Trump files $100 million suit against niece, New York Times over bombshell tax story

In a statement, Mary Trump called her uncle desperate and said, “I think he is a loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can.'

9/22/2021 6:47:00 AM

Former President Trump filed a $100M lawsuit against his niece, Mary Trump, and the New York Times, claiming they conspired to obtain his tax returns for the paper’s Pulitzer-winning story on his undisclosed finances.

In a statement, Mary Trump called her uncle desperate and said, “I think he is a loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can.'

In a statement, Mary Trump called her uncle desperate.Mary Trump appears on The Rachel Maddow Show on July 16, 2020.MSNBC“I think he is a loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can. It’s desperation. The walls are closing in and he is throwing anything against the wall that he thinks will stick," she said."As is always the case with Donald, he’ll try and change the subject.”

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The New York Times said in a statement it plans to challenge the lawsuit."The Times's coverage of Donald Trump's taxes helped inform citizens through meticulous reporting on a subject of overriding public interest," said Danielle Rhoades Ha, a spokesperson for the paper."This lawsuit is an attempt to silence independent news organizations and we plan to vigorously defend against it.”

The suit was filed in New York State court in Dutchess County, which is where lawyers for the president’s late brother, Robert Trump, filed an unsuccessful claim to stop the publication of Mary Trump’s book.The 27-page suit alleges the reporter “relentlessly sought out his niece… and convinced her to smuggle the records out of her attorney’s office and turn them over to The Times.”

It added, “Craig, aware that the documents had been derived from the litigation proceedings of the Estate Actions, directed Mary Trump to retrieve the documents from the office of her prior attorney for the Estate Actions, Farrell Fritz, and to ‘smuggle’ them out.”

The suit claims Mary Trump violated a confidentiality agreement that barred her from publicly releasing details of the family’s finances under the terms of the settlement of Fred Trump Sr.'s estate.The suit claims his niece and the reporters were “motivated by a personal vendetta and their desire to gain fame, notoriety, acclaim and a financial windfall” and to “advance their political agenda.”

Dartunorro ClarkDartunorro Clark covers politics, including the Covid-19 recovery, for NBC News.Tom WinterTom Winter is a New York-based correspondent covering crime, courts, terrorism and financial fraud on the East Coast for the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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Lets see how that turns out!!! Poor little thing— how dare anyone dares to publish how low he is. Like it was a secret Isn't it insane how the New York Times got a Pulitzer for a report that has not and, as of now, cannot be verified if true or not? All it takes to win an 'award' these days is to write something about how bad the orange man is and you win instantly.

I wish someone would help him get control of those hemorrhoids... Or did is his face now stuck like that? Is that 100M the amount he owes in taxes since he started working? Ooooo👏👏👏 Discovery! Ahahaha, um no. Always looking so depressed lately. 😞 TeamMary Fantasies can everyone have but reality is something totally different Trump has nothing but fantasies I predict he will lose as usual.

Trump Sues New York Times Over Tax Bombshells, Seeks 'No Less' Than $100 MillionThe newspaper published a Pulitzer-winning series in 2018 about Trump's long history of dodgy tax schemes.

And? What happens if the Plaintiff is in Federal Prison by the time the case reaches the courts? Ha he said he release his tax while he was president he never did he mush have something to hide in his tax return So, Trump is saying the tax returns are valid, right? Good luck with that. He’s too much of liar for his lawyers to allow him to testify or share documents.

lbpyyz 😂 petty. Got bigger problems. Trump's new lawyer. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And he wants to run for President in 2024? I had to vet more financial records for a home mortgage than he has!

Donald Trump Throws Legal Tantrum in Lawsuit Against New York Times -- and His NieceDonald Trump has sued the New York Times and his niece Mary over the paper’s reporting on his tax records. 'I think he is a fucking loser,' says Mary Trump of the suit. 'It's desperation' I can’t stand the guy myself. But if I’m deciding who’s a loser and it’s between a guy who became President or his nobody niece who wrote a tell-all… Can we get a class action lawsuit against him?! 🙄

🤥 Donald you said many times that you would disclose your tax returns & you never did. You’re a mess. 🦨🤮Everybody wants you behind bars for tax evading. Trump’s new book. The Art of Lawsuits. You play you pay That’s pretty messed up by Mary Trump She should countersue him 1/2 I was born in the 50’s and grew up in the city streets. I’ve involved myself w some bad people doing risky things over the years ( regretfully). Despite all my many years of shady associates, I have never found a man I didn’t like. I can always find the good in people…

Trump can sue all he want. His pants is down now for all to see

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With free lawyers? Because we all know he will not pay them. This broke bitch is asking for handouts from American citizens but somehow can afford it hire lawyers to sue everyone he doesn’t like. Blows my mind Con man gonna con Distraction. Mary will win. SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT THEY STOLE HER AND HER BROTHER'S MONEY!!!!

