Trump, Biden Turn to Florida in Campaign’s Final Days — Election 2020 Live Updates -

Latest on Trump and Biden in the presidential race and other contests nationwide.

10/29/2020 4:00:00 PM

President Trump and Joe Biden are turning to Florida in the campaign's final days The president will hold a rally in Tampa before heading to North Carolina, while the former vice president will speak at drive-in events in Broward County and Tampa.

Latest on Trump and Biden in the presidential race and other contests nationwide.

President Trumpholds rallies in Tampa, Fla., and Fayetteville, N.C., and participates in an event with troops at Fort Bragg, N.C.Vice President Mike Pencecampaigns in Iowa and Nevada, holding rallies in Des Moines and Reno.Joe Bidencampaigns in Florida, speaking at drive-in events in Broward County and Tampa.

BTS Finally Earn Their First Grammy Nomination Analysis | Trump will soon leave the White House. How long before he stops dominating the conversation? In a possible first, San Francisco charges an officer with homicide over fatal on-duty shooting

Sen.Kamala Harriscampaigns virtually, participating in a Divine Nine Black sororities and fraternities event and a rally hosted by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.2 hours agoBiden Returns to His Core Campaign Theme of UnityByWith less than a week until the election, Joe Biden has returned to a theme he launched at the start: Uniting a divided nation. Here's why the Democratic presidential nominee is using it to close out his campaign:

3 hours agoState Polls Fell Short in 2016. Here’s What Pollsters LearnedIn 2016, problems with state-level election polls left some voters surprised by the outcome. Since then, many pollsters have made changes in the hope of accurately capturing the mood of the country ahead of the 2020 election.

3 hours agoWall Street's 2016 Contrarians Less Sure on Trump This Time Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Teacher's hallway song and dance reminds students to stay 6 feet apart

CNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. No surprise there from the supreme court So you are calling them drive in events because the cars fill up more space than people? Honk away! The difference is ... President Trump is taking his 'Rona Rallies' state to state without the slightest consideration or regard for the impacts of these super-spreader events. He really doesn't care!

For those standing in lines. We stand with you. Spending 4 to 6 hours waiting to vote in 21st Century America should not be happening without GOP voter suppression. DONT GIVE UP. Stay in line until your VOTE counts. Your voice counts. We stand with you. US FEDERAL RESERVE BANK MAKING THE POOR PEOPLE WAIT ARESSTING SHOOTING BURNING DROWNING KILLING us LYING AND DENYING GLOBAL WARMING DEADLY EXTREME WEATHER

BidenHarris2020 . BidenHarrisLandslide2020 . While we’re on the subject — Six Bipartisan Tips for Winning a Presidential Election 一切都是刚刚开始 Nearly all of Trump’s routes to 270 electoral votes go through Florida. If the president wins that state and Ohio, Biden’s hopes of defeating him could depend on Wisconsin. Map each candidate’s paths through battlegrounds.

Trump’s Economy Record Breaking 🇺🇸 GDP booms at 33.1% rate in Q3, Despite all Democratic States still on Lockdown. A surge in business and residential investment along with stronger consumer activity helped the economy off its worst-ever quarter in Q2. The Republican party. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 BidenHarris2020 VoteEarlyInPerson

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Trump says campaign 'spending more in Florida' as polls show tight race with BidenTrump's tweet came as his campaign is said to be cutting back on advertising spending in the Sunshine State.

Trump takes slight lead over Biden in Florida polls, with 6 days until Election DayWith six days until Election Day, President Donald Trump has inched ahead of Joe Biden in Florida polling, according to a RealClearPolitics moving average of... I just want one timeline where FL is not significant. nothing but crazy people in Florida so it's no surprise Stock markets have crashed 6%

Election 2020 live updates: Trump and Biden hold dueling Florida ralliesLIVE BLOG: Hourly updates with the latest election news, notes from the campaign trails, voting results and analysis. VoteTrumpOut2020 hi, to anyone reading this, can you please share my moms go fund me? She survived COVID-19 but still needs help, Just one share would mean the world to mom and I ❤️ ❤️ 🙏🏽 thank you for all prayers, donated funds and shares of this campaign

Memo to Trump, Biden and political pundits: Texas is not all about oil and gas anymoreWhen people think of Texas, they often picture “Big Oil.” But Texas is changing, from demographics and politics to economics and culture. If you think it's still all about oil, you don't know Texas. Elections2020 Texas The Republicans 're-destricted' ( totally gerrymandered) the state in 2014. It's one of my favorite sights while driving through Texas... All of the windmills. The Texas economy and culture were never singularly focused on oil and gas. The importance of oil for employment and tax has has actually increased in the last decade due to advancements in fracking technology.

The Latest: Biden faults Trump for frigid Omaha rally endJoe Biden says Omaha supporters of President Donald Trump who were left in the cold after a Trump rally is “an image that captured President Trump’s whole approach” to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic ☠️☠️GOP DEATH CULT☠️☠️ GOPDeathCult OmahaShitshow OmahaTrumpRallyDisaster TrumpAbandonedOmaha MAGA2020 MAGA Sorry. Not sorry. What is so sad is Trump does not like all those faithful people that are faithful to him, all he wants is there vote, he feels he is above them, and could care less about them, look at his track record..

As Trump, Biden hammer at swing states, advocates work to dismantle Electoral CollegeActivists say adopting a national popular vote would force campaigns to broaden their outreach, while critics say it gives cities too much power. There is no dismantling the Constitution. I took an oath to defend it.