Trump Considering Putin İnvite To Parade Of Russian Military Might - Cnnpolitics

Trump Considering Putin İnvite To Parade Of Russian Military Might - Cnnpolitics

Trump considering Putin invite to parade of Russian military might

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11/8/2019 10:20:00 PM

President Trump said he is considering attending a parade in Russia next May, at the invite of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But he's well aware the event will take place in the middle of the presidential campaign season.

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Why not. Russia’s going to sneak you in again!! Am I the only one who believes trump is a traitor. He’s probably being blackmailed and Mitch and Lesley aren’t aware of it . These old men need to retire . They’re in I’ve their in over the heads . Traitor. But he's PutinsPuppet Here's hoping he'll be out of office by then.

Russian asset, of course he will. The Presidency means nothing to him. Let alone America as a whole. He's got Evangelical whites, and others completely fooled. CNNSUCKS Go and stay ! Don't come back! Trumps butt buddy!!! So at least he doesn’t take money from them like the Clintons. Might get some valuable intel on new weapons

Obama, Bush and Clinton attended the event before Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula and began military actions in eastern Ukraine. No US government official, let alone the President, should attend this Russian military event until they leave the Ukraine entirely When the boss calls you go!

Let's send him to Siberia permanently!!! CNN aka The Inquire. That’s a magazine by the way. And we all believe the INQUIOR RIGHT!! Just ask Hollywood!! He should be in Jail, or a lease indicted by then!!🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💀 Please go and stay going home for the holidays he would be the guest of honor in Moscow With 6 gorgeous nubiles waiting in a big VIP jacuzzi

He doesn’t need to be here. He’ll have plenty of Russians doing his dirty work here. He will not get re-elected tho. I’m sure of it. Time for another performance evaluation, I guess. Vlad wants to meet with all his employees Hopefully he’ll be impeached & removed by then. A girl can dream🤣😜 Amirite!?!? impeach resign 25th Any of these will do.

Omg fifth time this is at the top of my feed in 3 days Good ...... realDonaldTrump Go!!! Hope he goes & STAYS! Too bad a election gets in the way of sucking up to Putin Maybe the Russians will keep POTUS there. Well he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Clinton and Bush attended in their day so Dems will criticize Trump because they did & he didn’t or will criticize him for also attending. They simply can’t help themselves.

Good Do it Mr president ! It will give these weinies something to lie about for days and imagine their bosses in democratic congress Duh... he has to do everything Putin says or else POTUS don't cha... Why are we not seeing wall to wall coverage of crowd responses anymore? I was under the impression that they were very news worthy last week?

of course..who is trump's daddy? This story is fake! Trump is a traitor. Speaker Pelosi is right. All roads lead to Putin. Everything Trump has done has benefitted Putin and harmed the US. Hey Donny tell your buddy Putin to have the parade in the middle of November you will have plenty of time! VOTE blue 2020

Will they Keep him? He is going to defect whilst there. Someone tell the Secret Service not to stop him. promised Dem HilaryClinton was going to be President. It wasn’t just RepAdamSchiff who told our country POTUS was going to be found guilty of collusion. had all those “inside sources” guaranteeing Muller was going to take POTUS down.

barack goes to all kinds of things that are so hypocritical, but hey, he is making tons of money exactly what he was promised to be a puppet president, useless person Yo diria que los hace sentirse como mas cosmopolitas o algo así 😳 Un beso Emma 😵 ....if he's not in prison by then 👀💩of course that's his buddy they are pals💯💩

He already has his mascot for the parade Putin is a good man! Benjamin netinyahu Of course! They’re bestest of buds! Traitor! Perfect opportunity to get more extortion files CNN got the meme: America getting suspicious when 90% of our articles are Bash Trump. So today, Sunday, we are going to give it a small breather.

Trump should go! It looks like Trump is beside himself. Go! Good, when he leaves revoke his citizenship and cancel his passport!!! ananavarro nytimes realDonaldTrump - Trump STAY there, we don’t need you here in USA. You have done enough damage with your lies, scams, insults, incompetence, in-experience and lack of patronage to America - which you continue to steal from.

