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Trump Administration to Repurpose $3.8 Billion in Military Funds for Border Security

The Trump administration is moving to repurpose $3.8 billion in military funds for building barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.


The Trump administration is moving to repurpose $3.8 billion in military funds for border security. The administration is planning to divert a total of $7.2 billion of military funding toward border-wall construction this fiscal year.

The Trump administration is moving to repurpose $3.8 billion in military funds for building barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The administration, which has already shifted $6.7 billion toward barrier construction from across the government, is planning to divert a total of $7.2 billion of military funding toward border-wall construction this fiscal year. ... Read more: The Wall Street Journal

Waste of Money & Doubt this will happen !!!!!! Disgraceful spending! All that is important to him is fulfilling his agenda. We do not need a stupid wall! 😡 3.8 billion for a shit fence that can be blown over by the wind. I thought mexico was paying for this wall. Why are we moving any amt of money for this thing. BorderWall presidenttrumplies

Great!! Best news I read today! Drugs, Contraband, and Illegal Entry into the USA will decrease! Excellent! What is LyingKingTrump doing with all that money he has stolen from the military for his prehistoric wall? He has in fact built only 1 (ONE) mile of new wall with all that money. Has all that money been diverted to help save many of his near bankrupt golf courses?


Trump’s 10 Year Revenue Estimates Would Fall By At Least $3 Trillion With Realistic Economic AssumptionsUnder more realistic economic assumptions, federal revenues over the next decade would fall more than $3 trillion short of President Trump’s budget forecast. A loser That's not good King of Bankruptcy.

realDonaldTrump Yep, I knew it! I knew it would not even remotely stop the people from still coming across the border. Another big failure and waste of money Donny. You are such a failure at everything you do. How many times you file for bankruptcy? Tell me again, how much tRUmp loves military. You guys are hilarious...…..

Does Trump’s obsession with the wall show affection for Russia or a campaign promise.? The last country to build a wall to separate people was Russia. What a good use of military funds and keeps the soldiers busy, too. You’d think the use of funds was a national security issue as how will we pay for bullets and bombs now!?

Bring it!! No more wasteful impeachment spending ‼‼‼ 11% or 37.5 million Mexicans are citizens of the USA. This is a direct insult to them. How is this Wall strategy going to work on trade with Mexico let alone help Americans overseas in the military. trump will condone Americans being killed overseas to build his wall.

Right and he cares about troops

Trump administration puts pressure on completing deportation cases of migrant childrenThe Trump administration is reinforcing a tight deadline for immigration cases of unaccompanied migrant children in government custody in an effort to make quicker decisions about deportation, according to an email obtained by CNN. Send them back to their parents. It’s so sad that any parent or family member would compromise a child to the point of death. These people should not bring children into this world if they are going to abandon them. Their governments should be responsible for their people not our government Outstanding

Good.If you do not have border security--you don't have any security! BuildTheWallTall He’s helping Russia by diverting funds that keep our military at the ready. Seems to be an on going thing. Touting a wall that’s all but useless against Russian missiles coming from a completely different direction. Think our troops and airmen will be happy? Are ‘you‘ happy?

A little prevention goes a long way. I thought Mexico was paying for the wall...? TRump just declare it bankrupt and stop and call it a losing proposition. Howmany days spent on that thing. Over 1,000 days and nothing accomplished nor will it be in 300 more. Impossible! quit wasting money! Get a plan because even if you built a wall you still need a plan.

Best news of the day! BuildTheWall You misspelled Mexico. Trump is moving $3.8 billion from Mexico to build the wall. That’s who’s paying for it, right? Not US taxes, right? Not money we proudly allocated for “defense, right? I remember he said it was gonna be see through,beautiful and tall with sharp points up top , but remember it was gonna be see through and beautiful-Lol hilarious 😂-Donnie go away -far far away like Russia.

So he can drop charges against the rest of the justice Dept. It was said long ago, the doj will not rat their own, therefore, don't look for any of the doj crooks to b prosecuted. Think of what repurposing 3.8 billion dollars could do to immediately increase our quality of life, that of our teachers & farmers. Protect oceans, rivers. Enhance public education, aid in federal student loan debt, enhance long term care. Lower med prices for all.

