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Trump, Biden spoke by phone about coronavirus outbreak

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said he had a “really wonderful, warm conversation” with Joe Biden on Monday about the coronavirus outbreak. “He gave me his point of view, and I...

4/7/2020 3:54:00 AM

President Trump says he had a “really wonderful, warm conversation” with Joe Biden about the corona virus outbreak . A top Biden campaign aide says it was a 'good call' in which the Democrat gave Trump some advice.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said he had a “really wonderful, warm conversation” with Joe Biden on Monday about the corona virus outbreak . “He gave me his point of view, and I...

outbreak.“He gave me his point of view, and I fully understood that, and we just had a very friendly conversation,” Trump said at his daily press briefing.The president said he and Biden agreed not to share the details of their conversation, but confirmed an earlier statement from the Biden campaign that the Democrat offered “suggestions” on how to address the pandemic. Biden had previously said he’d like to share with Trump some lessons he learned from dealing with similar crises during the Obama administration.

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But Trump added: “It doesn’t mean that I agree with those suggestions.”Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, said in a statement that the two had a “good call” where Biden gave Trump some advice and “expressed his appreciation for the spirit of the American people in meeting the challenges facing the nation.”

The conversation was the culmination of a dayslong effort by aides to get the two on the phone, after White House adviser Kellyanne Conway called on the former vice president to “offer some support” to Trump. Biden, the prospective Democratic presidential nominee, has in recent weeks released a series of proposals for responding to the pandemic and has criticized the Trump administration for acting too slowly to halt the virus’ spread.

Biden said last week that he would “love” to speak to Trump and wanted to share with him his experiences from the Obama administration.“We’ve been through this in a slightly different way in the past, and I hope they can learn some lessons from what we did right and maybe what we did wrong,” Biden said during a virtual press briefing.

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OMG Biden says he had a good call with trump. Joe, if you believe a word he said...Please do not be that gullible. TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks BidenInsultBot what did you say on this phone call? Two out-of-touch conservatives stoking each other's ego, how heartwarming. Joe has no advice Tips on how to kill poor people

Advice from JoeBiden? LOL 🤪🤪 Remember that this all political theater. Both Democrats and Republicans represent corporate elitists. By both cutting Bernie Sanders out of the convo they have sealed the deal for the general election. They work in cahoots. Rule of thumb: when trump says these crazy adjectives, you know it's not true.

Two peas in a pod. Did they talk about Hunter or are we pretending Trump forgot all about that? BS! After that epic rip Trump gave Biden a day or 2 ago? This is total crap. Covid-19 is to old for Joe. If it was Covid-8 then he’d be all over it. Biden cannot give advice and neither can Trump, their conversation probably sounded like complete gibberish

BAHAHAHA!!!! Trump: Hello Joe! Biden: For schnizel my nizel. You got to put the dutchie on the left hand side. Did he advise resigning? Go_Lackawanna He said, ' Trump you cant put apples in a tea cup and expect to get match boxes.' 'Fly like a chestnut be Godzilla, the number four'. It may have been a good call but was it a perfect call? Just curious.

The advice was 'you don't have to listen to me (Joe)' 🤔 But I can't remember the last time Trump told the truth. Fact checks claim just about everything he says is a lie, exaggeration or distortion. If democracy is practised this way it represents the epitome of the system. PRES Trump&VP Biden consultations should be the envy of all who love their nations.Power should not be read as a divider but a process to achieve the best. Some nations still have people living in squalor

I bet he gave him advice on how to get away with harassment... Bring back the real and realist liberals and chase the smartasses extremist leftists. I must say: utter b******* 🤣🤣🤣 Trump assured him that he has all of the super delegates Biden is asking the american public to vote for trump again lol I call BS!! AP is in on the RiggedPrimary ExitPollsDontLie

Yeah right. After Biden woke up from his nap. Thank God. Now that senile Biden gave his advice, Trump will really know what to do. Quid pro quo?! What is the point in advising Trump when he doesn't listen to his own advisors. Thank u for writing a headline w no venom or agenda This is not The Dating Game. I don’t care how warm the conversation was. Do. Your. Job. And. Stop. Twitting. People are losing their lives.

I wouldn't take Joe's advice. best advice: how to handle Corncob And this is how Trump stays in the White House for another 4years . People forget getting involved with Trump means death to everything. Trump wants to face Joe in the election. Because Joe cant win. We're all playing poker with the cards facing the wrong way and the poor and still getting robbed.

Lord please let there be a transcript. Amen Biden to Trump: make it happen in Wisconsin for me He reminds me of 2 guys in high school that did 7 hits of acid, one was nic named TOAST and the other one MUMBLES. MUMBLES seems to fit really really well lately This ain't a good look Bidens an IDIOT. Huh? Thank you VP Biden for keeping politics out. Traitors want politics all over the nation when our citizens are dying. God bless VP Biden and our President Trump.

