Tom Barrack Strikes A $250 Million Bail Deal To Get Out Of Jail - Cnnpolitics

Tom Barrack Strikes A $250 Million Bail Deal To Get Out Of Jail - Cnnpolitics

Trump ally Tom Barrack strikes a $250 million bail deal to get out of jail

Longtime Trump associate Tom Barrack, who was indicted on charges of illegal foreign lobbying, has been freed on $250 million bail

7/23/2021 9:59:00 PM

Longtime Trump associate Tom Barrack, who was indicted on charges of illegal foreign lobbying, has been freed on $250 million bail

A federal magistrate judge on Friday ordered Tom Barrack, a longtime associate of former President Donald Trump who was indicted earlier this week on charges of illegal foreign lobbying, released from jail pending trial, freeing him on a bail package that includes a $250 million bond secured by $5 million in cash.

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Just an example of how trump gets out of any trouble! Money! Even if it isn’t his money he uses his supporters money! Totally disgusting! Wow, so that doesn't smack of white privilege at all 🙄 Good guy. Let's turn our attention back to the AZ audit which will had the rightful Presidency to Donald J. Trump. We hope you will cover the occupier removed from the location in cuffs. If not, no problem, many will have it covered for you.

Biden and the democrats flooded this once stable country full of immigrants carrying the delta virus. That’s why there’s an explosion of this virus. Immigrants untested and not vaccinated from all over the world. Jared Kushner next? Lock Him Up! Please stop reporting on the Moron. We are happy not to have to hear his name. Sat you waste my daytime news with coverage of the Arizona sham! Stop it! Please🙏

He'll get that back with a Get Out of Jail Free card. This is what America was built on, the ugliness continues as usual. Money talks bullshit walks UtterBullshit President Bush attack in 2001, reported on, own agents with him, Russia's President, Military/HUD NY Boss. Point to USA Presidents held Vatican Jobs in Buffalo NY Diocese when I had Sacraments. Then in Foreign Countries' too.

Tom Barrack indictment adds new perspective on foreign schemes to help Trump win electionDavid Kirkpatrick, national correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Tom Barrack indictment alleges Barrack was working with the United Arab Emirates as the U.A.E. was reportedly offering help to the Trump campaign in 2016 and efforts were being made to make connections with Russia. Ut oh Jared 🤣

What about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s criminal activities in Ukraine? Anyone can be charged with a crime, proving that crime is different story. I THINK A PERSON OF COLOR WHO HAD ALL THESE PEOLPE IN HIS CIRCLE AND EMPLOY, INDICTED OR PLEAD GUILTY TO OFFENSES WOULD BE CONSIDERED A CROOK. DISCRIMINATION PRIVILEGE

The witch-hunt continues It is very good to have money for such ocasions. He has people in very high places, he can get and do whatever he wants. This was a huge error!!!! Hey guys, look! It's another reason we need to abolish the bail system! That’s bail money tho. mschleifer13 He ain’t working for you! His efforts were directed to a select few! Not to mention himself! How else to cough up a quarter of a billion dollars . Face it folks,! America’s not just open for business, it’s for sale🔮👀✨❗️

muon tim mot nguoi ban tro chuyện ...zalo va sdt roi chung ta se hiểu về nhau hơn . Noi chuyen roi se biet tinh tinh trung ra sao thui mschleifer13 Usually that means he paid a bail bonds person 10% - $25 million

Trump ally Thomas Barrack to be released on $250-million bailThomas Barrack, also a prominent L.A. investor, awaits trial on charges of obstruction of justice and acting as an agent of the United Arab Emirates. It's not enough. Chump change. 'Liar to the FBI and agent of a foreign government' is how I would begin the tweet if I owned The Los Angeles Times.

How long until he “disappears”? He’s sleeping in his own bed with a chef making him dinner… We REALLY SHOWED HIM ….DID’NT WE?🇺🇸 Nail him but for goodness sake don't mention Hunter who wasn't lobbying. He was actually raking in millions for some reason the left isn't interested in. How on earth did he “legally” amass such a mountain of money?

We all should stand up for finding out the truth as to how the January 6th insurrection on our Capital happened and make all accountable! In my opinion Trump had some of the Republican Senators in on setting up the attack! Trump loss every thing Ghét con trai lăng nhăng, dẻo mỏ và đào mỏ Like what the f&:&

MarieMaduemezi1 All the things money can buy Space and Freedom 250 MILL? And where is that money going to end up at the final end..

Tom Brady's Joke About Trump Was Intended For 1 Reason, Says Skip BaylessThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has “lived to regret' his association with the former president, said the Fox Sports commentator. good luck Once a trumper always a trumper. No second chance. Too late

Lock him up👍👍 Unbelievable These people’s money are so outrageous while most of americans are languishing to get by day by day working hard 'It's all about the Benjamin's, baby' What does the amount of bail the defendant offers have to do with the crime confinement before a hearing? Is this what they call buying your way out of jail? If he had offered 25.00 would that have worked.

Does the judge know this man is a multi-billionaire? $250 million is something he can afford to lose if he wants to jump bail. Should have been held at quantanomo with the other spies! Indicted! Sounds like a real bad thing. There's something wrong with the spelling of that word. Was that intentional, or should it be intaketional. Still, he could affuck it.

Give me a fuckin break Who do you know?

The Trump Org Is Basically Just Donald Trump — But That Won’t Make Prosecuting Him EasyTrump’s company is accused of fraud, but prosecutors would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump knew what he was doing was illegal Do they still have Michael Cohen on speed dial? Well, he's always saying he's a genius so a genius would know the law. Right? good luck

Goes to show when you’re rich the law can’t touch you . There needs to be some real reform in our laws , cannot allow these rich bastards to commit crimes then thumb their noses at the law . So that’s what the real “Get Out of Jail” card costs!! Golf course tomorrow! Truth is he kind of duped Trump himself. Please fact check and don’t insinuate guilt by association. Trump was toxic but report news the way it happened! Stay active and stay forever young!

He’s a goner for good. It’s funny what foreign money can get you. It use to be if you were a spy you would go to super max. Now give us some money and we will let you go. The guy who robs for food for his family gets more time then a spy. Only in America. That’s 2.5 Bezos charity coins JAILING TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS RESPONSIBLE FOR JAN 6TH. ! PRIORITY 1

Not enough. SEC needs to put a lien on all his bank accounts. Well, there goes his ticket to space on Bezos’ Dick1 'Barrack had connections to senior leaders in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia -- both countries without extradition treaties with the United States.' I guess we know where he's going. Jarad will probably make all the arrangements.

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What? Lady I heard he was denied bail because of being a flight risk! 5m is no big deal on a 250 bond. Will jump a plane a ghost. Seems about white If Trump runs and wins he will surely pardon his benefactor. The rich get a “get out of jail free” card it’s ridiculous 250 MIL? Dude got some bank. 😡😡😡 White privilege

As Arnold would say, Hasta la vista, baby. If a guy can produce $250m in bail money at a moment's notice, is the $250m really likely to keep him from hightailing it?

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10% people. He only had to come up with 10%. He probably had that in his pocket. He ll be dead soon God does take His vengeance. Paid with funds he has under his bed. Freak Wait, a Trump associate was caught doubt something illegal? Shocking. and for the very wealthy... Did Trump pay his bail from funds donated by Trump supporters?

There are many Tom Barracks out there that are in the seat of power lobbying for the state of Israel, but with no consequences. Are they ever going to be caught too? FBI waited until trump was out of office. How sad. Bet here’s hearing nothing but crickets from the former loser guy he got arrested for helping.

Nothing will happen to him. 🤑🤑🤑🤑