Trump expected to order citizenship question added to the census

Trump and A.G. William Barr have said they'd soon announce how the administration intends to ask the citizenship question as part of the census process.


JUST IN: President Trump is expected to announce an executive action on getting the citizenship question added to the census, says an administration official.

Trump and A.G. William Barr have said they'd soon announce how the administration intends to ask the citizenship question as part of the census process.

President Donald Trump is expected to announce an executive action on getting the citizenship question added to the census, according to an administration official.

"It's one of the ways," he added."We have four or five ways we can do it. It's one of the ways and we're thinking about doing it very seriously."

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It so pathetic to hear such a worldly leader to look down upon other people 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 He volly's so much back and forth . It a wonder we don't have whiplash Good idea. Should extend to him and all congress persons. Before being sworn in they should answer randomly selected citizenship questions including reciting the national anthem: less than 100 score means forfeit the office. Same for Trump if he gets re-elected.

This trumpy dude so worried about census question!!! Why dont he concrete for this children that r lock up like animals or criminals . His priorities r all backwards just like him. Moran!!! mollyday15 Why was the citizenship question ever taken off? 🤔 Corrupt Democrats! WalkAway AmericansFirst 🇺🇸

MSNBC Good, the vast majority of Americans want it on there. Trump2020 Great 👍 Mr. President DwightCooper16 Why leave out that the question was on the census for so many years and that the failure, 44, took the ? off through executive order? It’s almost like you’ve got an agenda. Screw Trump. Trump is pure evil.

Can we get an Executive Action resignation while you are at it!

Trump Angry Iran Is Breaking Deal Trump Already BrokeDonald Trump is in the position of negotiating a deal with Iran without having a clear understanding of what this even means. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait This is true every time Trump 'negotiates' anything. Because he understands nothing. Except ratings, sex crimes and hamburders. jonathanchait jonathanchait I found it interesting that after Trump's stupidist speech to date (airports during the Revolutionary War) his approval rating hit his highest level yet. Are we really that stupid?

OK yeah now he's a dictator. Democracy said no, he said yes, he's overriding the will of everyone else to serve his own goals, with the help of his family that he's employed against the nation's wishes. He's imprisoning people indefinitely, basically torturing and killing them. The President has just too much power for one man. No one person is smarter than everyone else, especially when they truly believe they are!

randypcox IMPEACH! realDonaldTrump shows every day he is a corrupt criminal. Dictatorship confirmed, full stop. According to all the woman he's raped, molested, and assaulted.....he definitely doesn't know what no means Dicktators are like that. Morning_Joe Glad he’s doing it!!!! Please, let us not start Feigning Shock as if you haven't known for Decades, Who and What TrashyTrump is. Moving on👉

Trump may avoid another Fed fiasco in SenatePresident Trump's latest pair of hopefuls for the Federal Reserve board don't have the same baggage as Stephen Moore and Herman Cain One thing Trump never got or will get is that you get people qualified for the job and people that are smarted than you but hell a five year old could beat Trump. Wait for it . . . ACOSTA PROMOTED TO HEAD UP FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD . . . Pretty low bar.

realDonaldTrump how will Melania fill out her status? Illegal but now citizen? MSNBC Impeachable offense, SpeakerPelosi! Get it done! Obama took it off, the only time it’s ever been taken off, but nobody cared. Now trump puts it back on and people lose their minds. Unbelievable. Good! Common sense President! Been awhile!

seems he is bent on rounding up and deporting Dreamers, as if they would do something that would get them deported. IdiotInChief Their real reason for this is that it will help Republicans with federal funding and redistricting by scaring and lowering Latinos numbers on census. That's why they want this included. Political power grab, pure and simple.

I’m returning mine, hope everyone does the same Can he do that is the courts have said he can’t Everything he’s doing WILL be undone soon.