Jessie Liu, ex-U.S. attorney who oversaw Roger Stone case, resigns from Trump administrationJUST IN: Former US attorney Jessie Liu resigns from Treasury Dept. after President Trump withdrew her nomination as a top Treasury official. Liu was formerly the US attorney in Washington, DC, who headed the office that oversaw Roger Stone's prosecution. mamabare135_2 Are any of these strong women filing EEOC complaints? That’s what it’s there for!! Resigning isn’t helping anyone.

JoyTaylorTalks Stealing from other Americans programs to build his vanity wall while stealing billions from helping the neediest of Americanspoor seniors children and disabled. These programs keep these Americans alive. How can no one feel rage in their hearts? Pentagon just happened to have an excess $7.2 billion to give away.

🤬 if the American people wanted a wall, they would've had it built long time ago so many better ways to spend that money such a waste of money funded by the president not the American people and it don't come out of his account Good trade. The reallocated amount of $7.2 billion is less than 0.1% of the defense's 'official budget' of $738 B. Yet, it is less than 100% of NSF US National Science Foundation's 2020 budget of $7.1 B. We will be spending more on a concrete wall than on all US science and education.

Ivanka Trump: 'Women are thriving in the Trump economy''Women are thriving like never before,' senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump told CNBC. SaraEisen thanks for giving me a reason to turn off the tv. that vomitous cancer IvankaTrump STINKS HYPOCRISY I'm sure her millionaire/billionaire girlfriends certainly are!

This is a good thing he promised to build a southern border wall !the Democrats don't want to give it to him,he's got to do it somehow the drugs keep pouring in the child trafficking keeps happening criminals keep coming over into our sanctuary cities which are operated by Dems! Hurry up. It’s over Donald - you wall is a joke

💯% support ! Build that wall! Just like that? 😂😂😂 Soooo dumb!! They forget the tunnels, people can't climb that high but they can dig and it is proven 😂😂😂 i insist, sooooo dumb 😂😂😂😂 Excellent. The Aztecs built pyramids... Americans build walls... they both will remain as testimonies to both cultures.

It is security for America here at home. There are radical jihadists, drugs, and sex trafficking coming into America from an open border. Repurpose? 😂 How do you, an investment/financial news source report this waste of funds? wsj Literally throwing money into the wind FFS. Meanwhile America’s veterans are homeless. Trump sucks. Anyone still supporting him sucks too💯 TrumpImpeachedForLife VoteBlue 🇺🇸

New York state sues Trump admin over Global EntryAfter DHS banned New Yorkers from trusted traveler programs, New York Atty. General, Letitia James, called the move “political retribution.” She joins Ali Velshi to discuss why she’s suing the Trump administration for the 35th time, and explains why these programs are critical to New York’s economy. Immigrants do not have a “right” to come here. Our elected officials absolutely do have the right to control who enters and who doesn’t. Is it possible it's actually about local and national security... and NOT your pathetic identity politics & systemic victimhood? What bs.. The immigration problem has nothing to do with xenophobia and all to do with legality and security. You're FakeNews

Donald LOVES the military men so much, he is taking away their money. National debt? Didnt the courts already declare this illegal when he tried it the first time? Good! My parents are from Mexico, both now U.S. citizens. Am I still expected to chip in for the wall? And if so, who do I make the check out to?

Good news for Americans. Now we can lock the door of our nation the way I lock the door of my house. Keep terrorists out! What happens when he’s voted out of office in November? Construction stops, Wall is incomplete, and Billions $$$ are just wasted. Disgusting. He doesn’t care, it’s all about how he looks.

DoIt & REPURPOSE In plain not trump language not military but plain English what does this mean repurpose What a God damn joke Did the cult send him millions for the wall? I bet he used that money to wipe his orange spray off his body

Trump Advisers Hope Secret Service for New Hampshire Rally Interfered With Democratic VotersTrump, of course, has never been one for larger principles or fairness or anything that doesn’t suit his immediate self-interest.

Great news. Thank you POTUS Merv515 I thought mexico supposed to pay for it?! trump the troll said 🤗 The last I knew part of it blew down, although I’m sure that was because of some of the greatest people he knows who built it. This is America’s wall!!! Not Trumps wall!!! We must stop the migrants Can’t somebody please stop Trump from wasting our poor military troops much needed weapons & schools. The wall does not work and is blocking wildlife from its habitat. If he was going to steal from our country I wish it was at least to feed and get the homeless off the streets!

