Trump and Biden's answers show stark differences in US election town halls - CNN Video

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump answered questions on Covid-19 and policing at two separate town halls hosted by CNN and ABC News.

9/18/2020 11:35:00 AM

Stark differences between US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were on display at ABC and CNN town halls this week. Here's how both Trump and Biden responded to questions on the pandemic and policing:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump answered questions on Covid-19 and policing at two separate town halls hosted by CNN and ABC News.

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To the people that are putting their faith in Biden: why hasn’t he used all these “silver bullets” to fix America’s problems for the past 47 years? The fact remains: President Trump has done more good for America in 3 1/2 years than Biden has in almost 50. Hindsight 20/20, Look at how Joe responded to Swain flu... he did nothing at all.

I cannot believe democrat media thinks they can sell Joe Biden as the contender. His dementia and his weakness for preteen girls are obvious. The Dem party are for defunding police, canceling history, rioting, not supporting unemployment due to China virus, teaching 1619 and destroying any American platform so they can replace/rebuild with Marxist-Socialist policies. What r Puppet Biden’s policies? Vote Republican🇺🇸

Dr. Fauci failed with his Top Down analysis that caused the lock down! You don't have to be an expert to see that a virus is a local bottom up problem handled at the county level. It is so obvious that you wonder if it wasn't done on purpose? I’m voting 🗳 for Joe Biden, he is Avery knowledgeable Man, unlike Donald Trump who is dumber than a rock....😢

Yes, big difference. One mumbles & struggles to pronounce words. Coddled & stroked by a rich entitled snob. The other is set up in a hostile disrespectful environment & addresses questions. Who wants a weak frail President? Oh wait Kamala surely does! Stark difference between the questions & moderator interruption too🙄

Leagues apart. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Laughable rhetoric from Biden. The role of the president is to keep calm and prevent pannic. Covid-19 is mutation of the seasonal flu, there can be vaccine, but Covid-19 will never disappear, we will need to learn to live with it - they all know it...No more wars - TRUMP WINS

Please people, VOTE! Biden you did that🤗 Intelligent knowledgeable Empathetic Compassion great job👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 At least Trump had the courage to face 12 audience questioners, 4 who voted Trump 2016, 3 for Hillary, 1 for Stein, 3 didn't vote, and 1 undefined. Is he reading from a teleprompter! Yeah ones had over 35 years in office and has nothing to show for it.. zero achievements.. but reckons now he has the answers.

This is what I still can't past. Every one of you are coved in here.. When the media is up Trump’s ass for 4 years as opposed to the other candidate who gets kid glove treatment. Did anyone ask Biden what his favorite cookie is? GFY Stark difference in SOFTBALL questions for your boy Newport Joe Ya guess who gonna say its all fake

CNN should really work for the DNC! There is no comparison to the softball questions JoeBiden received to the hateful questions realDonaldTrump received. Trump2020LandslideVictory Trump2020 As clear as black and white, evil vs good, arrogance vs humble, illiterate vs educated, imbecile vs intelligence, heartless vs compassionate, incompetent vs competent. The ball is in your court America. Vote wisely.

The miracle is that Joe Biden could respond at all. One is honest, and the other one says exactly what you want to hear Watching from afar there is only one choice to save your democracy, Mr. Biden. The need for urgency is evident. If you don’t want your countries wonderful experiment to fail- vote ! Stark difference when there isn't a single difficult question. What do you think it would look like if Sean Hannity ran a town hall and had 13 out of 16 Republicans ask Trump questions? Do you really feel that would be fair?

He used a flat-teleprompter that was on the floor, the reason he looked down talking to Anderson Cooper. It was situated right in the C of the CNN Logo Nice try, though, but not good enough One was scripted and the other...these ppl were never going to vote for him anyway. One was softball and the other curveballs. Neither one of them fully answered the questions.

The stark differences are the obvious biased news media for Joe Biden and the second grader questions given to Biden Fauci says muzzle are bad

Biden shows the qualities Trump lacks at CNN town hallDemocratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday showed the empathy and fact-based thinking at a CNN town hall that President Donald Trump has been lacking, both at his own similar event two days before and throughout his botched management of a pandemic that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans. StCollinson CNNbullshit StCollinson What a weirdo.. StCollinson

Election live updates: Trump contradicts CDC director on vaccine; Biden says Americans shouldn’t trust TrumpThe Democratic presidential nominee addressed the pandemic on Tuesday. The Republican incumbent will host a call with Jewish leaders before attending a fundraiser. Are screwing up Sars so badly, that the Pandemic was over before a Vaccine was even out. This idiot is focusing on distribution. Joe Biden does not even know what state he is in, he is the last person to give advise.

Live updates: Joe Biden CNN town hallJoe Biden says he was 'really, really offended' when he heard reports that President Trump referred to 'guys like my son' as 'losers.' Biden's late son, Beau Biden, was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in the Iraq War. BidenTownHall Yikes. The dems are screwed. He even had dems cheat to memorize answer to the questions. Hard to watch without cringing hopes to get brownie points with the democratic party by posting this! Why is everyone reading their question from a card?

Live updates: Joe Biden CNN town hallJoe Biden discusses the ways in which he's benefitted from White privilege. 'I've benefited just because I don't have to go through what my Black brothers and sisters have had to go through.' BidenTownHall White privilege. How about what he and his leach family have received from 47 years of this idiot being in public office. CC: SpokesmanReview stltoday FOX5Atlanta LSJNews scj adndotcom jaxdotcom kron4news denverpost knoxnews FOXNashville MGMAdvertiser fox13 sltrib abc4utah newschannelnine BN9 FOX55FortWayne kdhnews RedlandsNews JET24FOX66 fox4kc KABBFOX29 wjxt4 41actionnews This dude is so out of touch. Busting their neck?

Biden: 'I’ve benefited' from being white, offers stark contrast to Trump on race'Sure, I've benefited just because I don’t have to go through what my Black brothers and sisters have had to go through,' Joe Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during a televised town hall event in Pennsylvania. Not what Corn Pop said. JFC, it's a crime the DNC is dragging this old man through such an embarrassing process. Talk is cheap. Let's see what he does for a black agenda and reparations

Trump Blames Biden, Who Isn't President, For Not Instituting Mask Mandate"To be clear: I am not currently president," Biden wrote moments later. "But if you chip in now, we can change that." Commander DEFLECTO....Trump Sheep's favorite SHEEP DOG...barking fake fears....baa baa trump sheep President Obama really did a number on the Democratic Party. 4’years after he left office and the best the democrats have to offer is Joe Biden. Someone needs to take the party away from him because he is awful at it. Just like his presidency. He said some of this about Hillary also. Even thoug ph he was President. He would say, how come Hillary hasn’t done something about XYZ yet?