British ambassador to U.S. resigns after calling Trump administration 'inept'"The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like," Sir Kim Darroch said. Folks - he's the Northern Irish ambassador too, so can we drop the Great Britain stuff and go for United Kingdom? He resigns for telling the truth and Alex Acosta is still in Trump's cabinet. I hope The inept president is happy? Totally clueless and insecure man in The White House

realdonaldtrump will lose again. Defying the Supreme Court so blatantly sounds like an impeachable offense. All branches of government are coequal with certain delegated powers. The Supreme Court must be obeyed if not we will have unchecked presidents setting themselves up as quasi dictators both Dem and GOP

That nobody will answer. Like checking yes to the “have you ever done drugs” question on a job application. boy,oh boy,,joe biden going to be busy voiding all trumps executives,,all those crooked executives/.gone,,,pooof! all those worthless exec orders ,,gone pooof/. MSNBC His arrogance defies ALL reason!

So will congress have the courage to pass legislation and/or co to court ? He will use this for everything now. Can this moron overrule the Supreme Court with an Executive Order? MSNBC Cool. Since he’s already announced HIS rationale for it, it has the same constitutional infirmity as the previous action, as well as opening them up to sanctions for lying about the deadline. Helloooooo Judge!

Dictator Don

British Ambassador to the U.S. Resigns After Leaked Trump CriticismPaul Morigi / GettyBritain’s ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch, has resigned following a diplomatic storm caused by the leaking of his comments in which he lambasted the Trump administration.In emails published Sunday, Darroch tore apart Donald Trump’s White House, describing it as dysfunctional

MSNBC DicktatorTrump JUST IN: He can’t just override the Supreme Court. MSNBC When you go through life following the rules and regulations you'll do great. The same goes for politicial position, follow the rules and regulations and at the end of your term you'll be on top. If or when tRUMP grows up he to could be a winner..

Justice Roberts will immediately state that EVERYONE should simply cross that question out on their questionnaire. DISOBEYING A SCOTUS RULING IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE (CONTEMPT OF COURT). Jail the S.O.B. What will our President do with this information? MSNBC I am the Supreme Being leader and don't answer to the Supreme Court we are a Banana Republic, 200 years a fighting for freedom and the right to choose can go to hell! I'm using Putin's Playbook I'm following Kim Jong un's way to rule not to be questioned.

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇸 Why is this such a big deal? It’s just a flipp’n question. Just answer it. This is beyond already. Who cares...scare tactics... nothing will happen. Nothing happened to my family... my dad and mom were both from Mexico my mom didn’t even know her real name or when she was born.

Senate to try again to hold Saudis responsible for Khashoggi killingNine months after the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Congress remains at a loss for how to hold Saudi Arabia accountable Well you’d probably not want to sell them billions on weapons. At a loss. Please share that failure with every other murderer. And the victims’ families. 'If only there were a way to prevent our resolutions from being vetoed...'

That’s unconstitutional MSNBC I missed the provision in the Constitution that allows a president to overrule the Supreme Court. You would think they would write that document to avoid creating another King George but here we are. So, the GOP has what it has wanted in a President.....a dictator. Census is to count citizens so resources and congressional representatives can be adjusted. Adding noncitizens into the mix skews things and sends resources away from where they are needed

PLEASE GET THIS DONE -THANK YOU If this happens, add it to the articles under 'abuse of power'. Impeachment should start immediately. Just don't answer the question. MSNBC An EO does not override a Supreme Court decision. If Obama could take it off, then Trump can add it back. It has NOTHING to do with race, it’s keeping illegals from getting our tax dollars. Wake up people.

British ambassador to Washington quits after spat over leaked memosBritain's ambassador to Washington resigned on Wednesday after Donald Trump... That’s a shame And the whole world still knows realDonaldTrump is INEPT and DYSFUNCTIONAL 😂 Lucky guy

Morning_Joe LindseyGrahamSC , you’re the Chair if the Judiciary Committee. Can you tell us the place in the Constitution that allows the president to directly defy the Supreme Court? Everything is a EXECUTIVE ORDER 🖤😝 Morning_Joe It was my understanding from Article 1 of the Constitution that Congress has authority over the census. While I understand that the GOP senate has ceded power to Trump, what about the House? Does this finally meet impeachment standard for high crimes/misdemeanors?