5 TRILLION DOLLAR budget. The TexasGOP will own it. tedcruz JohnCornyn Good On 9/11, terrorists hijacked airplanes killing thousands of innocent civilians. Those 19 hijackers were here on temporary visas and held a combined 30 state-issued licenses. It is imperative we ensure only lawful residents or citizens can obtain driver licenses.

Thank you President Trump!!! Greeeat. I feel so much safer now that we have walls that promote xenophobia and fall apart whenever a breeze blows.

Best Buy some poles to hold it up . Wind bossed the last part down didn’t it ? Here’s some directions for your boss . Umm he is literally stealing money appropriated to the military. Good. BuildTheWall So the Dims were all for a wall a few years ago, now all U liberal hacks R here, beating your chests about having a wall!?!! WTF, U need to make your minds up, if Obama was doing this you'd all be applauding and saying yaaaaaaay, we finally got our wall!

Wait so Mexico isn't paying for the wall.. wait he lied? Gasp! If it is this easy to come up with federal funding for unnecessary, mindless projects, why our teachers still underpaid and why are so many young people struggling to pay for college? I wish this country cared more about it's people and less about the president's ego.

If Trump can re-direct these funds from the military budget, the military didn’t need the equipment the 3.8 billion was going to pay git. In all honesty, this amount of money is a rounding error when you consider the big picture of U.S. spending. Right JonathanShultz7? This is truly embarrassing putting a fence up to block our neighbors. There are other ways to stop unwanted visitors. But we have a president that thinks a fence makes us safe. He doesn't know what ladders or shovels are for. Most people enter by airplane anyway!

I guess that was 3.8 billion the Pentagon didn’t need... That’s our great President for you, Pres. Trump!! Always thinking when everyone else is sleeping. But his knowledge puts us all to shame so stay calm!! He has this!! BYILD THE WALL!!! Protect America! Secure the Borders! Should've been done a long time ago! It will suck if someone comes across and does something bad!!!

Hey who needs school lunches or health care JOY to TrumptyDumpty VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare BUILD THE WALL MR. PRESIDENT Security starts at the border 🇺🇸. Pence 2024 ! POTUS was saving lives keeping drugs that are Killing our youth. Bravo, POTUS & CBP! BuildThatWall

what else should we expect of the guy that misused money from a veterans fundraiser for himself? Of course he is going to use money that is for our military to build a ridiculous wall that HE PROMISED MEXICO WAS BUILDING! Robs social programs to fund military robs military to fund wall Robs wall to fund wealthy contractors Rinse and repeat

I can’t believe Trump wants to waste Defense money on a wall . It could be put to good use like other presidents bombing and killing people. As Bush said, he has no idea how to be president The border wall is 100% national defense its more important than fighting in iraq or afghan or anywhere else our open borders have broke the back of this great country 23 trillion in debt not all but a huge chunck to illegals

None of this should be happening, back in 1990’s California was clearly becoming Mexico! Why the hell was this not stopped, 25 years later our President is dealing with this Very Serious Issue. And isn't he lucky he has already won the court case in SCOTUS on this issue last year! Hopefully someone will keep him from sending troops to unnecessary deployments.

For the wall that will fall down when 30 MPH winds happen? What a waste of money. The wall will be flat on the ground in months!! It will be a reference through history of the greasiest 21C. Fubar. “A disaster like Trump wall” People will say...

That’s in pesos right? Mexico is still paying for this right? Where is the money? We want the WALL! So the DoD is the new name for Mexico? No money for Medicare for all, but Billions for a border wall. Good! Secure our borders🇺🇸 TheBusinessSuitIsGangRelated 2019 cost of illegal aliens...... 360 BILLION! At least get half the wall up and keep $$$ for DOD in case of a Moslem takeover

The WestWall 🙏🏻 🇲🇽🏰🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump puede hacer su muro .. a los mexicanos no les importa , cómo se puede ver para enviar drogas no necesitan pasar por encima del muro y los indocumentados buscarán nuevas estrategias para pasarse ese muro por los huevos .. ya lo verán. Hey America.... he’s stealing our money

Again what about his home ppl Not a good idea. .... This wall? WASTE OF TIME and OUR TAX MONEY Good Trump’s wall:

When you bring up Trump saying that Mexico was going to pay for the wall His supporters: FDT So Mexico = American military emergency funds. I guess build that wall and the Pentagon is going to pay for it doesn’t have same ring to it. All just so he can say he got it done for his newest campaign 'promises''

