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Transport chaos as strike against Macron reforms enters day two

Transport chaos as strike against Macron reforms enters day two


Transport chaos as strike against Macron reforms enters day two

France faced a second day of travel chaos, shuttered schools and understaffed ho...

Protesters hold a banner during a demonstration against French government's pensions reform plans in Paris as part of a day of national strike and protests in France, December 5, 2019. The slogan reads"Fight together or suffer alone". REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Rail workers extended their strike through Friday, while unions at the Paris bus and metro operator RATP said their walkout would continue until Monday.

On Thursday the industrial action brought tens of thousands of protesters into the streets in Paris and forced the closure of the Eiffel Tower and parts of the Louvre Museum.

Macron says the system is unfair and too costly and that the French will have to work longer, though he appears reluctant to simply raise the retirement age of 62.

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Macron president de quelle république? If the uk leaves the Brussels mob,this is the start of a dominoes effect I was talking to some young Latvian people and I mentioned the EU,slam they are all leaving Latvia because since entering the eu there country has been ruined....need I say more.

General Strike in France Is Fresh Test for Emmanuel Macron as Paris Starts to Shut DownPresident Emmanuel Macron is facing his biggest test since the “Yellow Vest” uprising as unions representing transport workers and many others in the public sector called for a mass walkout to protest changes to France ’s uniquely generous pension system Під час інтерв'ю Зеркаль наголосила, що наприкінці липня ми не знали, чому процес виділення військової допомоги Україні було заморожено. Я чітко заявила, що уряд не розумів причин і терміну затримки. Although surely not as generous as Pres Macron's own pension arrangements? On the other hand, everyone in actual America loves him. 🤷‍♀️

Striking unions cripple France in stand-off with MacronRailway workers, teachers and emergency room medics launched one of the biggest ... Vive la republique ✌😎🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 macrondemission Vive les GiletsJaunes The clown Macron was making fun of the leader of the leading economy in the world

Trudeau, Macron, Johnson appear to joke about Trump on hot mic videoThe leaders of France and Canada appeared to be gossiping about President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. Trudeau and Trump have in common that they were both caught on a hot mic talking about pussies. They weren't gossiping. They were mocking him. Big difference. who cares,look at their mess,their countries are not doing well.

French strike against Macron reforms enters day twoThe first day of a strike, seen as a major test for President Emmanuel Macron's ambitious vision of reforming France , saw giant rallies across the country that paralysed transport and closed schools.

French strike against Macron reforms enters day twoA strike that crippled public transport and closed schools across France entered... Haha... How long have protests been happening now? 10 months? Macron should step down When they did the same thing here in UK we just rolled over. Tories and r/w press have knocked the stuffing out of ordinary people. Waspis will sting back!

French police fire tear gas at strikers challenging Macron reformParis commuters turned to bicycles and car pooling as a nationwide strike against pension reforms brought public transport networks to a near halt 三问Retuers 1.英国什么时候脱欧? 2.苏格兰什么时候独立? 3.邪恶的英国王室什么时候结束独裁统治? “Pension reforms” = gutting of pensions

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