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'Totally outrageous' Trump didn't respond to reports that Russians offered Taliban bounties to kill US troops: Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears on ABC's 'This Week.'

6/28/2020 4:42:00 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told ABC's gstephanopoulos it was 'totally outrageous' that Pres. Donald Trump did not respond to reports that Russian intelligence officers offered to pay Taliban militants to target American troops.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears on ABC's ' This Week .'

Trump on Sunday denied the New York Times report and demanded the paper reveal its sources."This is totally outrageous. You would think that the minute he heard of this the president would want to know more instead of denying anything," Pelosi said."Now he says it's fake news. Why would he say that, why wouldn't he say, 'Let's look into it?'"

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Nancy Pelosi speaks beside House Democrats in a press event to discuss the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act outside the East Front steps of the US House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington June 25, 2020.Nancy Pelosi speaks beside House Democrats in a press event to discuss the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act outside the East Front steps of the US House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington June 25, 2020.

Michael Reynolds/EPA via ShutterstockWhile Pelosi said top congressional leaders had not been briefed on the matter and were not aware of it, she said they would be seeking answers, and try to determine if Trump was briefed."Something is very wrong here. But this must have an answer," she said.

A military official confirmed to ABC News that Russian intelligence officers offered to pay the militants to kill American service members in Afghanistan. The official didn't know if Trump was briefed but said senior US officials were aware of the Russian effort for months.

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GStephanopoulos Omg! Enough of Russia already. We all have Russia fatigue GStephanopoulos Another fake news story. NYT = fake news. GStephanopoulos He never got briefed on it according to Senior Intel Officials. Nor did VP Mike Pence or Senior Cabinet Officials. -U.S Intel Agencies didn't have confidence in the Intel & didn't feel it was credible.

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Made-up fake News story GStephanopoulos ABC news is corrupt hateful enemy of the people. Colluding with the dems to try and control what people think. GStephanopoulos Here we go again with the corrupt lies about Russia and we are supposed to believe it again. Same old play book. Crossfire what this time?

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos He was going to but George Kirby, told him to hold off. You know George Nancy, he is a hero of yours GStephanopoulos FakeSpeaker GStephanopoulos If she would only shut that “gateway to hell” she calls a mouth. We’d all be better off. GStephanopoulos Look at the Democrats Using this as a political platform for themselves. Disgusting rotten people. Truth will out them !

GStephanopoulos So what are u going to do America is waiting GStephanopoulos Total bs and lies GStephanopoulos Gee, Pelosi and Russian allegations. Seems oddly familiar.. GStephanopoulos Worst President ever in our history! How are you who support him enjoying that “huge economic success” he so often brags about? Traitor

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Has she responded to any riot yet? To BLM and Antifa with destruction on bloodshed of her own ppl? WTH? GStephanopoulos Russia hoax 2. Then we go back to rioting. Then we go back to red states are covid enablers...wash rinse repeat. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos The report was in 2010. Let’s see, who was President in 2010. Facts are hard.

GStephanopoulos Wait, the Taliban wasn't trying to kill Americans before the Russians 'paid' them? GStephanopoulos tOtAllY oUtRaGeOuS do y'all lefties have any new phrases/reactions or are you just going to keep recycling the old stuff over and over? GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos I predict this one won't make any headway at all and will be quickly abandoned. too deep into the fake circus and the fake racism now to pivot back to Russia. they are confusing their core audience, which is extremely dim witted and easily annoyed.

GStephanopoulos How is it you people expect Trump to be a decent person. He’s a shithole that was elected to office 4 years ago. In 4 years he’s been nothing but an ass! When did you conclude he became a good person?🤷🏽‍♂️ Your shock and awe is starting to sound like thoughts and prayers! GStephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos Been there, done that. This is getting really old and boring. Anyone with a shred of intelligence can see what is going on. And MSM is right there turning the crank on the hurdy-gurdy while the silly monkey Pelosi does her dance. GStephanopoulos Propaganda for the liberal leftist socialist Dems to use.