Trumps already won the 2020 race. 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Hey fakenews care to cover the EpsteinCoverup and you friends over ABC youpeoplearesick Trump to Putin: I’ll come to your parade but I’m gonna need something from you. Asylum. That crowd cheering for trump and the First Lady yesterday at the game was awesome! Did anyone see that? Way awesome! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Go. Another nail in your coffin Trump continues to show he is the 'beta dog' in his relationship with Putin. Perhaps he is the 'omega dog' when you add other world leaders. Goes to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland. Forget about Ottawa, Canada. Not gonna happen. Shows you where his priorities are. Not with his largest trading partner

I’m sure this will make snowflakes melt 😂❄️😂❄️😂❄️😂 Dossier found Oh God give it up you tin hat wearing iduots Ha ha ..will he still be in office MaddSaints Is trump aware what the May Day Parade is all about? This man is so ignorant and/or such a narcissist he had no place anywhere near the White House.

he has no idea what the russian parade salutes, does he? someone want to tell him He will go if he is still in office. He loves Putin. Notice who said nothing about the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Wow a Military Parade. He wants to go to see how it’s done. He really wants one himself. A bigger and better one.

Trump's going to the communist May Day Parade in Russia? ICYMI... the baseless impeachment scam is occurring during the campaign season WitchHunt AnotherNothingBurger WasteOfTaxPayerMoney CoverUpForDemocratCrines realDonaldTrump LOVES TO C democrats & liberalmedia SET THEIR HAIR ON FIRE I love how he has the ability to embarass the media whenever he wants. He has no intention on attending but hebhas ever intention on telling the media to jump

When the boss calls... His dream come true! He’s going to get an update on how the election interference is going so far! ... He loves his parades? President trump is a Russian agent. So what He should go there and stay there Putin is pushing Trump to see how far he will go. A fun game for him to watch Trump humiliate himself.

Stop. An article about what trump is thinking about doing. He says shit just to see the outrage. Love it!! He knows how to promote DonaldJTrumpJr book...’TRIGGERED’ 🤣🤣 Mifsud told to go into hiding as he could compromise the made up Mueller investigation hoax. Putins Puppy must do as his master demands.

Would that be the last nail in his coffin Mustn’t disappoint his benefactor. Does this mean KGB is more powerful than CIA? I want him to tire. Democrats should not let go. Let him not that Americans are not as weak as Russians who let Putin run amok. Politics 101 What business a capitalist/democratic country have with a COMMUNIST/DICTATORIAL country'?

Apparently democrats and the fake news media have a problem with celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany. He is heading to Russia to coordinate with Putin on how to intervene in the US elections. Trump has no choice, if his boss request his presence for this event ... and he will be praised, no one has ever worked so hard for russia

He’s gotta stand with his BFF 👯‍♀️ thru thick and thin. The betrayal is unapologetically out in the open for all to now see. He’ll probably take a few Republican Senators with him. Of course It is good i hope he does. hes not a panzy to talk to other leaders in person. Trump. please stay in Russia. Its a great marriage.

And, after the parade, perhaps finalize plans for Trump Towers Moscow and private “entertainment” in his hotel suite? Going home to see his boss. What a hero for Democracy is this disgraceful coward, to a once great office. There is no campaign season for Trump. His entire presidency is campaigning, as that is all he knows how to do. He is a one trick pony.

tk veste ka govorijo za blond ljudi stupid peopl TRUMP JE STUPID What has Putin got on our political leaders? It's not a 'military parade' but the commemoration the 73rd year anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. The annual parade marks the Allied victory in World War II on the Eastern Front, on the same day as the signing of the German act of capitulation.

Go, Donald. Bring the wife and kids. Stay as long as you like. Give it a few years in fact. W Averell Harriman , stood with Stalin, high above Red Square, reviewing Red Troops after surrender of Germany WW 2, ps totally different than trump ever attending * Real Sexy Real Star Wars * lyrically SPEAKING **** War On Christmas Comers ******

Middle of the political campaign? That's why he's going, to bolster support with his only supporter that makes a difference. Should go, but only if he can be Queen of the Parade and ride on the nose cone of the lead mobile nuclear missile! But it will be a campaign rally. He’ll get more votes from there.