Luv it-build the wall I think real politicians call this pork. No emergency need for it except trumps monument. Why can't we have Trump supporters pay for their wall? I was told Mexico is paying for it and just as we all feared, it's the American tax payer funding the wall. You will not finish that damn wall at our American's expense make Mexico pay like you promised or better yet you pay and your rich cronies that are in ur corner so tight. And they are destroying Disturbing Ancient Indian Burial Grounds. Have u no decency T

Liberals 5 days ago: Trump gets stuff done? LOL where is his wall then?! Liberals now: tRuMp bUiLd wAlL?! I really can’t believe this is happening, trump just wants something to be remembered by. If it’s completed it’ll be around for hundreds of years... sad a man like that is gonna be in history books.

The Mil won't need that money once THE WALL IS BUILT! As a matter of fact with a closed border we might even be able to pay of the debt to the Federal Reserve!!! Then start over w/o them & IRS! This is underhanded and the proof that is wasted spending is trump will brag on it and lie like hell that it is needed !!!

So then explain why the House would EVER agree to increase funding to DoD? This “Emergency Funding” exception to the House’s power of the purse needs to be reigned in. I had no idea Mexico has been funding our military all of this time. What happens when the military has to fight? Virtual Spiritual Tactics Close me to Captivity Uncap I will appear as my Spirit of Truth I Rightfully took back all Spiritual Gifts being SUMMONS ANGEL OF ARMOR AND PROTECTION 😇 grounded for all Passovers, GAURDIAN ANGEL'S LEADERSHIP 😇 TONKA WARRIORS Secret Ancient 👽

Since I am the Summons ANGEL OF ARMOR AND PROTECTION NAVY SEAL BLUE SKY GROUNDED for all Passovers dealing with AIDS Infested SWITCHES PHYSICALLY Divided from Life it self in and out from the underground, Virtual Spiritual Tactics Close me to Captivity Uncap I will appear as my Some of the money will come from de-funding Stars & Stripes publication.

..... But Mexico! We elected a majority in the House to stop this madman. You really didn’t play this part well Nancy. You said Trump would get a dime for his wall, yet you won’t actually fight dirty like he is. Resign or stop him. And the paint job is free. As always, see a clear spot and it just must be spray painted. 😬

Good! Finally a President who cares about America’s sovereignty!! I pray an earthquake will flatten those metals to the ground. 🙏 Monte_Alto How much of this comes from VA funding? How much from housing funding? The ineffective, ego wall will not be worth it. 'Sorry to all you homeless vets suffering on the streets, but trump's gonna look bad if he helps you instead of building a useless wall.'

Man, poor Mexico better borrow some money to pay for- oh wait.... Oh to be that contractor, getting paid that much to build walls that blow over from a gust of wind.

Waste of money But Mexixo was paying for the wall. Imagine how many people we could help instead of just fence out with those billions. realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Ok people. Let’s find that Tweet where Trump directly contradicts himself. You know there’s at least 2 for every issue he so strongly “cares” about

Wasnt mexico supposed to pay for it? As long as they don't redirect money from Space Force Next President needs to shut down bases in districts of congresscritters that support this and put them in places that actually support the troops. He sure loves the military and it’s troops. ASSinine move......! Mexico’s Pentagon, right? Shameful that we are throwing money down a well. This won’t work or ease his paranoid mind. Sad.

How does this cost so much but it got knocked over by the damn wind If Trump can just divert funds how can Congress truly approve a budget? This is an over reach of Trump. Like we didn’t see this coming. The GOP unleashed maniac! The people don’t want this wall, it’s worthless, cut through it or wind will blow it over!!

Keep_USAGreat Excellent What a complete waste of money. Think of what could be done with those billions. Oh we are so scared 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 mi raza still coming If Wall Street Journal has a problem with this, I'll gladly cancel my subscription. The money is well spent. 🚩Most people have no idea how much illegal immigration is costing them in taxes. These were the federal stats a few months ago. Which don't include costs on a local level (infrastructure, schools, hospitals, law enforcement + increases in OUR property taxes because of it).

