They Tried to Pay Taylor Swift to Shill FTX, But She Shook Them Off

12/9/2022 7:47:00 PM

She knew they were trouble when they walked in.

She knew they were trouble when they walked in.

SBF's Taylor Swift fandom led him to pursue a deal between the 'Midnights' star and FTX — but she told the exchange that wasn't going to happen, like ever.

that SBF was personally invested in pursuing a partnership deal with the pop queen because he was a "fan of Tay Tay..Pop star Taylor Swift reportedly could have been one of the faces of failed crypto exchange FTX had talks over a $100-million deal not ended prematurely., in part, by Arya and her sister, Sansa Stark.

" Cruel Summer While other execs at the firm, such as HR head Claire Watanabe, were also reportedly Swifties who favored the proposed deal, others told the FT that they thought Swift was a bad fit for FTX.The marketing team in particular thought she was "too expensive from the beginning," one unnamed source told the outlet.FTX and Swift's team were close to finishing negotiations for the deal that started last fall, but ended talks in the spring, according to the Financial Times.The FT 's sources suggested that there was talk of creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for fans.Talks over paying Swift $100 million to be one of the celebrity faces of the exchange reportedly fell apart on FTX’s end, due to concerns the deal did not offer much of a return.Others added that the deal was said to include a "light degree of endorsement," though sources close to Swift denied that aspect in subsequent reporting.They also said the negotiations showed the divide between Bankman-Fried's inner circle and other FTX executives."Taylor would not, and did not, agree to an endorsement deal," a source with knowledge of the negotiations told the FT.The 11-time Grammy winner also shared in the Women in Entertainment Power piece which Hollywood figure she’d like to trade places with.

"The discussion was around a potential tour sponsorship that did not happen.One employee told the FT Bankman-Fried wanted to make the deal because he's"a fan of Tay Tay," and had support from other executives and fellow Swift enthusiasts, including Claire Watanabe, a senior executive in FTX's business development team.” Other concerns from FTX staff reportedly included that Swift — one of the most well-known names in entertainment — would not reach the exchange’s target demographic for retail crypto investors." Ultimately, Swift's reputation for being a.

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Just make sure you shine brighter than that sun. ✨ She is a smart woman.

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