Us Coronavirus Update: Latest News On Cases, Deaths And Reopenings

Us Coronavirus Update: Latest News On Cases, Deaths And Reopenings

Trump announces he's terminating US relations with the World Health Organization

President Trump has terminated the partnership between the World Health Organization and the US, he announced

5/29/2020 10:03:00 PM

President Trump has terminated the partnership between the World Health Organization and the US, he announced

The US coronavirus outbreak has altered daily life in almost every way. Here's the latest updates on US Covid-19 cases, deaths, reopenings, the government response, unemployment and more.

CDC director defends agency's early surveillance of coronavirus: "We were never blind"From CNN Health's Jacqueline HowardDr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, participates in the daily briefing of the coronavirus task force at the White House, on April 22. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was"never blind" to the early spread of coronavirus in the United States, the agency's director Dr. Robert Redfield said during a phone call with reporters on Friday.Redfield defended the CDC’s surveillance for coronavirus.

"We were never blind when it came to surveillance for coronavirus 19," Redfield said."The reality is the surveillance systems that CDC had developed over the years for respiratory viral diseases, particularly the influenza-like illness, really did give us eyes on this disease as it began to emerge," Redfield said. "Independent of testing, we had pretty good eyes on whether there was any new respiratory influenza-like illness occurring in our country."

Redfield was discussing a new CDC report that shows the virus was already spreading some in January and early February in Washington state and other Pacific northwest areas, much earlier than when the first case of community spread was confirmed in the United States in late February.

The CDC previously has been criticized for its slow response to the coronavirus outbreak.The new research, published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Friday, suggests that there was some community transmission of the novel coronavirus in the United States between the latter half of January and the beginning of February – as researchers had previously thought – and the virus likely was introduced from China.

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ترامب انت لا تتقن اللعبة I'm still in favor of Donald Trump's decision. He seems really bad from other news company but if you expand your research, you will get to understand his point. Worst move, obviously he has no clue Go Trump. Am sure that the next President will reinstate it. Great day! 👍 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🙌

He's talking away every brick that made America great, soon China will take the throne. Why 为什么不等调查完新冠起源再退群,是怕去美国调查吗? Who trust the WHO? We dont.. Haha bonus what more damage can this idiot do to an ailing 1st world power how long will it take to right a wrong and whose responsibility is this going to be...the next President shame on you

Trump's legacy will always be over 100,000 dead and over 40,000 unemployed. This happened on his watch. The buck stops with the president. Obama did 8 years of work by Trump 4 years to make a waste! look at that big ass baby ARREST BILL NOW Wow, another temper tantrum. He's such a baby! Putin really hit Destroy America Bingo with this guy.

god his IQ is impecible (obvious sarcasm) Well trump and his supporters have Officially made the USA a third world country. He literally has destroyed what so many fought and died for. That was to make America the strongest most trusted country in the world trump and his supporters have destroyed. Evil man.

Something else is going on here and trump “being the non intellectual type” is a scape goat Good job Mr. President!👍😊 Its easier to lie about them when you no longer have an association with them! He doesn't care about the US or its citizens health anyway so this is no surprise!!! 👏👏👏 Take the shovel from that fool. He's digging a deep hole.

WHOsToBlame ? Bad move Figures. So ignorant. Another distraction- but this will cost us It really just gets better by the day! Unbelievable that it’s very likely that “this” will win again in November! We can do better, I KNOW we can... 'Passenger cuts ties with pilot trying to land the plane' It's okay they deserve a better partner than him. We'll partner up with them again in a few months :)

Brilliant! He must know something that we dont!!!⭐️ The president of China extends his gratitude... China is stepping in where the us stepping out I wouldnt be surprised if Aliens invaded and he partnered with them! IDIOT!!!!!!! Fuck him 🇺🇸KAG🇺🇸 What!?!🤯 Nice pocket change he wont send Dolt! 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸🇧🇷

VERY BAD IDEA!!!! God damned fool! He didn't handle the C19 too well and it was made public! Yes? Trump is a Narrcasist so he will always try blame someone, other than himself. Always. He is ONLY a business man. C19 defeated him in a sense. He can't grab Corona by the balls, so he has to have someone's!

Finally the real US president! Next Donnie will terminate his contract with Cheetos realDonaldTrump cheetos Thank God for this the USA was using WHO to exterminate Africans now we are sure their medicine will not be used in African countries again🙏 what is 2020 It's deserving action. They betrayed trust.