What a bromance Haha Rooifontien Let him go if it makes him happy His Boss Needs him. Trump should go see his daddies parade so he knows how to set up one. Time for Trump to get some love. You should go Donald and, if you come back you will find everything you own will be burnt to the ground. Have a nice trip.

This is so old. Cionflict with North Korea’s Labor Day, someone will get jealous Isn't he considered a flight risk yet? I'm sure he'd rather go to the parade than be president Yes, go to the parade in Moscow. Pack ALL of your belongings for the trip. DO NOT RETURN, no need to come back. You sure seem to like Putin enough, he can help u over there like he has here. STAY IN MOSCOW.

He’ll attend as long as it doesn’t rain PutinsPuppet realDonaldTrump proof that Putin owns you. putinsbitch I’d go there just to say I stood where evil dictator Josef Stalin once stood. If you do, stay there! He should go. And CNN takes the bait.... Bye. Stay there. Not one President of yesterday would submit themselves to this This is like saying , yes , Putin , I approve of you . Same with Erdogan and Assad , or Kim Jung Un . Why hasn't he invited an allie of Democracy Democracy too liberal for you ? pp1

By all means, you Donald “Ilyitch” Trump should attend the May parade. Visit the Motherland one more time before you go to jail. He wants to kiss His Handler’s Ass. Trump is a Russian Asset Got to please his Massa That could be the End of Him! White privilege do what they wanna do I’m sure this comment was for the Fake News to bite into. Glad you did. He does that often you know. Bully the bullies. It’s fun to watch. Enjoy the continued low ratings during the next 5 years

Haha ... plays the press like a fiddle Trump looking for asylum. He'll defect to save his butt. Sounds treasonable Oh yes. Please have him attend. The visual of him sitting next to Putin as Russian tanks and rockets go past... perfect imaging of where his true loyalty’ll be on every political poster, ad, and sign by sundown. So yes, please do.

Lmao, his boss wants him to attend... Oh! That will make Liberals lose what’s left of their minds.. maybe he can score a deal for the Clinton Foundation while he’s there Let’s just take a step back. There is no logical reason for trump to go anywhere near Vladimir Putin except to receive more orders. It doesn’t matter one iota when the meeting will occur.

If Pooty says “Come”, lapdog Trump likely obeys. He’s compromised folks and you just can’t admit it. Trolled Yeah well he's a Russian asset. Funny that Trump probably won't be around next may to attend. NOT!!!!! Who cares if he loses the election. It will be a new dawn in America politics for good Please go and stay

Let him run in Russia. Hey IdiotMoronInChief realDonaldTrump.. go ahead!! Putin is missing his dog so much already.. Awesome. That will have the Demoncrats panties in a bunch What is his fucking obsession with parades? Perfect for both Got to take his spy wife to be briefed Oh heck yes. He loves a parade. Preferably with lots of artillery. Maybe he’ll stay there.

Hopefully they’ll fire Trump from a canon. Maybe just stay there and not come back? sandy_bulman His cult will love that, I'm sure. You have to do what your handler says... Not what he said....fakenews Maybe Putin will make him an offer he can’t refuse and STAY THERE Red meat for the basement dwellers! 🤣🤣🤣

just the thought of putin, his honey, & a russian parade is making his hair (or whatever the hell he calls it) pop up He will be there and Trumpers will eat it up like nothing is wrong with that, and the media will flip their shit Think Trump should go -take his republicans with him as well as organize a trip so all Trump supporters can go as well. Build up the Russian economy- Putin will love Trump - and Trump supporters will make Trump’s day!

Please go and stay there with your papito realDonaldTrump TRAITOR Sooo...what’s your point? The US Secretary of State, a Trump appointee, tweeted that in the last 48 hours, the “Assad regime, with Russian support, unleashed airstrikes that hit a school, hospital, & homes, killing 12 & injuring nearly 40.”

BLACK VOICES FOR TRUMP Today was the Launch of BlackVoicesforTrump Coalition! MY BLACK VOICE WILL NOT BE SILENCED! I will proudly speak about the great things President realDonaldTrump is doing for the black community LETS KEEP THIS TRENDING RT or use BlackVoicesforTrump 🙄He is so stupid he can’t even think about whether this would be a good or bad idea!! Ready. set. go... make as many dangerous decisions over and over and over again as fast as possible!!!!

