Trump hasn't met with coronavirus task force in months, not expected to before election

President Donald Trump hasn't met with his coronavirus task force in months and is not expected to before the election.

10/23/2020 9:11:00 PM

President Trump has not met with the coronavirus task force in months, and is not expected to do so in the final days before the election, according to an administration official.

President Donald Trump hasn't met with his coronavirus task force in months and is not expected to before the election.

05:14Steele was elected party chairman in 2009 as the GOP sought to regroup from President Barack Obama's historic victory in 2008 and he presided over the RNC as it marshaled tea party opposition to the Obama-Biden administration to make significant gains in Congress and across the country in the 2010 midterms.

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A former lieutenant governor of Maryland, Steele lost a 2006 bid for U.S. Senate in the heavily Democratic state. He has become an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, serving as a senior adviser of the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump super PAC. But until Tuesday morning he had not officially endorsed Biden.

His backing comes as the Trump campaign has sought to make inroads among African American voters, especially younger Black men who have tended to support Biden in lower numbers than other age groups.Because of his role with the Lincoln Project, it's unlikely Steele, who is also a political analyst for MSNBC, would play a direct role in Biden's campaign or act as a surrogate. But he informed the Biden campaign of his plans to publicly support him.

Share this -4d ago / 5:34 PM UTCBiden outspent Trump on the airwaves in every key battleground state over past weekWASHINGTON — Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign has outspent that of President Donald Trump on television and radio ads in every key battleground state over the last seven days as the Trump re-election effort continues to fall behind the Democrat in fundraising.

Over the last seven days, Biden outspent Trump in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin, per the latest figures from Advertising Analytics.That's every single state listed as a toss-up or leaning Democrat/Republican

by the Cook Political Report, meaning that Biden has the TV/radio spending edge in every single one of the most competitive states.Biden already had the edge in an overwhelming number of battleground states, but his total supremacy on the airwaves there came this past week when the Trump campaign cut its TV spending in Georgia in half week-over-week to about $720,000. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign boosted its weekly spend in Georgia to $1.5 million over the last seven days.

TV and radio spending don't make up the full story. Trump's campaign is still spending heavily on digital platforms, and if money meant everything, Trump would have lost the 2016 race to Democrat Hillary Clinton.But it's the latest sign of ways in which the resource gap may be having an impact on the race —

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revealed that the effort to elect Biden significantly outraised the Trump re-elect in September, and that the pro-Biden effort entered October with $180 million more in the bank than Trump's re-elect.Share this -7d ago / 4:27 PM UTCSenate Democrats post historic fundraising totals as battle for Senate control reaches home stretch

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats are riding a wave of historic third-quarter fundraising numbers into the final weeks before Election Day, even as Republicans are raising significant money of their own.Before this quarter, no Senate candidate had ever raised more in a single three-month quarter than former Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke,

who raised more than $38 millionin the third quarter of 2018.But between July and September of this year, South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison raised $58 million, Maine Democrat Sara Gideon raised $39.4 million and Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly raised $38.7 million.

U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon speaks at campaign event on Feb. 19, 2020 in Skowhegan, Maine.Robert F. Bukaty / APSix other Democrats — Kentucky's Amy McGrath ($36.8 million), Iowa's Theresa Greenfield ($28.8 million), North Carolina's Cal Cunningham ($28.3 million), Montana's Steve Bullock ($26.8 million), Colorado's John Hickenlooper ($22.6 million), and Georgia's Jon Ossoff ($21.3 million) all raised more than $20 million last quarter.

With Harrison raising more than any other Democrat, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham outraised all other Republican Senate candidates with $28.4 million. Arizona Republican Sen. Martha McSally raised $22.7 million, Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell raised $15.7 million, Michigan Republican John James raised $14.4 million and Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines raised $11.5 million.

It's clear the Democrats have the fundraising edge — when looking at all the Senate races rated"likely" or more competitive by the Cook Political Report (except Georgia's special election, where a slew of candidates are still running in a jungle primary), the average Democrat raised about $26 million last quarter compared to the average Republican's $10.2 million.