😂😂😂😂😂 And Mary's response was priceless. Can we give his niece the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her service to this nation? 🏅 LO-SER Idiot.

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If he voluntarily released them, like others before him, there would be no need to conspire. January 6, 2021: Trump lead an insurrection against the United States of America. Screw him He really needs money Another baseless lawsuit. Just another stunt that will go nowhere. I couldn't care less about this lawsuit. I care about the DOJ indicting him for inciting an insurrection to forward his seditious conspiracy to undo our republic. Anybody else? FOCUS!

His lawyer will never get paid. Still….. discovery should be awesome!

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Whoops lol 😂😂😂 We should sue HIM for being a lousy POTUS.... It's Trump being Trump, that's all he knows!!! The JOKER ! 🖕😅 He probably needs the money. Waiting for him to claim a $10k abortion bounty in Texas. Business is business Tax-evading snowflake says what?

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President Donald J Trump! donaldtrump So those were his actual tax returns. Interesting... Doesn't this then make those documents admissible in court? And look at that picture HAHAHA he's actually pouting like a child ready to have a tantrum any second... Does she have a book yet? If so, I am sure this will be great for sales.

We all know you're trying to hide the good stuff, big boy. You've been bragged about your power and wealth for a very long time. Let's see how you've legally avoided paying your faith share in taxes to support the country you've milked. The actions of a desperate man. You got that right. swine Lock him up.

TrumpIsALaughingStock That's how he rolls, mr money lol greed is taking over this man's soul, shit show lol hahaha This person sure does talk a lot of talk when his whole campaign was “show my your birth certificate” when he first started out 🤦🏽‍♀️ Always over-valuing his worth… TFG: „I‘m not only the Lord of Lies. No one lost more court cases than I did. No one has lost more and higher elections. I am too the King of Losers.“

Oscar Wilde redux? His suing Sir John Douglas resulted in a process of legal 'diiscovery' that ended very badly for Oscar Wilde, the one who intitiated the suing process. Lol, he will lose…! Is rootin' tootin' fartin' Guliani his lawyer for this suit? Losing! Trump filling another phony lawsuit with no merit…so what’s new? When will people stop giving him the time of day let alone answer his calls

Hahaha he forgets the other side can depose him and get discovery

Lol Is it possible for me to sue former president Trump for being a dick? LOL! 100 million in damages?! lol As if! ShowTrumpsTaxes Good Against niece👀😳😂😂😂😂🙏🏾💔 🤣🤣🤣 the loser keeps losing. Loser: Trump failed to overturn the election 61 times in court lol he needs to pay his bills somehow Sending love and light to Mary.

He needs a lawsuit to attempt to pay his Bills coming due since the Oligarchs need their investments back

The sand should be running out on this guy… 👀 What physical, emotional and economic injuries does he claim he will sustain if the taxes he promised so long ago are finally revealed? someone struck a nerve Who's his lawyer, Rudy? This man will do anything to get away from justice Hahahahahahahahaha. Wish he would just get a job and leave the world alone

50smag What else is new?

Hes going to lose the suit How about Americans class action suit for the worst President in the world. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Hats off to whoever picked the photo of Dump for this story. He looks evil, sullen, and dejected. And that’s who he is. That’s all he does. LawSuits bully loser Bob Woodward’s book came out today he needed to divert attention away from it onto something else. And just as expected this is all I’m seeing on social media tonight. Think the press would learn after awhile.

So he admits that they were factual. Nothing illegal in getting tax returns from inside your company Donnie. Your own employees and accountants have you up. And what’s your damages? Oh, yeah. We see that you’re not even a $1B. And that you owe a HUGE debt payment soon How many lawsuits does that make now? He just doesn’t get it. We the people should start charging him every time he files yet another lawsuit to tie up our court system.

Trump himself promised to release his own tax returns to the public upon completion of an IRS tax audit. Claiming damages from something he himself was going to do doesn't seem like a strong case! Marytrump Maybe she could counter sue for—I don’t know—maybe stealing her inheritance so he could pretend he was an already successful businessman?

I smell desperation He’s only opening himself up to a counter suit… Trump has no money to file ANYTHING against anyone Just a diversion from the latest trump organization indictment coming He’ll drop it eventually True Crime podcast enthusiasts say it together: BRING ON THE DISCLOSURE! Can you say…..DISCLOSURE!!!!

He need to pay dominion when they sue him

Mary Trump's correct quote is she said her uncle 'is a fucking loser.' He’s so desperate for attention La familia s todo LegalMatch: 'A frivolous lawsuit is any lawsuit that is filed with the intention of harassing, annoying, or disturbing the opposite party. It may also be defined as any lawsuit in which the plaintiff knows that there is little or no chance of the lawsuit succeeding'

Trump ruined another thing for me. I can no longer be considered the crazy uncle.