Maybe he will stay. This has been tweeted many times what? And yet, Russian TV claims no such offer was given. If for some reason he is unable to attend the parade he can always order a doctor to certify that he has bone spur. Moscow Trump Hotel My question is why is pandering to Russia? Seriously, why is he bff w/Russia? These R scary times we live in.

Whether he goes or not is up to Putin. Don't be stupid by FakeNews. I'm pretty sure world leaders extended invitations to many other world leaders as a courtesy, It's protocol. Why would he go to Russia’s military parade ? Dear President Trump, we the taxpayers will have to fund your excursion to Russia to attend the May Day Parade, but we would like for you to do a favor though ... can you look into permanent housing for you and your family in Russia. A lot people are talking about it.

Complete nonsense None of those democratic fools stand a chance at beating him, so he can do what he wants Decisions decisions 🤷🏼‍♀️ Triggered mindless robots incoming. KFCWEDDING Marlian KFCPropsal SaturdayThoughts NEPA SaturdayMorning blackfriday2019 OgunTwitterHangout MiracleInUnilag SaturdayMotivation KhalwaleChallenge AYODHYAVERDICT BabriMasjid RamMandir COYG SaturdayMorning AYODHYAVERDICT

And impeachment* PLEASE HELP ME SETTLE A BET. Do Progressives have any policies that will NOT cost myself and my family money and/or freedom? I’ll wait for him to say this before I believe it your track record isn’t very good with telling the truth So what? Why not he is already in bed with Putin! If this doesn’t tell you what happened in 2016 then everyone has blinders on. This guy is so corrupt and he does everything, says everything right in front of everyone.

He would attend it regardless, if the invite is an instruction. Make it a one way ticket P-L-E-A-S-E Love reading Twitter bitches comments. Half ya’ll not even American😂😂 Trump is applying for residence in Russia!! H Great diplomacy Can he just be held there as a prisoner cause we would all be ok with that.

That's like going to see your enemies shit. Well Trumps full of it so he's going to enjoy it. Classic Trumpian click-bait strategy. Perhaps he's going into exile. I think he knows he's finished as President. Interesting that Putin would invite him to view a parade. Or, is the agent getting new orders. Maybe Putin will give him a medal.

Of course, Trump wants to look good for his boss. Since he’s doing all the misinformation for Russia now. SNL!!! Please go and while u r there u can check out sites for your new hotel👍 Fake News opinions Someone already commented. The guy on the left looks like a wax model from Madame Tussaud's. Please do and stay over there best chance of staying out of trouble

Good for him, hez allowed! realDonaldTrump please please go. Ohh no he is going to invite the president of the world's second most powerful army.... This is very bad for the Americans if they have better relationship with Russia...... American logic is something truly frightening..... Why not Oh, dumbed Dow donald, please go to Russia, enjoy yourself and stay there!

Are we going to pay for this? What is he so obsession with military parade? Please go to Russia realDonaldTrump and don’t come back Of course May is the most important time for the Communist & anarchist. He’ll fit right in. Why not he is his baby. Go for it POTUS!! ....AND Yes PLEASE BY ANY MEANS GO AND SEE HOW MUCH MORE DAMAGE HE CAN TEACH YOU TO CREATE HERE WHEN YOU CIME BACK

Jerk!!! DESPICABLE VILE SCUM Of course he is...🙄 He’s got to go there anyway to pay for his 2020 support 😒 ANYLUCK AT ALL, TRUMP WILLBE IN JAIL BY MAY...PRAY IT WILL BE SOONER! bye... Please god let him go. At best America will see mid election that Putin is the defacto President of the USA, at worst, Trump will defect.

He is to accommodating and friendly yo the Russians. I can’t trust Trump and he wants Biden and his investigated. Looks like he is the one who needs to be investigated dealing with foreign power. USA USA US....SR🤔 horrible esa relación Yeah, CNN, because that is the biggest problem with this BS, is that it might interfere with “campaign season.” Sure thing.

He would! He admires the crimes of the Kremlin. He admires the no shirt horseback rider. He admires Putin period! He admires all the bad guys, all the dictators. I only wish he loved America as much. He builds the bad foriegn guys up and he puts down our American folks & cities. JMaddU2 Wonderful. How do we get him to stay in Russia? Seems Trump has a man crush on Putin.