There is no one that can objectively look at this and see that this President believes he is above the law. 2020Census LiarInChief MSNBC Just leave it blank everybody MSNBC Aside from hating Trump, can someone honestly defend the POV of why asking respondents to a US census if they are citizens is an objectively horrible thing?

Dotard can’t over rule the Supreme Court unless we aren’t a democracy any more Hey SpeakerPelosi, this is why impeachment is necessary. Regardless of the election, he still has 18 more months to wreak havoc and shit on the founding principals of this country. Please do something!!! Census results President Trump: Answer German

He doesn't have the constitutional power to do that, full stop. Executive Orders are meaningless. Well Donnie expect to get your ass spanked by the courts again. Washington sure does know how to waste time MSNBC realdonaldtrump MSNBC I don’t care... I am not answering it.. DONE! Morning_Joe We will not support this measure if you do it! Please read the constitution it will be worth it.

VOTEFORPEDO An Executive Order doesn't overrule SCOTUS. Not how it works. Just one more constitutional crisis

Toddler tRump. But her emails Benghazi _______________ Remember every single republican that allows this moron to trash our nation’s laws with impunity! POTUS 🖕🏽 MSNBC A dock move. Dictator that is. Yeah, go ahead Donnie. Fuck the constitution. You'd grab it by the p$y to if you could. Your the president, not the godfather, the premier, the king or the dictate of the United States. Rule of law. Your handpicked SCOTUS said its unconstitutional. It won't fly.

GOOD.... This has nothing to do with whether you want immigrants here or not... This is a very basic common sense no brainer thing to do. Let me show you how easy it is *check YES if your a citizen* *check NO if your not a citizen* Even a caveman can do it. So let the old fool have his moment in the media & tear up the executive order paper. He’ll never know it!

'Executive action'? Is that somehow different from an 'executive order'? Neither one is mentioned in the Constitution. I am sure the courts will find this executive order as unconstitutional as all the others. When is this MORON in the white house going to cop on to his own stupidity DONALD, YOU LOST THE POPULAR VOTE!!


Why can no one tell him ‘no’? He’s a toddler. Start treating him like one. Please tell me this isn't happening? Wtf? The SCOTUS said don't, didn't they? MSNBC It will be contested in the court. He is just another bigoted republican who has no knowledge of how the census works. All the people need to be counted not just citizens.

Lmmfao and he whined about Obama using executive orders, dnt think I'm sure someone will correct me.that he used it after a court shut him down, especially the supreme Court! Why won’t anyone stand up to the so called president who is more of a bully? The Supreme Court said no & trump stomps his feet like he’s a fu***ng two year old?

This outrageous abuse of power is treasonous! 😡 yeah, you think? And one day later, the executive order will be challenged in federal court, no changes to the census forms will be allowed until the challenge works its way through the system, and printing of the forms will continue without interruption.

MSNBC StupidTrump !!! As he should . MSNBC That's not going to happen because it won't sit well with the SCOTUS nor the people of our country. This is what a dictator does. Can you see a Dem doing this? Holy shit, the Repubs would have her/his head on the block. Cool, cool. So I hope that the GOP is ready when the Dems take back the government. Laws don’t matter anymore.

good Morning_Joe Oh look. Another fire...yawn. Pray for jail, Donald. There are other punishments far more dire. WooHoo👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We NEED to know how BAD the Illegal situation is in America! .And he will succeed with it because,well, he gets away with everything. Dozens of plaintiffs expected to announce their lawsuit in federal court to prevent that from becoming effective. Blatant executive overreach. What’s the fake emergency this time? realDonaldTrump is the most incompetent president ever. Even his lawyers suck.

Maybe he can sign executive orders to close the concentration camps...Cock and Mercer approved I'm sure. What must it be like to be a Koch sucker? Will not work. MSNBC Um. So much for the rule of law that everyone but the President must abide. We are in a dictatorial state. Might as well disband the SC if their decisions are not binding. Americans you better prepare yourself for the fall of democracy. You can thank complicit republicans!

