This One’s Just Footage Of A Claw Machine. Is This What You Want?

This One’s Just Footage Of A Claw Machine. Is This What You Want

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12/3/2021 11:00:00 PM

This One’s Just Footage Of A Claw Machine. Is This What You Want

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Across all kinds of games, the claw machine, is my least favourite 😠. I can't get anything out of it. I believe, that the three claws are not designed to pick up & hold things. If you didn't know these were scams when you were a didn't learn until those student loan repayment options hit. Or thinking you will find a better paying job.

👍🏻 A claw machine not grabbing something is the opposite of ASMR Yeah, this is the stuff. Thanks. Woulda got the ball if trump was still in office! Sad! 😂😂 Dude i got kinda happy then kinda sad and then i realized it was just onion What I WANT is pictures of Spider-Man!

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Tbh I thought this video lacked enough claw machine. There were certain seconds where the claw was not in view. Are you all ok ? ..went to journalism school. 😂🤣😅 😂🤣 as in funny 😂🤣😅 I never win. Not really Best. Day. Ever. This is what i always wanted. It’s kind of nice, but equal parts anxiety inducing. Those claw machines are irritating little bastards. 😂

First Lady Jill Biden Debuts This Year’s Official White House Holiday DecorationsThe First Lady wanted this year's theme to honor those who persevered through a difficult year I NEED 50 DOLLAR HELP PAYPALpls... .,, lets go brandon?

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