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But as Democrats spend big, primarily on television airwaves, the average Democrat has a similar amount of money in the bank than the average Republican candidate — $9.5 million in cash on hand for the average Democrat and $7.1 million for the average Republican.

For example, despite raising almost $58 million last quarter, Harrison's South Carolina campaign had about $8 million in cash-on-hand, about equal with Graham. And while North Carolina's Cunningham outraised Republican Sen. Thom Tillis by a factor of four, Tillis ended the quarter with $6.6 million in the bank to Cunningham's $4.2 million.

Share this -Ben Kamisar7d ago / 3:14 PM UTCBiden camp appears to be heading into final stretch with serious cash advantage over Trump re-electWASHINGTON — Joe Biden's campaign apparatus appears to have significantly outraised President Donald Trump's re-election effort in September, according to both campaigns, with the Democrat heading into the final stretch of the presidential campaign with a massive resource advantage.

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign announced that it (along with the Democratic National Committee and its affiliated joint-fundraising committees) raised $383 million in September, ending the month with $432 million in cash on hand between them all. Read more: MSNBC »

Coronavirus live updates: Pennsylvania could run out of ICU beds by next week

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 1.3 million people worldwide.

Republicans the party of liars So typical Too late now,a failure adminstrative. Trump failed to execute his promise to control the coronavirus pandemic which presently has killed 225K Americans. Vote Biden who has a plan to control coronavirus. Donny Soprano doesn't care about America. Why should he? He diesn't care. He is totally responsible for every death. Cases, no. Deaths, yes.

DTHutson Why bother? He's totally ineffective and unqualified. mike_pence hasn’t met with HIS task force either. 🤣🥃🧨🔥🏛🐘💩🧻💯🇺🇸 He’s a pos clown 🤡 And this is news why? Dangerous Curves Ahead. It's not like him getting involved would help People are dying!!! Ok.....? The way he ran from Leslie is the same way he ran from handling COVID-19

Trumps MO is profiting off of failure, he’s done it his entire life suesea2010 He's bored, he's over it and he can't spin it to his favor. The disease isn't something like a bad remark or unpopular law. .JoeBiden & KamalaHarris should try this when dealing w/ Republicans refusing to WearAMask. Biden should say: I'll let you open your State, long as you ALL mask up. If you give me an honest attempt & COVID19 numbers go down, great. If they go up then you'll do it my way.

Maybe not in front of cameras but in his office individually you can’t know everything Trump has never implemented a CV19 control program and has given up even tying. The Hague should try him for crimes against humanity as the only leader on earth who is actively spreading CV19. Because he doesn't care.. He never has, he never will, and he's not even trying to fake it anymore. He is a clinical psychpath..

The whole corona thing is just a sham for the Dems to gain back control and steal rights away from the people. Garbage. There is nothing else to do. Everyone knows what to do. This is just typical MSNBC. Because he doesn’t have a clue and gives less than a damn!! DO NOT TRUST POLLS, trust your vote 🗳 If you’re an elderly voter in Florida Texas Arizona Pennsylvania or Ohio, you can’t trust Trump with your health. He ignores the pandemic. He spreads misinformation. Cowardice. He will put America into a public health catastrophe this winter. Vote VoteEarly VoteHimOut

Knowmium You mean his Vice President? How can you lie like this and sleep at night. Lies. He was just on TV with them last month doing briefings the whole month of August and half of Sept. Because he is an arrogant son of a bitch. Who does not card Going with the herd immunity strategy JuddApatow He gave up even trying to look like he cares.

Well you can imagine my shock at this wholly unexpected Plot Twist. The POTUS who claims to love America and so patriotic is doing the most unpatriotic disgusting thing a POTUS can do. Give up on fighting for American lives. Total lack of leadership & WH government failure. Damn This morning on the Sunday morning show. It was stated they surrendered to the pandemic . It’s live or die folks. Nothing in between at this point. Sad day for a country that use to put the people above all. No matter what the problem. We NEVER turned coward and ran. NEVER.