MSNBC Thank you, Mr.President, for protecting our country, and for standing up for those of us who get it! MSNBC He should just change his name to Kim Jung Trump. He's becoming a director and destroying this nation and the Republicans are going right with him Don’t answer. They can look it up! Great news!

No, Donnie, no MSNBC No one, citizen or not should answer that question BoycottTheCitizenshipQuestion Good

Since when is the guy in the WH held higher than the Supreme Court? So now the Supreme Court is NOT the law. Trump & Barr are the Supreme Rulers If CJ Roberts allows Trump to proceed in this manner, he will find that Trump no longer sees a need for judicial oversight. OmarKelly He is now attempting to circumvent both the House and The Supreme Court. This is as unconstitutional as it gets. If you're for this you don't care about our constitution. Period.

MSNBC He’s a dictator, he needs to go, sooner the better! Good MSNBC Such a pitiful excuse for a man much less a President.🤮🤮 I can't wait for the next Dem president to overturn Citizens United decision via executive order. Lapidostrous Good it should be on there . No one heard that it was on there 10 years ago and Nobama removed it at that time .

You mean put back on the census? Thanks to Obama we are having this issue. kag2020 This is how he is going to rig the next election.

Everyone should then answer the question in the affirmative, regardless of citizenship status. Trump lies about everything. Take a page from his playbook and lie on the census. Encourage all non citizens to answer YES. Awesome! Bet you hate that nbc news !! Trying to move the news cycle off Epstein with a manufactured first amendment smokescreen. Unless they punish you or tape your mouth shut its not a speech issue it's an audience one.

Question should be asked. Nothing wrong with it. Trump is proving to Americans daily that he wants a better America. NBC on the other hand has become a anti-American news organization and has a anti-American agenda that supports the Democrats lawlessness. 'Imagine Republicans' reaction if Obama had...,' part 652,894.

Good. It’s common sense which the media doesn’t understand. F them. I am tired of law by decree. What is this? We elected a president, a congress and a Senate with the Supreme Court, we did not anoint a dictator. Good. There is no reason not to! SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi Does this not concern you? We lost our checks and balances.

Way2gosassy Every day, this administration causes more damage. Where's the line? Morning_Joe Trump’s logic again fails, if a full count is necessary to understand healthcare coverage for everyone than a citizenship question is not necessary. Next, he will be putting a stars on clothing. Morning_Joe MSNBC Good

Good! Should have never been taken off by Barack Hussein O. Morning_Joe Then everybody should NOT fill it out. Protest in mass is powerful. The government is breaking the law? Going against court decisions So how can people be fined. KamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi ewarren BernieSanders JoeBiden PeteButtigieg ChrisCuomo TheView

Who? MSNBC Isn't defying a Supreme Court decision illegal? When will this stop? When do we get our country back? MSNBC So even though the Supreme Court voted against it, he thinks he can just Barrel on through.

MSNBC SpeakerPelosi is this a red line ? Yet it was Obama who rightwing nutjobs called dictator. Pretty sure an injunction is waiting in court for it to. Very good. MSNBC when do we stop this fool Good. SpeakerPelosi disregarding a SCOTUS decision is an impeachable offense. Morning_Joe Mean while the democrats are in house fighting. That God am British and I can switch off. Am so disappointed with the democrats.

The question has always been there until Obama took it out. It’s a common sense question. What is everyone afraid of? Good!! I guess he's the only one actually WORKING for the AMERICAN people!!!

Great!!! Didn't take the supreme Court to remove, shouldn't take then to put it back on. It's only. COMMON SENSE 🤔 FU GOP! terrible that America has become a banana republic with a dictator who is ruining over 240 years of democracy So he is defying the Supreme Court. Okay Nancy Pelosi time for impeachment!