Did I miss something? Did Mexico give our military money and that's where the $4B is coming from 'Cause Mexico is paying for that 'wall,' right? The same wall that can't withstand 30 mph winds, right Good let’s finish that and keep fighting drugs and human traffic

BUILD THE WALL!!!! BUILD THE WALL!!!! BUILD THAT BEAUTIFUL WALL!!!!🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸 Wait I thought you could keep your doctor? Cool ... I guess we can count on him to not start any wars now that he's defunding our overseas deployment capabilities for his toy money. He’s taking from other things Am I correct in understanding that the Space Force budget is untouched?

He is one sick motherfucker. I hope he gets voted out but I have a feeling he’s already fixed the election. Next he will end term limits and we will have a fascist dictator and America as we know it will be gone. :( sad day. Good, we need to get that border closed off, if we get in a War, we'll make sure to get funding, its never failed in the past, lets get America secured before we worry about the rest of the World.

WAIT. I thought MEXICO was paying for the wall 👍👍👍

👏🏼👍🏼🇺🇸 And where is that $7.2m coming from exactly? To build a wall easily felled by wind, shimmying and/or a $100 sawzall from a hardware store? Victory! Trump 2032! About time obviously it's racist if you oppose criminals from other countries walking across the border into America. Trump!! Trumptard just wants something to hang his name on... FuckingPieceOfShit Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption

The money is coming fm last 3 budgets, admin finally won the court battle so now all money coming at once and Trump will build quickly As you can see, it is money wasted.

Gotta have that penis extender, eh Mister God King? This also keeps deadly Corona Viruses and other Diseases out of our country. I thought trump was going to force Mexico to build that idiotic wall of his. followthemoney fleecingofAmerica Walls over weapons anyday👍👍👍👍🇺🇸 Nice wall. So Trump is moving money, that is badly needed for the military, to pay for his vanity project the wall, which is built so badly that it blows over in a stiff breeze. Unbelievable.

Sounds good to me. This is going to go over like a turd in a punch bowl. GOP you own this. Unfortunately, we know that you will blame others for it in future years, and that you won’t take responsibility for the mess you have made with the Trumpapottamous... waytogodickheads Good for President Trump.

Good If a Democrat president had done this, right wingers and the tea party army would be marching on the streets of Washington DC. I suppose keeping away brown people is a higher priority!! But universal healthcare is too expensive and unattainable All of that is a waste of money. 😪 Oh ya...Winning for Americans 🇺🇸

Thought Mexico would be footing the bill 🤔🤔🤔 This is ridiculous! GrandmaShark18 Who okd the military budget It's time to freeze that sht PRONTO! I hope AnnCoulter like this? She needs some relief When did Mexico take over the Pentagon?

Fiscally irresponsible and racist, hallmarks of the GOP. MarkL137 DJGroyper Good, the military's first job is to protect the nation's borders from foreign invaders. After the decimation Obama and the democrats bestowed on our military for 8 yrs all yaw hypocrites need to sit down or go to your safe spaces. Buildthatwall MAGA

Knowing where our border is physically with a fence tells people who will arrest you. Actual border is on Mexican side of fence yards away so maintenance can repair fence from both sides and not actually enter Mexican territory. A Mexican soldier pointing a gun at an American.. Yeah , he is famous for doing this..

Military sure seems to have a lot of surplus money that can be diverted to other projects. Something I hope the next Democratic President remembers when it comes time. JLPtalk The Wall Going Up! How much is the national deficit again I mean when you don’t have to pay taxes like y’all president I guess he has an extra 3.8 billion laying around for the reconstruction of Melanias pussy 🤷🏽‍♀️

Hey .RepStefanik , last year .realDonaldTrump stole billions from the military, wiping out 80% of Fort Drum's budget for military family programs and base infrastructure. How much are you allowing him to steal from YOUR constituents this year? TedraCobb Screw trump and all the greedy, slimy trump pals that will get contracts to do the construction of trump's garbage wall. Trump only cares about all the kickbacks:$ he will be getting from those that are awarded the contracts! Trump is in, Take The Money And Run mode now.

Bravo 👍 What happened to Mexico paying for the wall? 😂🤣😂 But he loves our military..🙄 No one in this chickenshit administration or Senate has the cojones to stand up to psychopath Trump! What the hell?!?!?! Like Thsts a bad thing? The cartels and liberals are s e e t h i n g That's because the Democrats are not working together with the president

Ludicrous I'm going down with a truck load of $20 saws. Will they fit between the rails? Need an answer for my business plan! realDonaldTrump Hell yes! What? Wait didn't trump promise us that Mexico would pay for the border wall? Is Mexico funneling money into a Pentagon fund? What ever will single issue AnnCoulter do now?

