Trump contradicts his CDC director over masks, vaccine timeline

Robert Redfield told the Senate Appropriations Committee that wearing a mask could be more effective than a vaccine at keeping the pandemic at bay.

9/17/2020 2:15:00 AM

President Trump today twice contradicted his own CDC director — on mask-wearing and vaccine distribution — saying Robert Redfield misspoke when he was testifying under oath before a congressional committee earlier in the day

Robert Redfield told the Senate Appropriations Committee that wearing a mask could be more effective than a vaccine at keeping the pandemic at bay.

Robert Redfield told the Senate Appropriations Committee thatthan a coronavirus vaccine at keeping the pandemic at bay. "If I don’t get an immune response [from a Covid-19] vaccine it’s not going to protect me. This face mask will,” he said.Advertisement

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Trump said Redfield was mistaken.“No, the mask is not as important as the vaccine,” Trump told reporters at a White House briefing Wednesday, adding that he called up the CDC director to discuss his remarks to Congress. “As far as the mask is concerned, he made a mistake.”

Trump also took issue with Redfield’s remarks to Congress suggesting that the U.S. general public likely wouldn't have access to a coronavirus vaccine until next summer or fall.“It’s just incorrect information,” Trump said. "When he said it, I believe he was confused. ... It's going to be a much faster distribution process."

Trump told reporters that once the FDA approves a vaccine, his administration plans to distribute as many as 100 million doses by the end of the year, with health care workers and vulnerable populations getting prioritized, adding that the broader public would have access to the vaccine shortly after.

Redfield just hours earlier told the Senate Appropriations Committee it will take about six to nine months to get the American public vaccinated from the date a vaccine is approved.Scott Atlas, who advises the president on the coronavirus, told reporters the administration estimates roughly 700 million vaccines could be distributed to the public by the end of March, offering a more optimistic timeline than Redfield. Most of the vaccines in development would require two doses per person.

The CDC released its ambitious plan on Wednesday to distribute and administer Covid-19 vaccines, involving HHS as well as the Defense Department. Doses could be available as early as November to specific populations, though final decisions on who will be prioritized will be made down the road. Atlas said minority populations and older adults would be among those groups.

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There is no amount of corpses this sociopath will not step on in order to win. Robert Redfield had just get a job everyone that won't ly for trump he looks for a reason to fire them just like he did when he had a show own tv he just got people to come own his show he could say your fired ant that sick

THE ART OF LYING by donald j trump 45 Is a misspoke like a lie? Thought you weren't allowed to misspoke under oath. But anything possible in the Trump bullshit world Trump thanks America politics, is like a boardroom, this not democracy, The office of President is not a reality TV show. Trump has likened his term in office to the film The Running Man.

.. OK..! HIGH PRIORITY IS, “SAFETY!!” Trump is not the expert! He doesn’t care if people die. He’s listening to an un-credible radiologist now on his team. He came from Fox News 🤪. He’s committing murder! Are you willing to speak under oath about anything, Donald? Team Pedophile is heinous. The CDC has given a lot of contradictory statements. I'm going with the President on this one.

Who knows what to believe and why would we take something that hasn't been properly researched. Under oath Must be great to know more about any and all subjects than anyone else. Especially those who have spent their lives on highly technical areas but are out done by a reality show conman. Unlike those tens of us who injected themselves with chlorine bleach and now find themselves Covid-19-free, we've ALL, i.e. thousands and thousands, heard REAL scientists recommend wearing masks BILLIONS of times since March, 2020.

I believe the CDC DIRECTOR... Redfield should resign in protest but it’s much too late to ever expect politics to not control our health and safety under Trump.Trumps supporters and his entire campaign are no longer involved in efforts to save lives they are focused on destroying Biden’s record.Covid is over!

He’s a super doctor super infectious disease specialist a scientist. Yet he can’t say herd immunity. lol this is h y our president How fucked are we? Germany 1938 So Donny Corruption continues to lie to the American people about the TrumpVirus and the reality of what the future holds even under a competent administration, much less this shitshow of incompetence. TrumpClearandPresentDanger

Time to turn up the🐂💩! Must be hell having to work for a president who knows nothing about anything and who thinks he knows everything , but knows nothing. Trump is flat out wrong Full Redfield hearing transcript here:

CDC to update its confusing guidance about testing people without Covid-19 symptoms, Redfield saysThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is set to “clarify” confusing and controversial changes made to its guidance about testing people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield says. Wonder what Trump is telling to change? Pathetic The CDC is corrupt

Election live updates: Trump contradicts CDC director on vaccine; Biden says Americans shouldn’t trust TrumpThe Democratic presidential nominee addressed the pandemic on Tuesday. The Republican incumbent will host a call with Jewish leaders before attending a fundraiser. Are screwing up Sars so badly, that the Pandemic was over before a Vaccine was even out. This idiot is focusing on distribution. Joe Biden does not even know what state he is in, he is the last person to give advise.

Dr. Hotez: 'Outrageous' for Trump officials to 'meddle' with CDC informationDr. Peter Hotez, Director of the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the risks of indoor transmission of the coronavirus, and react to reporting that White House officials to tamper with CDC reports on COVID-19, calling it non-partisan, apolitical information and saying that “the idea the White House would meddle with it is just, just outrageous.” GOP used these meddled CDC reports to withhold life saving pandemic relief while 200,000 people died and they are still withholding relief while another 200,000 will die by January WhipClyburn COVIDOversight RepAdamSchiff Yes. If true, which it obviously isn’t. They just defied the President again, hardly a sign that they’ve been subjugated.

Sketchy Trump official reportedly hijacking CDC scientific reports on coronavirusRachel Maddow reviews the peculiar work history of Michael Caputo before he was named the top spokesman for the HHS, a position he has used to exert control over the CDC's output of scientific reports related to the coronavirus, policing them for consistency with Donald Trump's messaging. maddow He’s a Russian Agent - duh!! maddow Caputo is not a health professional, yet he is telling the CDC what to write. Trump is already on record, telling Woodward how Lethal and contagious this virus is, that he has been downplaying it. Now hes asking people not to believe him, I am confused maddow 'Weird'..... and she's a journalist?

Trump official's Facebook meltdown raises concerns about CDC communications.Maddow discusses HHS spokesman Michael Caputo's comments during a Facebook Live: 'This is really who they've got as the gatekeeper on Covid information for the public and for the world? Really?' maddow Armed revolt you better bet it! It isn't the patriots that will kick this street battle into a full blown revolution. We're the targets. maddow He sees shadows on his wall. Uh, isn't this called hallucinations? maddow Must see this one! Set your DVRs people!!! RachelMaddow TRMS

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