And this is how it continues... Nov 3 will be our time to terminal this pandemic Did he said 1M deaths worldwide? JoeBiden is going to have to spend his entire presidency putting out the fires Trump started. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica 👌🏼Wish our Prime Minister of Canada would follow suit, the who is 100% corrupt.

So he had another temper tantrum, and now it’s going to effect the whole country. Typical Trump behavior GetHimOuttaHere In the middle of a pandemic the moron in chief decides to leave the World Health Organization. Sadly, I’m not suprised. Ya just do for you... Well done! Can’t test positive for gonorreah if there are no gonorreah test. Trump is playing chess

Being ignorant and acting like he is Lord and God makes him feel powerful. When Biden becomes President, he will reconnect with this very important and needed organization. US gonna be pretty lonely in this great big world soon. He has few friends as it is and he’s dragging this country with it. Blaming others for his inaction.

The orange moron is just looking for ANOTHER scapegoat. His pattern is boring. Is anyone in the White House going to stop this president from destroying are country. The president is the cause of anxiety in the country and the deaths, not just by the virus but what he has done to those already in distrest by the way he is, he needs an psychological eval.

Bravo. Well done! Gosh, Trump is facing up the bullies and psichopaths of the world, saving your countries as... and you blind people keep winning! get help Hes just setting it up for make up sex. How did this thing become our president..... The one thing he was correct about is, we need to drain the swamp and we need to start with an entirely new Congress and the Senate and start from scratch.

He will do anything to distract from what is going on, but it won’t work. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd TrumpDeathToll100K TrumpFailed Outrageous Does it even matter anymore? Does anything? How can someone still support this man after this poor display of leadership and basic common sense? How low has the US fallen!

He’s in full out “ Trash the Hotel room” mode on his way out. Next president is gonna spend most of their time playing cleanup This will affect only the world's poor countries as US contribution goes to the poorest countries and it will harm research in medicine. WHO will survive, but it will affect the collaboration between the US health institutions and the rest of the world's research institutions.

Pretty sure the rest of the world is just shaking their head because our failed president is not man enough to take responsibility for his own bad decisions. Things have gone to $hit in our country because of him and he wants a pity party. Sad. Time for change. Biden2020 Yes Trump, direct attention away from the fact that you threatened to shoot people last night

Omg the worlds going nuts Just one more inhumane act. Why is CNN blatantly pro-China? Trump’s reversal of Kissinger/Nixon policy of appeasement of China is the biggest international development in 50 years. Yet, CNN is virtually blacking it out, focussing instead on WHO and Minneapolis. THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO STAND BEHIND TRUMP!

The distraction and shift blame away from his government. He was told in January by the WHO and he chose to play golf. Next will be the CDC I can’t keep up, now he pulls this? I’ll be in Brazil for awhile today, then back to Missouri for a killer pool party. This man Trump can't stop Americans from funding WHO, guess we need to do some fundraising and make some donations.

Best president ever! Playing the blame game - nothing new. The Trump usual - I am perfect - it always somebody else - grab them by the neck! Corona coroNarrative COVIDIOTS Covid_19 As leader of a Superpower, decisions you make affect not only your own Citizens... but the Citizens of the WholeWorld. Is this hard to grasp?

Jan 14, WHO announced that the ChiCom government finished a study that found NO EVIDENCE of person-to-person transmission of the virus. World leaders used the information to set policy decisions regarding the virus. Most asinine report ever; unimaginable! What a fool anyone else you want to ruin our relationship with? I can't wait for you to be out of office so we can rebuild our relationships again with everyone you have cut ties with if they'll even have us you fool!

realDonaldTrump denied the coming disaster through January and February, causing the loss of many thousands of American lives, and now he seeks to place the blame elsewhere. Come November, out he goes. About time. He's literally trying to kill us all. Best decision! Covid 19 Biden2020 will undo all of the Trump bullshit.

Hurry up JoeBiden. We gotta get this shit fixed 😬 sure showed them, you tiger you! He’s a coward and unfit to run this country get the hell out vote blue Commercial bread is China human hair, The hair—mostly gathered from the floors of hair salons in China. As the largest L-cysteine producer in the world, China has an important position in the global market, it produced about 7,700 tonnes

In the middle of a global pandemic? Apparently 100,000 lives lost isn't enough for him. That’s his thing. Quitting WHO during a pandemic was bound to happen. His deflection strategies are cheap, obvious and just stupid. Speechless 🤦🏽‍♂️ Man people are gonna be real mad when other countries finish a vaccine and we won’t be allowed to get it.