A new symbol of America: a wall resembling prison bars. At least it's not false advertising. Thankbyou, Mr. President. Prioritizing the safety and security of the US citizens and our elections. Trump's always talking about wasting money. . . And we cant afford universal healthcarre

News flash not only does our country need it but since Nancy has screwed up so bad Her Own party has ordered her to give him the needed wall n then some. Just saying 🧐 plus he’s not doing different then past presidents have. It should have been done. But I thought Mexico was going to pay for it?! 🤔 Trump said so...he never lies. 🙄

What a big beautiful WALL! I love it because it saves tax payers money and it infuriates democrat/socialist, sex and drug traffickers, gangs, criminals, and brand new illegal demacrat/socialist voters. 🇺🇸 Good But no healthcare! That is B.S.!! The military needs that. Not for a wall or to cage children..but to protect those who serve

walls don’t stop cartels who tunnel, drive and fly their product into America “Repurpose”? You mean steal. we have no money to make healthcare and education affordable but we have $7.2B lying around for a stupid wall... ok

Socialism A Donald Trump’s Promise Made a Donald Trump promise not kept 🤥 I’m going to build up a “Beautiful Wall” that 🇲🇽 Mexico is going to pay for! “Dumb Trump Gringos”! All I know is that Mexico is paying for it. And no one from our military loving gop does a thing OUT FUCKING STANDING A POTUS that puts our Country and it’s Americans out of harms way. Thank you realDonaldTrump

Unbelievable,and yet he continues to get away with it. Next it will be statues of him.Anything to feed his ego.Its been proven'this wall is a failure'.And the tunnelsThis 🇺🇸 is in debt in the trillions & money continues to be pissed away.What about the struggling Americans? GOPCowards GOPCoverup GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCorruptionOverCountry GOPcorruptionandcruelty

The poisoning President of the United States Hopefully Dems can sue to prevent this travesty.

That’s a waste of tax dollars if they dig under the wall. We need to advertise vetting in the United States and Immigration is good for the economy. My plan is pinned on my twitter, write me in during the general election. BryceforPresident2020 More good news! Whoop! Let's tear it down as soon as this big man baby is out of office! Party at the border ya'll!!!!

This is comical. No one cared when Barry outright gutted the military. They still getting more money than when they were under Barry. Get that wall done. Complete this wall . I support Trumps wall it’s a must for wellbeing of America in stopping terrorists flowing into our country. Clearly, too much money was allocated to the Defense Department. The House had better slash their allotment by at least 7.2 billion!

So we no longer have homeless vets, starving children, or people without health insurance in the USA? Awesome! Oh yeah. The wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for? Why isn't Mexico paying for the wall like Trump said? 😡 What are elected officials doing! They're stealing money our military needs to fund what's needed to protect our country. Are they so frightened of that S.O.B. in the oval office that they can't say 'No more!'? Had enough! It's past time to stop him from ruining our nation!😡

This is about votes period Build that wall 👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍 A TRAVESTY 🤡🎪🕌💰 how many Americans’ lives could be made better by “repurposing $3.8 billion toward child hunger, homelessness, education, green energy initiatives, etc? Thank you, Mr. President! Thank You President realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Trump calls himself a billionaire 🙄, why doesn't he pay for it? Nevermind, l forgot it's Putin's money 🤭 Election Day can’t get here soon enough! VoteTrumpOut FactsMatter AnybodyButTrump2020 VoteBlue2020 makeamericasmartagain TrumpCorruption What this tweet is really trying to say: Trump continues to find a way to stop the lefts desperate efforts to maintain illegal flow of migration in effort to destroy America at the voting polls.

BuildTheWall This is retarded 🤯

Another poorly designed wall that will blow over in the wind, just like the gas bag in the Oval Office. Building Alllllll the wayyyy!!!!! Money well spent for the security of our country. Finally a POTUS that is doing what he was hired to do. Does this really qualify as news to anyone? Trump and government and military using people’s money,for something that does not better anything,we are loosing our freedoms.

Trump, 16 June 2015 - 'I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall,' He lied to you humans? America was a great experiment. Too bad all it took was a Republican con man/crook to bring that experiment to a grinding halt. marcorubio SenRickScott RossSpano

We finally have a President willing to fight for America's security. Trump2020Landslide Cue the Left’s mass hysteria...