GStephanopoulos Similar negligence he paid to covid-19 outburst in US. He is presently preoccupied with his nd term election campaign. Has no time for Americans for now. GStephanopoulos Already been debunked as fake news. Will you guys retract your story? GStephanopoulos Outrageous it should be a Violation to the Oath he took to protect Americans!!! He committed Treason!!

GStephanopoulos 45pp✳️’s response to the reports of US troops being targeted is, Totally Reprehensible Unspeakably Malevolently Perverse! 45pp✳️ is living up to his status as an illegitimate potus. 45pp✳️ = 💀👻⚱️⚰️🇺🇸! GStephanopoulos Do you have any evidence of this BS Nancy. Again a ' source ' without a name.

GStephanopoulos Didn’t you guys push the Russia Collusion HOAX for 3 years? What makes you think you have credibility here? Haven’t we already seen that the Democrats will lie about Trump? Go away. GStephanopoulos We have the radical right running the country! GStephanopoulos Love Nancy!! Lady you rock!!

GStephanopoulos I am totally outrage that you presented a flag to a lifelong criminal family and you did not respond once to the officers killed but the narrative riots that was pushed by the Democratic Party GStephanopoulos Trump's going to he hears she said it's totally outrageous he's going to take that as a compliment I believe he's that backwards in his thinking Save America and our democracy fire Trump in November make it one to remember

GStephanopoulos Hillary was getting kick backs from the Russian government to kill Americans, what’s new? GStephanopoulos Trump owes it to Putin....!! GStephanopoulos Here comes the new collusion collusion collusion so tiring ,so predictable. GStephanopoulos FakeNews GStephanopoulos She just want to fight realDonaldTrump Please help America beat the covid-19. I don’t know why politicians would like to fight each other too much.

GStephanopoulos The Crypt Keeper needs to retire. GStephanopoulos Правильная позиция, чем больше будем осуждать тем быстрее Россия и США подпишет мирный договор. Позиция боданя лбами очень опасная для экономики наших стран в нынешних условиях GStephanopoulos Remember during G. W. Bush's administration when him and Cheney used the military so Haliburton would have booming business and make the VP $$$$... those were the good ol days.

GStephanopoulos I find her totally despicable trying to destroy our government to put in her totalitarian (dictator) government. She only wants ONE party. Democrat. Soon will have a new moniker GStephanopoulos More anonymous sources GStephanopoulos He's 'responding' by taking them out. Damn you people are so biased and mentally deficient. CorruptMedia CorruptDNC DemocratsHateAmerica

GStephanopoulos BACK TO RUSSIA AGAIN! Is that the latest EMAIL? “Imagine “ didn’t poll well so back to RUSSIA! LOL! TRUMP WOULD NEVER! NEVER! KNOWINGLY LET OUR TROOPS BE TARGETED! But who did? BENGHAZI! Pelosi is NUTS!🇺🇸⛑🤮 GStephanopoulos Who gives a Schiff what she thinks GStephanopoulos Also totally outrageous you did not ask Pelosi about her accusations of Republicans trying to get away with murder! Whatever happened in trying to bring others together and not divide. Hypocrisy seems to be everywhere.

GStephanopoulos GS asked her if SHE had been briefed on the report and she clearly said ‘No’.. then he sat quietly as she went on a childish rant of baseless cheapshots at the president.. without GS once questioning her claims. Wtf.. its just tabloid news at this point GStephanopoulos Trump only denied it, but showed no outrage for the possibility it occurred. 'Russia are you listening?'

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos I love Rep. Pelosi's leadership. She is simply wonderful at getting inside trump's head. Rep. Pelosi is right, Russia has something on trump. It's obvious they helped him get elected in 2016. What else do they have on him. trump + indictment = jail GStephanopoulos Nancy Pelosi = Crazy Aunt Clara.

GStephanopoulos Your outrageously EVIL.LIES ALL THE TIME.WHAT ARE YOU HIGH ON? GStephanopoulos More lies out of this hagsmouth GStephanopoulos Shes covering her own crimes. She doesnt care about the US, she is trying to destroy it. Her mission is to remove President Trump, facts dont matter. GStephanopoulos She don’t care about the troops. They defunded the Military when they were in charge. All she care about is Gay rights and killing babies in the womb.

