This Hiking Watch Can Give You Directions So You Don't Get Lost In The Woods

Plus, nine other trackers that can handle your next outdoor adventure.

8/7/2020 2:54:00 PM

Plus, nine other trackers that can handle your next outdoor adventure.

Plus, nine other trackers that can handle your next outdoor adventure.

You'll never worry about getting lost in the woods again.ByAug 7, 2020Christine GiordanoNothing quite beats your first glimpse at a totally Insta-worthy view when you reach the top of a solid trek—but looking down at your hiking watch post-schlep to check out how good of a workout you just got is a close second.

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Whether you're new to the trails or practically a pro mountaineer, there's something pretty special about getting out there for a hike (ortrail run!). From the fresh air to the steep inclines, it's more than an adequate substitute for your favorite studio sweat. If you want to really take your outdoor workouts to new heights (sorry, had to), though—or are skeptical that the burn is really

*that* impressive—then it sounds like you need a hiking watch.I know what you're thinking: “Sweet, I’ve got a fitness tracker hanging around somewhere...” But any ‘olestep trackerjust isn’t going to cut it, because hiking is about SOO much more than putting one foot in front of the other. You want a device that can capture the elevation you gain, the type of terrain you traverse, the temperature fluctuations you endure, and more.

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