Trump issues attack against Rep. Ilhan Omar during rally

.@jheil discusses Pres. Trump's attacks on Rep. Omar: 'The sad part about this is ... not only that it's not hyperbolic – this is not like it's the first time.'

9/27/2020 2:01:00 AM

.jheil discusses Pres. Trump's attacks on Rep. Omar: 'The sad part about this is ... not only that it's not hyperbolic – this is not like it's the first time.'

During a Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania, the president attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., by saying the member of Congress is telling 'us' how to run 'our' country.

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Israel says UAE visit 'making history' - Palestinians call it 'shameful'

A group of United Arab Emirates officials became the first Gulf Arab delegation ever to visit in Israel on Tuesday, cementing a normalisation deal in an occasion that Israel and U.S. officials described as historic but the Palestinians called 'shameful'.

jheil He has no respect nationally and internationally. The Republican Party appears to have swung so far to the right toward- you got it- socialistic, communistic- behavior. Putin loves it! jheil Why are Trump supporters so scared? Their insecurity is staggering. Never in my life have I witnessed such division. We should stand together as one nation but have realize that these peoples intentions are the furthest from that. They have no desire to unite and become one.

jheil My God so desperate you did a segment on this lol. jheil Homework and dish it out believe me she dishes it out and every day so arm if you conditioned out you can take it jheil Rep Omar Anti-Semitie jheil Trump is a crying looser jheil She is an enemy of our Republic. So is the media. jheil Only the sick, demoralizing, debased, destructive, destabilizing, leftist anarchist dem libs can attack the president and teach that to our young and say whatever they want. They are evil sent from the devil to destroy the social, moral, and spiritual order of our society

jheil These rally’s and support have got to be eating at your gut! jheil And he pretends to nominate a woman. We all know he had no decision in this. His bots and evangelicals made it. He probably didn’t know the name til he read it on the teleprompter. It’s all show. jheil The FBI has arrested the founder of a Black Lives Matter group in Atlanta on fraud and money laundering charges. Sir Maejor Page, 32, was accused Friday of misappropriating $200,000 in donations he solicited through Facebook on behalf of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta,

jheil REALLY MediaResearchCenter theMRC · 2m It took less than ten minutes for Amy Coney Barret to finish her speech before pundits at started attacking her. jheil This man 's agenda is not to be a president; rather it's to divide America. jheil Not even fit to be in a dog house jheil jheil jheil Actually, his assessment of Omar is rather accurate...Shhh, don’t tell anyone..

jheil WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A RACIST!!! jheil Ilhan Omar is the closest thing we’ve had to a jihadist in Congress, all attacks are warranted jheil FACT CHECK: It's not an attack if it is true. Omar married her brother to illegally enter this country. Now she is talking about burning it down. jheil Democrats love playing the victim. How do they live being so miserable all the time?

jheil jheil The sad part is she’s an ISIS sympathizer. jheil Mr. Trump, please spell 'hyperbolic.' Without looking at the teleprompter. jheil Good for him jheil jheil Strong women scare Little Donald. jheil You aren’t journalists. You are political actors and anti-American propaganda hacks. FOAD. jheil She gets what she gives.

jheil jheil An America hating jihadist shouldn't be in our Congress. Even Democrats are distancing themselves from her. jheil In all fairness, he only did it because she has been just AWFUL.” jheil Maybe she shouldn’t have married her brother? jheil Thanks for constantly bolstering his demented message...he's counting on it.

jheil The notorious ACB will be nominated, and there is nothing Democrats can do about it. jheil It’s a legitimate attack. Omar did flee a torn country for a better life in the US, yet pushes the very policies that tore that country apart in the US. It’s doesn’t make sense. jheil jheil Sargent Bonespurs Trump Reporting For Duty

Former Rep. Ron Paul hospitalized after livestreamed medical episodeThe former presidential candidate and father of Sen. Rand Paul tweeted out a picture of himself smiling in his hospital bed, writing, 'I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern.' He had an obvious stroke. Must have seen his son Rand getting reamed by Fauci Biden said stupid Bastard to national guards

In 'We're Better Than This,' Rep. Elijah Cummings Offers Some Lasting ThoughtsThe former congressman's memoir is an urgent call to action, imploring us to defend our democracy as it is assailed by threats — and a poignant reminder of how much the nation lost with his death. Agree!!!!! Hey AC830... You need to be defunded NPR.

Rep. Attica Scott, author of Breonna's Law, arrested in Louisville during protestsRepresentative Attica Scott authored Breonna's Law, which banned no-knock warrants in Louisville, Kentucky. Stop it, rubbish News Boo Keep marching and saying her name

'Justice Failed Us,' Ky. State Rep. Booker Says Of Breonna Taylor DecisionKentucky State Rep. Charles Booker: 'When I said the words that 'justice failed us' ... I was speaking to a truth that essentially says that if you look like I do or come from where I come from or where Breonna comes from, that your life can be dismissed.' Let’s gooooo always love Charles booker news Hawaii psychedelic prophecy Bible Dystopia revelation rock jazz hiphop hendrix prince hope prayer dreams artist showbiz music Hollywood KailuaKona Atlanta NYC Milwaukee The Proof via YouTube Also if you have a drug dealer living with you and the police raid your place that can be bad too

Rep. Justin Amash, the ex-Republican who tussled with Trump and the GOP, reflects on what's next“Most members of Congress are pretty kind to each other in private, but in public, they’re performative,' said Michigan Rep. Justin Amash. 'It’s very much theater.” And we know you pulled the same stunt against Trump. that is a bunch of bull shit,,the gop & dems are like a bunch of school kids fighting on their play ground/.

Trump Keeps Holding Packed Campaign Rallies During A Pandemic“He’s got superspreader events all over the country,” one Democrat lamented, while Republicans simply shrugged like they do at most things involving Trump. Just face palm yourselves and be done with it. Peaceful Protests Germ spreaders.