GStephanopoulos Than impeach him for treason GStephanopoulos More false reporting by and more blatant lies from alcoholic traitor SpeakerPelosi GStephanopoulos What’s outrageous - SpeakerPelosi spewing lies. According to FoxNews Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, confirmed that neither the president nor the vice president were ever briefed on any intelligence alleged by the New York Times in its reporting yesterday.

LindaCollins11 GStephanopoulos This derelict of duty. Putin must have dirt on Trump not to responses to this crap. GStephanopoulos It's far worse than 'outrageous.' It's TRE45ON GStephanopoulos Proof that realDonaldTrump knew? GStephanopoulos MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople GStephanopoulos I can’t believe ABC news hasn’t learned their lesson about spreading news from an anonymous source yet. It seems like they never learn.

GStephanopoulos 'There he goes again,' to paraphrase a real president from the past! Not doing a damn thing, but praising Putin's trickery! realDonaldTrump ia a corrupt Obstructionist! Tre45on I do believe the New York Times and other news outlets over this liars words! GStephanopoulos We believe everything you say..

GStephanopoulos Amazing that the people who are upset by this were perfectly fine with US citizens beheaded before our eyes, Taliban leaders released from Gitmo and bullions sent to Iran under Obama. GStephanopoulos I’m just here to block the traitors on here who still support Trump. GStephanopoulos It's over for Russia. Pelosi (as is Stephanopoulos and ABC), is fully behind Biden/China.

GStephanopoulos Do you know what I'm outraged about Pelosi is how she constantly adds money, health care for ILLEGALS when she Never brings up any help for AMERICANS? GStephanopoulos It’s over. GStephanopoulos George floyd o kirby? GStephanopoulos From The NY Times article: “The official didn't know whether Trump was briefed...”

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos It’s totally outrageous that didn’t respond to Pelosi when she accused the GOP of murdering George Kirby Floyd GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos SpeakerPelosi, why should he respond to fake intelligence reports? The COVID-19 & Marxist BLM narratives must be failing bigly for the DemocRats-MSM to pivot back to Russia-Russia-Russia.🤣 We’re onto you. Trump2020 WWG1WGA Q

GStephanopoulos George Kirby GStephanopoulos Sorry didn't happen and they were never briefed on the subject. Try again. GStephanopoulos More BS FROM PELOSI!!! GStephanopoulos It's all bullshit and she knows it. All planned for a Sunday morning reveal. Media has no ethics. GStephanopoulos There were no reports stupid...and if there were, he was never briefed on them.

GStephanopoulos This literally was happening in Syria everyday and no one from BarackObama ‘s White House did ANYTHING about it... Hey where did those pallets of weapons and ammunition from HillaryClinton ‘s boat for those Syrian rebels run off to anyhow?Pretty sure those were used against us. GStephanopoulos What the hell has this to do with Floyd? Nancy the hypocrite at it’s best.

GStephanopoulos There is one thing realDonaldTrump will NOT tolerate & that’s assaults on our troops. He has decreased the of troops deployed, increased military budget, & sought peace so anyone with a brain knows this is BS. Well except for Libtards bc they don’t have brains. MAGA GStephanopoulos George Floyd is still alive y’all so full of shit

GStephanopoulos It's fake. It's another smear campaign of lies. GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos I cantacted White house several times to report that Corrupt FBI agents are threatening to KILL me to shut off my voice against corruption in FBI and ALL I got 'We are reviewing your message emails from White house with Trump's signatures' details watch

GStephanopoulos The Trumpster must be getting a kickback from the bounties. GStephanopoulos ITS TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS THAT YOUR STILL DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!! GStephanopoulos Hahaha, now the public is told to be outraged by the fact that foreign governments offered money to target military members but at the same time haven’t cared that we’ve been deploying and fighting the “War on Terror” for 20 years. WMD in Iraq? Afghanistan Papers? Silence.