I hope SCOTUS makes mush out of him. What if the census is what gets him impeached? Lmaoooooo ok He👏Can’t 👏Do👏That👏. And if we let him we have a dictatorship on our hands. Time to be very afraid folks! I say that we all just check the box he wants to add. Are you with me?

MSNBC I hope President Trump does get the citizenship question asked on the census. I love President Trump .❤️🇺🇸 Can he do this? Morning_Joe How is it that we have a king, not a president? And how is it that we have no mechanism for stopping the madness? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been doing it for more than 200 years.

MSNBC Lets everyone check “no” Canada has been asking for the citizenship question since 1901. Other countries do the same. write it the way it should read, Trump defies Supreme Court Lol doesn’t mean it has to be answered MSNBC One thing for sure, the next President has no excuses. Trump is throwing executive orders right and left to do what he wants. Whatever the next President's agenda we don't want to hear they can't do it.

BeverlyJCampbe1 Dismissing SCOTUS rulings - welcome to the Trump dictatorship The thousands of lawsuits over the years clearly shows Trump has no respect or fear of the courts. SC is just another court to him. Democracy is on life support and GOP is ready to pull the plug. TheDemocrats are still figuring out how to dial 911....

WTF! Morning_Joe Consitution says count the people. Dems and repubs seem to twist the constitution to fit their own agenda nowdays. It's not that hard to understand unless you are a political party homer. All American citizens/residents need to ignore this question if it’s placed illegally on the census forms. I pledge I will. 🇺🇸

Want to pay higher taxes by 2026 vote for Donald Trump? Don't believe me? Watch this YouTube video If you don't like this one watch this one Well that will stop us from talking about Epstein....😒 I dare you. If it goes to court the answer is very easy. Why do you want a citizen question because as a govt we have a right to know how many citizens we have in this country, period! statingtheobvious


Let me guess. Outstanding... Does this mean the next Dem president could... just executive order another president? Add a question stating 'how many guns do you have and where do you keep them?' DON'T ANSWER THE CITIZENSHIP QUESTION. I'm a federal employee and will not answer. Constitution does not call for it, only a count of total 'persons.'

Is this a constitutional crisis yet? Asking for both Marbury and Madison. Morning_Joe Just another deflection. Just another day that the media will chase its tail. Just another announcement so DerangedDonnie can tell his base that he is “fighting”. When will the media, his base, and American public in general stopped falling for this crap? Boring...

MSNBC Good luck with that The dems don't want it because it's about votes they don't care about your future just about theirs.They can't win on their own merits,cheat Good! Can you really just thumb your nose at the Supreme Court? I guess that thing about being a country of laws was fluff all these decades? There are no enforceable laws re: the president? That’s a horrifying thought.. SpeakerPelosi NicolleDWallace JoyceWhiteVance

My friends and family will not be submitting the census!! Stupid So a Democratic president could invalidate the absurd Supreme Court Citizens United ruling? Because of tRump's misuse of 'executive action,' what he does must be called a 'dictatorial action.' tRump believes that he is not only above the law; he believes that he is the only law. Each day, realDonaldTrump is murdering Democracy and Freedom. Resist to the bitter end.

Morning_Joe Another step toward an authoritarian regime and loss of democracy. Morning_Joe In your face, lefties. Morning_Joe I don't even want to fill out the form now, and I will not be answering it's illegal questions. Who cares, the president of the United States lies, commits crimes, and doesn't follow the law why should any of us?

Citizenship question should be asked on Census as Census is not just for head count, results are used to decide distribution of Fed funds, seats in Congress, lines of legislative districts MSNBC Good It will just end up back in court

Wouldn't that be defying the finding of, the U.S. SUPREME COURT? Aren't we a NATION of Law? Is any president above the law? We seem to have a loose cannon in the Whitehouse, big question, will any body of Law get his attention? Will Supreme Court reign him in? America you are a Wuss !!! All that bigbtalk about being a super power and you have 1 lying half crazy idiot over ruling every decision you made and you do nothing about it? Where are the citizens by the millions !? We need a revolt

MariannaNBCNews 🤦🏽‍♀️ Morning_Joe Good Good I want to know how many are in this country as a LEGAL citizen This is why we love President Trump The citizen ship question added to the census isn't that illegal and unconstitutional SpeakerPelosi so, what’s on the agenda now? Oh that’s right, more regulatory bills that Mitch won’t bring to the senate floor.

