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Tom Brady Lost. The Patriots Won. The Comparisons Begin.

Tom Brady threw two interceptions in his Tampa Bay debut, while Cam Newton led New England to a Week 1 victory.

9/14/2020 4:30:00 PM

Both Tom Brady and Cam Newton were signed this season as bets on the past. But after one week it’s not difficult to look around the rest of the NFL and see how the Patriots also made a bet on the future.

Tom Brady threw two interceptions in his Tampa Bay debut, while Cam Newton led New England to a Week 1 victory.

, a former star with the Carolina Panthers. To start the season, New England got the better end of the quarterback shuffle, topping the Miami Dolphins 21-11.Both Brady and Newton were signed this season as bets on the past. The Buccaneers believed in a 43-year-old quarterback because of his Super Bowl rings and the idea that he would be the right person to lead a team with one of the NFL’s best defenses and most talented offenses. The Patriots gave Newton a chance to start—after he languished as a free agent for weeks into early summer—because of his play years ago in Carolina, before injuries diminished his production.

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Opinion: Tom Brady isn't yet the quarterback the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need him to be'If (Brady's) going to live up to the hype and guide the Bucs to the promised land, it will take time. This may sound odd, but the fact is the NFL 's oldest player is looking at growing pains,' writes JarrettBell JarrettBell That's one thing Brady ain't got... JarrettBell He stanks JarrettBell

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