIME TO LOCK TRUMP UP FOR THE SAKE OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD! impeached4life

How this person is still being allowed to represent our country is just beyond me 😡😡😡😡 Hope this story make all of you feel better about your lies & the ppl u lie for. realDonaldTrump will never come close to your record u break it every time you open your mouths or have a thought Only 86? Crying, lying, asterisk Trumpski!

ran with 75 fake news story’s during the same time , including this one And CNN makes about 1000 false claims a day. Clinton News Network! They are NOT false claims. They are the president’s words. And there is no difference. Like CNN can accuse anyone of FALSE claims. The fake news inventors. Don Lemon lies.

Is he a myth maniac ? What kind of people support a habitual liar? Come on CNN it makes you look worst when you of all people try to call out someone else’s lies😕 Liars. oh don't tell that to Susan Collins, the most naive senator to date. of course Trump will learn a lesson-the lesson is that he can lie more & not be called down for it & he can act in more outrageous ways than ever before-no consequences. on the way to autocracy.

I skimmed thru the “lies” & found a hidden lie of CNN’s. this article says that Bolton wasn’t subpoenaed bcuz the House didn’t want 2 take the “extra time” to wait on 1. LIE. they knew his subpoena wouldn’t get approved bcuz it didn’t hold water; They got sued 4 a prior subpoena. President Liar LiarInChief

If he wins that means America gone Dumber CNN has lost their ability to realize the Democrats play them like puppets and their fellow Americans have lost all respect for their brand of news. No, he didnt. You are the Fakest of all Fake News I counted 19 false remarks in one hour of CNN on 2/14/20. It was between 2-3pm EST. Fake News.

This should come as a surprise to NO ONE. Until you do the same for TheDemocrats, we don't give a damn about your biased reporting! Oh really! Listen up Trump Haters. Now that we know what President Trump is doing,now tell us what the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATIC PARTY our doing. Really! cnn so how many did everyone else make in the same time frame since since you guys are keeping count 🤔🤔

Who’s counting anymore LIAR IN CHIEF Trump your sickening 🖕 Who cares? Lies. CNN makes 50-60% false news or twist the reality. Trump is better than CNN. They are called lies Trump’s a pathological liar ...and CNN made thousands of false claims. Trump looks like an angel in comparison. According to Clown Noise Network....... So likely 50% less.

It is s danger to America when a news network attack one political party and not the others it creates hate divides Americans and will ultimately create civil war. There is no other outcome That probably adds up to how many times had MichaelAvenatti on. OR It falls far short of the multitudes of FALSE, FAKE, CORRUPT stories you have made up out of thin air. Your network SUCKS. O (Zero) is how much credibility you have.

CNNFAKENEWS The guy that fact checks CNN died from exhaustion. Shut up cnn MichaelCNNAvenetti False claims, or just not fitting your false narrative? Trump needs to work harder to catch up to CNN. Examples: CNN: Trump fired Vindman Truth: He was reassigned CNN: Trump admitted he sent Giuliani to dig up dirt Truth: He admitted he sent Giuliani to investigate corruption.

🥱 MaddyWalkedAway That is 132 less than cnn in the same time frame And yet you still haven't apologized to Nick Sandmann. According to the CNN Poll, CNN made 746 FakeNews last week and 5647 a month before. Now do Warren, Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg and Bloomberg. How’s Trump bashing translating to ratings at CNN?

And how many did you make? The betrayals of our civil, social, legal norms be'g normalizd by this abusive, disgustg, IDIOT who doesn't deserve all he's been lucky enugh to have been laid out for him by his misguided unknowing father of wht he created. We CAN'T BE PROUD of THIS POTUS & HE'S an EMBARRASSMENT

Maybe start with your own network, then work on someone else? Every time trump jokes about something cnn claims its false. CNN should pay more attention to their own fake news LIES! They are LIES!!! USe the word please Lol In other words ... kgirlartist66 And he could not care less😕😕😕 So how many for the slimy dems?

Is this real life? How does he keep getting away with this. I’m ashamed for my country 😞 And how many have you and your people made? CNN posts fake news daily. Why do you liberals keep posting fake news. No 9ne watches your crap network and no one believe your stories Please name them with substantiated evidence

He is getting more honest... cnn lies everyday and every hour to everyone that listens to them. Boycott cnn!!! HE is an effing liar and had been this way long before he was “elected”, but YOU, America, voted for him and still support him! Shame on you! How many false claims or fake news reporting did produce?

Stop the ganes...call IT like IT is LIES And michaelavenatti was your favorite lawyer for a while? Yawn. FISAabuse Man is a born liar , hard to believe people actually do business with him ..... REMOVE TRUMP IN NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!! lie Still waiting on your total for three years😂 Can you count your boys false claims?

