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To Conquer Taiwan, China Needs Taiwan’s Ports. It Already Has Assets On The Inside.

To conquer Taiwan, China needs Taiwan's ports. It already has assets on the inside

7/29/2021 4:12:00 AM

To conquer Taiwan , China needs Taiwan 's ports. It already has assets on the inside

Corporate acquisitions in recent years have put Chinese loyalists in charge of some of Taiwan ’s most important port architecture.

Easton cited the example of the Kao Ming Container Terminal in the port of Kaohsiung. In July 2018, COSCO Shipping—a Chinese shipping company with a thousand ships and hundreds of thousands of employees—bought a majority stage in the terminal.The Kao Ming terminal features automated “smart” cranes made in Shanghai by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, a state-owned enterprise with ties to the Chinese military, according to Easton. The port of Taipei also features these cranes.

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China Communications Construction Corporation owns Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries. The U.S. Department of Defense last year blacklisted CCCC owing to its close relationship to the Chinese military.The cranes are sensor and communications nodes. “The automated command-and-control systems employed by ZPMC in ports such as Kaohsiung and Taipei (and elsewhere) use centralized networks fed by surveillance cameras deployed around the port,” Easton explained. “They further leverage truck and container location tracking systems, with radio-frequency identification technology matched to each truck’s chassis.”

Chinese port operators in Taiwan could feed intelligence to invasion-planners. Don’t assume they won’t just because they’re in private industry. The CCP last year put in place a legal framework—the State Intelligence Law—for compelling private companies to support military intelligence. headtopics.com

“Of course, companies in the PRC had never really been independent, legal entities capable of saying no to the Communist Party and its armed wing,” Easton pointed out.“The CCP has a long history of using civilian fronts to conduct military operations and collect intelligence of strategic value. Companies in China have no rights beyond those allowed to them by the party-state. For its part, the CCP sits above the law and uses the law to enforce its own will.”

Taiwan isn’t powerless to reverse this soft infiltration by its potential invader. “There is much Taiwan’s government can do to better protect itself,” Easton wrote. “Taiwanese leaders could close CCP-controlled representative offices. They could remove and replace critical port infrastructure that is linked to the Chinese military.”

Whether the government in Taipei will take these steps is an open question. Read more: Forbes »

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