Why would he? He could care less about the virus. Trump is tired of the virus. You know it is what it is. Shocker What is Trump corona interested in? Trump is only interested in re-election so that he and his rich friends can fill their pockets even more. This is called skimming off profit! Or walk over corpses. American corpses! 238.000 death

We're still on the front line. JuddApatow TO EVERYONE - There are three 3 imperfect choices to fix our broken health system, Which would you choose and WHY? He had time for a Halloween party at WH And Dr. Birx is where? The “health and wealth gospel” per Paula White is the WH guide. Why would he meet with them? according to Trump and his chief of staff they've given up fighting Covid and have moved on leaving all of us behind to figure it out or die as Trump goes campaigning 12 times a day....

Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp but Biden is going to and this shitshow What coronavirus task force? Let's not forget He’s too busy taking care of Sudan and Israel’s affairs The lives of the American people don’t matter to Trump, no one should be surprised or shocked about this. The only thing that matters to Trump is Trump.

Trump told us we are over this pandemic now.... just saying 🤷🏼‍♀️😷 What difference does that make? None. It's all herd immunity, baby - put your heels up on the desk, Tweet and watch Fox, and wait for the millions to die. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica MASK UP AMERICA ! that's because of his wishful thinking ... you know, the virus is 'coming around the turn'?

Because realDonaldTrump doesn’t care about COVID19 and never did He never had a plan He never had enough testing He never had empathy for those that died He never wore a mask Trump failed Americans Vote him out in November TrumpKnewAndDidNothing What's coronavirus? Good vote his ass out trump is no dam good for America

But we’re supposed to believe he’s looking out for our best interest🤦🏾‍♂️ PaHouseDems He does not care. He is over Covid. Wants to make Israel happy now. He just does not care Trump lacks true leadership skills. Only his supporters see him as their savior. I saw this sign driving down a neighborhood and felt like pulling over to throw up! Next to Vote Trump sign. Really?

Because he doesn’t care about the condition of the American people and there continued struggle under his dictatorship . A practical raciest and womanizer who thrives on negative bashing of poor people. He’s done with it. Deep down he probably doesn’t care if he wins. Never really wanted the job anyway. JustAHuntch

A strategy and science make him look weak I guess👎 change of leadership needed vote BIDEN/HARRIS 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

Mary Trump: Don't Expect Donald Trump To Be Civil In Final Debate Against BidenThe president's niece said he interrupts during debates 'because he knows that getting into a substantive policy discussion is disastrous for him.” The Little Comfort Mankind has here on Earth will Vanish after RAPTURE; just Prepare in Holiness for Safety in HEAVEN. This is the hour to Genuinely Seek The LORD in Holiness and Righteousness for HEAVEN'S sake. 회개와거룩함사역회 WednesdayLiveService ☑For a responsive business website, Click ↆ Biden needs to go after his kids, his sexual assault charges, his lies, his failure with COVID. He needs to be humiliated

'We will come after you': Voters report personalized emails pressuring them to vote for Donald TrumpThe Proud Boys, a far-right group with a history of violent confrontations, denied responsibility and condemned the emails: "It wasn&39;t us." Seems like a phony dem operation.... Lol sure. Not buying it.

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal PennsylvaniaA majority of likely Pennsylvania voters say they do not support adding justices to the Supreme Court. Biden forgets... even with COVID... we have to EAT.. someone has to work! Truckers, grocery workers, nurses.. they keep this country going! no lockdowns! Lol... poll asked 75% of DEMOCRATS... what a joke I ignore polls myself. They mean nothing. The only poll that counts will be the one on November 3.

'We will come after you': Voters report personalized emails pressuring them to vote for Donald TrumpLaw enforcement and election officials are investigating threatening emails sent to voters in multiple Florida counties pressuring them to vote for President Donald Trump. We've got the latest. 👇 Election2020 Democrats lock their states down over a virus that kills less than 1% and then blame recession and unemployment on Trump. Only the uneducated or racist listen to democrats. So these are the emails you are concerned with? These? ... Laughable.

Jennifer Lawrence Revealed She Was A Republican Before Donald Trump Was Elected'I don’t think it’s right.' Sure she was. Because Bush wasn’t enough of a monster? The fuck? She is far from alone

Mitt Romney Says He Didn't Vote For Donald TrumpBut the Utah senator wouldn't reveal who he did vote for. He voted for Kanye. no one cares lmao Neither did I. I didn't vote for him in 2016 either.