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Transgender conversion therapy linked to suicide attempts, with practice 'rooted solely in discrimination and hate'

Transgender conversion therapy linked to suicide attempts, with practice 'rooted solely in discrimination and hate'

9/12/2019 10:40:00 AM

Transgender conversion therapy linked to suicide attempts, with practice 'rooted solely in discrimination and hate'

'It is clear conversion therapy targeting people who are LGBT is rooted solely in discrimination and hate without any scientific evidence,' one expert told Newsweek.

. Techniques can range from talking therapies through to aversion techniques, such as electroshock, chemical, and deprivation treatments.Similar methods are used in attempts to change a person's sexual orientation, even though this is also not possible.

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In the U.S., approximately 1.4 million adults identify astransgender—the term used to describe a person whose gender identity is different to that which they were assigned at birth. For instance, a person with a penis assigned as a man at birth identifying as a woman.

The study involved 27,715 transgender adults in the U.S. who completed a survey in 2015. Researchers asked participants whether a psychologist, counselor or religious advisor had tried to force them to identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, or"stop you being trans."

The survey also explored the mental health effects of undergoing the mis-sold treatment.The respondents lived across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. military bases overseas. On average, they were 31 years old, and 42.8 percent were assigned male at birth. Overall, 14 percent of respondents had been exposed to conversion therapy.

Of the 71.3 percent who had spoken to a professional about their gender identity, 19.6 per cent said they had tried gender identity conversion. Around one percent of this subcategory had the therapy before the age of 10.20,000Teens Will Undergo Conversion Therapy by the Age of 18

Read moreThose who were exposed to the practice were more likely to have tried to take their lives compared with those who had discussed being trans with a professional, but who had not undergone conversion therapy.Researchers also found a significant link between respondents who had conversion therapy before the age of 10 and suicide attempts.

Disadvantaged participants were more likely to have experienced conversion therapy. It is not clear whether this group was more likely to receive therapy or if it was"so damaging" they were not able to fulfil their potential at school or at work, the authors said.

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They noted that trans people are exposed to conversion therapy at high rates in the U.S., perhaps even more than those who try so-called gay conversion therapy—although it is not possible to make an accurate comparison. They argue this may be because transgender

peopleare more likely to interact with clinical professionals to seek medical and surgical treatments to help their bodies to align with their gender identities.Undergoing conversion therapy likely places a person under stress by worsening the stigma society makes them feel about their gender identity, the authors argued.

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Did I hear Scientific evidence in stead of Gods approval?when did scientific proof become legal laws and authority in human creation and laws of existence?whether you believe in God or not you are a creation of God and as such YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO ALTER ANY PART OF YOUR BODY. Why can’t people just live and let live. What a better world this would be if we didn’t meddle in other peoples lives. I’m too busy to even be bothered by how someone else lives their own life.

Wonder if you will report on the actual number of people who want to revert back to their original sex, with or without conversion therapy? or how about the statistics of suicides even after transgender sex reassignment surgery.

Transgender ‘conversion therapy’ associated with ‘severe psychological distress’A study in JAMA Psychiatry is one of the first to highlight the psychological impact of efforts to change a trans person’s gender identity . It is unarguably a mental illness. Nonsense. It is transgender ism that is causing this distress. Lets have a report on Psychiatry's attempt to drug people out of their DSM!

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