Now do impeachable offenses. From the beginning! Why don’t you appraise is the details of these alleged lies. this is journalism In the last week alone: A 15 y/o Trump supporter was attacked A Republican voter registration booth was ran over A California GOP HQ was vandalized A 50 y/o man was punched after just being mistaken for a Trump supporter And the media has been silent. I wonder why? 🤔

Ok now tell us how many you made... And he is going to win again on nov!!!!😂😂😂👍 Fake news CNN is at it again! Hes so sickening. Why do we even count his lues anymore. He's a liar, just know that whatever he says is a lie How many did FakeNewsCNN make? 🙄 Sure he did lol fake news cnn lol what a joke!! No one believes anything you say!!

How many times has the Adam Schitt lies to the Americans?!! 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Landslide 2020. Why can’t you say lies. False claims. What Trump does is lie! Trump is a liar! Just makes it up as he goes along, and some people just lap it up not really caring if it’s true, he really knows his audience.

CNN, call them what they are, LIES! I wish we could tell Trump to just shut up already! The fact that he is routinely lying is no longer news. It's no different than a daily sunrise. He's lied over 16,000 ties. His cult followers don't care and GOPSenate will turn a blind eye because they are cowards.

A disgrace no matter how you cut it! Deplorables could not care less. You call yourselfs journalist, you are supposed to report the turth not tell a bunch of lies. Just because the Demrats say it is true does not mean it is. What the house is doing to Trump is personal, it is no longer political. Do what ever cone out if there mouth is a

Got to wonder about the mind set of those who like him 🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and vote for him ! Let me get this straight, CNN is calling out someone for lying? I think you ment to say the Democrats party 31 false claims this week 55 last week and a ton on the campaign A liberal lunatic attempted to maim and murder GOP volunteer/workers at a voters registration site in Florida and YOUR NETWORK REFUSES TO REPORT THIS DISGUSTING ILLEGAL ACT OR CONDEMN IT. So excuse me if I think your network is disgusting!

Start reporting the lies and challenge him And the winner is the clown off the U.S.A as president Donald Duck Trump and the republican's beleives him the joke of the world. HE LIED, HE LIES, HE TELLS LIES!! ...and this coming from CNN, know by all as the father of lies. Satan's desciple...the Corrupted News Network.

SethAbramson The real news will be when Trump tells the truth!!! Know what isn’t a false claim? He is still your president, and will be for another 4 years :D Are we surprised? Maybe the White House press pool should not cover him for just one full day. How would he react when he came out of the WH to go to his helicopter and there is no press. When he goes to make speech no one is there. It would be amazing to see his meltdown

And that’s news? SethAbramson say it with me 'HE. LIED. HE LIES. HE'S. A. LIAR.' stop saying 'false claims' start saying 'lied' - you're part of the problem. SethAbramson What is a false claim? Is that a LIE perhaps? Can we just say these are blatant lies from now on? Is that a lot? How does that compare to other politicians lies? How does it compare to CNN's lies? Numbers themselves are meaningless.

Now do cnn! SethAbramson ForeverImpeachedTrump is also a 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 SethAbramson Republicans: “If only it was 32 and 56, then we would care.” morgfair Orange Pinocchio is what they call him...🤥🤥🤥 What else is new 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 CNN is the guy at the party who argues with everyone rather than shutting up and having a drink like a normal person

False claims?!? CNN is nothing but false claims. Even the feeble minded see what you are. That's why you have no audience. makes 31 false claims an hour. Your point? Now let’s do Nice try CNN. Does anyone still watch you? Trump is a Dictator And you are reporting this why? , y’all haven’t made a truthful statement in years! Perhaps if you would hire journalists instead of TDS infected crybabies, you viewership wouldn’t be on such a steep decline.

I’m not sure that the general public is surprise. It would make the news if the POTUS spent a day without making a false statement. He is a LIAR and bully and racist man I wish I could flesh these “false claim” articles down with my morning shits!!! Trump: there was like a dozen people there Media: Trump claims dozens when in fact it was a bakers dozen!

He publicly made 31 false claims, you mean? I’m sure that number was much, much higher. Woul love to have you do the same kind of “fact” checking on Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Swalwell, Schumer et al. What else is new. That alone should be unacceptable, impeachable and require removal from office- how does anyone trust anything he says, this could get us killed.

We need to know the number of false claims vis-à-vis the true ones. could be blowing everything out of proportion. Now do your own network. Make it as nit picky as you lies in the article And we all know that can is fake nwes FakeNews DemocratNewsNetwork These are lies. Stop obfuscating that fact with the “false claims” euphemism. The president lies. Knowingly. Deliberately. He is a liar and your soft pedaling further enalbes his lying.

Is there any other administration you fact checked on a weekly basis? If so, how do Trumps numbers compare? And how do you account for Trump being the first president to interact with US citizens on daily basis? Eff that blatant liar. That alone is impeachable. Those damn tweets are public record and official statements from ‘our president’.

