Protest, Environmentalism, Extinction Rebellion

Protest, Environmentalism

This young XR protester faces jail for protesting peacefully

His sentencing on Friday could stifle legitimate protest against the Government and corporations, campaigners say.

10/18/2020 8:44:00 PM

His sentencing on Friday could stifle legitimate protest against the Government and corporations, campaigners say.

His sentencing on Friday could stifle legitimate protest against the Government and corporations, campaigners say.

Shropshire Star, Justice Smith asked Jellytot about an incident during which he was photographed high up on a mechanical tree-cutter that he had climbed: “This looks really quite dangerous – you really feel that strongly about preventing HS2, that you put yourself in physical danger?” he asked. Jellytot replied:"Yes. I didn’t actually consider the dangers of it. It is more a reaction to ‘this machine is going to continue cutting down trees so I will do what I can to stop it’.”

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In the Denham Country Park interview, Jellytot speaks of the emotional pain experienced by Earth Protectors watching the destruction of woodland. “At Crackley, seeing oak trees that are a few hundred years old just come down in a matter of minutes was actually quite traumatic,” he explains. “I had really horrible dreams for about a week after going there… just watching trees being cut down, [the] lack of respect that they’re shown, with the amount of years that they’ve been alive – longer than any of us will be alive – [and] the amount of life that they contain, in, you know, the branch of an oak tree.”

On the eve of Jellytot’s sentencing, fellow HS2 Rebellion protester Hayley told i-D, “Elliott is one of the most loving, resilient, kind-hearted men I have met. We often danced together and picked up litter on the verges. He is funny and an incredible singer, but so shy. He loves animals and nature. He is utterly selfless and I love him.”

Speaking to the possibility of a harsh sentence on Friday, Jellytot said, “Obviously I’d rather not be in a jail cell, because I can do a lot more useful things, but I honestly think whatever the outcome is for me, [HS2] have lost this, whatever they’re trying to do. They’re trying to scare people away, they’re trying to intimidate people... It’s just obviously not going to work.”

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