So he can collude with Russia again. Hey the US need to be friendly towards Russia to stabilise the global. He should go. And stay there. His homeland. comrades2020 PutinsPuppet PutinsPlans Putin and Trump are bigly, wonderful, loving friends. They hold hands too. If he loves it so much, why doesn't he just move there?

Don't they make a lovely couple !!!!!! Hey Vlad, please keep him. I saw that parade when I was in West Berlin from the west side of the wall! It would be right up dictator wanna be Donald’s alley! Scary huge military equipment,rockets, soldiers ,flags lots of military brass,decorative uniforms and Putin in the middle!

Fake news CNN furiously making up stories to get back at Trump making them look like fools over and over again. Fake Kiss A$$ He can go only if Russia permanently keeps him Maybe he should seek political asylum there. A real Bromance! That’s PRECISELY what the president if the United States should be doing with the leader of a country that attacked our democracy.

And we will have under impeachment and trial by then. Not on Airforce One I love reading the comment section of your posts. It is comedic gold. Four chesse balls rubbing elbows. What else is new in the world of tolalitarianship? I would NOT trust either one of them as far as I could see them. Cool!!!! please keep him!!!!!!!!

At least Russia does not pretend to work with USA, China approach more treacherous. A sick presiDUNCE Yes, please GO! And STAY THERE! Must be planning his post-impeachment vacation ImpeachAndRemoveTrump impeachment DumpTrump2020 Trump supporters would still love him and think nothing of it! 🙄 Out of curiosity, but if Trump actually did accept the invitation, would it make him the first POTUS to ever do so?

Making his preparations to move permanently to Moscow. Why do people follow him? Campaign season? realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse has been campaigning every day since Inauguration! That's all he does, and Americans are spending gobs on Trump Rally trips. KAG2020 PromisesMadePromisesKept MAGA TrumpTeam folks don't seem to care!

Of course he is ..... his close relationship with the Russians 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 hope they booo u there too The mans a traitor Another meet for another rigged election? Hopefully it will be as newly impeached donald trump and NOT as US president trump 🙏🙏🙏 I don’t even think Putin wants him there😂

Please go!!!! The icing on the cake!! And STAY THERE!!!! He should go. And stay. It would cement peace between Russia and the U. S. for decades. Fantastic. He is a RINO doing his best to ruin the GOP so the Dems can get back in power. Enough of his nonsense! How can he see the parade with his nose in Putin's butt crack ?

He should go just to piss off CNN😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜 Literally a communist rally Traitor ‼️You can stay there‼️ Dictators love other dictators Well, when else could Trump ask Putin for asylum after 1/20/21? He will be in jail. Shower parade only for realDonaldTrump It'll likely make him more popular with his base, who WANT a Russian-style country.

And by all means Americans should pay for it. Please GO! That is called being the President, but because CNN has never accepted that, you would never understand. Time to pay Homage to Lord Putin. No one can possibly think this is normal. Sounds like they need to coordinate for the 2020 Elections. It asks the question who benefits and why?

Russia needs to keep him! 💯 He should go Go, Trump, go to the Russian Parade with your buddy Putin, we don’t need you here in the USA! The less time you spend here the better for our country, you destroy everything you touch. Only in Trump dreams for he might be will be in jail. I guess he plans to ask 4 a prison furlough. 🤣🤪

Mayday! Mayday! Trump thinks the parade is for him Of course he is No, you should go. Take your time. Have fun. realDonaldTrump good riddance & don't come back.. ever. He should just to watch the libs go wild USA RUSYA TERÖRİST PKK YPG MÜTTEFİK KAHBELER Let's face it. Our President has been bought and sold by Putin's Russia. More loyalty to that totalitarian regime, which has bankrolled so many Trump real estate properties, than to his own country, its national security and the U.S. Constitution.

Almost 30 years ago the world was alredy used to watch the Soviet military might parade. On that occasions few people reasoned that the big might was hidding s colossal economical and social failure. Perhaps trump is planning his exile. Why not, trumpis clueless. Good...go....and then stay there realDonaldTrump

Awww Boo Hoo Hoo! I may not get to go see my Idol and Mentor! Woo Is Me!🙄🙄🤨🤭🤭🤮 Let him go. Maybe Putin will slow dance with him and decide to keep him there. He’ll probably stay there, marginally better than sharing a cell with a hairy assed maniac. Go there and stay there Maybe he’ll stay Gotta check in with the boss.