Did CNN ever mention the record breaking January jobs numbers? The people voting for him in caucuses and primaries in record numbers when they don’t have to, or his massive fundraising haul? So what else is new , he has some imagination besides lying ! No one believes CNN 0 credibility YOUR have destroyed yourselt

Who fact checks CNN? Great on the water reporting You guys re mad.... Call it like it is. Trump is a pathological liar. This is why CNN is a joke. , the king of fake news, is talking about someone else lying? Their lack of self-awareness is monumental. ha! ha! a lying Mf! s.o.b! Hello Pot, I’m Kettle 👋🏽👋🏽 KAG2020Landslide Trump2020Landslide FakeNewsCNN

What's new kids? Why don’t you talk about real lies from Schiff, Pelosi and Biden...for starters. So? Trump is the first politician to lie or embellish facts right? U guys are obviously jobless or have nothing better to do. Africa is run by criminals, there is poverty around the world, dictatorship is on the rise, racism is alive and well and u obsess about realDonaldTrump

Sure he did. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 CNN, where are the stories? In the last week: A 15 y/o Trump supporter was attacked A Republican voter registration booth was ran over A California GOP HQ was vandalized A 50 y/o man was punched after just being mistaken for a Trump supporter Media has been silent. - Charlie Kirk

How does that compare to your fake news record, imagine he is a distant second to CNN Says the King of dishonest reporting False claims? He lied! And a big THANK-YOU to all the A-holes at cnn who gave potus BILLIONS of $$$ in NONSTOP 24/7 FREE coverage to get him elected. MSM Your network probably had more

Name them! List all these false claims CNN! cnnbrk newsroom This network has to be the dirtiest most biased network in the history of America!!!! Report the news, on ALL parties, the GOOD and the BAD.....oh wait, this network is owned and operated by Democrats!! Normal Fire him “False claims” “untruths” Trump LIES. Call them LIES.

Why can’t you spell LIES? Trump 2020!! Can you say LIES? Tell it like it is. He’s a fu*king liar. Just say the SOB LIES already. And his flock keep eatin it up as truth. Sad. And HE'S still going to get RE ELECTED 😂😂😂😂 Says A LOT about the Dems 🤔🤔🤔 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Gshshwheyeydydudhsbvdvdhehwvwhajbhegehes

Stop doing this, you're not raising awareness to anyone that cares. CNN considers this a 'false claim.' Fucking clown show! Isn’t there any other news in the world? You’re like the trump channel Sooo....politics as usual? Fake news swings and whiffs again.. Call a spade a spade. Trump is a LIAR! Here doesn't know how to tell the truth. Everything he says he embellishes. I love watching him hem and haw and stammer on the Whitehouse lawn when the reporters stop him. He's like a little boy making up the story as he's going along.

LIES!!! HE LIED!! SAY IT Wonderful! Sadly not many in the population will catch that useless little tit-bit on the 'World's FAKE NEWS' Leader. In fact, almost everyone who appears on CNN are crooked, corrupt liars. If they weren't - they wouldn't be invited on!

Pelosi slams Trump for 'abuse of power' in Roger Stone intervention“This is an abuse of power that the president is again trying to manipulate federal law enforcement to serve his political interest,” Pelosi said of Trump's intervention in the sentencing of his longtime ally Roger Stone Pelosi called for bipartisan resistance to Trump's move to interfere in the justice system, but she declined to say whether Congress should pursue additional investigations or take other steps to confront his actions ahead of the election Biggest problem the Dems are facing aside from winning elections is that they're between a rock and a hard place. If they spend the next nine months investigating Trump and Barr they risk being seen as obsessed with taking down Trump as opposed to legislation 1/ Summon the Duty Nurse, Nancy needs a diaper change.

Pelosi accuses Trump of abusing power by interfering in Roger Stone caseHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi asserts DOJ's reversal on Stone sentencing recommendation is another “abuse of power” by the president that must be investigated by Congress. Evidence reveals Stone trial jury foreperson was a blatant lib, lied on juror questionnaire. Seems relevant. She is “the Speaker that cried wolf”. **Everything’s** a “blatant violation” of something. How can any of these nearly-daily rants be taken seriously? working for americans unlike dems

Trump: ‘I’d Rather Run Against Bloomberg Than Bernie Sanders’“Sanders has real followers,” the president said. Translation, he'd rather run against Bernie

Trump: ‘I’d Rather Run Against Bloomberg Than Bernie Sanders’“Frankly, I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders,” President Trump told reporters at the White House by skleb1234 skleb1234 in other words, he really, really wants to run against Sanders. doublespeak skleb1234 DONALD J TRUMP u will never stop running your mouth... skleb1234 Bullshit

Bloomberg seeks to make stop-and-frisk controversy about Trump“When you threaten Trump, you become a target,” Bloomberg's campaign manager tells NBC News. The Iowa and NH primaries are a joke as Perez and the DNC have literally hired Republican Billionaire Mike Bloomberg as their next candidate.......Sanders supporters your screwed 😎 The world has more to worry about than the trump whiners. You voted for him, get over it USATODAY USA