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TikTok's growth will spark content moderation pains — and greater transparency is the fix

As it continues to grow, TikTok will need to prioritize transparency to assure it's maintaining a safe environment:


As it continues to grow, TikTok will need to prioritize transparency to assure it's maintaining a safe environment:

TikTok will likely follow the same trajectory as YouTube, in the sense that its global growth will mean a larger need to effectively moderate content.

TikTok has three major constituencies to keep in mind while moderating content:

Because the app needs to secure music licensing deals to supply its platform with songs, record labels, talent agencies, and recording artists are also critical. The platform's integrity will likely figure into deal renewal talks, and its respective deals with the three major labels are set to

As it grows further, the red-hot platform will need to prioritize transparency to assure key constituencies that it's taking proper action to maintain a safe environment and avoid the pitfalls of its predecessors. Despite their efforts, large platforms have been unable to eradicate harmful content from their platforms.

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