Morning_Joe Love my President 🇺🇸 MSNBC Your headline should read that Trump is getting the citizenship question PUT BACK ON the census, as Obama is who took it off. Wonder why? Maybe so illegals would vote for Dems promising them free stuff? You’re implying it’s never been there before & that’s a lie. WakeUpAmerica

Going against the Supreme Court decision thus the law of the country. MSNBC And that'll be his ultimate undoing. He can't do that. Morning_Joe Soooo...... how many years has the Citizenship question been on the census? forever MSNBC If so, the USA will be in a constitutional crisis when the Supreme Court no longer has the final word on the law. Trump will be the Supreme Ruler, and our democracy designed with checks and balances officially ends.

Until Trump says himself this is what they plan to do, don't believe it. Good? Morning_Joe He seriously needs an exorcism! Why was it ever taken off? It’s only common sense! I hope he does!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Someone should sue. I’m asked that question in my doctors office... Trump is a Cancer, deal with it or watch democracy die! MSNBC MSNBC So what is the SCOTUS for exactly? This screams impeachment. Not legal or nor constitutional MSNBC Illegal question? “Skip” Next question If he defies the Supreme Court by issuing an executive order he must be impeached immediately.

Morning_Joe Mika “ We’ve got time to cover all the horrific things trump has done and we won’t be distracted...So let’s cover the Dems in disarray for 3 hours.” MSNBC

MSNBC Is this legal ? Spoiled brat can’t take no for an answer. He has no respect for the rule of law and he must go! ImpeachTrumpNow DumpTrump MSNBC He just can’t take no for an answer. He’s so exhausting! I can either answer it or not. Every form i see theres a citizenship question even when u apply to colleges etc.uproar to the most important paper the census is political of course...budget, redistricting ? Go for it Mr. President !

He can add it but it doesn't mean I'll answer it. MSNBC Great news! DonaldTrump never understood NoMeansNo Morning_Joe And that will fail too. Thank you President Trump ! Morning_Joe Most Americans support citizenship question on census form, poll finds

If you against this question on the census, I question your loyalty to the the United States! Dictatorship!! SpeakerPelosi: Impeachment, please. MSNBC If he succeeds in getting it added, I will not answer it. Thank you, mr. president!!!!! HC_Richardson SpeakerPelosi So are you actually going to do anything? What will it take for the House to exercise their authority and do their constitutional duty to hold the executive accountable?

Constitution?! So.... why doesn’t this headline read “America crowns Trump king and tells SCOTUS to shut down”? Morning_Joe It's going to go to court and he will lose again Judge Hazel isn't going to like this!

Morning_Joe No!, Good. If we are counting citizens we need to know if you’re a citizen. Good 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇱🇷 NotMyPresident The president is going to bypass the will of the people via executive action? Must be Thursday at the White House. SC say NO!. Mr. President. Great news! It should've never been taken off.

How can he do that? When are we going to stop this dictator? I thought we were America?

Oh hail to the King and chef, I mean chief. Never could spell. Awesome!!! So democracy is dead Shocking! If he does EVERYONE will leave that question blank. Idiot HILLARIOUS Breaking the law again. ImpeachTrumpNow Ignores SCOTUS decision and the GOP say no problem because when you’re a King, you can do anything. Obstruct justice, lie, defy subpoenas, silence women, insult women, install kids into power, emoluments, etc; anything.

That’s not how the Census works Serious question, can we just not answer that question on the census? That is what I will do if asked.

putting the dic in dictator. Well if I see that question on the census even though I am an American citizen this is where it will go Trump told me to tell you to Tyrant. Dictator. Anti-freedom. GOP ideology metastatized and made real. He just really likes losing in the courts, doesn't he. Add it to the list of impeachable offenses


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