Of course, Trump would NEVER heed any advice provided by Biden. He doesn't even heed advice provided by his own administration. In this crisis, the NO. 1 priority is to save lives. Joe&Trump can save America. It’s not a time for antagonism. Save lives and a strong America once again ‼️💖🇺🇸 The advice? Mr. Ah, oh ya President, I’m sure that you will win re-election and I can’t remember how I know that. I do remember that the DNC officials did say that they are out of whistleblowers, smoke screens, accusations, investigations and the COVID thing didn’t work. FOX40

...”a good call” Don’t you mean, “a very good call...the best call ever made...a tremendously good call.” Off the record: Biden told Trump he was going to beat him down like a drum. 💯😬 Some advice on how we could land a man on the moon and safety return him to earth? 😬 we all need put our differences together so as to fight and defeat this virus-send it back to where ever it came from-wuhan

JoeBiden Well that’s GREAT But, Watch your back. Trump IS gonna “manipulate the PHONE CALL.” DonaldTrump JoeBiden I hope he told trump he should resign. “Gave Trump some advice.” 😂😂😂 No worries. Joe has already forgotten the conversation I hope it was advice on confronting china and their war declaration. this could be worse than the holocaust and the chinese communist government is responsible.

Trump 2020💕💕💕 Trump told Joe he was a Nigerian Prince and had a billion dollars he wanted to put in his sons bank account Trump was being nice Biden was being nice Pretty soon the two old perverts will begin writing each other love letters. like a chat with great granpa at the home, it was a nice visit, thanks for the advice.

Was the advice for n1h1 or swine not sure he communicates all that well. Or was it the cure can fix the problem. He is known for his deep thoughts Joe: I ALWAYS have an adult diaper around for TV interviews. Trump: Sure sure. Joe: I’ve probably said too much. Trump: Hmm Joe: You know the thing, the thing we’re endowed with. Trump: Right..right, listen, I need to get back to leading the country now. Good talk. Joe: Pudding?!

Biden is the bigger person because Trump will never call him. This President won’t even listen to his own experts. That is not a reassuring photo Did he say to resign right now? Because that’s the only good advice that counts. His advice was as such: 'You know Don, there's them things and people get sick, and you have to twist the blueberry to remove it but on the road it's a strange thing but we'll only get there if we gang up. Speaking of gangs did I tell you about corn pop? Don't you give them M4A'

One thing people don’t realize is that Trump listens iso EVERYONE! Trump loves it! Trump loves the approach of Gen. George Patton- If everyone in the room is thinking the same thing, someone isn’t thinking. Now that's a transcript Trump should release!!!! No whistleblower to step up now? Did they give him advice in 2-minute video Gifs of Biden talking himself into a coma. (Checks notes) Corectamundo .

Let’s face it...the only reason Joe called was Trump called him out for NOT calling! If Trump ever gets to do rallies again he will lie to his moronic mouth-breathing carnival followers about this conversation with Biden. 😂 _Politics The advice was about picking out the right pair of suspenders to dress up a monkey for a parade

Comical I did? Which day? Sounds like more malarkey from what’s his name! IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade IBelieveTaraReade

AP your salivating Watch your back cause trump is never to b trusted Biden having a call with Trump is insane. Trump will use it against him. He'll probably release a manipulated recording. How to sop up drool. 'Gave Advice'!?! Good play on words. Refer to GIF... Lol. What do you say to a madman? 'Advice'? I don’t think so. I’m sure President Trump was patient and courteous, and actually felt pity for the obvious fact that JoeBidenHasDementia

Advice lmfao. The one in the White house. Needs no advice from the one sitting in his basement.

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Biden And Trump Discuss Coronavirus Response By PhoneA White House adviser suggested Joe Biden call the president instead of criticizing him in public, and Trump criticized the former vice president on Monday morning for not calling yet. You can almost hear JoeBiden: ....that would be on page 73 of the Pandemic Playbook we left you where you are supposed to lead the states in a national effort and not be their 'backup.'.... Joe Biden: “... any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of 17, all the way around, 16, we have never, never let our democracy sakes second fiddle, way they, we can both have a democracy and ... correct the public health.” WTF Bet tRump didn't listen or comprehend.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden Chat About Coronavirus Crisis In Phone CallPresident Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke in a phone call on Monday about the coronavirus crisis. Their conversation was a rare moment of detente in the midst of a presidenti…

Biden and Trump speak by phone about coronavirus responseFormer Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump spoke by phone on Monday about the response to the coronavirus pandemic, two sources familiar with the call and a White House official tell CNN. Joe now has a lever on Trump. Joe can back him up when he does the right thing, nail him when he does the wrong thing. I bet that was a short conversation but it was nice of Trump to appease little Joe. Did Joe even know what the hell he was saying?