GStephanopoulos We've been through this libtard carousel of hot garbage before Where's the evidence? There is none, just a bunch of BS artists throwing sh*t at the wall trying to see what sticks GStephanopoulos Everyone to the media: GStephanopoulos She's totally outrageously outraged every day over one thing or another, along with Schumer and the rest of the leftist Drama Queen Club.

GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos The people who sent pallets of cash to Iran who actually killed US troops are mad about Russia again. GStephanopoulos Because Nasty Pelosi is a compulsive LIAR and she’s just doing this to cover her CORRUPT A$$!!!!! GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos GStephanopoulos Shouldn’t that sign read “George Kirby”?

GStephanopoulos You Dems are totally insane. It's crazy the hate in your soul for one person. It really does show how the evil has taken over and it is not about the people it is about a party. GStephanopoulos There she goes again when all else fails is there no end to this garbage reporting GStephanopoulos This is getting tiring. I almost want Trump to just concede the damn thing so the Dems can STFU and stop trying to burn our country down to get rid of him but I’m also scared America would then wither away. Stuck between a rock and hard place.

GStephanopoulos There would still be a Soviet Union if dems had been in charge...Ted “the swimmer” Kennedy was seeking their help to beat’ve always been rotten to your core GStephanopoulos Here we go again! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!! LIES LIES LIES!! We will not stand for it EVER AGAIN!! Sit down and shut up SpeakerPelosi!! Go order another pint of Vodka and GO AWAY!! VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 OneLastRun54 realDonaldTrump

GStephanopoulos EVERYTHING is outrageous to Ms Pelosi including herself..!!

Pelosi Rips Into Trump & His Decision To Not Wear A MaskDon't mess with Pelosi. That a airhead

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump 'Cowardly' For Not Wearing Mask, Supports Federal MandateHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she agrees with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden that masks should be a federal mandate as the country grapples with a spike in confirmed coronavirus cases. I agree, It absolutely should...imagine how many are saying 'well, trump doesn't wear one so why should I?' The whole problem with the US having the highest numbers is because of no federal controls in place. State by state, infections are ebbing and waning, based on their own responses. If anything shows the dysfunction of our democracy and states powers, this is it.

Pelosi misspeaks, says police reform bill is worthy of ‘George Kirby’s’ nameHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday misspoke when she said that a Democratic bill in the House on police reform, named after George Floyd, was worthy of “George Kirby’s name.” jim_maisano Why do I have the sudden urge to vacuum? Ass kisser Early dementia, it explains a lot...

Nancy Pelosi goads 'cowardly' Trump for not wearing mask and says the CDC has not made them mandatory yet because it would 'embarrass the president'The Speaker&39;s comments come as the country reports more than 40,000 coronavirus cases in a single day for the first time. Does she know that you lose oxygen when you put on masks? Maybe THAT is why she acts so loopy! She claimed that about the CDC without evidence* I watched Nancy literally not wear a mask during a speech.'re dumb

Tim Scott blasts Pelosi over 'outrageous, sinful' claim GOP wants to 'get away with murder' of George FloydSen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., tore into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Friday, telling Fox News Radio's 'The Guy Benson Show' that her remark accusing the GOP of 'trying to get away with ... the murder of George Floyd' was 'the most outrageous, sinful comment I've heard as a public official.' Time is running out on her and she knows it. Thank you Mr Scott!!! At least someone has the gumption to call that crazy old drunk nancy out! good for you MR Scott

Russians offered Taliban bounties to kill US troops: Military officialJUST IN: “This is as bad as it gets and yet the president will not confront the Russians,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells GStephanopoulos as White House denies Trump was briefed on intel that Russians offered bounties on U.S. soldiers to Taliban fighters. GStephanopoulos Just stop people...just stop. The cult of morons will arrive shortly... Nevertheless, no rational human being can continue to support this fool... Jamming unqualified right wing judges on our fed courts and tax cuts are not worth this treasonous behavior... Joe ain't perfect but he's no traitor.