Let's talk Real News Watch 'Why Did Coronavirus Cases EXPLODE Overnight? As U.S. Issues Executive Order Plan For PANDEMIC' on YouTube Good. About time we secure our border. That’s RIGHT!!! BUILD THAT WALL!!! The lefties aren't helping so, our President has to do what needs to be done and I'm all for it...

Wait a minute! He STATED with his OWN WORDS that Mexico was paying for the wall! Was that an alternative fact? What did I miss? MAGA What an incredible waste of money & shows the non thinking, lack of humanity of the administration ! Can we stop acting like the military is suffering over these funds being reallocated for the border wall? Trump has already rebuilt the military and put our armed forces in a great position. This is just the media twisting information to fit the liberal agenda once again.

What an awful , nasty thing he is. Not fair to Americans in need of State infrastructure!!!!!! Damn, I thought Mexico was gonna pay for it. What happened with that?

Awesome ! maga And let the lawsuits begin! FuckTrump FuckNazis Xenophobia FAILURE realDonaldTrump 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 And how exactly does this line up with Dolt 45’s promise that Mexico would pay for his stupid wall?!?! WTF😱 I take it we refused Mexico’s generous offer to pay for it? Oh, wait... But Uncle Donny said the Mexicans were gonna pay for it!

Nice Oh that’s right…the wall Mexico was going to pay for. Another Trump lie...the fin never stops with this clown.

Build it they Will Not come! Good Any diversion from the E Jean Carroll rape claim. BTW, Stormy Daniels wants her makeup kit back. The makeup could be for the embarrassment and shame visited on this President everyday. DNA requests, Firings, I wonder if this President is the one who fired the most federal people?

No borders, no country. Wasn’t México paying for it? 🤡 Where is the Congress Finally 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 And we'll huff and we'll puff and, with a stiff breeze, we'll blow his $7.2 billion border wall down. What happened to “Mexico will pay for the wall Believe me”?

How can he do that? What am I thinking? He does whatever he want & still has most Republicans standing up for him. Have they figured out what to do to keep their wall from falling over in high winds? Just askin’... Who is paying for the wall?! Broken promises. So Trump cuts social programs to increase the military budget which he siphons from as a personal piggy bank for his wall.

then Trump awards contracts to his friends. Leftists are all of a sudden fiscally responsible, pro-military spending advocates?👌 7.2 billion for a wall and you’re cutting School lunches, funding for the poor, cuts in healthcare. Ridiculous! You’re days are numbered. We will take our country back BUILD THAT WALL!!!

Apparently congressional budgets are meaningless now, because we live in a dictatorship Dear Obama budget was 3.7 TRILLION Us dolars.

“Repurpose”. Yeah, right Wait, these are funds from MEXICO'S military, correct? Are you flipping kidding me? These billions are going right into Trump’s pocket! Wait.. what about the Mexico redemption money😂 Fantastic news Trump2020 🇺🇸 “...And Mexico is going to pay for it...”

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BTS Find Acceptance With Explosive, Empowering New Single 'ON'

Everyone Is Freaking Out About BTS' 'Map of the Soul: 7' and 'ON' Music Video

Trump is mad Dems know Russia is meddling to get him re-elected

11 Americans at Omaha facility tested positive for coronavirus, hospital says

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13 February 2020, Thursday News

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BTS Unveil Fierce Manifesto Music Video for 'Map of the Soul: 7' Single 'ON': Watch BTS' 'Map of the Soul: 7' Is Here: Stream It Now Celebrities rally to send bullied boy to Disneyland BTS Find Acceptance With Explosive, Empowering New Single 'ON' Everyone Is Freaking Out About BTS' 'Map of the Soul: 7' and 'ON' Music Video Trump is mad Dems know Russia is meddling to get him re-elected 11 Americans at Omaha facility tested positive for coronavirus, hospital says Trump isn't pleased a South Korean film won best-picture Oscar Trump complains about 'Parasite' winning best picture This highway was once a tribute to the Confederacy. Soon, it will honor Harriet Tubman McDonald's is making scented candles that smell like your favorite Quarter Pounder ingredients Joe Jonas' Birthday Tribute to Pregnant Sophie Turner Is the Sweetest