You fucks still haven’t a clue about POTUS 🍿 I don’t find this surprising at all. What’s the surprise here? Election, Russia, just doing a check in with the boss Isn’t there anything else going on in the world to report? The only thing you guys report all day is how much you guys hate your president Donald Trump

Go and don’t come back I think he should go! It would be great for his campaign! Great. Let him go stand next to Putin in the middle of the US presidential campaign. What could go wrong? Somewhere to hide Go and stay there Putin lover! Considering Americans laid down their lives to finance parade & that election is between ruSsia & China I think he'll have fun 'put in' time w/clown.

LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣 I just can’t anymore! Fucking president just basically saying he’s gonna get his own parade for helping them with Russia’s foreign policies lol Sick man realDonaldTrump That would be awesome He is smart enough to know that he needs to negotiate with these leaders. Would you rather have a nuclear war? Did you ever hear the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Whats wrong with you people? Y dont u teach kids about history of socialism anymore?

His boss is making him be at the event period. He will be there watch PutinsPuppets I hope he goes. The optics will be fantastic. You will come to the parade Donny! I thought “socialist” is a derogatory term that MAGA crowd uses all the time, so why aren’t they outraged when TrumpExtortionist shamelessly appeases Putin PutinsPuppet

Why don’t he just give Putin a handy on a live stream and get it over with. Can anyone think of putting this lunatic in anywhere but ,(named after)asylum. So he helps turkey kill off the Kurds then goes to a parade celebrating defeating Genocide? I believe May 1 also marks the beginning of Moscow's annual golden shower festival.

If he goes pls change the nurclear codes. One God, one Church, one world. Good step from my Russian bear sebastian_jakot to my great president realDonaldTrump I hope he does it and then decides to stay there. Every moron leftist: THERE IT IS!!! COLLUSION!!!! the Democrats are stupid here is the Whistleblower circled in red LOL

Go and stay there in the hotel he lets you build thanking you for being such a great little boy doing everything daddy asked while throwing our country under the bus. Keep You Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer! CNN gets a rod when Russia is mentioned. Why not have good relations? Makes sense You see CNN, unlike the DEMS who are supposed to be working for their constituents instead they are galivanting around the country in their limited chance campaigns, the POTUS will continue working for the American people.

Taxpayers should NOT pay for a trip to Russia for a parade!!!! Russia is not our ally. Why ? go and mingle with your supporters Trump is just going to Russia to get further instructions from his handler Putin. Trump had successfully undermined America’s relationship with our European allies and sold out the Ukrainians. The damage trump has done will take decades to repair.

Eric said, ‘Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.’ I said, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah. We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. & Don jr said: You should go it is good for America and world if Russia become our friend God bless you Trump

Obama went to other countries even they weren’t America’s friend and had a meetings behind the close doors with the enemy but that was fine, right? BS! Hypocrisy at it’s best 10000 Good for him Ronald Reagan would be turning in his grave! That's about right he won't be president by then and he may be able to negotiate and international trip before he does his stretch in the federal pen.

Is there no one around him to tell him this isn’t a good look? Go ahead Always good to touch base with the boss and see how you’re doing Please, go... and don't come back I think a investigation needs to be done on the whole Republican GOP. I think they are being paid off by Russia and Saudis. Yes that's Senate and House Members not all Republican members certain ones, plus the White House.

Marking the defeat of the nazi...he should go 👍 Put him on a do not fly list. He can't be trusted to not stay there in order to avoid what happens after impeachment, charges and jail time ! How the hell do the rednecks think that is okay. To support the commies... Isn’t that what they call them? How do they put those two things together?

Great Too bad Trump will be impeached by than. He needs to leave his calendar left open except for moving plans when he gets kicked to the curb. Maybe he'll stay in Russia. Will he be checked for money as he leaves Russia? Awful! Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc

Gotta sway a few of the Russian undecided voters. Trump should hold a rally in Moscow. If he wants to be re-elected he will do what Putin tells him to do .... If he need to win , he got to do what he has to do. ! Even when he’s trolling you, can’t leave the bait alone. Let him go. He can take his supporters with him and then they can all live happily ever after in the country their real loyalty lies with.