This clown 🤡 is getting America out of everything. Now is WHO, NATO, closing America to her self and America is losing the power in the world. On the other way, Russia and China are gaining reputation and saying “here we are” when needed. This clown 🤡 is loosing the world. Now that that’s happened, I’m sure we’ll have MUCH more influence on how they work. Oh. Wait.

Hmm This is old news. He did that a while back i really hope someone takes him out soon This is a tragedy to human rights that define and preserve human dignity all over the world including the very America where he comes from Please make it stop This man continuously shows us over and over again that he’s actually insane...

WoW! Trump taking WHO to task over coronavirus and her perceived proximity to China. Or maybe it's an attempt to push back on the backlash of 100k COVID19 deaths Good This guy just stopped governing this country. (When he ever did it.) Unbelievable! but, a couple more months and this guys out .... Remove him and make America America again

Why should he be making Decisions on people s health I'm surprised WHO didn't REPRIMAND the US for botching up this pandemic response Trump is trying to destroy America. It will take a lifetime to fix the damage he has created. Nobody enters the USA without passing through customs. They LET 40,000 Americans return WITHOUT any testing after his so called travel ban. 25th the 45th. before he kills us all.

Tonedeaf And you know what -- we will rejoin when we have a functioning adult in the White House Breaking News , Another bad decision Not shocked!!, that bad acts are not condemned.The PTOTUS ignores a nation that’s in pain .Just deflection . If your not part of the solution!!!Everyone is hip to it and at the end of the day more of us to want to be united instead of divided

I’d like to thank all the morally superior third party voters and so-liberals who just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary. Go f’ck yourselves All partnerships will be ended.. Now the end of America start now.. He is a mad man Trump really has no regard for Americans and doesn't care about protecting the health and life of Americans?

It will be reactivated after Trump leaves office later in the year Two wrongs don’t make a right Annnnnd it gets worse. No! How stupid can one man be. Sure WHO has made mistakes but Trump has completely and totally screwed up this pandemic and our economy. DumpTrump2020 POTUS Only someone as STUPID & RECKLESS as you would terminate our partnership with the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic that has already taken 100,000+ American lives. YOU were the one who f*cked up, not WHO. And Americans won't forget that in November.

WOW Stop prefacing his name with the word 'president.' We don't have a president. We're on our own.

U.S. will terminate its relationship with World Health Organization, Trump saysBreaking: President Trump announced Friday the U.S. is ending its relationship with the World Health Organization amid a global pandemic. an organization that got it all wrong. hopefully the UN is in his crosshairs US should end its relationship with Trump. For allowing 1.7 millions infected and over 100k die from COVID-19(and unfortunately still counting). Remember he had it under control and that it go away also a Democratic hoax!

Trump announces end of US relationship with World Health OrganizationPresident Donald Trump announced on Friday that the United States will terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization, a move he has threatened throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Well done! The perfect and the greatest president of USA Finally we rid our burden of that nonsense. Great move GOAT! 🐐 Anyways, WHO is biased and Influenced. If WHO wants countries to follow WHO then they should be neutral. I think covid 19 should be called Wuhan virus. Wuhan virus it is!

Trump announces he's 'terminating' the US relationship with the World Health Organization - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Someone get this guy out of office. Like a little child ignoring his problems. Oh and when the looting starts, the shooting starts What on earth does that mean? The US will drown in their own ignorance. CNN,ABC,NYTIMES,WASHINGTONPOST,MSNBC,CBSNEWS,FOXNEWS,AP,BBCWorld,Reuters Trump is an idiot NOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrumpNOTrump

US cuts World Health Organization ties over virus responsePresident Trump says U.S. 'terminating' relationship with World Health Organization. He says the U.N. agency failed to adequately respond to pandemic and that Chinese officials ignored reporting obligations and pressured WHO. Take that China!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, let's end the relationship instead of working to make changes and support it. Stupid. realdonaldtrump and his whitehouse always looking to lay blame for his failures at someone else's feet.

COVID-19 Has Killed Close To 300 U.S. Health Care Workers, New Data From CDC ShowsMore than 60,000 health care workers have contracted the coronavirus, up from 9,000 in April. Workers say they face unnecessary risks because of ongoing shortages of protective gear like masks. How many of those 60K have recovered? 100% good sign if so. Well, yeah. Without early testing and contact tracing, we’re throwing bodies at hospitals with fingers crossed.

Life at the pandemic epicenter and its lessons for U.S. health care | OpinionThe dean of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City explains what lessons America has to learn from the pandemic.