Aaaand then came the Hill transcript It’s a nice friendship Good let him stay there, Putin can have him. American is more than done with this Traitor. Impeach the traitor gameshowhost He is trying to flee America. He will not return because he knows after impeachment comes prison. Omg ...seriously he is Putin puppet...! God bless America

Makes sense given our Presidents allegiance. Trump can freely talk Treason without someone leaking a transcript. We're all hoping that you won't be in the oval office in May. There is so much fake news on both sides being passed around. This almost looks real. So public/media will talk about that instead of the impeachment

realDonaldTrump you should so go and make sure you wear their wardrobe — and pump your fists and hand over Ivanka your ultimate possession to your idol Putin! Middle America wants to see this loyalty and devotion to have to Putin. MaydayParade 'non e' compatibile con cio' che rappresenta', dicono Miqel, aka iron man, John, aka wine, Tony aka marmits, candidate for WH, 'riporteremo ordine, giustizia, disciplina e legalita'!!!!'

It doesn't matter if it is in the middle of the presidential campaign season! If Putin calls realDonaldTrump has to follow orders. Simple as that. She should stay there. We will pay for his one way ticket. Compromised He can stay there. Perhaps getting updates on future Trump Tower Moscow. Not even pretending anymore that Russia is trying to fix the election.

Trump says he might attend Russian military paradeIf he is not in jail, he should go. Maybe check out a couple of Dachas for the rest of the crime family. What would realDonaldTrump know about WWII? Draft dodging coward. Clearly he doesn’t know the difference between Russia and America

WaPo: Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying Trump broke no laws in Ukraine callBREAKING: Pres. Trump wanted Barr to hold a news conference saying Trump didn't break any laws in Ukraine call., the Washington Post reports. AllInWithChris has more with Post reporter Matt Zapotosky. allinwithchris BARR, TRUMP, PENCE, GIULIANI AND POMPEO SHOULD ALL BE INDICTED FOR EXTORTION, BRIBERY, OBSTRUCTION AND CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE UNITED STATES WITH A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO INTERFERE WITH THE ELECTION allinwithchris which is pretty much an admission of guilt, by FelonTrump, in his TrumpExtortion campaign, getting foreign election interference in exchange for $391mm. So there's that.... CNN TrumpStain getting ImpeachedLikeADog. all will be well. allinwithchris How many bullets does the guy have to take? Before it’s over, he’ll be disbarred

Trump-backed allegations against Biden 'not credible,' testified US official now touted by TrumpRepublican lawmakers looking to defend President Donald Trump against allegations of impropriety in the House impeachment inquiry are increasingly pointing to closed-door testimony from senior diplomat Kurt Volker, insisting his version of events means Trump never engaged in an improper 'quid pro Dishonest liberal media always backing the DC swamp/ deep state!! 👎👎👎👎 This video says otherwise ➡️ So it would be a quick investigation with official clearing of any charges of corruption. Great. What’s Mueller doing now?

President Trump to Pay More than $2 million for Illegally Misusing Trump Foundation in 2016 ElectionPresident Trump will have to fork over $2 million in penalties after admitting to misusing the Donald Trump Foundation for his own political benefit Sorry to get political, but bc this is a music mag I will. He belongs in jail, the fact that he is able to pay a fine just makes me cringe 😡 Pocket change SO GROSS

Trump campaign to launch 'Veterans for Trump' coalition after Syria withdrawal leaves some feeling uneasyPresident Trump's 2020 reelection campaign has announced the formation of Veterans for Trump, an attempt at recruiting and connecting with veterans—in spite of the fact that the President's withdrawal of military forces from Syria has made him a controversial figure in some military circles. Whatever. The tRump dog and pony show continues! Instead of focusing on our veterans tRump wants you to focus on him! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Not this Vet. Never for Trump! I stood the watch against our enemies in the 70's. I didn't serve so some self-serving, narcissistic reality star could give to world to Russia on a silver platter. The oath said 'All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic'. My oath hasn't expired.